David Elms

Note:  All activities are alleged based on reports sent to me from those in the industry, the New York Times article etc.  


David Elms of TER was dumb enough to try and enter the in U.S via So California from Mexico and reports are he came to Mexico from Dubai.

He was arrested by border immigration. Not confirmed but indication bail set at $1 million in AZ but CA also has arrest warrant.

In February, Phoenix police booked Elms on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, conspiracy to possess narcotic drugs for sale, conspiracy to commit misconduct involving weapons and possession of drug paraphernalia.

He was also indicted in wave 2 of the Desert Diva bust

He is also in violation of probation in California on drugs and weapons charges where he was caught trying to rape a women at gunpoint.

Initial Report on KPHO at
More info from Phoenix New Times 6/4/09
Elms was arrested today south of San Diego while trying to cross the border from Mexico into the United States. It is believed Elms fled the United States and possibly went to Dubai, then tried to return to the United States through Mexico today when the Border Patrol arrested him. I am told he is currently in custody and en route to Torrance, California.

Vincent Bond of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency says Elms tried to walk through the Otay Mesa port of entry at about 2:20 p.m. on Monday. He presented a U.S. passport (June 1 happened to be the first day passports are technically required for re-entry to the States) and customs agents pegged him as a fugitive after running his name through their computers.

He'll probably be extradited to Phoenix now, where it'll sure be hotter for him than in Dubai.
NY TIMES 6/4/09 Reports:
Sergeant Andy Hill of the Phoenix police said that according to border patrol agents, Mr. Elms told them that after skipping bail, he fled to Toronto, then Dubai, Armenia, Iran and Mexico.

Mr. Elms remains in custody in California, where he may face additional charges there on a probation violation, Sgt. Hill said.
South Bay Crimes and Courts reports 6/4/09 HIghlights
We got word today that David Elms, a former Hawthorne and Torrance resident who was on the run after failing to appear in an Arizona courtroom, was apprehended crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and is now in custody in Los Angeles. The founder of the online prostitution rating service TheEroticReview.com is likely to appear in Torrance Superior Court Friday for a possible probation violation.

Man is sought in 2 states - TORRANCE: The creator of a prostitution rating Web site is wanted after Phoenix incident. Elms , who founded and ran an online prostitution rating service, was on probation for drugs and weapons convictions stemming from a 2006 arrest at a Manhattan Beach hotel when he was arrested last month in Phoenix.

The 37-year-old allegedly attempted to hire undercover officers there to kill a prostitute, who has a lawsuit against him, and hurt another man. But he was only charged in Maricopa County Superior Court with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and drug weapon possession charges.

Out on $150,000 bail, Elms failed to appear at two hearings scheduled earlier this month. A judge signed a bench warrant for his arrest and raised his bond to $300,000. Meanwhile, prosecutors in Torrance are preparing to ask for his rearrest for violating terms of his probation by traveling out of the state and failing to stay out of trouble.

Elms launched TheEroticReview.com in 1999 as a place for prostitutes and their customers to share information, write reviews and correspond. Although The Erotic Review issued a press release on March 3 saying the Netherlands-based company has "parted ways" with Elms , many think the two entities are one and the same. Included in that list is the target of the would-be contract killing, who sued Elms last year.

Locally, it was a problem with a prostitute that led to Elms ' arrest at the Hawthorn Suites hotel in Manhattan Beach on Feb. 11, 2006, according to police. A woman who ran out of the room when officers arrived told detectives she was a prostitute Elms picked up in South Los Angeles, according to Detective Matt Sabosky. They agreed he would pay her $100 for sex, she said, and they went to the hotel, where Elms smoked rock cocaine, Sabosky said. At some point, he took a gun out of his bag. She ran and he ordered her to take off her clothes. With the gun in his hand, he ordered her to orally copulate him, and she complied until the police knocked, she said. However, Elms told police that, after spending the entire day with a different prostitute because his wife has medical problems that make her unable to have sex, he picked up this prostitute on his way home, Sabosky said. She helped him buy some cocaine and he cooked the powder into a rock in the hotel microwave, Elms told the police. He said he agreed to pay $100 for oral sex, but she kept trying to upsell him and they got into a fight, during which she grabbed a handful of his cash, Sabosky said. Elms said he took out his gun because she called people on her cell phone telling them to come to the hotel. He said she screamed when she saw it. Elms , who lived in Hawthorne at the time, was arrested and charged with gun and drug possession.

In September 2006, he pleaded no contest in exchange for a suspended four-year prison term and three years probation, said Deputy District Attorney Jodi Link.

After at least five failed drug tests, he admitted he was in violation of his probation in July.

According to court records, Elms was placed back on probation and ordered to spend a year in a live-in drug rehabilitation facility - although prosecutors wanted him to go to prison for four years. Link said he has absconded from treatment, left the state and was arrested again - all possible probation violations.

Elms was arrested in Phoenix after police there got a tip from an informant and arranged an undercover meeting with him on Feb. 15, according to Detective Ray Egea. During the meeting, Elms allegedly told officers he was having trouble with a prostitute who was suing him and said he may want her hurt or killed - depending on how the court case played out, Egea said. He also mentioned a 62-year-old man who ran a competing Web site and asked to have him injured, Egea said. Elms inquired about buying a gun, and he was arrested when he bought a half-ounce of crack cocaine from the officers, according to Egea. Although he was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit a homicide, prosecutors did not file any such charge against him.

Additional Media reports

Any new info will be posted on the Private Board in the Legal Questions and Discussion section where the above is also posted via http://www.phxlist.com

3/25/09 Man is sought in 2 states By Denise Nix, Staff Writer
Contra Costa Times - Walnut Creek,CA 03/25/2009

Title of article has now been changed to: "Prostitution king sought" but same link and don't see other changes.

New info:1) Elms civil attorney has not been paid and wants to withdraw as his lawyer. This may confirm the "he is broke" rumor vs "he has millions stashed offshore", although he still could.

2) Details of the gun on prostitute incident in the hotel which resulted in his first arrest in 2006 for which he is now on probation. This is similar to what I had been told but is more detailed at http://www.contracostatimes.com/california/ci_11989964?

3) Torrance police are "preparing to ask" for his rearrest for violating terms of his probation by traveling out of the state and failing to stay out of trouble. This seems very slow response to his obvious probation violation. There are rumors LE was in some way paid off long ago not to aggressively go after him but this is only an unconfirmed alleged rumor. He has now had plenty of time to go into hiding or leave the country.

3/23/09 A New Admin at TER???
There actually is some evidence that Elms is out and a new administration is taking over.  Some companions that were Elm's blackmail victims are being reinstated with no money or blackmail involved.  Time will tell but there are some hopeful signs. I have updated information about the New TER at the old terbad link. They may no longer be "bad" and am giving them the benefit of the doubt.

From Court Document Update 3/18/09
Elms attorney was present named as Chris Califano at his arraignment but no Elms
Prior Bond of $150,000 from EAZY Bail Bonds in Mesa Bond from International Fidelity Insurance Co in Calabasas CA.
Bond Forfeiture Hearing set for 6/19/09
Court says:
This is the second setting in this matter. The Defendant previously failed to appear on March 4, 2009.
The Defendant again having failed to appear, IT IS ORDERED a Bench Warrant issue for the arrest of the Defendant.
Defendant's Name and Address:
David William Elms
5228 West 124th Street
Hawthorne, California 90250
IT IS ORDERED setting bond in amount of $300,000.00.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED vacating the Not-Guilty Arraignment set this date to be reset upon apprehension of the Defendant.


3/18/09 ELMS of TER - Bench Warrant Issued for No Show

"TheEroticReview.com" Founder, David Elms, on the Lam
Mar. 18 2009 @ 12:01PM
A Maricopa County Superior Court judge signed a bench warrant today for prostitution whiz David Elms, who skipped his scheduled arraignment. Elms missed a court hearing on March 4, but officials decided it might have been inadvertent. When he failed to appear again this morning, Judge Margaret Mahoney raised his bond to $300,000 and issued the warrant for his arrest.

Elms, the founder of a Web site that helps people find quality hookers, came to Phoenix from California last month and was promptly arrested by local cops. He was initially accused of trying to hire someone to kill a woman and seriously injure a man, but the charge of conspiracy to commit murder never stuck.

Elms is still charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, plus various drug and weapons charges.

The legal woes have already caused Elms to be booted from his own company. With this skipped court appearance, he seems to be just compounding his problems. But Elms helped write the map to the underworld -- presumably, he's better at hiding off the grid than most.

Source: http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/valleyfever/2009/03/theeroticreviewcom_founder_dav_1.php


3/4/2009 Regarding New York Times Article 3/4/09
Prostitution Site Cuts Ties with Founder After Charges
Many gals have come forward over the years and I have allowed their experiences to be included on this page. Some anonymously but I verified who they were and have their original e-mails so I know they are legitimate. Others shown did want to be named so included their names.

The current situation, is that the Phoenix Police is looking for gals from anywhere to come forward to the POLICE - not to me. I am out of it its being handled by the Police Here is the information requested to be spread to  escorts/companions/providers by Phoenix PD.

Again I am out of it, it is a strictly police matter now. I have no direct evidence other than what escorts have been telling me for many years and is widely known in the industry.


2/16/2009 David Elms of TER Arrested in Phoenix
I am not going to go into details at this time since I am working with the Phoenix Police major crimes unit and with police protection considerations.


On the other hand many think I should go public since the more folks that know I am a target of his, the safer I probably am.  This image says all that needs to be said. If you want to verify it, it is in the Homicide section of http://www.mcso.org/index.php?a=GetModule&mn=Mugshot but it will get deleted in 3 days so I have saved a screen shot:



Small Sample of Media Reports

This most extensive report

Latest AZ Republic update at


11/17/08 Update on New Federal Lawsuit Against David Elms of TER
Dave Elms of TER Lawsuit Details
Is using Jane Doe in suit because she fears for her safety but real name will come forward if it goes to trail.

Jane Doe alleges that
Elms was upset when Jane Doe wouldn't have sex with him.

Elms created a website that used Jane Doe's real name and took pictures and information from her real website to embarrass her. It listed her home address which put her physical safety at risk. Elms published her date of birth, An incomplete copy of Jane Doe's college transcript (excluding she had a PhD degree) all to cause her as much harm as possible.

Elms used the U.S. Postal service and the website to destroy Jane Does life and knew it would likely cause her serious bodily and emotional harm.

Elms directed or drafted letters to Jane Doe's father informing him that she worked as a prostitute doing business under her escort name, knowing and intending such assertion would case Doe to suffer extreme emotional injury and monetary loss of business. Letters also sent to family members and friends

Elms directed his anger and vengeance at Doe because she refused to engage in sexual intercourse with him and because Doe refused to allow her name to be published on a website he controlled at the URL www.theeroticreview.com

Since Elms set out to intentionally harm Doe, Doe has had men attempt to locate her at her residence, her family has ceased communicating with her, and she became very depressed, to the point of considering suicide.

There are another 10 "DOE" defendants who it is believed also participated in the acts (Dave notes discovery will probably bring out the names who will then be added as defendants in the suit.) She alleges each of the Defendant Does were employees or agents of Elms.

Jane Doe launched a website in October 2001 under fictitious escort name with photos, videos as a promotional tool for modeling, entertaining and escorting. The website was used to sell access to photos and videos via a members only subscription service. The website was copyrighted and received the Federal Copyright Certification (copy attached to Complaint)

In or around March of 2008 Elms took Jane Doe's protected work and were reproduced on his website with the URL of Jane Does actual name. A mirror URL, www.thetruthabout(excort name) was set up and redirected persons to the URL of Does real name site created by Elms using the material, photos etc from her escort site but also included real address, name etc.

Elms also defamed Jane Doe by disseminating to third parties many intentional lies such as that she did not hold a PhD or any college degree, and that she was a coke addict. These and other statements were false. Elms distributed the false statements on public web sites to cause Jane Doe economic harm.

Defendant ELMS embarked upon a crusade to ruin Doe's life, in order to get back at her for her refusal to have sexual intercourse with him.

As a direct result of ELMS's actions Jane Doe was prevented from attending to her usual occupation, loss of earnings and employment benefits. (Dave notes I understand her primary occupation was a highly paid professional field unrelated to escorting) She does have a PhD degree.

Damages and Relief Sought
1 - Permanent injunction restraining ELMS etc from (doing all this).
2 - Award of Actual Damages
3 - Award of Punitive Damages
4 - Payment of all Jane Doe's legal fees and costs
5 - Trial by Jury for all issues so triable
6 - Any other relief she may be entitled

Reading the Exhibits which include the fake website produced by Elms which says in part
No PhD
Cocaine Addict
No Clue
A legend in her own Mind

Listed other names she has used
"Or whatever fucking bullshit alias you are the day you read this...etc."

"A Little about my lies" suggest started at age 14 "start to turn tricks at that age figuring she can make money for coke habit. As a higher price whore she gets to travel around the world fucking suckered businessmen.....more about her at 14...and being discovered by a midget community and more nonsense.

"(real name) is confused about her sexuality, so she has tried sex with men, women and some farm animals for kicks. "OH WILBUR""

And has her phone number to call her, her real address and a picture of the building she lives in.

Her lawyer is Michael Fattorosi the head lawyer of the Fattorosi & Chisvin law firm in Woodland Hills, CAMichael Fattorosi

Interestingly Michael Fattorosi is active in the adult entertainment industry representing production companies, performers, directors, webmasters, website operators, escorts, etc. The Free Speech Coalition did an interview with him that is at

He also has a website http://www.adultbizlaw.com
  where he says:
Our firm has exhibited at Erotica-LA, the Exotic-Erotic Expo in San Francisco and AVN in Vegas so you might have seen us or even met us before at a show. Michael Fattorosi has been a seminar speaker at AEE, Internext as well as for XBiz. He has written articles for XBiz World and XBiz Video, Adult Store Buyer Magazine and as been quoted in Playboy magazine and the Sacramento Bee. He has been interviewed and appeared on KTLA-TV News in Los Angeles and has been featured on the Showcase show Webdreams broadcast in Canada and nine other countries.

When I was helping the New York Times with the story that exposed David Elms nationally 'Jane Doe" talked to me by both phone and e-mail. She was very anxious to get her story about Elms in the media but her lawyers said it was too soon as they were still gathering evidence before the lawsuit was filed and didn't want it discussed. On a LA Board where I discussed the case and that I was probably going to publish the lawsuit (Complaint) on sexwork.com, Jane Doe asked by PM that I not publish it. I don't know why and she hasn't responded since, but I will just post this summary not the entire lawsuit at her request.


New Federal Lawsuit Against David Elms of TER 11/7/2008
LOS ANGELES - A woman listed in court documents as Jane Doe has filed a federal lawsuit against David Elms, the owner of T*E*R, accusing him of cybersquatting and defamation.

T*E*R has become known as the premiere online destination for those willing to rank their experiences with prostitutes on a scale of 1 to 10, as well as to leave comments. Elms said he created the site, which was launched in 1999, because he wanted to empower customers after he felt he was being "ripped off" by various escort services.

The Long Beach, Calif., woman, who said in court papers she is involved with an escort service, alleged Elms created a website using photos and videos of her, and also that he "directed his anger and vengeance" at her because she refused to have sex with him. She also claims Elms sent letters to her family and friends saying she is a prostitute.

The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

It's the latest in a string of legal woes for Elms, who in June was arrested and held in a Los Angeles jail on probation violation charges related to a 2006 drug and weapons conviction.

At the time of the June arrest, court officials said Elms failed five drug tests since October 2007. He faces up to four years in prison if convicted of the probation violation charges.

Dave notes: I hope that the civil case information will motivate LE to investigate the prostitution crime aspects once the case is heard - which could take years. With David's long history of abuse of women in so many ways this is one case we do want prosecuted for prostitution while supporting its decrim.


"Jane" has told me she realizes that David Elms is probably judgment proof with little assets to get if she wins. But she is determined to expose him in this way even with her high legal costs and unlikely to recover the cost when she wins. She has a major and expense law firm that has worked on this case gathering evidence to prove things for a long time.  But good for "Jane" for exposing again the abuse of David Elms aka terd (Ter David - thanks to Ana).


I  assume this is the following case I found:

 BFN, LLC et al v. David Elms et al
Plaintiffs: BFN, LLC and Jane Doe
Defendants: David Elms, Elms Web Services, Inc. and DOES
Case Number: 2:2008cv07285
Filed: November 3, 2008
Court: California Central District Court
Office: Western Division - Los Angeles Office
County: Los Angeles
Presiding Judge: Wu
Referring Judge: Segal
Nature of Suit: Intellectual Property - Copyrights
Cause: 17:101 Copyright Infringement
Jurisdiction: Federal Question
Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff


I just signed up for Pacer which seems to be the only site where you can get Federal Case records, but I don't know if I can get the filing itself, still waiting for my Pacer registration to be approved.

David Elms of TER Update 9/30/08
Dave is still on parole after his release from prison. One of the conditions of release is that he could not use a computer for 1-year since they found his drug connection linked to Craigslist.  He has a staff and his wife running TER from his home.

BTW since he always refers to me as DIP (Dave in Phoenix), an escort suggested we call him terd (TerDavid)

As a condition of parole I am told he spend s the night in a halfway house but can visit his home during the day.

He also has helped develop a website Progress...something to help those with drug problems but only from the halfway house under their supervision.

