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STAR Health & Pain Center
October 2001 Update
As in prior reports still a good place for non-sexual therapeutic Asian type massage.  But they must have had some bad experiences with robbers.  Now reception person behind smoked glass and can hardly hear her to communicate before she lets you in.

Did a 1-hour massage for $60, quite good as usual from young Korean gal. Still make you wear those huge boxer shorts.

Worst part was I found a parking spot out front.  It was Saturday afternoon and all the other parked cars were at expired parking meters, so I assumed they didn't have to be fed on Saturday.  WRONG... got a L.A. $30 parking ticket as a prize.

Great Regular Non-Sexual Massage Experience Sept 2000
 STAR Health & Pain Center (aka J.H.J) at 638 S Van Ness Ave (Just No of Wilshire)  phone 213-382-8080.  

Great massage from Connie, young Korean girl.  Asked if I wanted soft, medium or deep.  I said I'm use to deep on always tight neck and shoulders.  Boy did she know deep!  Suggested an acupressure massage.  Usually this isn't deep enough for me but hers certainly was. she gets on top of me and from what it seemed she did pressure massage along the spine by actually applying her entire body weight lifting her body off the table with full pressure on back.  She obviously knew what she was doing and very good.  I noted they also had bars near the ceiling so they could do walk on back type massage and hold bars near ceiling for balance.

This is a purely non-sexual, no options great therapeutic massage place, which is what I was looking for.  You wear these super sized large shorts.  She was very nice and a great therapist.  Cost was far higher than I'm used to and more than last trip.  $50 for 45 minutes and $20 tip.  But all massage is more expensive than in Phoenix. But once in awhile worth it. 

From 1998 Report:
I   very much enjoy and  need for my tight neck muscles good  therapeutic non-sexual massage.  Based on a very favorable review on LA is Fun, I went to STAR Health & Pain

The cute young Korean hostess was very friendly and joked with me. She gave me a number and a card and after I believe 10 massages you get one free.  The massage gal was almost as cute and Korean.  This place offers NO Extra's,  it is only for us that like just good massage.  They give you some silly shorts you have to wear.

As expected from most Asians the massage was great, the hot oil thing was quite different and nice.  Cost was I believe $50 for 1 hour and afterwards she seemed to hang around like she expected a tip so I tipped her $20.  This made it fairly expensive compared to what Iím use to for good regular massage, but it was an interesting experience.  

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