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Use the same link above as customers but instead of a review introduce yourself including any website or where you may have been reviewed to convince me your a legitimate provider - CL ads are very suspect - Any other escorts etc that know you etc.  Once we are comfortable who you are we welcome you to post or send me intros/updates/announcements or to post on the Private List Forum where I will set you up as a service/time provider.  You can also mail me directly at

Detailed Information and history of Phoenix-Tucson Private List

Phoenix-Tucson Private List Newsletter - A Dynamic Community of Providers and Customers- provided as part of  since 1996.

I invite you to support honestly and integrity in the sex positive community especially focusing on consenting adult sensual and intimacy sharing in Phoenix-Tucson including in depth updates on the current Busts, much more than I want to post on any public board,  and as always tons of legal views and sharing ideas to support the fight to have the same sexual rights enjoyed by almost all the world except the U.S.

There is a sample if Private List at 

In addition we have an active discussion board with hundreds of Provider Pictures which we link to from their Private List Announcements as well as various other discussion forums for Private List members and honest Providers.

With the immaturity of our laws (one of few countries in the world without private adult sexual rights) regarding what should be a legitimate honored profession we stress that we do not recommend any illegal sexual activity.    We seek reviews, announcements and discuss  sex workers that offer legal, legitimate intimacy.  If as consenting adults you wish to do more, that is between the two of you and there should be no financial consideration. There is an extensive discussion of legal and pricing issues on other pages on this site.

Unlike most of the rest of the world, citizens of the U.S. do not have consenting adult freedoms. In the U.S. those in power, know what is best for you. The Christian groups (self-righteous minority that has an undeserving influence) that mostly control the power in the U.S. are so morally weak that they can not coerce everyone into their views without imposing their morality by law to force everyone to follow their perverted repressive view.  Ironically their views have no biblical basis, yet they try to control with their biblical ignorance all citizens by legal means.  These morality laws may even be unconstitutional under the Supreme Court's Lawrence decision.

We are a community of about 300 members, both providers and clients, sharing information and working as a community related to positive sexwork, warning about LE entrapment activity locally and industry related information worldwide, trying to help keep providers be safe and promote positive sexuality and the value private consenting adult sexworkers can be in a culture.
A List member wrote:
Hi Dave,
I am a new member to the list. I found your site after doing a little research as I have an upcoming trip to Phoenix. Originally, I was just looking for a place where I could locate an honest and safe provider. After reading your site and viewing the contents on the list, I am 1) incredibly happy I found your site prior to my trip and 2) and impressed by what appears to be a true community in Phoenix.

I lived in Phoenix for about 18 years - my teens and through most of my 20's. I can't remember reading articles about the stings and LE involvement with providers like I see posted on your site now. Although, admittedly during college and shortly after I didn't know a whole lot about the business but I met several people who do/did. I know plenty about Sheriff Joe - he was an ass when I was living there and sounds like he is still at it. It's just a shame a city that has out-grown itself and with so many larger problems spends so much time and efforts on things such as sexwork.

Well, again, just wanted to say thank you for providing some great information. I am a little more at ease knowing there are plenty of honest and safe providers to choose from.
Thanks again,
A provider wrote:
Hello Dave:
I'm sure you've heard this many times before, and here it goes again:
Thank you so much for the post on your list!
The fellows I have met from it have been fun and honest, and gentlemen.
They all have great respect for your service and recommendations.
And I have to say I'm very proud to have been on it as well.
You took a chance to post me, as I know there aren't many or any reviews about me.
I heard about your post from a few friends, and I subscribed for a little over a month to decide if I would want to post on it.
It appears your service is the most honest, impartial, informative, and well regarded of all the "similar" provider review guides. Your service is the only one I will have anything to do with.
We also have great parties to meet and greet providers, share ideas/demos on such things as wonderfully sensual Esalen massage Sybian, games and fun. Parties are for Provider and Private List members only. There is no fee for most parties.  Our free January 2006 party at the "Sky High Condo had about 100 great folks attending, including 35 providers some of which provided time and other items which were raffled off.  Of course nothing sexual or legally questionable takes place at our parties for the protection of everyone.