He is determined to stay off drugs while on probation since otherwise he faces a 4-5 year prison term. He paid his attorney $50,000 in legal fees to get him out of prison.

However it is questionable that he can since he had such a drug habit. He also knows how to get stuff that will make your urine appear clean to drug tests.

There are some folks very much wanting to see David Elms in prison for his abuse of women and being such a disgrace to the industry.

If any escort reading this that has been coerced to go "service" David Elms in return for anything of value such as getting reviews back up etc., AND are willing to come forward and talk to law enforcement please let me know. Many escorts did come forward for the New York Times article with the abuse stories knowing their identity would be protected by the press. However now we need escorts who are willing to talk on the record to law enforcement to move the criminal case forward against David Elms. I do not have high expectations that anyone will come forward but I told a leader of the group I would put this out.

There is a lot going on with various law enforcement agencies I can't discuss. There is a direct money trail related to the Desert Diva massive arrests in Phoenix as they transferred money and worked closely with  Elms. There are probably Federal Crimes also committed. As I have said before, I am totally supportive of Paul and those busted at Desert Diva's but from the police report they did everything wrong as I reported on extensively on the Private List before. But Elms is a disgrace to the industry for his long time abuse of so many women. Many believe the industry needs to be cleaned up of people like him.

I am trying to stay out of this as much as possible, letting others take the lead.

As I reported earlier the Hawthorne CA police were interviewed by the New York Times but said they needed a gal to be willing to step forward and file a formal complaint. Investigator is trying to work with some gals he knows if willing to come forward and if he can work with police to get immunity for any escort.

As the NY Times article reported:
Ms Link of the LA County Attorney's office who said, "A prostitute was there and said Mr. Elms had forced her to perform oral sex at gunpoint (police found loaded semi-automatic weapon), but there was not enough evidence to press charges on that accusation, Ms. Link said" The "group" thinks there is plenty of evidence if the authorities are led to it or if escorts would come forward to press charges.

For legal reasons I say, all these acts are alleged and while I believe my sources are very reliable I can not guarantee the accuracy of any of the above information.

TER Warning on CL - Source not known if legitimate but warning to be careful 9/28/08
The Erotic Review (TER) kingpin was arrested and now the information is being used by the Police and Sheriff.

Anyone who suggests that you go to the TER site is just opening up the possiblity that you are being scrutinized and watched! I think I was set up by a decoy in a sting operation via TER!

If you have added comments or become a member your information is being processed!

I was scrutinized and had to get an attorney and it is costing me a lot to clear up this mess! I may be going to jail! So whether you are Male or Female the TER is not a good place and stay away from anyone who suggests you go to TER!

Dave Notes: Of course he is now out again - the arrest was back in June but be careful. Interesting, assume we don't know more about the source. CL not real reliable - the reference to Sheriff is interesting and a concern since no recent known activity by Joe against private companions.  Wish we knew more who this is.

Warning about TER Listings - IP address available to LE

From out-of-state companion pointing out info from an attorney - I have been sent more but only parts below are to be pubic. They believe a huge sting could be being set up on TER based on recent suspicious activities others have also reported:

"All that is needed is a verifiable IP address to a post and the evidence has the location of teh screen name attached to a detailed record of the activity and in some cases even a white list that is additional leverage against an individual. That was my concern more than anything else-"

Another Companion Notes:
"Providers have come to understand that when you whitelist a client, you are saying "yes i met with that client and that juicy detailed review he published was true"

Many providers deleted their whitelists back in june, i was one of them.

Hobbyists --- if you find your whitelists are gone, please dont be offended or think you did something wrong."

Dave notes, this may be a bit hard for non TER folks to understand. But the point is with possibly LE using TER they can trace your reviews to your computer via your IP address which is kept my TER for reviews and their "Whitelist". If you have a dynamic IP LE can get a Court Order to show who was on at a specific time which I assume is also saved. That can then be traced to a login name and real name I assume. You can always argue you just made up your fantasy review, but LE can also pressure a companion to testify against you if they want to go after customers. If LE tells a companion, "either you testify against customers (or other companions) or you face a mandatory prison sentence (AZ Law) and we will notify Child Protection Services to have your child taken," there are some risks to customers as well as companions.

This of course is why I have been trying for more than a decade to get public awareness of wasted police/Court resources going after private sexwork, legal in most all the world except the U.S. Now we have TER Dave arrested, on probation for a drug/gun felony, massive publicity in the NY Times, pressure on local police or Feds (Mann Act if across state lines) to act against TER (as reported by NY Times reporter) etc. It could be all just misguided fear but it could be a TBD like bust that took a few years of undercover work before arrests were made.

Remember David Elms boosts about how powerful he is in the prostitution world and he is widely reported as, "the most influential man in the prostitution business in America" as the NY Times pointed out. There is a lot of pressure on LE to act especially since his abuse of women has been widely exposed! Unlike other boards that are protected free speech Dave Elm's personal acts draw LE and public attention. A convicted felon on prostitution, drug and gun charges who is widely known to exploit women for free sex is far more a known abusive criminal target than TBD ever was. The bad part is customers and companions could be caught up in any LE sweep investigation of David Elms and TER. Just like customers were caught up in the the TBD busts. The motivation is especially high for California LE since in California he could be in prison for life under their "three strikes" law - he already has either one or two felony convictions.
TER Relationship with City-Vibe and backpage
It has been reported that TER had a advertising agreement with both City-Vibe and backpage where highly rated providers would get free advertising and links to their TER reviews. Some sources believe this relationship may have been recently discontinued.

7/13/08 David Elms of TER Update RELEASED FROM PRISON

David Elms was released from Jail on 7/9. The July 1st appearance on his parole violation was continued to 7/9/2008.

I have no other info on current situation. IF you know more please pass on.

He apparently had failed drug tests after arrested previously for drugs and gun possession where he allegedly forced at gunpoint a women to have sex.

6/17/08 New York Times Article Out on David Elms of TER

Good article in my view. I am glad I wasn't mentioned since I preferred just to lead him to the real story about Dave Elm's abuse and extortion but not be part of it.

Interesting new facts The felony charges against Mr. Elms stemmed from a night in 2006 when the police were called to a hotel where they found him with 3.8 grams of cocaine and a loaded semi-automatic weapon. A prostitute was there and said Mr. Elms had forced her to perform oral sex at gunpoint, but there was not enough evidence to press charges on that accusation - just the drug and gun charges.

Latest arrest: Mr. Elms, 37, was jailed this month on accusations that he failed five drug tests since October, a violation of his probation from a 2006 drug and gun conviction. If he is found to have violated his probation, he could be sentenced to four years in prison.

Full article at


David Elms Picture from The New York Times

David Elms of TER  IN JAIL Arrested on Felony 6/4/08
See Details after my opening comments and latest comments from provider - Scoll down to updated 6/8/08 for Arrest Announcement

Warning of many false reviews on TER (The Erotic Reviews)
Not to Mention Cops and Stings
and Abusive Owner of TER
As a Provider Calls him, "
Worst Kind of Male Predator - Dave of TER"

 TER (The Erotic Review) is A Disgrace to Sexworkers

By Dave in Phoenix
Promoting dignity and honestly in professional sexwork as a healthy, honorable profession

Why do so many providers support TER a disgrace to the industry? Because they make money off it obviously regardless of concerns about promoting dishonestly - TER Dave makes huge $ from his games and pimping, and by spending huge amounts for ads, including in New Times locally a well as Playboy nationally generates lots of participants in his board enabling him to make lots of money and continue to be a disgrace to the industry by his pimp behavior and abuse of escorts.  These are the reasons folks are so upset with TER (sample posts from providers sharing are below)

1) Insistence on solving any dreamed up problem by coming to his home in LA and giving him free sex.  He often tells Phoenix Providers how cheap it is the only cost to THEM is airfare to meet him for free sex.   On the other hand, it seems many providers are happy to "service" him because they get so much business from TER.  However their are many others that believe this was extortion and want to expose this abuse.

2) Many fake reviews in order to get free membership.

3) Requirements for "juiced up" reviews or are not accepted.  Many reviews have to be juiced up by saying the provider did something she refuses to do. Than others call and expect the same services.  This is abusing women by a policy where "ratings" are made based on unsafe acts many women refuse to do.  To get highest ratings unsafe sex has to be included in the review, and often it didn't happen since the provider his concerned about her sexual health.

When TER first started I submitted reviews but they were never juicy enough.  My interests are more in the intimacy side than how many risky sex acts are performed.  By type of reviews are highly praised on other boards, especially in Canada where I spent alot of time in the Summer escaping from the Phoenix heat. I prefer Canada since no legal issues, far more reasonable prices and again no legal issues.

I get attacked and get lots of TER supporters upset because for over 10 years I have been dedicated to honestly and integrity in the industry - the opposite of TER Dave.

Sample of many E-mails this week in support of exposing David Elms of TER
David Elms 6/23/08
I have been in the adult industry for over 10 years and during the last 5 years I have been a private entertainer. In light of the recent article about the arrest of David Elms I totally applaud the arrest. I find it very unfortunate that in this day and age the life of a woman and her treatment are so easily disregarded. I was highly disturbed that no further charges where made agains Elms for extorting and rapping the lady in the article at gun point. I feel Elms is getting everthing he deserves.

No one should be treated like that. I personally am tired of The Erotic Review, because it does not give fair assessments of the quality of ladies that provide entertainment to gentmen. Many of the reviews have been inflated of the ladies that have either given free sessions or engaged in unprotected sex acts with Elms and his moderators.

The site orginally started out as a good thing and then turned into a living nightmare for many ladies. This site allowed many guys to manipulate providers into giving away time or performing sex acts they did not want to do to recieve good reviews. For the many ladies that decided to take a stance of not being drawn into such slavery it meant having lies spread about you that where not true.

At one point I had several good reviews on the site and then they where removed when I refused to allow a poster to spread lies about my disclosing a clients personal business. Then a client tried to stick up for me and he was banned for the site. They went on to make it seem as if the client was me and that I had been self posting my reviews and that the client defending me was also me when it was not.

Prior to this incident I had several clients state that they had completed good reviews for me and they where never posted. Other clients claim that they gave higher ratings for my service and that the ratings had been changed when posted. The whole thing is simpy a scam.

In addition to this the guys pay monthly fees to see the full reviews that may or may not be true. Inflated reviews provide a false expectation for clients and cause them to potentiallly select providers that may have less quality of service then a povider that could be better, but has been blacklisted by TER

What started out as a good thing has quickly turned into a complete mess. In an underworld with basiclly no rules a few men have disrupted a process for woman to make a means to an end. It has been filled with men who feel they have the power to control women when in a normal situation they would not. I think that once TER is gone the private entertainment business will be a better place for women to be treated with respect without the threat of extortions and rape to run a good business. May TER and David Elms burn in hell.
From a Companion: 6/08
I made several horrible trips to see David Elms; had to endure spending the night with him while he smoked crack; and made me perform sexual acts in order to get my TER profile put back up several times after it being taken down for nonsense reasons he made up. The last time, he tried telling me I needed to pay a "fine" of $7500 He told me I needed to pay it by a deadline of October 1. October 1 came and went, and I never heard from him. I am not sure if he forgot or what. But I have been in a constant state of fear of hearing from him looking for "his" money.

I am extremely agitated by this whole situation, as I am an educated woman. Then, last winter - I got a message from a moderator of TER (who doesn't know of my involvement with Dave) implying that I need to give him a free appointment or he will moderate me on the boards. I'm sick and tired of these uneducated men bullying me, and will definitely talk to the reporter about my experiences.

I am so sick of the fucking men in this business taking advantage of and disrespecting the women.

Summary of long e-mail from Provider who talked with NY TImes reporter
Abused by Mya manipulation of other providers to be against her, Rowen Scarett's lies as well as Dave of TER, her Canadian father gave her the strength to fight for honestly and treat all clients with good service and compassion she says:

"I genuinely care about helping others, speaking the truth, being loyal, loyalty is what is missing in our society. In this business it is non existent... I will not back down from the Dave's TER, the Frog's Admin or anyone wishing to demean, lie, blackmail or harm me for being true and honest. I will not compromise my values. For that I owe my father, he was used a few times, taken advantage of alot, but; when he died, he died with so much out pouring of love, respect and he had no regrets!

I will admire and respect you always, why?? You are a man that is also not afraid to speak the truth and standup for what is true.id t it is not the easy road, I realize that, or the most popular. Look Mya did the flight to LA for an overnite with the sleazy Dave, it sure did not harm her career. I admire you more than you can imagine, I would have talked to this reporter based on your request alone. Of course, it will benefit women, whether they realize it or not. I know the value of taking this man down, or at least making his life uncomfortable to continue hurting women as he has. He is a thug, a predator and pure evil. he is an example of why our business is so dark.

How successful have I been since I realized I need to quit caring about the dishonest providers, to rely on myself, first and foremost?? , I am hiring an assistant, I can not handle my phones any longer. Most of my business is regulars that I am very fond of and appreciate. Every time I travel I can not see 1/100 of the business I attract. I am not exaggerating either. I am truly blessed!

I am thinking about becoming a sex therapist, that way, my clients can write off their time spent with me and I can report my income, pay taxes and be law abiding citizen.. I would love to openly tell people what I do! I am working on three books, one I am working with a director to write a script, so who knows, maybe it will benefit a few in this business, worse things could happen! :)

I will always speak the truth and not be afraid of the consequences, I am my father's daughter!  thank you for being the man you are, I have ultimate respect for you and am sorry I have not met you. Take care love and remember I am always in your corner with loyalty and respect, I am unconditional with those that deserve it!


From a friend of a Companion:

Thank you for your countless hours of work you have put into keeping this monster at bay. I am currently seeing a former provider who was coerced early on in her brief stint in the biz. I gave her the news today that was posted within you blog and the elightenment in her voice was great therapy not only for her but the hundreds (maybe thousands) who fell into his web.

The evil ways he has preyed upon providers was not only wreckless but sadistic. I cannot thank you enough for your efforts on behalf of the many many provders he abused. If all your work and time save one woman from enduring his actions, it has been been worthwhile. With that said, your aggressive action have more than likely saved hundred of woman from the same abuse you speak of.


From a Phoenix Companion:

I was approached by TER Dave when I was working in Mesa back in 2001, He started talking in a black mailing kind of manner. That didn't scare me at all in fact I got right back in his face, I told him I don't have to play your game, and if you try and strong arm me I'll pick the phone up and call my friends in Las Vegas do we understand each other...He never bothered me again..

6/8/08 Elm's Abuse from a DC Companion
First, thank you for your long on-going attempts to bring the evils of Elms to light. It is difficult for most the women to feel they have any hope at all of standing up to him.

I have sent copies of your postings and articles to a number of providers and former providers I know. I have encouraged several of them to contact you to provide their side of how Elms ruins lives. There is one I think may write to you, but the reality is most will not seriously consider it.

Two were clasic Elms victimes: great reviews, good people, too young and too trusting. He "invites" them to see him in CA, they decline. Almost at once trash reviews show up, good reviews get removed.

Then another call saying they should reconsider going to see him. One doesn't, changes her name and all her info, and does OK. The other flies from DC to LA to see him, has sex with his wife/GF, and then Elms tells her he'll "think about it" but she should come back next month. She finally wises up and doesn't make the second trip. Within a week she gets banned for "fake self reviews". A guy writes in and says "That wasn't fake, it was my review" and gets banned for being her in disguise.

Part of their reluctance is still fear of Elms and his flunkeys. Most the women I know are in DC, and the DC TER mods are 100% Elm lackeys. They feel it is their duty to carry out Elms’ orders with gusto and enthusiasm. They have been very brutal in dealing with anyone who posts anything counter-party-line. Women who have gotten crosswise with Elms fear the DC mods as much or more than they fear Elms directly.

6/8/08 A Companion from the South as a TER Victim:
I am a provider in the South and have been victim to Dave's tactics.
I use to have two pages of flawless reviews because I, unlike some, actually "worked" for them. None of my reviews had to be fluffed to get printed because I actually delivered a pse date everytime. Many of my reviewers were banned and had reviews pulled because they were not dishing out the money. I later found out that if I gave money as membership every month that my reviews would be allowed by non paying members.

I began sending in a little each month because in my mind it was just good marketing. If reviews made me money and I make x amount of dollars each time a new review was written, it was the same as paying eros.com for advertising.

Pretty soon the money was not enough and as usual Dave tries to claim that the reviews were self written in order to get more money. If my reviews were self written, why wasen't my ENTIRE profile deleted like the rules say it would be. I will tell you why..because he wanted more money.

I just told everyone to start reviewing me on TBD but I don't get any business from the site so it is pointless.

TER's whole system is flawed and favors are given to his favorites and not to those of us who are actually doing our job and providing a good service. In states in their rules that in order for a girl to get a 10, she must perfrom three of the following. kissing with tongue, bbbj, greek, two girls, or two guys, but you will notice that half of the 10's thrown out are to girls who are screwing dave or giving him money. I have had to actually tell my reviewers to complain about this each time my score was lowered because I EARNED my 10's unlike some.

I would be happy to talk to the reporter and make sure this scum pays for his actions.

My dad is DEA if you can believe that so this is all too amusing to me. Pay back certainly is a bitch isin't it!!

