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3/25/09 ALL the articles and legal updates on fugitive David Elms former manger/owner? of TER and his alleged abuse of women, arrested in Phoenix for trying to hire hit men to murder an escort etc. has been moved to This was all previously reported over the years here. 

In addition to the NY Times article, the most detailed media report yet: 3/25/09 article "Man Sought in 2 States" by the Contra Costa Times is discussed at the above link.  Also the many abuse reports by escorts going back years, details of Phoenix arrest, mug shots etc are now at the new link.

WHY?  Because it may not be fair to the new admin at TER to have the url terbad any more - at least giving them the benefit of the doubt and an opportunity to be free of Elms

3/23/09 A New Admin at TER?

There is some evidence that Elms is out and a new administration has taken over.  I have had some preliminary contact with the new Administration.  Some companions that were Elm's alleged blackmail/rape victims who did not self post reviews or had other legitimate reasons for being banned are being reinstated with no money or blackmail involved.  Time will tell, but there are some hopeful signs.

My Reports from Allegedly Abused Escorts

My Reports allowing women to tell their stories were based on my hope for honestly and integrity in the industry and protecting women from abuse. In addition I have been fighting for a decade for public awareness of the wasted police/Court resources going after in private consenting adult sexwork, which is legal in almost all the world except the U.S.  And for guys to have honest reviews about gals who sell their time but of course do not sell sex since that is not legal in most of the U.S.

Some folks are upset with me for making public some of the zilliions of phone calls and e-mails I've received since I am well known as fighting for the industry for more than a decade.

While  I am sure there was some legitimate banning, there are literally like hundreds of escorts, agency owners and others from many states independently all telling not just me, but many others, the same pattern of behavior and deny they did anything wrong.

The evidence for legitimate banning is being reviewed by the "New Admin"  I simply allowed their reports to be public, some of course anonymously but I verified they were legitimate escorts and had their e-mails.  Some agreed to be identified publicly.  In addition I have had skads of phone calls and discussions with people I trust that have always verified the allegations against Elms.

Some escorts have told their stories to the media, one spend a huge amount of money to file a Federal Lawsuit against Elms. Now a prominent adult industry lawyer is quoted "...Other women have shared similar complaints against Elms, Fattorosi said. "I have had other women contacting me, reiterating how he has attempted to cajole, strong arm and even rape women in regards to getting them to perform service for him in order to keep their reviews up on The Erotic Review," Fattorosi said in an interview. A prostitute's financial success can be directly related to how she is presented on The Erotic Review, Fattorosi said the women told him." 

I am now giving TER the benefit of the doubt and seeing evidence of a new administrator with Elms apparently having been purged from TER - yes many don't believe this.

I am hopeful some of their policies may change that encourage false juiced up reviews and having to do include details of illegal sex acts, not to mention very unsafe and illegal sex acts details required for their highest ratings

In the early days all my reviews which are very welcomed on Canadian boards were rejected by TER because I didn't go into sexy details. My interest is more intimacy than raw sex. I only go to Canada because I enjoy certain things that are simply not available in the U.S. in addition to not wanting the legal risks and seeking affordable costs.

My type of reviews are valued by many based on years of positive comments on boards where I have posted them for many years and e-mails, But they were not juicy enough to be accepted by TER. That was long before the blackmail started and back when TBD was having its legal problems. Since than I have been banned of course by TER since I have let the truth from so many escorts be made public on their bad experiences both due to the review policies and worse by the abuse of David Elms.

I am very confused about the details of the new Admin and there are many rumors going around. But in time there may be clarification.  The communication that escorts have reported coming from the new Admin is totally different writing style and tone of any prior Admin.   There are some unanswered questions and concerns, but it seems clear it is not being run by Elms. Unless he is pulling off the master of all deceptions and is now wearing a skirt, both of which are not likely.


As always. REMEMBER we do not have the same sexual freedoms for private consenting adult sexwork that most of the world enjoys.  Many escorts have been arrested for solicitation solely for using sex words on their websites.  Reviews are evidence in police investigations, as they can be from any board.  DO NOT PAY FOR SEX - only for time as I have discussed at great detail on

Our anti private sexwork laws may be unconstitutional as I've discussed so much regarding the Lawrence vs. Texas Supreme Court case as well as other ways of fighting the "war on consenting private adult sex" in the U.S.  We need to be organized as well as the gay/bi/lesbian community who have won many rights.

SWOP has done wonderful things for the wrong cause. They have only hurt efforts to decriminalize private sexwork with their always doomed to fail attempts to impose public nuisance street hookers on the public as their main thrust ...pardon pun. Otherwise they have done what those fighting for private sex rights should be doing.  They twice got voter initiatives on ballets.  But of course they both failed terribly even in the most liberal cities in the U.S., because they wanted to decrim street hookers not just private sexwork.