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Intimacy At Los Angeles Hostess Clubs / Strip Clubs 

Club Fantasy Hostess Club
307 W 4th St (Corner of 4th and Hill)
Downtown Los Angeles
(213) 620-9572
Cover charge: $5.
Hours: 4:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., every day.
Food: Snack bar w/light snacks, candy, soft drinks, etc.
Security parking: $4.00  4 PM to 8PM,  free after 8:00 PM.

October 2001 Report
Cost is $27/hour with tips to match expected. Still $5 cover charge.

As in past reports, mostly Latinos both dancers and customers with a few Asians and Europeans.  I avoided picking gals until the fast dances end since like to dance first, but old Dave only likes slow contact dancers not dancing at someone from afar!  Seems they play a series of slow and fast and switch.  Many of the Latin gals speak little or no English which is a disadvantage since I enjoy some oral intimacy (not sex) as well as physical.  Also most of the Latin's were very short coming up to about my belly when dancing (I am 6-2), I prefer taller women especially for dancing!  On Friday night best experience was with a Polish gal with great touch response and enjoyable extensive conversation both while dancing and when I "couch" after a few dance songs.  Time did fly as I spent just over an hour with her, but worth it since sharing minds as well as the type of good touch I enjoy (I am not into just high mileage and trying to be sexual).

On Saturday night after visiting many City of Industry clubs, returned late and had even better interaction with American gal. Crystal.  She has worked here 5 years and we had a very extensive discussion about the HC scene etc.  She also had my perfect body, firm in right places and soft in others. 

We spent over an hour together talking, cuddling, sharing massage (she is learning massage therapy).  I told her about my website and awhile later, she overheard the guy in the couch behind us discussing how he found out about the clubs via the web. As far as I know there are only 2 places that discuss HC's in details, my extensive report on and Tenfree's good reports on Zbone's site.  I link to his report and he links to mine at the end of his (but not updated since 5/00).  

Crystal mentioned the guy behind me (old Dave's hearing may not be as sharp as hers) and wondered where on the web he found the info.  I was debating protocol if I wanted to get up and ask him.  Crystal encouraged me to do so. So I tried to politely mention to guy we had overhead his comment and where curious where he found the info.  He was very friendly and said on zbone's site.  I mentioned I also had a site he linked to and he immediately recognized and I introduced myself as "Dave in Phoenix" who he recognized.  Even more interesting the gal in his lap jumps up and says something like, "I know your, your that Dave that has all the good intimacy stuff about hostess clubs."  Small world.    From the E-mails I get obviously a lot of guys who never heard of HC's before get interested from the reports.

While I personally prefer more sexual options most of the time, I do enjoy the lower level of intimacy, good discussions, nice dances and opportunity for good conversation that the HC's offer - without feeling like a ATM machine tossing out $20's like I feel like I am doing in a strip club.  There are far better options in Toronto area, but for the U.S. I do enjoy my annual trek to LA hostess clubs!

The biggest negative is the standing gawking at the gals trying to decide who to choose. My interest besides taller is someone who does enjoy the type of physical intimacy I do not just tolerating it, and with whom I can have good conversation as well.  I seek personality more than just body and that is hard to judge just looking at the seated gals.  Often I study how they interact with other customers and do a lot of patient watching before choosing a gal to clock out with.

September 2000 Report
I park in the guarded secured parking lot against the outer fence and I swear the same bag lady from a year ago again, asked for a donation as I got out of the car!  The area is full of bag people and pan handlers but I felt safe with both a security guard and a LA police officer on the street outside (probably off duty hired for security).

I had some good interactions as I usually have at the club.  However,  while their was good medium touch intimacy it was not as good as with some gals on prior trips and of course nothing like my earlier in the day experience at Spearment Rhino.

I clocked out 3 girls all for half an hour and paid the $12 time fee and tipped them each $10.  I had good conversations, gave them some back massage they all said they enjoyed, shared light intimacy but no great experiences.  Two gals were from Mexican heritage and one, from Guatemala.  One was nice but almost too talkative, it was hard to interrupt and find excuse to move on since I wanted to meet others.

The gal from Guatemala who was the most receptive to my touch told me that 70% of the men she meets just grope and grab at her which she is very tired of.  She said she wished more men were as gentle with nice touch as I.  Not trying to boast, just help readers realize how much groping and grapping of body parts these gals have to put up with.  Not all of them enjoy it like the Rhino dancers I met seemed to.

With almost no other gals left, I left to try and check out LA Grand before their 2am closing.  I am sure glad I did!

January 2000 Report
Club Fantasy had been my favorite club from prior trips.  With police raids the other clubs I had been told are more just sit and chat or dance, with guards watching closely making sure nothing sexual is going on or too much intimacy.  So I didn't bother with any other clubs in LA itself, only a bunch in City of Industry.

As I discussed in earlier reports, the clubs are kind of like going to a high school dance.  The girls are seated in the "pick" area and lots of guys standing around staring at them.  Once in a while a guy will go to the dancer and ask her to dance .. or couch.  She of course can turn down any offers if she doesn't feel comfortable.  To me its quite an awkward situation vs. a dancer coming over and sitting with you at some strip clubs, which is my preferred way of meeting.  And some guys hardly ever get up the nerve to approach the gals but just sit or stand all night looking at them.  Often the girls in waiting look quite bored which I don't blame them for!

Wednesday Evening after lots of clubs in City of Industry
First gal I picked was from El Salvador -  Shorter but  with a really intelligent warm personality. She stroked me and we were great cuddle bodies the way I like it.  She enjoyed my massage etc.   Very nice.