The Private List is especially important with the current aggressive LE raids as well as Sheriff Joe promising to come after providers yet again.  It is well known that local LE monitors the public boards and has sent up stings to entrap both providers and customers.  Providers have been convicted of prostitution and spend time in Tent City even when no sex took place or no money exchanged hands. A jury in 2003 convicted one provider based entirely on the use of the phase "full service" on an agency website listing her. Arizona law now mandates a mandatory 15 day jail term for a first offense prostitution conviction even when its in private consenting adults.  Many citizens believe this is a waste of public resources when their is so much real crime vs. private sexuality.  We have never had any LE issues on the Private List and there are legal reasons why it is far safer.

The List community was also responsible for the August 2003 capture of a rapist who was responsible for 8 (known) rape/assault/robbery attacks on providers. He choked most to the point of passing out before his further attacks. I developed a close relationship with very escort friendly LE (the head of sex crimes division) that providers felt very positive about after being persuaded to trust them with the details of the assaults. He was indicted, convicted, and sentenced to over 100 years in prison. See 

You can receive by E-mail,  unedited reviews, local and worldwide sexwork information accumulated and sent weekly (late Sunday night).   A big benefit of Private List membership is you will be sent achieves of the most recent reviews. In addition archives of the list from 1998-present are available upon request.  of course things change and providers come and go, so it is most beneficial to be a long-term subscriber to keep up on current events.

Some providers offer discounts for their time to list members since they are usually so nice and safer than from public sources. Of course you can not pay for anything sexual only time, in the U.S. unlike most of the rest of the world where private consenting adult sexwork is not a legal issue.

We also have a new banner exchange page for those List supportive providers that are public and want to exchange banners at

Of the hundred of E-mails that have praised the list over the last 8+ years, this one is representative of what list members say:

Thanks for all you do for the list. Because of you and the list, I haven't
been ripped off in a long time. I play it really safe when it comes to my
choices, but if it weren't for the list, I'd waste a lot of time and money.

We are not recommending readers solicit or use the sex worker for all illegal sexual activity.  Of course in Canada, most of Europe, Australia, Asia, and most of the rest of the world where there are consenting adult rights where even prostitution is legal,  this is not an issue.  For example see without the legal issues of the U.S.

I have no idea if the reviews are actual or fantasy. We of course, because of current laws, only promote legal non-sexual intimacy (caressing, licensed massage, non-sexual touch mutual, companionship, conversation) sessions, nothing illegal. Anything else that happens is a matter of personal choice between consenting adults of  legal age and should  not be contracted for, nor should it be requested to be contracted for or compensated for in any manner!

We encourage you to send in more reviews including rip offs. Please include phone number and location as well as cost of service (including all tips required)  when you submit reviews.

  Go To: PRIVACY AGREEMENT AND SUBMIT ANY REVIEW PAGE (review requested but not required)

All information other than what is on the reviews is always destroyed and the list itself and reviews are perfectly legal (1st Amendment right of free speech).

Other Resources I offer the sexwork community
I have been an activist for many years for sexual freedom and decriminalization of private consenting adult sexwork. I have spoken before the City Council, been on radio/TV as a sexwork advocate, met with the Chief of Police and Head of Phoenix Vice, and worked closely with Scottsdale PD and the AZ Attorney General - See article "Rapist Who Choked Providers Till Passed Out , Raped and Robbed Them CONVICTED in Phoenix - Phoenix Private List Working with LE" at

I formed the Decriminalize Private Adult Sexwork Coalition Resource Center - Your Tax Dollars Are Being Wasted Ruining Citizens Lives Instead of fighting real crime at

I founded Liberated Christians in 1994,  to help expose the religious repressive sexual teachings that have no biblical basis. It is mostly related to swinging and polyamory. Helpful for sexworkers that have any Christian issues is "Common Prostitution is Not a Biblical Conflict" at

My personal interests are more on caring intimacy and more intimate sexuality resulting in:
Lovetouch at  with ideas for eventual workshops but need to find the right female partners.
The Therapeutic Intimate Touch Institute at
Canadian activities without the legal issues at

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