6/8/08 From Phoenix long-time Companion
I read the extensive research and posts about Dave TER, he is where he belongs. I myself wrote to you when I was first in the business about him blackmailing me, xxxxx and xxxx. I was the least guilty of the parties, ignorance is not always a good reason. However; I would be happy to tell you the story if you are interested, xxx flew to LA and did an overnite, xxxxxxx sent xxxxxx and I told him to fuck himself.

Anything I can do to help, let me know, I will! You know I found you to be a man I trust and would never doubt, Dave (Elms) is a sick, demented man. I feel I owe these girls my help to prevent this from happening further.

Updated 6/8/08 David Elms of TER now IN JAIL
David Elms was arrested on a felony charge and booked into South Bay/Torrence Lockup 6/4/08 at 10:41AM
He was than transferred to Los Angeles Men's Central Jail on 6/5/08 at 20:33.
He is allowed visitors
There is no bail
His court date is 7/1/08 which is the same date he already was scheduled to appear for a parole violation of a felony conviction related to drugs and guns.
Case Number YA06435401
Booking No.: 1497328
Source: The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept.
There is a great deal going on - I am working with a well known national newspaper who is carefully preparing a major story on Dave Elm's abuse of providers. See more details in earlier posts below.

Updates based on Questions received:

All I know is it was a felony arrest warrant.

He already was scheduled for a parole violation hearing 7/1. His scheduled court date for this arrest is the same. I don't know if they rearrested him based on the prior parole violation for a felony related to drugs and cons or if this is a new charge. The case number for this charge is different than prior so it probably is a new charge.  He was convicted of old felony on 9/7/2006 and after spending 3 days in jail was put on 36 months formal probation with conditions.


Prior convictions:

Convicted on 1 count of disorderly conduct-prostitution 2/23/1993

Convicted on 2 counts of possession of a narcotic controlled substance in 1998

Convicted on 1 count of controlled substance with firearm in 2006

He also has a State Tax lien on his home in the amount of $6849 filed in 2007

We still need folks to talk to the reporter "on the record" the story is being delayed and reporter says will be bigger than we even know but he can't go into details.

A major problem for the part of the story on extortion of gals to provide him sex or that being his demand is few credible companions are willing to come forward on the record even with names protected. He has many providers very scared of him, even in Phoenix.


Since the notice he is now tucked away in jail for awhile a few more providers have contacted me considering talking to the reporter. (Update many more are coming forward "on the record.)


There is also suspicion but unconfirmed that the "bigger story" the reporter refers to but can't talk about might be an ongoing FBI investigation of TER, similar to what happened with TBD.  With TBD it took a few years of investigation behind the scenes before the bust of big doggie and it appeared that the Feds took over the TBD board for awhile.  Some providers are telling me they want nothing to do with TER, certainly not post on it during this time before potentially media attention and LE activity. Again this is unconfirmed but I have now heard this from more than one source.


Comments from various boards:

The arrest has generated a great deal of discussion on some boards.  It has been amazing how widespread the reports are of so many providers all over the U.S. that have suffered various forms of abuse over the years. This ranges from extortion for sex, being intimated to do unsafe or other acts because juiced up reviews to get credit said they do more than they did.  And outrage by both customers and providers of how long this has been going on and how few people want to stand up to him. 


6/1/08 Major U.S. Newspaper plans to Expose David Elms of TER
While in Toronto I was contacted by a xxxxx reporter. We exchanged many e-mails and phone calls. I sent a note to the Companion List seeking those who may want to help clean up the industry and the abuse of Elms/TER. There is now a far wider story and much more about Elms, including his criminal record and many more legal actions in progress.

Part of the reason for the story is to expose that because private prostitution is illegal in the U.S. vs almost all the rest of the world where it is legal David Elms types can get by with their abuse of women because no one wants to come forward. This is an opportunity with the protection the paper can offer sources to not disclose their identity. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx a very creditable paper not like the tabloid press.

Fortunately I kept all the e-mails from companions whose stories I included at http://www.sexwork.com/terbad.html  and e-mailed some of them. Of those where I had e-mail addresses that were still good, all that responded confirmed their report but many are too scared to even talk to a reporter. Some gave me suggestions of other companions to contact who they knew were abused by Elms. He certainly gets around. One well known Phoenix companion is very scared of Elms who wanted her and a friend to come to meet him in LA. Others value TER since they get so much business from it and sadly just look at the abusive practices as just part of what is normal in the industry. TER is a great concept (although I much prefer the mechanics of the major Canadian boards) and could be taken over by hopefully more honest people regardless of what happens to Elms, just like TBD survived his big bust under new management.

If any other companions are willing to come forward as a protected source please let me know and I will connect you with the reporter.

The reporter wants to publish quickly but it will have to be reviewed by high ranking editors and the legal department. So far I understand legal is all for publishing what they have reviewed so far. However it is my understanding a similar story was going to run in the LA Times a few years ago and it never made it. Elms has lots of lawyers I understand. But the attitude of the reporter of course is that the xxxxxxxxxx lawyers are much bigger and better than his! But it may be a lawyer fight which could delay publishing. At least free speech is behind the paper as long as all the fact checking is iron clad. The more honest companions willing to come forward the more verification from different sources is possible.

Elms also has quite a criminal record that I didn't realize that the reporter uncovered and I also was able to find. Most of it is related to drug and gun charges.

Tidbits I some of what I've leaned in addition the many companions reports already exposed:

A companion tried to file criminal charges against him with Manhattan Beach PD which has jurisdiction - Elm's address is quite public via various records searches as is his criminal history. But since she is a companion, they would not grant her immunity which is a major problem which enables Elms continued abuse. Sadly this is different than my great experience with Scottsdale PD in getting the attacker that almost killed companions ( http://www.sexwork.com/Phoenix/rapist.html ) But there is a huge difference between kidnapping, rape, robbery and potential murder in the Scottsdale situation vs. the abuse by Elms and the TER policies.

Reporter has talked to LAPD - But there are many complicated legal issues involved.  Reporter has even been in touch with Elms criminal attorney for any comments they want to make. There is a huge difference between a source which a newspaper can protect identify vs. having to work with the police and probably have to testify in court as the courageous companions did in order to convict in the Scottsdale case. It was the brave companions testifying that resulted in his 109 year consecutive sentence.

There was is a very creative demand letter to Elms regarding large well known on TER, Phoenix Agency that was banned on TER.  It is alleged that Elms/TER violated the Sherman federal antitrust law, violations could be felonies and individuals may be imprisoned up to three years and fined up to $350,000; corporations may be fined up to $10,000,000. Further there is a private right of action to recover treble damages for damages, plus cost of litigation including attorney fees.  In addition it was alleged Elms also violated the Arizona antitrust laws.


Elms settled by reinstating them on TER. The antitrust arguments could help other companions take legal action. The leak of the info is an issue but (Newspapers) attorneys have talked to attorneys who  wrote the letter informing them they intend to publish it in full and stating their legal right to do so. I had a friendly phone discussion with the Agency owner who was prepared for it to go public by filing litigation in Federal Court if Elms didn't settle. He is more upset to find the source of the leak than the fact I had received it. It could even be good publicity for the agency involved.


The person who sent me the demand letter says, "Can you please post a copy of the lawsuit on your website, so if any other providers get banned they can take legal action against David and TER. Please share the lawsuit with everyone so we can put a stop to this predator."  I am not publishing the letter at this point. I will let the (newpaper) do it with all their lawyers behind it since they have said they intend to publish it in its entirety.

Another companion is pursuing a civil suit claiming a large amount of damages to her and her family against Elms. She says she also plans to file a criminal complaint and welcomes media coverage. But she has to be silent for about 30 days on the recommendation of her attorney's while getting further iron clad proof it was Elms. It is for something very different than the many other companion abuse issues, but is definitely criminal. I talked with her by phone for over 2 hours and exchanged e-mails. She led me to other potential victims of Elms which I have e-mailed.

Based on various discussions it seems generally known and accepted that the major Phoenix agencies have to send girls to service Elms. One owner told me by phone that they used to do it when requested but then stood up to him and refused. They don't like TER anyway since reviews are usually fake and tell of acts that never happened but they have not been booted yet Elms knows he can't get any of their girls to service him. But so far they are not willing to talk to the reporter.

A companion that knows Elms well doesn't understand why he keeps doing his shit, usually is stoned when she talks to her. We also know all about "xxxx who Elms' is trying to keep as his own and not have work as an escort and has mixed alliances between him and the real truth. By his continued activities it is like he is on a power trip or loves living on the edge, but could result in his big fall and prison. Especially under California 3 strikes felony law she points out. She claims two felony convictions, but so far I only find 1 felony (others I think are misdemeanors) in my criminal record searches.

One companion has a more downbeat attitude:
"I think, unfortunately, you're going to find the mainstream world thinks the whole thing is hilarious and disgusting...a bunch of hookers who want to be treated as if they are respectable people. Sad, but that's my prediction. In the end, no one cares what happens to hookers, since they are doing something the world thinks isn't the best choice. Look at the DC Madam...it isn't even newsworthy anymore. It's a sad world...you're fighting a losing fight. Want to really get rid of Dave? Focus on the criminal aspect of whatever he may be doing (drugs? Guns? Not sure)...until you do that, you've got nothing...the guy does NOT respond to shame, and your article will be something he will LOVE. He'll get more TER members and laugh it off...watch."

Dave notes: But the D.C. Madam case, botched by the defense in my view, resulted in lots of public discussion - which from what I've read in editorials and reader comments is mostly what waste it was of two lives (the two suicides) all for prosecuting in private consenting adult pleasure sharing. And I keep wanting to add, legal in almost all the rest of the world with no real negative consequences.
From my earlier special e-mail with some updated editing - to companions explaining why I think article could be good for the industry.

While some will disagree and send me hateful e-mail, I believe it is beneficial for potential legal changes to educate the public whenever we can about the huge demand and number of companions providing what is legal in almost all the world except the U.S. Overall it has been shown that the public does support the waste public and court resources going after in private consenting adult sexwork which is reflected on boards such as TER. This is vastly different than the "prostitution" word linked to street hookers for which there is little public support. The D.C. Madam case with sadly it resulting in two suicides did on the positive side, expose more of private sex work to the public - and many feel going after private sex is not what the government should be doing and the tragic results of such prosecutions.

Trying to hide the industry clearly has not worked. I subscribe to a news service on "prostitution" news articles and there are often a dozen a day of busts in various U.S. cities, many including for example just today a Councilmen in Ohio. I believe it is beneficial to help the public realize its not just perverts, but their minister, their attorney, doctor, Sunday School teacher and neighbors and maybe their own spouse, that participate safely with outcalls in what is legal and no big issue in almost all the world except the U.S.

In my view we need to be educate the public about private sexwork which is so vastly different than street hookers. An article on TER even about abuses could help public awareness of how so many people participate in private adult sexuality options. TER and similar boards are protected free speech but just like The Big Doggie's lessor but somewhat similar antics, what a person does can be criminal - especially related to pimping which is not legal in most of the world vs just outcall sex. In addition when he brings in out of state gals it is clearly a Mann Act violation as well as probably criminal extortion which might lead to RICO and organized crime federal charges.

The extortion review board - I had never known about but companion sent me the link
extortion –noun the crime of obtaining money or some other thing of value by the abuse of one's office or authority
It says:
The Purpose of this Board
This board is dedicated to David Elms, owner and administrator of http://www.theeroticreview.net. There is much speculation, and in some instances proven fact, that he is intimidating and blackmailing girls and people on his board into receiving sexual favors, money, and who knows what else. Hopefully this board will serve as a warning for future victims, and a place for people to anonymously tell what has happened to them.

They have a graphic saying
Free Sex = Good Reviews
No Free Sex = Bad Reviews

A few posts:
This is the staff at www.nationalblacklist.com . We came here because someone put a posting on our site and referred this new board exposing David Elms and the TER. National Blacklist is a neighborhood watch website for escorts. There are already several postings warning about Dave and the TER on our website. And he is not the only one in the act. Apparently there are a few employess of the TER who also are trying to extort Free or Full Service sessions out of providers. And, of course there are the long time "supposed" VIP influential hobbyists who've been doing the same for quite some time. If they aren't bartering good reviews for Free or Full Service sessions, they are just out right "blackmailing" girls with bad reviews if they do not see them and give up free or full service appointments. We at National Blacklist support this website and wish to help stop the exploitation of escorts by David Elms and anyone else, but to hear now that he is taking down reviews and making the gals pay hundreds of dollars to repost them is heinous.
Dave believes that since the girls get free business from ter, he should be able to have sex with whomever he wants for free".
"A few escorts have told me he carries a gun"
Dave notes his gun related criminal charges.

5/16/2008 Followup on David of TER (see 5/5/08 article below)
Actually getting a number of e-mails from providers wanting to take legal action, this is an example:

Hi Dave, someone sent me this link to you. Let me explain, of course it is about TER/David Elms. (details deleted)
I went to a Lawyer here in xxxxxxxxxa (xxxx) and she asked me if I know where an office is of his, so she can send him papers for stopping this. If you have any good information please feel free to share. I am so tired of TER and their filth and trying to bully girls into doing things that are not safe in this. This has been on on going thing, and I wish someday David Elms will go down.

My name is xxxxxxx.com and I have been around for 8 years and have been dealing with on and off, so that is why I got a Lawyer and I am going to do everything and anything it takes until they leave me alone. I have gone over all the stories from you and I can't believe how bad they are. This is my email and I never give it out, but they girl who sent me this said you are ok.

Dave replies:
Re: David Elms
Actually I think a criminal complaint might be easier than a civil action since he is obviously breaking many laws, just like the Big Doggie was busted for years ago. But it takes gals to come forward to to be willing to go to the police and testify against him. My understanding is that TER is owned by a off shore corporation perhaps in Europe. David Elms supposedly just runs it.
I have no idea the accuracy of this address but this was posted on CraigsList:
Wondering where David Elms (TER rapist) lives? - w4m
Reply to: pers-586474139@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-02-25, 12:38PM
In a shitbox house in Hawthorne, of course - right off the 405, where I snapped this pic. And really, how does a fat shitpile like him squeeze into that Benz?
Your address, your car, your finances, your records - I'm deconstructing your life, Dave - I'm gonna make it real easy for anybody who wants to find you to do just that.
Think anybody is looking for you? If so, they should look at:
(gave address but not making public but will provide to lawyers who wish to take legal action)

The area seems right from what I recall gals saying that had to service him at his home which is near LAX.
Thank you so much, and yes, I have always been safe and will never stoop to that level. I am an older girl and I have always been smart in this. I was a feature entertainer for 13 years before and have done 66 magazines and I never had this problem in the adult business, I was treated with respect, like I treat everyone else, but when I came into this it is like a different ballgame. I never let anyone bully me into something like the scumboard has. He picks on girls that he can run over I notice.

Thank you for writing back to me and I will tell you what (attorney) says and does when I see her next. I hope one day that David Elms and the scumboard has to pay for their actions and abusive they have caused so many of us girls.

I love your site, and maybe if enough of us girls would get together on this, it would send a message, but I think people like that don't care about anything, Thanks, xxxxx

5/5/08 Have you been raped by Dave at The Erotic Review?
From a Provider
Looks like Dave of TER is getting what's coming to him
TER is a disgrace. Someone really needs to shut them down for good.

Link says:
Have you been raped by Dave at The Erotic Review?
Reply to: pers-632884435@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-04-06, 6:36PM PDT
Are you one of the women David Elms has coerced into unsafe sex to stay on his website? Did he ban you because you refused? Did you contract and STD from your rape? Are you interested in making sure that this doesn’t happen to another woman?

If you are willing to tell your story to a private investigator who will guarantee your anonymity you can help stop this. Please send a brief description of your experience with him and you will be contacted. With a few women who are willing to go on record this man can be stopped – and you will be able to bring a civil suit and make him pay for what he has done.

Dave notes: I assume the private investigator would gather information and file a civil suit. The sources would have to be public in pretrial and a trial and be willing to testify that is why often nothing happens to bad people taking advantage of companions. You would also need to prove damages which may be hard. They might want to file a criminal complaint depending on what a lawyer advises.

3/7/08 More TER Comments
Recently TER reared its ugly head and attacked a new well-respected board in Phoenix and its head admin. It seems that an out of town provider (never been in Phoenix before) had a canceled appointment with notice (by admin) and then invited the admin over for a "coffee" meeting. Some how this rejected middle-aged woman made the conclusion that Mikez was asking for a free bee even though it was a brief social visit. TER allowed this un-substantiated accusation to run wild on the discussion board and flame Mikez for three days. There was excessive name-calling and one local provider attempted and hijacked the threads for her own self-serving social vendetta.

Unlike the T-man situation that is validated time and time again (free sex for reviews) by companions this is an alleged un-substantiated accusation by a disgruntled rejected provider that doesn't even live here and knows few people in the area..

Well the reality is there are local boards all over that are perceived or defined by TER "David Elms" as competition. In doing so the mod's on TER have a free hand to "flame" the local boards and owners/admins anytime they want. As evidence of this you can try to use a provider posting (local) web site link for starting a review process in "post a new review" and a pop up message appears "you may not use this site as a provider posting ad site as this site is in competition with TER". The determination for a site in competition with TER is do they have a review section.

Time and time again local boards are started and thrive because of the TER policies and ethics (lack of) that are demonstrated by TER. Women are fed up and tired of the threats fines and intimidation of David Elms/TER policies. Providers are dropped from the TER world at the drop of a hat. Women look for alternative honest boards and groups to use and in the process become victims to the TER flaming and payola for sex. There is constant manipulation and victimization of women that field the "grind" of discounted services in exchange for a "great review" only to find the review is juiced up and is often fabricated lies just to get the rating that is "needed" to get the points rating or feed the male ego.