Next couched an American co-ed going to college seeking a career in the movie (not acting) industry.  Was nice but typical American women, not very good touch receptive. Nice brief chat but only kept her about 12 minutes

Then couched, Wow, the warm Italian.  She is what I call an intimate soulmate experience.  A bit older and a great responder, seemed to love my massage,  perfect like minded intimacy seeker. She obviously wasn't faking it.  She said it was so wonderful being with a man that was giving so much nice touch she could enjoy for a change instead of always being the one giving it to other men.  She enjoys giving just like I do, but she said was so nice to be on the receiving end for a change.  But unlike others that sort of are just "absorbers" of good touch she also was a wonderful responder.   I was pleasantly surprised that she asked for my phone number in Phoenix, which I happily gave her.  Slightly hard to understand accent but not bad.  

Thursday Evening (after VIP)
The first gal I choose was a tall Jamaican. I love tall slender women especially to close dance with for awhile before going to a couch.  She was very responsive intimacy wise while dancing.  I was doing my usual stoking of her which was almost putting her to sleep she was so relaxed in my arms.  We couched and shared some nice touch.  She absorbed my massage like a sponge.  Very nice experience but with only about half an hour left to closing I also wanted to try meeting at least one other women for my last experience and make see if xxx from lunch was by chance to be found.  She had said to meet her at CF, but some gals get off at midnight and I had arrived about 12:30am.  They close at 2am.

Not finding xxx, I invited a Bulgarian women to couch.  She was quite warm, good response to intimacy,  didn't try to be more sexual with her.  But I told her about myself and she was very open with her interests.  We talked about the security and legal issues about what I had heard does happen at CF.  She said that she enjoys men and being more sexual but that usually is only safe after they first open at 4pm up to 7pm when the guards come on duty and periodically make the rounds to be sure if an undercover cop came in they wouldn't be closed like other clubs have. Somehow consenting adult healthy, wholesome sexuality of any kind has to be a police concern vs. crimes that actually hurt people.  Sadly pleasure is a crime in the U.S., unlike in most other countries.  She also offered that she enjoys going home with guys if she is comfortable with them.  I had nice interaction with her until closing at 2am. 

July 1999 Report
Again my favorite club for intimacy which to me isnít sexual but cuddling, caressing, hugging, holding and good conversation.   I noted the camera I mentioned in the last report wasnít there anymore over the couch area.  I like this club since while there is distraction by the music it is not nearly as loud, preventing discussion as in most other clubs.

Vietnamese Gal Ė She had been here 3 years was very warm and kept asking me lots of good questions.  I do tell them my interest in hostess clubs for intimacy vs. strip clubs and that I teach intimacy for couples, massage etc.  Most seem to find my views very refreshing.  But gals are also paid to be good at conversation to keep you on the clock.  But cost is only $24/hr instead of for much more for a few minutes at most strip clubs.

American Gal Ė Tall slender fairly attractive.  Fairly good conversationalist but she was almost only women that I didnít have my usual very favorable intimacy response from.  I had almost forgotten from my last trip and experiences in San Francisco clubs it seems its always the American women that are the least responsive to good touch and non-sexual intimacy.   Iím on an Asian mailing list where I use to think it was unfair when many on the list often referred to American women as cold, spoiled bitches.  But over the years I  find American women the most cold vs. almost any other nationality.  She was nice, just unusually non-responsive to my touch vs. almost everyone else.  She has been there a awhile, going to College and has lots of regular customers who like to just talk.

Hungarian Gal Ė Wow!  She immediately responded so warmly to my touch, melted in my arms which I so enjoy and she very much enjoyed me massaging her. She is a bit older but slender and to me very attractive. Also spoke perfect English.  She genuinely seemed very interested in my ideas, website, sexual and intimacy ideas, asking many good question and being very open about her sexuality talking about G spot etc.   She is the women I so much would like to meet in real life! Even talked about a website with her picture discussing the joys of non-sexual intimacy etc.  She is also the reason I donít want to make Hostess Clubs too much of a habit.  With someone like her who also enjoys sensual sexuality, I really would like to share more with her.  But Iíve never had any success trying to date people from clubs in real life, although I havenít really tried either.   

I discussed with her how awkward it is for me having to select ďcouch datesĒ by just looks without any other interaction.  I look for hints of some personality or warmth perhaps in how they interact with other dancers waiting to be chosen etc. She mentioned some guys stay all night and just stare at the girls and never meet any.  She said one Sunday night all the girls were taken, so there was no one to stare at.  But one guy still kept staring at the empty dancer chair area.

I could have spent much more time here but wound up with Hungarian gal for about an our up to closing time. 

Club Fantasy December 1998 Report 
A little smaller but very well laid out club in my opinion and refreshingly cleaner than most of the other clubs.

I did meet lots of cold fishes here, mostly new women. Was told many of the regulars had taken the holiday weekend off. However, I did have some very good experiences.

Elizabeth from El Salvador Short with a really intelligent warm personality. She told me about her friend who danced at Danceland which is why I visited that club also and had some of my most interesting experiences.

Karen #97 I met my last night in LA. I was almost not going to do any more research but all of a sudden I decided to visit Club Fantasy again. I am very glad I did. I spent over 2 hours with Karen. Very wonderful both intelligent, warm and within limits of club, sensual. She very much enjoys men and warm intimacy. She also was only the second American woman I met that I considered intimate as I define it (non-sexually). She blew much of my theory that most Americans women were cold fish compared to Latinos. But other than two American women the theory stood based on my experiences. She also does very nice cow artwork and other types, which is at

On my last night I was desperately looking for an Asian women for my intimacy research since I hadn't met any. Met one who was born in the Philippines but was raised in Brooklyn New York. She was quite cold…, which I will blame on her American experience since she had not been to Asia since moved to the U.S as a baby.

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