If TER was all that it feels it is why are they afraid of competition. If you chose these independent boards in San Diego, Las Vegas, or Phoenix, just to name a few, a woman targets herself for potential trouble. If a review posted in TER mentions one of these boards by name in the body of the review it will be bounced or "not approved".

Little by little the community is waking up and understanding the need for life other than TER. The local boards thrive and grow in spite of TER policies, flaming, and respective abuse in so many areas. It is considered unfortunate that flaming and abuse that was recently portrayed was allowed to happen. Honest sites like Dave's list and http://phxasp.com will continue to survive and grow. The truth will prevail.

Dave if this or some thing like it can be used for editorial comment it would be appreciated I think the community needs to hear the "voice" please use it but keep it anonymous please.

2/22/08: Dave:
I don't know if you have read my blogs or not, but if you had, you would know that I want ter shut down for real. A lot of ter clients go to escortblogs.com where I wrote a bunch of things about TER and how I hated it. I had a few reviews posted about me way back when on it, but I e-mailed them and told them to take them all down. I also don't like the way the guys off TER try to bargain the girls' rates down It's obvious that when clients or tricks as I've called them try to control the business, they ruin it. If it was up to the guys, they wouldn't pay anything. c'mon. It should be up to the women what they want to charge and for what services. ..., but so is unsafe sex, anal, how many positions, multiple pops and any other nasty thing you can think of. ... It should be the women's choice instead of being up to some review board.
Yours Truly,
Kristy (in Phoenix)

2/2/08 Update - I had taken this page down trying to unite the Community but also got attacked by those saying I was either bribed or threatened by Dave of TER - neither of which is the case.  Also there was concern about some rather far out statements by providers that are beyond the issues of how Dave of TER abuses sexworkers.  

Recently when I believed there were opportunities of national importance for providers to rally around, I was still banned from TER since I have allowed others to speak the truth.   My only correspondence with Dave of TER was his demand I take down other info that was totally factual about when TER was down. There were rumors of bad things, but I cleared up the rumor and made it clear it was just routine maintenance, yet he still demands people bow to his wishes.

For over a decade I have fought for honestly and integrity in the industry and have allowed providers to share their negative experiences both with TER and many years ago TBD when bigdoggie was busted.   I was also banned from TBD for allowing the truth to be told, but I have heard nothing negative about TBD in many many years and I am now able to post on TBD.

If providers want to share honest actual experiences with TER to add to these older reports you can e-mail them to me at dave@davephx.com  Especially appreciated is information from providers willing to use their known provider names as many have below.  Sometimes I am attacked saying I made these up which of course is totally ridicules.  I have the e-mails from all the reports and confirmed the best I could that they were from legitimate providers. It is often hard standing up for honestly when those with other motives don't like the truth told. On the other hand if there is clear evidence he is no longer abusing providers by insisting on free sex I will publish that information also here or if his juicy review requirement changes.  I doubt it will however since it attacks to many readers lining his pockets with money as well as his power to get away with what he does.

TER and California Busts
From a Provider
...By the way - did you hear about ALL the men (clients) AND women (net-walkers) that got busted today in Bev Hills & All of Los Angeles County Thursday?
It's been all over the news and TER was their big resource - tons of TOP NET-WALKERS got stung this week and they are going for more (It's an election year - my advicde: lay low folks -- this goes for the men too!~~ )
And folks wonder why I NEVER WANTED REVIEWS AND retired~!

Dave notes I have no way to confirm that TER was used but we know it has been used in the past in other cities.

Popup when enter  http://www.VeronicaFranco.com
"I am not a member, promote, reviewed or advertise wtih the Erotic Review...The mob mentality, ethics, and moral character of the owner and associates does not support mine and many other providers who have spent time in this industry. Pleaase visit my link page for list of established and reputable websites ....without the prejudice, scandalous and blackmailed tactics impletmented by the owner of The Erotic Review and persons that benefit from their guidelines."

This is the staff at

We came here because someone put a posting on our site and referred this new board exposing David Elms and the TER. National Blacklist is a neighborhood watch website for escorts. There are already several postings warning about Dave and the TER on our website. And he is not the only one in the act. Apparently there are a few employess of the TER who also are trying to extort Free or Full Service sessions out of providers. And, of course there are the long time "supposed" VIP influential hobbyists who've been doing the same for quite some time. If they aren't bartering good reviews for Free or Full Service sessions, they are just out right "blackmailing" girls with bad reviews if they do not see them and give up free or full service appointments. We at National Blacklist support this website and wish to help stop the exploitation of escorts by David Elms and anyone else, but to hear now that he is taking down reviews and making the gals pay hundreds of dollars to repost them is heinous.

Provider on David Elms of TER
Hi Dave:
I am a retired provider who still reads your website on occasion.

I really wouldn't feel too bad about anything David Elms says about you - the fact that he's talking about you and feels the need to have one of his cronies set the record straight (Dave is Asian and occasionally slips up and uses "Engrish"- that letter was definitely not written by him) shows how worried he is that his kingdom is about to implode.

The man is so arrogant that he probably believes that recent events in Atlanta will promote his business further. What he doesn't seem to get is that the authorities don't like it when those who break the law flaunt it. That's when they decide to flex some muscle. And this country isn't ready for primetime prostitution, not by a longshot. That Dave doesn't even appear to have adequate legal counsel to explain the concept of domicile is very disturbing to me, and should be to anyone who enjoys his or her privacy. In other words, it makes no difference where his servers are located if the Department of Justice decides to get involved; the arm of U.S. law has a very long reach.

So in short, good work, Dave of Phoenix. As they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and it's not a question of if Mr. Elms will fall, it's a question of when.
Best regards to you.
PS - if you feel like printing this please do - but kindly withold my name.

11/30/06 with 12/8/06 update at end
Worst Kind of Male Predator - David Elms of TER
Yet another Providers Abuse

I have just been to your site for the first time today. I am happy to see that finally it has come out and ladies are exposing the worst kind of male predator there is to providers. That would be Dave at TER.

Here is my bad experience with him. A few short months ago I had started working as a provider after taking time off to recover from a health problem. I knew new reviews would increase my income, and I was in dire need. From a few of my regular people I had aquired 3 new reviews. This in turn brought attention to Dave and he had phoned me stating that the staff suspected review fraud and my profile was taken down. This was such a bunch of bullshit. Never would I write a review about myself. But in one of his emails to me he said that logs don;t lie, but providers do.

He said I was lucky he knew me back in the day. I told him I was innocent of these accusations and if he didn't believe me, why dosent he ask those who had written the reviews. I had never caused any problems with TER in the past why would I lie? He in turn insisted on meeting me face to face.

I was frusterated and becoming very depressed. I am one of many others who have suffered from the unprofessional antics of TER. I was banned for about a month for confronting Dave on his escapades.

Unfortunately not being on the board truly hurt my livelihood. He threaten to have me blackballed from all advertising sites (like he has that power) and basically cornered me into providing him with a service. It was so degrading to stoop to his level in which I found myself doing.

After at least 4 phone calls to me and my desperation I finally agreed to meet with him. He picked me up at 12 midnight (in which I never go out that late) and he took me to his house by LAX. He has a wife who obviously allows this kind of behavior for she prepare the room for him and I and had gone to sleep in another room by the time I got there. (deleted some) He made me give him oral sex. I was so disgusted with myself that I had to resort to letting him use his power trip on me.

I have a very good reputation with the members at TER and in no way deserved the treatment I got from Dave. I was used and abused by him. Just so I could have my profile put back up. I just hope that he gets his come uppens soon. Thank you for letting me complain and tell the truth about the horrible man who owns TER.

Dave of sexwork.com (not TER) says:

Dave notes like all the many provider reports I have posted, while she is anonymous in this posting for oblivious reasons, I have verified who she is from her e-mail to me. She advertises on various sites with the e-mail address she sent this report to me with.  This is how I verify that the reports I have on http://www.sexwork.com/whatisnew/terbad.html come from real providers


Dave at the risk of getting more of the TER clique upset with me reminds folks:
With money comes power to advertise even in Playboy his personal abuse board which brings him more power and greed.  Instead of participating in abuse folks should help make honest boards more popular by their participation such as
http://www.AfterHoursCentral.com  or http://www.aspd.net

I realize this makes many Phoenix Providers upset since they make a lot of money from TER and could care less how it fuels David Elms of TER's abuse and power over providers. He is even invited to TER parties in Phoenix including next weeks.  Certain folks seem to love him since his dishonest board brings in lots of money for those in bed with him.  Sometimes folks are also known by the company the choose to be with.  At a Phoenix party he even got free sex from a Phoenix Provider by by intimidation and some providers acted as if he was God almost throwing themselves at him. So sad he is so supported despite the zillions of stories from Phoenix providers of his abuse not to mention the overall dishonestly of reviews having to be juiced up, fake reviews, and working with LE.


12/8/06 Update
Update from Upset Provider
"Hello Dave,
I am the anonymous provider who wrote about The Worst Kind Of Male Predator Dave at TER. Well yes he does read your email from your site. He figured out who wrote it because of obvious specifics I had written. I have been struken from the board again, which just proves everything I said is true.

I guess it is my own fault and maybe I should have thought about it more before I wrote it, but I was angry and glad to know I was not alone in this. Now it is done and I will have to reep what I sow, but I will not go quietly. He is such a piece of work.

It amazes me that he thinks that nobody is ever going to do anything about it and he will always get away with his B.S. Well I have kept it to myself for long enough and I won't be trying to just think of my livelyhood anymore. It's maybe time I moved on, but before I do, I think I will make a few more waves.

I have a few mores resources left, and I will continue to make it my goal to promote better sites and send links to all who contact me to your site and other review boards. People should know what a dishonest self serving bad human being powertrip bully he is.

The anonymous provider is Pandora in LA."


11/06 NOT the typical "bro's before ho's" attitude But an Honest, Mentoring Board for Providers & Customers

I am Sparkling Ruby, an Independent Escort for many years, across the US.

I have to say that I agree with all the comments made regarding TER. TER's "Dave" has turned into a force that needs reckoning. Providers should NOT be treated this way, PERIOD, ever, by anyone. Hobbyists should not be required to write bogus reviews to have a membership there, or "juice up" the details of an honest review. That is VERY bad business.

A "bogus" negative review was written on me there, and it took a very long time to even get a response from them to look at it. It was eventually removed, but after a LOT of hassle and wasted time on my part. I have nothing but impeccable reviews, have never had a bad one, and after they investigated all my other reviews on other sites, they removed it. I got lucky, ONCE. 'Not going back there in case it was a fluke, and it wouldn't be that easy "next time".

They have refused me "provider status" stating that I need 3 reviews or more for that, and after the deleted one, I only have two there now. I have DOZENS of reviews at other sites, and they are all linked to my own website. I have been working in this field too many years to count, and they don't consider me worthy to have "provider status"? Maybe not to them, and that's ok, I have found a new, BETTER "home online".

But, I must also add, that your suggestion to the ladies to go to another more "honest" site, like ASPD, is very bad news. ASPD has hurt MORE women than TER, and it's getting worse there. They don't care about the truth, they only love the drama. The LAST thing I have found them to be is HONEST. (see Dave's comments below on aspd, which in my experience is a more honest board which I have promoted)

More and more ladies are stepping up and admitting the horrible treatment received at ASPD, and I am one of the ones that insisted my profile be deleted from their DB. It took several emails, and months, before they would delete me from their site.

They spread lies, rumors, and slander, in hopes of attracting more people who enjoy the drama. Try to find some resolve with them, and get slammed further for questioning their judgments. Try to defend yourself against slanderous statements, total untruths, and you'll get your posts deleted, and the thread locked, so you cannot respond. I will NEVER go back to ASPD, and I hope that you would not continue to encourage the upstanding ladies looking for new avenues of advertising to go there, as well.

They may be huge, and have lots of clients and ladies, but VERY BAD things are happening there as well. It's just a matter of time, Karma has a way of kicking in when you least expect it. I know of MANY providers who are complaining privately, but fear retaliation by them (certain MODS there) to speak out, and fear losing biz to delete their profiles there. SCARE TACTICS? Is this the MOB?
(Dave comments: Too bad about ASPD, I had no idea of the problems apparently in some sections/cities? In my experience I have not seen these issues on the topics I have looked at.  But I welcome your honest views pro or con of any board including mine.  I had good discussions with the aspd provider/founder years ago when we came to it off the old aspd newsgroup back when we had packet readers at 120cps. It was one of the first sites when the web became used as I recall vs. newsgroups. I don't find the drama in the Phoenix or General sections, but don't have the time to spend too much time there. So your comments are appreciated, but I am disappointed since honest boards are so much needed as an alterative to the disgrace of TER. Which leads to your next comments!)
Note I have moved the rest of Ruby's comments that are more about another board than this current topic on TER.  For the rest of her comments about a board I also support and am active on go HERE.

9/14/06 Yet Another Phoenix Provider is Upset with Pimp Dave of TER Treatment
Details of how Dave of TER takes advantage of Providers and his Power Trip

A Phoenix Provider, A List member e-mails me:
"I'm a newbie provider, recently delisted from TER. I had a phone conversation late last night/early this morning with Dave (of TER). For an hour, we went round and round about how I could 'privately' remedy the situation, since a public reinlistment was not possible.

I refused to sleep with him or pay his 'fine'. Thus, I'm permanently banned from TER and Dave has said this means the end of my 'career'. I'm pretty plucky, so I doubt it. I'd like to see this guy stopped... or at least halted a bit."

In response to a hour long phone call with TER Dave the provider says in an e-mail to Dave of TER, "You were very clear about the power you have to 'make or break' someone's career in this business. I don't doubt that you have a great deal of influence..." Dave of Phoenix notes I hear this from many providers that Dave is on a real power trip when he offers to make the problem disappear by an "arrangement" of "fine" so they will be successful due to TER.

Dave of Phoenix comments:
I have much more information shared by this upset provider including e-mail exchanges with Dave. This is probably a classic example of how many providers have told me they get taken advantage of by TER Dave. He catches an innocent mistake and makes it into his opportunity to take advantage of the situation with his love for power, telling providers how he can "end your career" as if a providers career depended on TER.

Excuses Dave of TER uses to entrap providers
Sometimes the "got yah" is when two providers share the same computer so they show up posting with the same IP, or a client uses the providers computer after a great session to write a review - he suggests it - not suggested by the provider- but while provider does something else she lets him use her computer. The review shows up as the same IP address as the Provider has used on the Discussion board.

Or, in this case unknown to the provider who is a newbie, her boyfriend who knows about TER writes a review of her. Again provider says she had no idea at the time he was doing this. The review was never posted. Later boyfriend tells provider that he tried to do a review that was rejected. Provider wants to know more about TER and reads their information and the newbie FAQ. Provider tells boyfriend not to try and submit another review since it is against the rules. He complies.

Two months later after many great reviews by others she is banned from TER. She discovers from Dave it was because of her boyfriends trying to submit a review (caught since same IP address she posts with ), even though the provider didn't know about it at the time, when she found out told him not to try again and was honest in telling Dave of TER what happened.

She explains all this to Dave in a phone call and he feels very sorry she is banned and her career is ruined, but a fine can take care of it if she offers it. The provider has now been warned by other providers that the "fine" is usually paid by having sex with Dave and she simply tells him she will not bribe him this way. So without the "fine" she is banned. Other providers have told me the "fine" is the cost of an airline ticket to San Diego - to have sex with Dave.

The Phoenix provider says further about the phone call, "he began to go down the list of ways other providers had remedied the situation and options that he and 'his respected hobbyist friends' came up with for restitution. I was pretty blunt and said that he wasn't gettin' anything from me by way of sex or money and that all I had to offer him was an apology and my word that it would never happen again. He said this certainly didn't sound like punishment enough. (Keeping in mind that this is after he's requested that I email him a photo of me so he "knows who he's talking to".) He was incredibly complimentary about how good I looked and how he certainly wouldn't mind 'checking out the goods'. Having read Dave's list long before this happened, I knew what to expect as soon as he started talking. I told him that he needn't go further and that I had heard all about his business practices before. He played innocent until he realized that I had done my research and said he certainly didn't want to confirm the rumors that he required sex and moved on to my 'other' private option, which was to pay a monetary fine directly to him and suffer a 3-6 month probation period. I was clear that TER hadn't done enough for my career to warrant him being my pimp and that I'd have to decline...Thanks for posting and exposing this nutcase."

7/06 Many Comments by Phoenix Providers About TER
I cancelled my TER account because they do not really moderate much. I had several false posts on my services just for hobbyists to be able to reach a level of seeing all the juicy details... aside from which when I would contact TER, they would never respond...Good luck with the closed minded...

" I was reading about TER I hate that thing, I have no idea how I even got on there, More than just of couple of reviews on there of me are fake,, I never seen them, I think They just pick a provider and write a review so they can get free time,,'
Dear Dave,
I appreciate what you trying to do. Sadly, I have been let down by most people I've met in this industry. Most of them, users. This gives me a chance to respond in bulk to the many ladies that have reached out to me by telephone or email. Please know that my lack of response isn't meant to be taken personally. It's just to keep myself from being taken advantage of. I've always lived by the motto, "Treat people how you'd like to be treated." But, why should I believe others live by the same creed? I too was banned from TER. It goes like this, I request to cancel my VIP membership. They ask why? "So that I'm not tempted to look at the juicy details," I say. I assumed it obvious that I was trying to be cute. But, you know what they say about assuming....

Dave responded personally saying something not unlike, "Why would I expect you would give up $20.00 a month for all that TER does for you?" Shocked, I quickly say, "You took me all wrong." His final words were, "You need to be careful what bridges you burn in this industry, especially with your asking rate." So, things like this continue to happen to me and I am no longer surprised or even take it personally. In the end, it is they that have to live with their own character. I want to hold on to the belief that most people are good. It just turned out that the career path of my own choice, happened to contain a lot of snakes. The thing I'm not sure Dave of TER or anyone else that may have wanted me banned understood was that I didn't use TER as a means to advertise. It hurt my feelings more than my business. I don't allow reviews and very rarely posted a link to my website or included pictures in my posts. I honestly just went there for the conversation and entertainment. So, if any of you are reading this, I miss you.

I was invited to the TER party and was very close to going. Even if someone bans you for a bogus reason, you don't want to be in anyone's dog house. Being a perfectionist has always been a sort of curse. But, in the end, I have too much pride to kiss up to this man. Besides, the whole holier than thou attitude is very unattractive to me personally and professionally. Until pompous people are treated indifferently, they will remain that way. Anyway, thank you for giving me an outlet to express my thoughts. And feel free to post this wherever you feel it might help. Ladies, no one makes or breaks you. In the end, it's you that controls your own happiness. This is your life. Yours alone. Preach on Sista? Okay, if you insist and if you don't mind? www.Furisdead.com .
Isabella Manelli
To some people this is a business and only a business. It is simply a matter of maximizing profit. You don't feel that way. To you this is a mission. You care about the people. I appreciate that in you. You have helped me a lot in the time I have known you. I would bet a lot of people feel that way about you. As this little battle wages keep your prospective and stay on the high ground. When the smoke clears you will still be here.
sounds like "days of our lives" or just as crazy as the soaps~!!! why cant people just run a business mature-like? this doesnt happen in real businesses normal businesses? geez why can't we all just get along??! grow up people quit cutting each others throats and work together, protect each other especially from the LE and the crazy phsyco's out there like the so called baseline rapist and the shooter asshole!!
What's really going on?!
I wish we all had each other's backs, not a war between friends!

Dave says, AMEN!   Yet when there is dishonesty and misinformation going on I expose it since I have fought for honesty in the industry for over a decade and think many folks care about what is going on first with TBD, and now TER for the last few years. I would welcome a more honest public forum like www.aspd.net is but with little local activity.

6/26/06 Another Provider Wants to Express Her Outrage at TER's Dave
Because of all his bullshit and him causing me so much stress, I have become very depressed and my business has almost stopped. Except for my regulars who don't call often enough. Most of them were told I retired. I wonder where they got that bunch of bullshit.

Doesn't he have someone he answers to? He has fxxxx (might kick bad word e-mail filters) with so many people it has to catch up with him sooner or later. I think we should somehow put him in his place and take that fxxxxer down. Karma has got kick his ass if nothing else.

I just started studying to be a private investigator and hopefully I will learn how to get some real dirt on that asshole. He has got to be stopped. He is PURE EVIL!

Dave notes:  Another victim of refusing to have free sex with Dave of TER.  And yet TER is the most widely supported board in the U.S. which gives him more and more an ego and power vs. the honest boards/Lists such as aspd.net and of course while I just a bit biased the Private List in Phoenix.  But many of the most popular providers choose to support TER instead by their activity.

2/26/06 Another Provider Warning About Dave of TER
Dave in Phoenix,
your the best for exposing David Elms. I have been scammed by that dirty man as well. Right before Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah( one of the biggest events that come to Utah) he convenientally took all our reviews off for "review Fraud". This was not true.

 However he said I could make it up to him by sending one of the girls off the website. I paid the lady to go spend some time with him in LA. She called me crying saying that if she didnt suck his dick ( which had HERPES covering it) without a condom then he would "call her boss and get her fired and post bad reviews about her so no other company would hire her."

Thank goodness she called me, and I assured her to not do anything that would make her feel uncomfortable. DAVE WAS UP ALL NIGHT SMOKING CRACK. HE HAS HERPES AND IS A FAT DIRTY PIG. HE IS VERY AGRESSIVE AND COULD BE DANGEROUS!!!!!!!! He only put back half our reviews ( if that). And then wouldnt post new reviews. He tried to get me to send him another girl for free. I wouldnt and he threatened to call the cops on me. DUH!!!!!!! Did he forget he was just smokinh crack the week before with an escort? WOW!!!!! So ya, Thank you for exposing this slimeball, crackhead mother fucker with a scabby dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MissJ said...

It amazes me the B.S. that goes on on the reviews and discussion boards I rarely posted because it just draws attention to you,sometimes the wrong kind, however after many months of debate I decided to withdraw my reviews from The Erotic Review due to the fact that there have been about 3 recent reviews (all good) written about me that were bogus upon contacting The Erotic Review about this I was asked for PROOF! why would anyone lie about bogus good reviews?

Just proves my point that the people working for them are as shady as they are ignorant.You would think that they would want reviews that were from legit clients,but this does not surprise me. I have heard stories from other girls about the shady dealings that goes on and so I told them to remove me reviews, they in turn sent a nasty email saying I was banned ,I think I`ll lose sleep for about oh 2 seconds over this one!

The fact that The Erotic Review chooses to ignore a provider when she speaks out regarding bogus reviews written by gentlemen seeking to gain access to the juicy details section is very very disturbing.

They also deleted a post I responded to asking about a website where the ladies can go to to write reviews and alerts of bad clients,so here it is ladies www.providerblackbook.com an excellant resource for providers to keep us safe.

Another provider
Review boards that use bullying, extortion, and censorship as regular business practices and that encourage clients to post "enhanced" reviews are a disgrace to the industry and demean both escorts and clients. And they make their money from us, escorts and clients. Unless a review board is supportive of fair business practices and of the dignity of both escorts and clients, it is nothing more than a parasite.

"Do what I say or I'll destroy you".
"Make me my money, bitch, and keep your mouth shut".

What does that sound like to you? Like a pimp maybe? Doesn't everybody hate pimps? Then why do we have corrupt review boards acting as defacto pimps? Without reviews, review boards can't generate income. They're counting on us, escorts and clients, to continue to generate income for them and while we're at it, smile, look pretty, and shut the fuck up.

Do we want to be these board's bitch? Ladies? Gentlemen?

If not, tell me why. Were you banned without cause? Did someone try to extort sex from you and threaten to use the boards to ruin your business if you didn't comply? Guys, did you have reviews not published because you refused to endanger escorts by saying they provided services that they did not provide?

Let me know. I think there are many of us; and if so, we have the power to make Escortlandia a hell of a lot better. As well, are there boards or resources that you think operate fairly? I can add them to the IWTB approved links in the sidebar.

Also...I am not sure there won't be some kind of retaliation for this, so use an alias if you think that may be a problem.



A Provider sent me this message:
Many of you are not fans of TER so in light of those allegations it seems to me a very good idea to delist yourself ASAP:

David R. Elms, president of The Erotic Review, said he was aware that police occasionally registered as fake customers on his site.

Elms maintained that it didn’t happen nearly as often as escorts and their customers believed, adding that law enforcement had asked for information about the site’s members only once. The company’s attorneys “worked it out,” he said, providing no further details.

Elms said he had no choice but to keep quiet even when he learned of active stings on his site: “We can’t impede an investigation. It’s a felony.” stated Elm's.

close inside info from a ex moderator tells me that the way it was worked out with lawyers and police is David R Elms is being granted immunnity from any criminal prosecution in return of letting vice on the boards to gather info on john's and providers in the area's of these sting op's!!!!

It has also been brought to my attention That David R Elms presisdent of TER also gives personal info such as IP addy's, CC billings info ETC....... of those who advertise or hold reviews on his board over to vice in the cities of sting op's.

note*** so in all actuality MR. David R Elms President of TER is taking our monies to get on the boards for so called "VIP MEMBERSHIP" and handing over our personal info. to keep his role in tacked on TER and also selling out the little ppl ("who really make ter what it is") to vice in exchange for immunity


(I Wonder if Mr. Elms is vice himself!!!!!)

PROVIDERS: have your reviews removed immediately as to the vice and men in blue are using the top lists and new reviews lists to go after high profiled providers whether it be good rev's or bad (any review will put you on the new reviews list no matter what state you are in) they are using these lists especially in NY as a road map on who to go after next!!!!!!

JOHN'S: be very careful on who you see no matter how many reviews a certain provider has. DO NOT DISCUSS ANYTHING INCRIMINATING!!!!!(THE USE OF ACRONYMS AND HOBBY SLANG IS A BIG NO NO ALSO!!!!!!! AS THE USE OF THESE WILL ALSO BE USED IN A COURT OF LAW AGAINST YOU), and be aware of your surroundings.


p.s......for Mr. David R. Elms (because we all know he is going to read this)
Mr. David R. Elms you can kiss my ass and the asses of all other hobby'ists and providers whom you have given info out on, turned on, and just fucked with in general. I told you when I left on my own from TER that I would expose you and your extorting ways to the public one day. well here I am and this is just the beginning of a long list that I have transpired on you and your staff on theeroticreview.com and dont say that this is b/s because if MSNCB has info about you on there pages (and from what I know about you personally) is true

Website: http://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/ers/1274848
Blog posted 01/23/2006 @ 04:19 pm
Source:  http://www.escortblogs.net/lowprofilegirl.htm?blog=20060123161926

Dave in Phoenix (not TER!) notes, zillions of gals have been harassed by David Elms owner of TER for free sex in order to have reviews allowed, reviews have to be juicy to be accepted and highest ratings only if do unsafe sex acts. I have documented just a few of the many e-mails from upset providers and document what TER does at http://www.sexwork.com/whatisnew/terbad.html  Now, with the MSNBC article (which also quotes from sexwork.com - as mentioned last week), many more providers are pulling out of TER with the risk not only from David Elms himself but his working with LE. MSNBC article at http://msnbc.msn.com/id/10896432/ 


Long History or TER Abuse Reports:

The problem with TER is that many reviews are rejected if they are simply honest and not juiced up to be acceptable. TER wants Penthouse letters type reviews, not honest ones.

That is why so many providers in Phoenix and many other cities, will never take a client that mentions TER. Too many have had reviews claiming they do things they won't. But had to be included in TER reviews, to give enough juice to be acceptable by TER.

I had many honest reviews rejected since not juicy enough and now have heard from zillions of other very upset providers who have great reviews on TER but are fake in order to be accepted. 
in 2003-2005 it has gotten worse with many reports of Mr. TER (also a Dave not to be confused with me, "Dave in Phoenix") insisting on free sex from many providers! 

TER: The Evil Regime
From Dave's E-mail 1/1/06
First, I wish to thank you for exposing TER for the shame it brings to sexwork.

I have been a sexworker for over a decade. I value my career and strive to give one hundred percent to my clients and fellow sexworkers. I organized and head a group of ladies in my region who share my desire for a sisterhood of safe, quality, and honest sexwork. We hold monthly meetings where we discuss client verification methods, safety issues, travel advice, advertising venues, review sites, and many more topics that are relevant to our career choice.

Time and time again, TER is the subject of complaints. Many feel that their requirement of reviews being "juicy" is unfair. If hobbyists and/or providers wish to be discreet, they should be allowed. My advice to hobbyists was always to submit an honest review and let it be. If it was not published, so be it. At least integrity was being valued. My advice to providers was not to make any waves at TER, because they are notorious for banning anyone who dares to question their methods. I guess I should have followed my own advice.

I was on TER for years. My reviews were always top notch. I was the recipient of page after page of 9/10 reviews. I encouraged ladies to post their schedules on the TER discussion boards and make TER their preferred message board. I referred hundreds, if not thousands, of hobbyists to the site. I must say that I was one of TER's main advocates, a constant supporter, and a great promoter.

This all changed one day. I dared to question one of my reviews. I felt it was inaccurate and requested that they remove it or ask the reviewer to edit out the inaccurate part. The reviewer had stated that I provide a service which I do not. I thought it best not to mislead readers of the review. I was trying to do the stand up thing.

A couple of days later, I received an email from TER that my help ticket had a response. The email contained a link to read their response. I clicked on the link and was prompted to login. I did so. At the bottom of the login screen was a note in red letters that I was banned. I felt there must be a mistake, so I wrote to admin@theeroticreview.com. They replied by saying that I was banned for self-reviewing. First, I'd like to state that I have never self-reviewed. I have no need to. I have hundreds of excellent reviews on dozens of message boards and escort review sites. Second, if I did self-review, I wouldn't be stupid enough for it to be detected. I am very computer savvy. I know enough about proxy servers, anonymous email accounts, and the like to make it feasible for me to post self-reviews. However, I would never do so, because it is unnecessary. Third, every one of my reviewers had multiple reviews for various ladies, proving they were actually real reviews by well known hobbyists.

I wrote back to TER asking them what made them think I had self- reviewed. They replied with a rather suspicious email listing two reviewers they believed to be me. I asked them for the IP addresses connected with the reviewer's accounts. They were unable to provide them. I asked them for copies of the reviews. They were unable to provide them. In fact,they told me these were unapproved reviews. Huh? It was all very puzzling. I was beginning to get the idea that TER was simply using this as an excuse to ban someone they felt was "making waves." In all of our communications, I remained diplomatic, polite, and professional. I explained to them that there must be some mistake and to look back at my exemplary record on their site. They replied with a threat to defame me on their discussion board. I couldn't believe my eyes. The email actually threatened, in black and white and no uncertain terms, that they would post a message on their discussion forum stating that I am a self-reviewer, liar, and can't be trusted. As you can imagine, that brought things to an end. I was not about to have TER defame me on their discussion boards with no opportunity for rebuttal, since my IP address was banned.

I dropped the matter, out of fear. My business declined. TER, although a disgrace to sexworkers, is a boon to well reviewed providers, like myself. It was my number one resource for hobbyists. My business cut in half.

Here is the epilogue to my TER horror story. About one week after my last email from TER, I received a phone call from a gentleman named Dave. He claimed to be a "decision maker" at TER. He told me he saw on another board that I was coming to California. I affirmed that I was planning a visit. He told me that he often tests out-of-state girls, writes reviews on them, and "makes or breaks" them. I told him he wouldn't be able to write a review on me, because TER had delisted me, due to a misunderstanding. He responded to my statement by saying that all misunderstandings can be cleared up. I said, "Do you mean you can get me back on TER?" He said he could do more than that. He could not only get my reviews and profile back up, but he could see to it that I get nothing but excellent reviews from now on. I told him I always get great reviews, anyway. He said that, sometimes, good girls can get bad reviews. I don't know what he meant by that, but it was clear he was asking for a freebie in exchange for un-delisting me. I told him that I was unfairly delisted. He replied, "You must have pissed off someone." I explained the situation to him and he answered by saying, "See, I told you that you pissed off someone. When will you girls learn that it's best to keep your mouths shut and do what you're told?" I was flabbergasted and unable to respond, so I just hung up. Needless to say, I canceled my California tour.

I wish to thank you for exposing TER for what it is, a disgrace to sexworkers and an unfair venue for TER Dave to get laid for free. Someone needed to reveal the truth and you did. I am appalled that more hasn't been said. I have a feeling many sexworkers are in fear of the consequences. I am sure I am not the first to be banned for questioning a review. I am sure I am not the first to be told that everything could be made right, if I would just do a freebie for the head honcho. TER is ridiculous, shameful, and a disgrace to sexwork!

Please, keep my email address and name anonymous. I am very fearful of being busted in retaliation for telling my story. I have been told many stories of girls who are busted in retaliation for not going along with TER and TER Dave.

TER Sucks (Yes another different provider)
From Dave's E-mail 1/1/06
Dave, I apprecite the work you are doing and especially the info on TER dave

Some time back TER dave forced my friend to play his games and she was scarred to death of him. Her comment was "I now know what the devil looks like"

I'd like to share some info on this piece of shit if you are intersted. I have pics of his car & his license plate and I video taped the fat fuck getting out of his car. I haven't edited the tape yet, to make it a pc compatable file yet.

This guy is a piece of shit and the more people that know this the better. 

Regarding TER - From Dave's E-mail  12/23/05
Hi Dave! Love you news letter! I have a comment regarding TER...

I'm a private booker here in So.Cal and have been for almost 10 years. As a booker, I actually speak to the clients as the provider so they don't feel as if they're talking to an agency (which I'm not). Anyway, I can't begin to tell you how many times over the years I have heard from Dave at TER...He basically says, "I'm a Big Wig" or "I'm the owner and can help your business if you see me." I always shoot back that I hate TER, the guy who owns it is a POS, and he can basically shove it.

Most of the girls I work with now are not thrilled to have all their session info on his site, but they're afraid to have it pulled because so many So.Cal clients read the reviews. One provider had her reviews pulled and her business dropped considerably.

I personally had a run in with them...they traced my IP address! and banned me because I was posting "Come see me" (by request of the girls I work for) ads on the discussion board for the 'very well reviewed' girls I work with and they felt because I had more than 1 log in, I was ripping them off or whatever...bad business on there part.

Anyway- I wish that he could be exposed as the asshole that he really is...
Super Booker

Dave owner of TER ABUSE  (again) From 12/7/05 E-mail
my name is xxxx (from Las Vegas)  and till yesterday I was the highest reviewed escort on TER I had 300 stellar reviews, yesterday they were all removed.not because they were false or anything unscrupulous, I have the best reputation (did) dave informed me the last time he did this (2yrsago) I could fix it for #39 dollars "whats $39 ?" I asked " a one way ticket to LA" said Dave.

I refused then and I refuse now ,I am upset of course I have the best reputation, really people LOVE me and I LOVE what I do,I would appreciate any advice you can give except how to get my reviews back, that I do not want I have copies of all of them, and am going to post all 300 on my site, in a different format of course, I am very upset about the manipulation and exhortation tactics of ,him, basically a bad client, thats what he is ,a bad client with a big bargaining tool ,and being from the East Coast we don't fold to that kinda stuff, I am hoping to be able to do 1000 times better ,basically to succeed without him ,as he told me "without me you wont make a dime" none of you girls would, anyway I appreciate any insight you may be able to give and if nothing else you let me vent:) Thanks so much


Dave says, yes this type of extortion by Dave of TER (not to be confused please with me, Dave in Phoenix), is going on frequently.  Hopefully some day LE will catch up with him like they did TBD for his similar antics but charges had to be dropped since confidential sources didn't want to testify publicly.   I think you have a summary of the reviews on your site listed about as well as you can.   I'd also suggest getting more active on honest sites such as aspd.net, although it doesn't have as much coverage in your area. 


I also encourage you to make his extortion public - the only real way to hit back is to expose his dishonestly.  Unfortunately he is already known for it yet a lot of folks still support his board and use it vs. boards with honest owners.


Of course in Phoenix the Private List is known as the best source and I keep my own activities very separate from the Private List.  In fact I mainly go to Canada to participate with far lower costs and without the legal risks.  No one can accuse me of doing anything like what Dave of TER does as did TBD a few years ago before he was finally busted.  The extortion by Dave of TER probably is pimping as well as other potential legal issues having nothing to do with simply hosting the board which is a perfectly legal since we still have the right of free speech in the U.S.

9/10/05 Sensual Massage Provider Fed up with TER wants me to post this ... after some personal comments says:
... please post starting below:
I just wanted to say that I have been a full body massage therapist (not an escort) for almost 10 years now, and in the few years that I have been advertising online clients have been reviewing me (all without my knowledge or consent). Each time I find out about the reviews after they have been up for a while, because somebody mentions that they found me there or because I check my web referral page to see where my clients are clicking through to my site. Each time the reviews are "good", and each time they only create problems for me, and each time I write TER and tell them to delist me, and even though in their FAQs they state that a provider who requests to be delisted will remain that way, each time new reviews go right back up behind my back again, usually within only a month or two.

The problem with the reviews is many. First (and I have gotten better at recognizing these signs earlier on), I start getting calls from drunk kids at 3 AM and people who know NOTHING at all about what I do. This is because the reviews post the phone numbers and emails of the providers, not just the URL to their site or ad, and the clients have no need or desire to go to the ad to see what the provider is actually all about. All they know is what the largely fabricated reviews say. They bring a lot more phone calls, but no real increase in the appointments set. By the time I describe the info otherwise found on my site and these clients decide I'm not for them or I choose myself not to schedule with this type of client, most of these referrals are probably eliminated, after countless interruptions and hours on the phone.

The other problem is that I am a full body MT, not an escort. I do not offer full service, and TER is designed with full service escorts in mind, with extensive lists of questions that in my case would all be answered no, because what I do isn't comparable to an escort. But as we all know, TER will not accept reviews that aren't pumped up and "juicy". A client recently placed a review and then apparently decided that he should throw in "YMMV". I had to Google myself to find out that it meant "your mileage may vary", so he essentially was implying, even though he received a massage, that other people MIGHT receive extra services. As I spend far too much energy already trying to establish for clients that I do not offer those extra services, it is extremely annoying and often almost dangerous to have clients who are scheduling with the intentions of trying to force more from the situation.

As I've been a provider for nearly a decade, I have had regular clients who I have seen for years who have also tried to place reviews that have been rejected for not being "juicy" enough.

Sites like TER have been the single biggest reason why I have endured ultimately harmful levels of scrutiny and the discomfort of harassment and have considered having to at last quit the job I love. Given that I am an MT, clients have been telling me for YEARS how they can't find other providers who offer the same, and they wonder why. Being thrown without my consent onto message boards and review sites by TER, which are designed for ESCORTS, not sensual massage therapists, where clients think nothing of authoring reviews brazenly alleging illegal acts, has accounted for untold problems, of a nature that clients do not imagine, as they assume that we all "should" just be left alone to do our jobs (and yet everyone in the industry knows just how many countless manhours and tax dollars are spent to focus on nothing but providers). It has marred what could have been an otherwise extremely fulfilling career, and if that has been my experience, I am sure it would be the same for any other qualified therapist like myself. Which would ultimately lead to them just quitting the business, rather than deal with all the B.S.


Brittany sent me this example of a message on Craigslist
post about TER from Craigslist
Date: 2005-08-26, 11:04AM MST
I just logged on to TER with my user name and password and found a review I made last year about a woman I had seen was changed. I wrote an honest description about what happen one evening, and it had been changed. It is showing a positive review on her, and I didn't write it. Watch out for Christa from backpage! Quotes prices then doesn't deliver and has a driver sitting out front of your house waiting to rush in.
this is in or around Scottsdale

And adds:
Sorry to keep emailing you, but I am just fed totally up with this TER B.S. after several times of them listing me, getting these guttural neanderthals showing up and calling, finding out I have reviews, writing to be delisted, and then going through it all over and over again. Meanwhile, their own FAQ says:

The provider has asked to be taken down, banned, was caught posting false reviews, has retired, etc. In short, we won’t carry information about her anymore."

This is on http://www.theeroticreview.com/info_policies/reviewFAQ.asp

And yet when I wrote just this most recent time, and this is probably my 5th or 6th time of having to write to delist yet another new set of reviews, I got this note back:

"First we never needed your permission for posting reviews.
Second we have already de-listed you, what happens is that even if you
are de-listed when a client posts a review on you, he creats a profile with
all your information on it, this is out of our control.
I can go ahead and de-list the new profile again, but there is no
guarranty your next client would not creat a new profile for you!"


These people make no sense!!! If you have asked to be delisted, which I have, you no longer have a profile or reviews. But they write back to me, and even though their own FAQ states that a reviewer in the future attempting to post a review (which would, yes, require a new profile when you're "delisted"/no longer exist on the board) should receive a rejection notice stating that the provider is delisted and the review won't be posted, they have no system in place to ensure that that actually happens, and then claim that their own assertion in the FAQ that I will stay delisted is "out of our control"!

So in order to not be mixed up in their disgusting site, I have to play detective on the web since visitors to my site and ad who come from TER and who then see that I have an unequivocal refusal to accept being reviewed ANYWHERE don't bother to tell me that another new review has been posted, anyway (secret boy's club handshake us-against-them mentality, I'm assuming). Instead of just being able to relax and enjoy the company of a few evolved individuals who appreciate true massage, I am constantly having to detect and deflect the company and actions of secretively guttural and disrespectful TER "hobbyists" with apparently few, if any, other hobbies or use for their time but seemingingly infinite capacity for inconsideration and indelicate handling of providers' information. I never wanted these clients to begin with, these full-time escort "hobbyists", with their self-images of being in a "club" peopled with other anonymous reviewers who are much more likely to try to manipulate services and rates by invoking comparisons to the dozens of other providers they've supposedly seen (generally escort and not massage), as if I would charge differently or do things I am uncomfortable with because the other providers who want to be popular on TER offer this or that??? I don't even want to be ON the stupid site, and yet they refuse to leave me alone! I have done everything in my power to make my advertising unappealing to them, filter them out, even openly state that they are not welcome, and yet they keep coming, like mindless zombies impervious to every weapon you try to deflect them, and they cannot either comprehend and definitely not respect requests not to review me, and why? Because they get to save 20 bucks. Never mind all the harassment and unwelcome attention and real danger that their embellished fantasy reviews generate on my end. They don't want to have to pay! 20 bucks for VIP membership when they can instead write a review for a provider who doesn't want to be on a review site.

8/13/05 Ad for posting reviews on TER in exchange for services.
You will love this Dave. An advertisement for posting reviews on TER in exchange for services.

I  am a VIP member on The Erotic Review. I will give you a great Review if you would like.

You will have a higher class of clients. The ones you can count on being honest, that will treat you right. I am looking for true GFE. You can be white, black, hispanic, asian or what ever. Give me a call and I can come to you today or this weekend.

Treat me right and I will treat you right with a great review. Call 4*8-0*2-2*8-7*4-6*9 or just email me. Have a great day.

Another post on Phoenix CraigList 8/13/05:
I post false reviews all the time on TER. I also have VIP status. I do it so I can achieve the high posting status so my reviews go unquestioned when it comes time to place a bad one. You see it's all a game. You people who take this so seriously make me laugh.

There is a report exposing TER owner Dave even back in 2002:

Also see: http://pleasureportal.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=372

7/05 Dave of TER "single most important person in the escort business"
The Erotic Review (TER) Helps create the $2000/hr escort - Natalia of New York Confidential
Jason, owner now incarcerated at Rikers Island

The main vehicle was the aforementioned TheEroticReview.com, “the Consumer Reports of the escort industry,” according to the site’s founder and owner, the L.A.-based David Elms, a.k.a. Dave@TER. “The most important thing was to break Natalia out big,” Jason says. “To get the ball rolling with a number of fabulous reviews, I sent her to some friends, to sort of grease the wheel. I knew those 10/10s would keep coming, because no man wants to admit he got less. They’re brainwashed that way.”

If any hobbyist had the temerity to hand out a paltry 8/8, or even a 9/10, he would be contacted. “Don’t break my girl’s streak, this is history in the making,” Jason cajoled, offering to throw in a couple hours of free time to get the customer to do a little recalculating. If that didn’t work, good reviews could be ensured by the $5,000 everyone working at NY Confidential (except Jason) swears was FedExed to Dave@TER on the 15th of every month. Dave, who says he “would not argue with that” when asked if he is the single most important person in the escort business, vehemently denies any payoffs, from NY Confidential or anyone else.

With her 10/10s piling up, Natalia’s hourly rate jumped from $800 to $1,200 with a two-hour minimum. (The split: 45 percent for the escort, 45 percent for the agency, 10 percent for the booker.) If clients haggled, they would be told to call back when they were “more successful.” Jason says, “I always ask prospective clients to give me strong points about themselves, where they went to school, if they’re good-looking. It established rapport but also put them on the defensive, let them know that I was interviewing them, to see if they were good enough to go out with our girls.”

Jason’s hyping sometimes was faintly embarrassing. “Jason would be saying, ‘Natalia is the greatest escort in the history of the world, as good as Cleopatra or Joan of Arc,’ ” says Natalia, “and I’d be like, ‘Jason! Joan of Arc was not an escort, she was a religious martyr.’ Then he’d be saying I was the greatest escort since Mary Magdalene.”

In the bedroom, Natalia was a superstar, an escort in demand by Wall Street traders and NFL quarterbacks alike. Her boss, Jason Itzler, who called himself the “King of All Pimps,” wanted to turn his brothel into a Playboy-style national empire, with Natalia as its crown jewel—and his wife. A love story.
From long article at "The $2,000 an-Hour Woman"  http://newyorkmetro.com/nymetro/nightlife/sex/features/12193/index.html

1/30/05 Another TER Scandal
This time on the New York Board related to Busted NY Confidential Agency. Owner Jason active on TER and apparently gave expensive gifts to TER owner Dave

9/4/04 TER Report
By all means do print my description of what happened to me at TER. I am very angry at the way I was disrespected and I have every reason to believe that the people who put together that particular website do not like women in my field at all.

The clients who came to me expecting an escort were plentiful....it must have been those "juiced up" reviews. When i needed to speak up for myself and threatened TER with a suit of slander they removed the three false reviews that were posted of me and eliminated my name and my good reviews. When my clients tried posting good things about my services their reviews were sent back to them as not being juicy enough for posting. Finally when I requested my name and number to be reenlisted all of my emails were ignored and I lost credibility as being a good service because I was not even listed on TER.

Yes go ahead and share this information with others so they don't feel so bad.

Thanks again,
Diana from the Chicago Eros Guide  (massage not FS)
Her original Note I was seeing if she wanted to share publically:
Dear Dave,
I am a tantrika in the Chicago area and I am so relieved I found your site. I thought I was the only one who had been mistreated by the Erotic Review until I came to your review site link this evening.

Last year I was the butt of some angry client's joke. He had posted reviews of me being a dominatrix and stated I had punched him repeatedly on his testicles after he asked me if I provided Blow jobs or sex. This was a client I had seen ages ago who was angry because I did not provide a full service. The review of me was placed twice in a row within that year and I was so angry and hurt I contacted the Erotic Review and defended my rights and threatened them with legal force if that particular review should continue to be posted up there.

I was removed and completely delisted from the erotic review after my email and all my positive reviews were removed as well which ended up hurting my business. There are many potential clients who question me even to this day as to why I am not listed and I tell them exactly why and they are in disbelief. I hope that the more people find out about the erotic review, the more people will be incited to start a better review site. Then again I am a bit relieved that certain raunchier posts of mine (which were untrue) were likewise removed especially if police were scanning the erotic review so frequently.

I am happy you had this website available and I keep hoping more clients read your views and understand that the erotic review is a sham.

Diana from the Chicago Eros Guide

5/5/04 Yet another upset provider Dave of TER tries to get free sex from:
Hi Dave,
I just want to comment about TER and how rotten it really is. My name is xxxxx from http:xxxxxx.com  . I used to be a member of TER until Dave took down all my reviews, he did this because he wanted to sleep with me for free, and promised he would put them back up if I did. This is completely unexceptible and is malicious by his intent. Girls that do end up sleeping with him sometimes get their reviews back up but are not guaranteed that it will not happen again. This is how he gets his girls and how he preys on women trying to make a living in this field and how he abuses the power of his site. The sad thing is that many guys put a lot of weight on this site believing that the reviews are real and base their decisions on which escort they should get from these reviews. Not all reviews on this site are real, if you pissed off Dave in any way or don't sleep with him he will trash your reviews or just outright take them down. He has no respect for the women or the clients that actually pay to be on his site. His site now is for his own self gratification and because of this he is hurting a lot of hard working women. Thanks Dave for listening. Cxxxx

Dave notes have permission from her to share details and who she is to warn others. ALSO hopefully no one will confuse me, "Dave in Phoenix" with Dave who owns TER !!!! As everyone who knows me knows, I have never and will never do this with providers for private list reviews etc. Nor have I ever chased providers for free sessions for reviews like xxx in Phoenix admits is the purpose of his POST- for free sex from providers.

4/23/04 TER and COPS
Hi dave,
i wanted to let you know what happened to me today maybe you could share it with others on your website.

i have a few reviews on the TER. today i got a phone call from a man named "Omar" he made an appointment specifically said he didnt want to talk details on the phone with me. which is odd usually i have to tell them to stop asking so many questions.

when he got to my hotel he asked if i was britney i said yes, invited him in and he came in along with 3 uniformed officers. I was not arrested, i was not ticketed i was searched and told that i had to leave the city of burbank. they had with them all the pictures ive used in ads for the past couple of weeks, (one i had just put up on a site that day) they told me they saw me on the TER and they named 2 people i saw from there, the only two people who gave me not so great reviews. they named them by name, mike and kevin. (everyone else who reviewed me i can verify who they are, i just started to get reviews) they had a copy of my ID, they searched my room told me to leave burbank.

i know that the only way they could have the names of the two men i saw who reviewd me on the TER was to get it FROM the TER.

i had written Dave of the TER regaurding the not so great reviews and asked him to look into them because of of the reviews only writes bad reviews about girls. dave told me that the reviews would stand. i complained about that.

i beleive i was set up by the TER. I have heard that dave tips cops off. the burbank police sure were talking like they were tiped off to me. i now have to change my name, numbers and all of my ads. i lost money on the room i had reted as it was a weekly place. the police told me that the hotel had asked me to leave, the hotel manager said he didnt do that.

obviously the Burbank police wanted me out of the city limits (it was all very OK corral) but how did they know about me? they said it was from the TER. well anyone can read the TER and find someone, but nowhere in my reviews does it say what CITY i am in, no where in my reviews does it say the real names of the men i saw. that information had to be gotten from the TER as i had only been in the city of burbank for 2 weeks when i started to get reviews.

i thought i would share this with you in hopes it would help others
Britney Love

TER Comments
I received a huge amount of E-mail about TER due to my comments last week and all were thrilled that TER was being exposed.

For example from a provider About TER
Wow, Hi there! I had these probelms with dave at TER. I didn't know people had enough Balls to talk about it, unless they are really well established. But it can sink your business if your not connected. Just when i got noticed and a good reputation I got popped and guess what they said they opened their investigation from the reviews on TER. I refused to send any of my ladies for free (To serve TER owner Dave) and it made little or no money for a good 8 months. I was sick over it. I work hard to offer honest, dependable, discreet service.

Another Provider in LA about TER
thank you for telling the truth about ter
tried to warn all the guys about a police sting on sunset blvd the post was removed
and he got sex from a friend of mine who had troble with her reviews
thank you again

Another Provider from LA busted via a TER sting against an outcall:
I had a great clientele and rep b4 the crap hit the fan. Now that I read some of the post I am sorry to say that I am sure Dave had something to do with what happened. He never liked me and made it impossible for me to profit or succeed. WOW how could one person want to fuck with so many people. Control freak

3/3/04 - Police Stings
TER Police Sting Report - this time from San Diego
Hi Dave:
I have been following your web site for some time now as your passion always matched my position. In a society where politicians prostitute themselves and our tax dollars, why are we worried about behavior between consenting adults?

But I have a specific case as to why I am writing today. I was just caught in a sting here in San Diego. I pulled up a new girl on TER, one with just a couple of reviews and the reviewers had reviews on other girls as well. It all looked above board. When I called her, she kept pressing for details on what I wanted to do -- that should have set off my alarm bells, but hind sight is usually much better than foresight. Finally, I said "you know a half-and-half session, nothing kinky." She said back "okay, straight sex."

When I got to the room, she asked that we "take care of business first" and that's when the two cops busted through the adjoining door.

The cops are telling me that I can get off with a "disturbing the peace" charge if I go to hooker school. My question is should I just accept what San Diego PD is offering? Or should I get a lawyer? If so, how do I go about finding a discrete decent lawyer?

I know this may be a bit afield for you. But I do really appreciate any advice you may have.


Dave's reply:
TER has been hit before with stings in various cities. BTW, can you tell me who the provider was that was the cop. TER will not allow the information to be posted to warn others for legal reasons, but I am curious.

I am of course not an attorney. But I would prefer not to have to plead guilty to anything if I could help it. But if you have any good defense to the charge would have to involve a lawyer to examine what exactly happened. Often a lawyer can find something not done properly to help you but sometimes probably not.

I do not have any lawyers in your area to recommend. I have passed your request to a respected defense lawyer active on the Phoenix Private List. If he has any comments I will pass them on. You might also consider using a public defender depending on your financial situation. Some of them are very good, but often very overworked with large case loads so may just want you to plead guilty to the lesser charge since easier than fighting it.

John replies:
I figured that TER was not a wise place to go. Seeing as how the cops are crawling all over that site, posting something about a sting would just piss them off, I figured.

The girl who stung me was listed under "Heather" in San Diego. Her web site is

I don't know what to do to warn off others. Perhaps you can suggest a way.

Thanks again.

Dave says, TER will not allow posting exposing stings on TER because they fear they could be charged with interfering with a police operation. There is a discussion by TER owner on a thread, I think in the legal forum. I wouldn't think the board owner would have the risk and I have no idea how great the legal risk is. But they have decided not to allow (delete) any posts pointing out LE sting posts or warning of sting reviews.

I have no idea how you can warn others. That of course is why TER is so popular for police to set up stings to catch customers. I would also guess that "Heather" might be a real sexworker who got busted and the Police took over her site, post messages and fake reviews to get customers in to bust. That's what our Sheriff Joe did when busting 72 escorts a few months ago and took over the homes and phones to have customers come. They were even shown on TV but all charges were dismissed based on entrapment. YOU might have some entrapment defense but you need a good lawyer to evaluate that.

Update: If you do a search on TER there are a few posts indirectly warning about Heather. In fact from 11/03
Re: Info on Heather? Listen to Sparker, he has a Muslim's nose for..
Posted by Rugburn , 11/3/2003 6:20:29 PM
Pork. 24 hour free room and board are your only hope with this one!

Also someone posted a warning on http://www.geocities.com/nostinkingbadges2000/BadgesBandito.html?1077652022812

But there are also 2 positive reviews and a positive discussion board post, obviously done by LE.

Back to Other TER problems:

Note Quotes from Public Boards, shared with no commercial purpose under the fair use educational provisions of the U.S. Copyright Law and International treaties.

A High Rating Requires Unsafe Activities
(Home/Escort Reviews/Submit a Review). This calls up a big page of info "Guidelines for submitting reviews". You had to click "I agree" at the bottom of this page before the actual submission form to come up, so you must have seen it.

# 7 says
"In order to keep our performance ratings consistent, we set up the following system: An escort provider may only earn up to a 7, unless she also performs the following during a session: Kisses With Tongue, Bare-Back Blow Job, Really Bi, Anal Sex, or More than One Guy. The addition of each offering will raise her score by one point. If your review doesn’t already accurately reflect this rating system, we will adjust it. "

11/29/03 From Dave's E-mail:
TER owner set me up
Thanks for posting the truth about the owner of TER.
I started a small escort business to help a couple asian girls get out of the house massage business where they were having to serve 10-15 customers each day! When I tried to tell the customers on TER about these girls the owner called me up. He was being all nice and asking me all these questions. One of which was that he wanted one of the girls to come over and do him for free which I refused. Then the next day he emails me that I've been banned from TER warning me that prostitution was illegal and that he recorded our conversation and would turn it over to LE if he ever saw me on TER again.

I wish there was a way to expose this slimball on TER.

August 14, 2003
Public Board Post about TER 8/14/03

TER cannot be trusted. I tried to post a negative review on a provider, whose pictures on her Web site are *very* old and who actually was drunk when she received me and also had a bad tobacco smell, and they will not publish my review because it "not consistent with the other reviews".

Of course, most of the other reviews are fake. People make up fake reviews with juicy details in order to get a free membership.

One day I posted a review and they first refused it because the details were not "juicy" enough and I rewrote it by giving stupid details on how I performed a DATY and how she performed a BJ on me.

Therefore this provider will keep getting clients who trusted TER.

I'll never trust this Web site again!!!

July 29, 2003 Update
TER Horrors

I have been pointing out the "juicy" review requirement of TER for reviews to be accepted which results in many fake reviews or upset providers due to reviews suggesting languages they don't do, but now it seems TER owner .. another Dave sadly.. is pulling a TBD or xxx game insisting on free sex for a provider to have reviews or not be banned from TER. Here are a few highlights of long discussions on a public board
A provider says
Obviously, Baby Driver is my posting handle, which is unrelated to my working name. On TER I have several reviews that are either false, or reviews that endangered my service by stating languages that I do not speak...

I recently read something that made quite a bit of sense, being that gentlemen who want continued free use of the site must submit frequent reviews; even if they are horseshit...

I don't have any bad reviews, just reviews from people that I have never seen, some telling about services I have never offered. I tried to correct the reviews that mentioned services I don't offer, by changing the acronym, but instead I get ignored, left to defend myself alone in a room with a large man who presumes I am going to give him what the reviewer got.

Yup, my personal safety was compromised, and ignored by the crappers who run that site. Many other sites bad mouth providers involvement on escort message boards, but when it concerns my mental or physical safety, I could care less what they say or think.
Baby Driver
Amy Taylor , Fri, Jul 25, 2003
I have had my own issues there, falling out of favor because I would not agree to be picked up and brought to his home to "date" him (sans pay, of course). When I finally told him I would be happy to go out as business associates, but that I would not be coerced into sleeping with him, he removed all positive posts that men made about me, and refused to let me even join discussions (even though I have been a paid VIP member for two years). When I asked him what his problem was, he did not reply...my membership was simply cancelled.

In my humble opinion, he has lost control of himself. That does NOT bode well for his site...organizing crime while pissing off people, and attempting to control the success of ladies by attacking those who will not sleep with you and removing so-so reviews of the ones that do (yes, there are a couple who do "see" him, and their mediocre reviews get removed very rapidly...many members know this) doesn't constitute good business practices.

Ladies, don't worry about this--escorts were around WAY before TER, and will be arond WAY after. His site doesn't drive the industry, your services do. In short, he needs the escort business to have a review site; you do not need TER (or any review site) to be an escort.
A man says:
Well, I think my posting days at TER are over. As someone who's positive posts regarding Amy have been censored, I probably should have resigned long ago. I know Amy to be a woman of impeccable integrity and we can all be assured that she speaks the truth. We may never know the depths of this scandalous behaviour, but it is heroic of Amy to lay the truth of her experience on the table, even though her sterling reputation protects her from the inevitable backlash.
The scariest thing about this situation is the threat of LE - really this behavior puts TBD's legal troubles in perspective. All TBD did was create a forum for ladies and gentlement to mix (and make some $ in the process, this is America). The behavior ascribed to Mr. TER is extortion, pure and simple. We are all best off far, far away from that forum.
It works the same for hobbyists who have not only been banned, but have been threatened with exposure. Mistakenly happened to me because of a friend who used my computer and my credit card to sign up. When he got into a beef with them, I was the one who was threatened. Not a good feeling. Really pissed me off,
Welcome to the real world of SP Review Sites. TER is very powerful, especially in the West. IMHO, they lord their power over anyone who would dare disagree with or question them. Posters get banned and threatened with exposure (that is why I remain anonymous) and escorts get delisted and threatened with LE trouble. Therefore, both are afraid to stand up for themselves and certainly won't risk their positions for someone else.

I have heard many stories of threats against both posters and escorts. I do not know for a fact that they are true, but when you hear the same thing numerous times from different sources, you naturally think that there must be something to them.

Everytime a post like this comes up, it immediately dies. No one wants to take the chance of confronting the "powers". I am a case in point; I could tell you first hand problems that my friend and I had with TER, but it is not worth any potential trouble for me to get involved.
Daniella/Sophia was an escort known for greek who got amazing reviews...all 10s. Daniella was a post-op but did not admit it. David saw 'her' once a week for a greek freebie in exchange for glowing reviews. 'She' did not renew her ad at LAExotics or CV because 'she' made so much money off TER it was incredible, like a grand a day. David knew she was a post-op but did not post that in his reviews of 'her' nor did he allow anyone to mention it in a post as I had tried but was censored. (I had personal knowledge of Daniella at one time having a penis) Guys started figuring it out over time and finally one client realized it out afterwards and went ballistic on TER until David had to remove 'her' profile.

Now that is one sick idiot to do that to the guys! Think how many guys reading those great reviews ended up having a homosexual experience with a castrated male just because David has a thing for Transies. DISGUSTING!

This goes to show you guys NOT to put all your trust in any review site!
Link: Veronica Franco
I know girls who sleep with David for good reviews (he posts their reviews under various aliases) and protects these girls from less than glowing reviews. David has hurt his own credibililty and made his site of no use. Amy has done nothing to hurt him, except tell it like it is about David!

David approached a very close friend of mine when her profile was incorrect and a review of another girl with the same name was listed on her profile. After I notified David of the error, he called my friend and was very arrogant and rude. He said he would need to see her for himself and that he doesn't pay and he went on to state specific sex acts (one without a condom) that would be required of her because "plenty of other girls will do it".

Another girl I know who saw him for a while said he was very creepy and a real hanger-on and hard to get rid of. He would say "Oh I don't have any money" yet he drives a brand new Mercedes.

There are certain providers who have NOTHING but all high marks and we all know that no matter how beautiful, nice or accomodating a provider, there is some a**hole who will put her down yet certain "less than" types get these over-the-top reviews and its just laughable.

TER has gained a low-class reputation because of David's own behavior.
Amy is telling the truth.
I have been waiting for the day when David was publically called on his game! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
His ego is absolutely amazing!
Related link: Veronica Franco
Was on a trip with a lady whom he had banned from TER, because he suspected that she had gotten a review from another provider. In actuality, another gentleman (who actually was living with the other provider) posted the review from the other provider's PC. I was helping her set up her laptop, which I had bought for her as part of her compensation to be with me for that trip, and she showed me the message. Dave banned both providers, and ended up offerring to reinstate the ladies if they proved thier legitimacy to him by giving him a freebie. I saw the e-mail with my own eyes. There was NO MISTAKING it's content. He flat out offerred to reinstate the lady in exchange for a freebie. That is simply corrupt. I had heard 2nd and 3rd hand stories of this happenning, but I had never seen it with my own eyes before this event, which occurred in April. Subsequently, several other ladies told me that the same thing had happened to them.

On a Different Los Angeles Board

It's become apparent to me that the main reason that the TER owner even spends the time running that site is that he gets his jolleys by controlling the ladies, and extorting sexual favors out of them. I personally can attest to at least a half dozen ladies who have been banned for some perceived offense, and then offered the "opportunity" to be reinstated by giving free sexual favors to the owner of the TER site. A couple of them, whom I won't name, have actually admitted to me that they DID provide the freebie, and sure enough, they were immediately reinstated as members in good standing. Several other ladies I know, most of whom are VERY successful in this field, told me that they turned the offer down, and just as clearly, they are, to this day, banned by TER. There are words for what that scumbag who owns TER is doing, and those words are "racketeering" and "extortion".

I am PROUD to have been banned from that site for the sole reason that I came to the defense of a couple of ladies who were victims of this appalling treatment.
A very upscale high end provider told me the same thing. ... owners of TER said she wasn't real! Banned her and her reviews unless she payed the owner a visit. She didn't and has been banned since. The bad thing about that is she has no faith in these sites because of TER and the bad rep they have.

I wish all the ladies who frequent TER boards and this board would get smart and do a reverse ban on TER. Don't go to that site and don't post looking for clients there. Don't buy ad space. Ladies you hold the power you all should turn the tables on these TER creeps. This will just continue as long as they have the traffic. The only reason they have the traffic is because of the ladies. Ladies you need to wake up and smell the TER BS.

Earlier Comments on TER:

I was a TER member for a long time Vip even. Didn't really like TER from the first review I did. It was a honest review of someone and they changed my rating! After this happened a few times it started to piss me off. Then I got ripped off by an ad in a bait and switch type of scam. I posted the review and they found every excuse not to allow it. It was from an popular escort web site with verified photos who also had a banner ad on the TER site. These were photos I later found out of a playmate who doesn't escort. After all the proof etc they still would not post the review. After a few emails arguing the point with them I was banned. It was obvious to me then that TER is a joke
I'm not one to gossip (eh right), but from what I've heard the dude that heads TER makes the former owner of TBD look like Peter Pan. The man is corrupt in the most awful way and just based on the reviews, policies and the way women are generally regarded on that site, I for one would not lament his eventual down fall.
From a provider:
I actually asked repeatedly to be removed from the site because of blatant false reviews. I mean, these reviews inculuded things I do not do and consider unsafe, and all I finally recieved was a curt reply that I had been "delisted". Sorry but any web site that lacks in areas for me to respond directly, whether it be a false review or a personal attack, is just not worth it. They acted like I was crazy for asking reviews with scores of 9 and 10's to be removed and didn't care that the reviews were false (not many, I only had two or three) so I just told them to bugger off and take me off all together. And I can honestly say, my business hasn't suffered a bit!!
"I have been a VIP TER member for three years and had become somewhat disenchanted by so much bullshit reviews, embellishment and rip offs that, I've stopped reading the reviews and when my membership expires I won't be renewing."

Also there have been reports of guys trying to get free services in exchange for favorable reviews on TER.

This E-mail was forwarded to me from an upset provider:

>Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 8:36:45 -0500 >
>Dear xxxxx
>Would you consider doing sessions for reviews. I am a member the TER now. Please let me know if this would interest you. I am quiet sure that it would only increase your exposure in the valley & it would also be posted by a reliable source. Please consider my request before you make up your mind. Thank you for any consideration given to me. I hope hope not to offend you or compromise the integrity of your business by making this request. Thank you.
>PS. I would appreciate it if you kept this request between each other and no one else, if you know what I mean.

12/11/02 TER Comments
Someone send me a copy of their letter "We Miss You" since person hadn't logged in for so long.

Dave replied: I would think TER wound be doing great with the TBD fallout, but I think there reputation for fake juiced up reviews for approval is getting more widely known as well as their board censorship much like TBD. Too bad, if they were more honest they could be a good board.

He replied: I thoroughly agree - I put a single review up there a couple of months ago and it got downgraded for not having enough pornographic details (true or otherwise).

Based on that, I decided that it wasn't a healthy place to be since most of the 'good' reviews must therefore be barefaced lies just to get a showing. I'm quite happy with your little list, thank you very much :)

11/30/02 TER Update (The Erotic Review Board) The fake juiced up review problem continues

I am amazed this wasn't censored from the main discussion board. When I posted questioning the juicy review policy, I was censored and no longer allowed to post on TER! Too bad TER isn't an honest board since otherwise it would be a alternative to TBD. Not sure if the board owner isn't another TBD however, I've had some providers E-mail me about someone claiming to the owner of TER seeking favors, but could didn't know if really was the owner or not and I have no clue about the owner other than he is obviously not seeking honesty in reviews.

Posted by Lauren , 11/30/2002 9:16:18 AM
I could not agree with you more. I do think that free membership with submitted and approved reviews undermines the system. I met with a gent that had submitted a review of someone and it was rejected because it was not juicy enough. He now has his brother write his reviews. Not very good. I also notice that on some reviews written about me, that a lot of truths were embelished....Made me wonder if I was really there, but then again.....in one scenario I know the writer wasn't there. Poetic license is the answer in a lot of scenarios. Although not all....but I guess with every system there are those that will undermine it for all and those that will be honorable to it.

Reviews should be unbiased and truthful....no lady or gent should suggest and or barter for a review in anyway shape or form....again, it undermines the reason for the system to begin with. That is why I refuse to discuss them with the gents that I meet with....General discussions and opinions such as this...yes, but never is a review about me ever discussed or bartered for. You will be shown the door or deleted from email if it is even suggested.

Posted by rowdyone , 11/30/2002 11:21:09 AM
If reviews are honest, they can be a great help to hobbyists seeking to contact a new provider. It tells him what to expect and can be very helpful in avoiding "problems". I have never posted a review of a lady who I have not actually seen. I suspect some of the hobbyists may post phony reviews and there is now doubt that some are "very creative" and are little more than their fantasy. I have complained to TER about erroneous review details of ladies I have seen and had been very successful in getting them corrected.

We all need to be deligent and contact TER if we see discrepencies in the reviews.
To the providers - If you see a review by a guy you did not see, let TER know and why not post a note in the general discussion section?

Just curious how come you have been successful in getting TER staff to follow your recommendations on pulling reviews from TER? I ask this question b/c I have seen situations where TER staff have pulled a providers review for no good reason other than a website link has gone bad. In one case, I knew a provider who had a "phoney" written up and it was never withdrawn by TER staff. Strange how things work. I can understand why some hobbyists on this board are skeptical of the stuff that is at times posted on this board. just my 2-cents.

Posted by wallyc , 11/30/2002 1:45:24 PM
Just curious how come you have been successful in getting TER staff to follow your recommendations on pulling reviews from TER? I ask this question b/c I have seen situations where TER staff have pulled a providers review for no good reason other than a website link has gone bad. In one case, I knew a provider who had a "phoney" written up and it was never withdrawn by TER staff. Strange how things work. I can understand why some hobbyists on this board are skeptical of the stuff that is at times posted on this board.

Dave notes: The best juicy reviews aren't pulled since that is what TER seeks, not honest reviews. This has been well known for many years, reviews that aren't juicy enough will not be accepted. I've had many reviews rejected because they are honest and not juicy fantasies. And I don't believe in a juicy suck by fxxk report even if true. When I raised the issue I was banned from posting on TER.

Post from: jmcurry The Insider
Concerning TER, I have tried to post honest and rather vivid reviews, only to be rejected for not being "detailed enough". It does appear, as someone else already posted, that TER wants to be the Penthouse forum for the hobby.

I am accustomed to writing in detail. I do that everyday in my job. Yet, I have come to see that TER wants fantasy as part of each review. That not only makes the site unreliable with specific reference to a provider, but in general it casts suspicion on the credibility of the entire enterprise. To support that, I have read "reviews" on that site that directly contradict my own experience. While that can be the case occasionally, repeated inconsistencies send up a red flag. TER is not reliable and should only be read as the fiction that it employs as a cover.

Another Phoenix Provider is outspoken in boycotting TER
From Phoenix Private List) 5/27/02 Please Post:
Please pass along my sincere pleasure that xxxxxxxx has joined us (myself and several other providers) in our boycott of TER!!! I agree with all her reasons for not wanting to be involved with them and their thinly veiled front for a penthouse forum type porno site that puts clients and providers at risk for their own benefit and profit.

I enjoy spending time with members of Dave's List I believe because the positive intentions of Dave and the list shine through and thus attract the very best people. I obviously do not feel this way about TER. So thank you Dave, XXXXXX and everyone else that has made an effort to make sometime difficult choices in order to stay on the higher road. The choices each one of us makes as to how we conduct our sessions, advertise our services and feel about ourselves at the end of the day truly does impact everyone else's ability to conduct business with dignity.

Speaking of taking the high road ... shame on you guys that are "sharing" the list. Dave has worked hard without compensation for many years to keep you safe, informed, and from being ripped off so give him and the other list members the respect they deserve. The cost is really minimal for what you get and you will feel great about contributing to the "cause."
Peace & Passion,

5/26/02 From a VERY popular Phoenix Massage Provider - Magical massage that you think is FS.
From Phoenix Private List)
"By the way- I have recently asked to be delisted with TER as I felt that their rating system was less than fair to many of the truly caring Providers. Although the business was good while listed with them, something just didn't feel right about the fact that TER doesn't seem genuinely concerned whether a client has had a wonderful experience in whole or not, but instead, that the reviewed Provider perform certain " real perks" (such as BBBJ's and Anal Sex, etc) that makes them eligible to be considered a "One in a Million" or eligible to receive a rating of 10. Guess I just felt like the whole thing was done with a little less class, then I prefer to be part of."

I really do appreciate the service that you provide your readers as well as I, for like "R" would agree I'm sure, there are no other greater clients then the subscribers to your list, in the World. It's a tight, and loyal group indeed, One in which I am glad to be a part of.

Heard on Public Boards - The risks of Public Boards and Latest TER Comments:
TER Accomdates LE Police
Posted by talktome , Tue, Apr 23, 2002,
TER, better known as "The Errotic Review" works closely w/ police supplying email addresses and any other info police deem necessary. Much information is obtained by the police at this website... Any post on you that will descriminate you, please, please have TER remove it. Otherwise, should you get arrested, you can bet TER will work w/ police and all information gathered will show its face in the courtroom...

Recent legislation changes gives authorities any info about you w/o your permission; any tactics or means of getting that information is legal. No longer does authorities need your permission to find out about you.....

I have removed all my reviews from TER, partly because of this issue and partly because of the slaunderous means they use to make a point and process of selection of what reviews get posted. There relationship w/ LE police has only been found out recently.

There's other review boards clients can post that make the point w/o getting so graphic and I believe the posters on those cites are a higher caliber of people....

Process this information as you like but had to let you know, take care, and play safe....Tyme
Related link: http://www.amomentintyme.com
Re: TER Accomdates LE Police -- talktome
Posted by porsche , Wed, Apr 24, 2002, 15:21:31

I am so GLAD they SCREWED me over and voluntarily removed my reviews at my protesting. I was a victim to TER, go to my website and select the page "How MP got screwed by the erotic review". See I never had to sue them, Karma kicks in every time and they screwed themselves over.

Best thing was and they still haven't figured out that on my last post on the board that states PLEASE READ! To find out the whole story on my status with TER please go to my website, where all the related emails and responses both from myself and my cliets is posted. For the record I am no longer allowed to post or respond to the childish post from DAVID (i.e STAFF) in order to defend myself..

All the clients that were cc'd in the email stated that I raised a valid point about the reviews containing the Amount of $$ Paid on the same form as the explicit sexual details that would be enough to convict someone in court. I was lucky my reviews were domme related and I tell all reviewers to never post sexual activity period. Five of my client/reviewers were so pissed off about the handling of the reviews they cancelled their accounts. And now reading this makes me feel good that I may have inadvertently saved them possible LE problems.

Be Safe and Be Bad
Related link: Notorious Mistress Porsche' http://www.domitrixdungeon.com/
Regarding LE activity, any server located in the US is 'bait' for the local do gooders. This is especially true in an election year. Guess what this year is?
Posted by BarrieBest , Wed, Apr 24, 2002
Do i sense some one frustrated with TER ?
Been there too ! I had a review from a guy in NYC. Everyone thought highly of my services there. But after 2 plus hours of satisfaction, i declined a offer of dinner and more time back at his room off the clock. The review made little sense. Great this, great that then launched an attack on how tired i looked and on and on.I wrote TER and complained. All i got was a brief e mail saying they appreciate my position , but the review stays as " We need the reviews it is a slow month"

I have never been back as the whole site and management is demeaning at times to we girls in my eyes.
SloRider , Wed, Apr 24, 2002
TER forced me to alter my last review. I tried for weeks to get a review posted but it kept getting rejected. According to TER, it was “lacking the juicy details” I shoulda walked right then, but I caved into their demands. After doing so I quickly regretted it. I also owe Alexandria an apology for my moment of weakness. That was the last review I will post on TER.
porsche , Wed, Apr 24, 2002,
I think the point here is pretty obvious, TER is not like this board. The site even states all over it that all reviews wil be processed through a verification process including IP address and verifiable email account - which is stored on their database. If you are going to try to use the "it is fictonal" then why the hell would you need to verify that type of information directly linking to another DB record which contains the exact information LE would need to prosecute. On the review form it requires Rate: Hours: Description of Sexual Activity in details (and if it is not graphic enough for them you don't get lucky enough to have a record on the DB and be posted).
Most states laws regarding prostitution mainly break down to this: In order to prosecute you need to have proof of an agreement and/or communication of money traded for sexual activity.

Bad news for the hobbyists that review all it takes is a warrant to get those log files relating to posts/reviews and then traceback to the IP address and locate the ISP hosting it at the time and get the account name and address info of the user. That would directly link you to beng one party to the agreement. The SP's can deny the session took place and would probably be able to cover themselves. The smart hobbyist would use a dial up account through someone like Anonymizer where the originator records are not kept (I know I tested it out in 1999).
Fortunately, I'm not aware of anyone being prosecuted from just emails, reviews, or phone records. However, it can be used as a tactic for LE to grill either a provider or hobbyist to "give up the goods" (I.E. cooperate) or face embarrassment, tax evasion charges, child neglect, etc. etc. etc...I can also see it being used in a divorce proceeding. Reasonable doubt can apply to such cases.
There is no way that you could be actively prosecuted for posting a review on ANY review board. To prosecute someone for a crime the police have to have witnessed the crime or have a party to it willing to press charges or testify in court. So unless the lady or client -----------------------
I am not sure what the point was with this post but for the record. All boards will supply LE with what ever information LE requires. It is the law. Failure to comply with a warrent is a crime and the owners of the board can go to jail for failure to comply. No information posted on any board is exempt. This includes reviews, post and membership information.

Dave comments: In Phoenix providers have been arrested even when nothing sexual happened in a session, but they were entrapped to say something wrong on the phone call from LE. It seems this could be applied to a review that is as explicit (as required by TER) with cost for the service etc. I doubt if it would hold up in Court based on a review. But in the case of at least 2 recent Phoenix busts, based on what was said on the phone they plea bargained to avoid a Court fight which can be very expensive. LE know this...they seldom have to go to Court to test the legality of their arrest because the client fearful of mandatory 5 days in jail (often 30) isn't willing to take the risk of going to trial - not to mention the huge cost for justice.

At least private-Email with anonymous postings has a higher degree of protection and far less easy to verify than a website with IP logged. But nothing is perfect against the sometimes Taliban like LE who enforce victimless crimes to please those who know what is best for you.

Original Article

Warning of many false reviews on TER (The Erotic Reviews)

 TER (The Erotic Review) is A Disgrace to Sexworkers

The TER website has many reviews which are fake and some Phoenix providers have been upset the claim they do things they don't. In other cities it seems the same. I am sure this is true all over the U.S. For example "80% of TER reviews aren't even real (at least not in my area)" said Kimberly of Las Vegas on a public board.

Now I know the reason why.

I have done 6 reviews and all have been rejected for "lack of juicy details". Seems have to make up juicy stuff in order to get reviews accepted which of course I refuse to do. 

And many others feel the same. For example in a public post Justjack from Phoenix says "TER has been shown to be practally useless for real information, given it's requirement to "Post a juicy review" to get in for free. I've also had reviews returned cause the content was too tame for their tastes. If a site forces you to exaggerate just to post, what use is the info? JustJACK"

A respected Phoenix provider says:
I just checked out this site and have to agree that the validity of these reviews should be questioned. Seeing my own review, which by the way was not accurate even on the stats, I do have tatoos and I do have piercings. But, that's not really what bugs me. I am upset at the idea that someone would have to fabricate or exaggerate an experience in order to get their review posted. That could potentially cause serious problems for the providers being reviewed. I personally would not be interested in gaining clients who rely on that board. Wonder if anyone even really pays for those juicy reviews, or if they just randomly make some up in order to gain acces to the good stuff. Definately not cool. thanks for letting me vent lots of love, Nikki

This seems especially odd since board owned by women. But they want to treat women as just sex objects and despite the "Erotic Review" name, they seem to only think explicit details of juicy sex is erotic. To me physical intimacy is more erotic that "acts". But not to TER. Many providers believe explicit detailed reviews show no respect for the provider as a women.  I refuse to treat women that way.

I answer all the questions required about breast size, shaved, kissing, etc. But I say I don't know about bbbj, Greek etc since have no interest so how would I know. I Include the same details more on my intimacy side interest not just raw sex (latest Toronto outcall reviews I have on sexworktoronto.com sometimes in length (Chiquetta) but that isn't juicy enough and they get rejected!

So it is no wonder, reviewers create juicy details even if the provider didn't provide such activities. People read these reviews and expect such juice from the provider who is upset that they expect it and think others are getting it per the false "juicy" reviews.

I like many things about TER, and had hoped it would be a better alternative to TBD. But obviously the attitude is not compatible with my viewing providers as professionals and respect them to be treated as more than juicy body parts and deserve more discrete reviews with dignity.

And of course to post on discussion boards, posts have to be approved and any posts raising issues about TER are not accepted.

And you have to rate a provider based on ER's scale of what THEY think is erotic, not you.  There encourage unsafe sex and acts that many providers refuse to perform just for a higher rating.  ER's women as sex objects ranking policy is:
In order to keep our performance ratings consistent, we set up the following system: An escort provider may only earn up to a 7, unless she also performs the following during a session: Kisses With Tongue, Bare-Back Blow Job, Really Bi, Anal Sex, or More than One Guy. The addition of each offering will raise her score by one point. If your review doesn’t already accurately reflect this rating system, we will adjust it.

And they are clear on "juicy details"
The Juicy Details section should be used to describe the provider, the experience, and whether or not you enjoyed it in graphic emotional and sexual terms. Don’t make this space a recap of the General section. Instead, go for a blow-by-blow tell-all of your session with the provider from your own unique point of view. Remember, your opinion matters! Both the General and Juicy details should be at least four lines long or (preferably) longer.

In my view this is a disgrace to sexworkers, with no respect for dignity, it encourages unsafe sex and the making up of false details just to get credit for an explicit degrading review to be able to access other disgraceful, often made up false reviews.  I respect the many wonderful sexworkers too much and will be outspoken in TER's demeaning treatment.

BTW, don't E-mail me asking for their web address.  I have no interest in promoting their disgraceful policies.

Someone replied saying:
>The attitude that sexuality is somehow
>shameful, disgraceful, dirty, or ungentlemanly is why prostitution
>garners so little respect in our nation. I'm very surprised that you
>claim to be an advocate for the legalization of prostitution yet
>beleive that talking openly about prostitution and sexuality is

Not hardly I agree with you and I spend a great deal of time sharing positive sexuality, the positive impact of private adult sexwork in a culture and promoting decriminalization of sexwork in the U.S. . I disagree with the need to juice up reviews with lies about unsafe services in order to get credits. I enjoy intimate sex with a FS provider mostly in Canada which was the reviews I submitted that were rejected for not enough juicy details. But I don't do greek, bbbj, that are not safe. And I won't make up things to juice up my honest reviews.

>Providers should rejoice in their sexuality. Be proud of their bodies.
> Be proud of the pleasure they bring to men. Why should there be
>shame in performing fellatio on a man? Why should there be shame in a
>man performing cunnilingus on a woman?

I agree. But if you just want intimate sexuality (FS) and don't mention juicy details especially doing unsafe acts it seems, the reviews are rejected. I happen to be more interested in straight sex than oral. There certainly is nothing wrong with oral, its great that most men enjoy it. I encourage it safely. But its not my interest. But if you don't talk about doing it even if its not your interest its not juicy enough it seems or if not explicit in detail sex act reviews they are rejected.

And getting more E-mail comment such as: "Concur about Cleveland TER reviews. I love your site. I hope to make my first trip to Toronto within the year. Keep up the goodwork. Anyhow, just wanted to concur with the fake reviews by TER, especially in the Cleveland scene."

More Discussion of The Erotic Review Board

Not Enough Juicy Details
Posted by Cheridan , 2/15/2002
I have a wonderful client who had never written a review. We did and overniter and we both enjoyed each others company immensely. He decided to apparently write a review and let me know it hadn't been posted. WHY? Not enough juicy details. When he let me know I said well just include you DATY and came all over my chest or something. He said he did.....TER I personally want to be sick when I've read how descriptive or embellished my reviews have been. This leads me to believe why I had some postly lately that eluded to CBJ's. Is that what needs to be written that we put ourselves at risk is order for the review to go up. I would like to think we have evolved as a group (member's of TER) to realise that raunch descriptors is what keeps this in an ugly light. Guys maybe I'm wrong but I don't believe the raunch is what is the most compelling thing that decides who you go and see. I've been told looks defintely were important, attitude and atmosphere, and did they do things you would desire. The profile clearly gives everything you need. I just think that elegance in writing here would definitely project
a more positive picture for helping to change the perception of the world.

Posted by feliciafoxx , 2/15/2002 10:04:20 PM
I can tell you for a fact, and so can many ladies, that we feel very strongly as do you. so...what is the driving force here? This particular post was in respoonse to a post by Mathesar who said that the more reviews, the better. But we all know that here they'd better be explicit or else. Sadly, I've personally given up hope that once an appetite for blood is whetted, it will abate.

Posted by Any Provider , 2/14/2002 9:31:09 PM)
What does it take? I have been told by more than one reviewer.... that reviews of me were turned down because nothing new was stated. That encourages me to think that this is why some reviewers have embellished some of the reviews to the point of offensive and possibly harmful lies putting me or any provider at risk with potential clients after they discover she does not do these things.

There are also clients who just do not like to post explicit reviews. I refuse to beg or try to persuade a client to spend his valuable time writing a review, especially when he tells me it has been turned down because it failed the porn test. Which brings me to the next point.

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