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Qualified Review Requirements

If you sign up as a new member taking the privacy oath on the link from
After you are a member if you post on the forum or send me a review by e-mail at 
You will receive 1 free month of full subscriber membership for each review.

Qualified Reviews are real reviews of a companion or massage therapist you actually saw and did not trade her services for a free review
That are reasonable with the following info:

Companion or Massage Therapist Name
Website if any
Contact info - phone and/or e-mail address
Rate YOU paid i.e. $250/hr for her time. You can not pay for any sex acts, that would be illegal unlike in most of the world.
You don't have to use idiot stuff like $$$ or Roses, that is silly and does nothing - just include the rate!

Unlike TER you should not "juice up" reviews!! You do not have to have any sexual fantasy details due to legal issues. But I won't restrict details since reviews are for entertainment, we have free speech and can't be proven what happened by a review. If anything sexual took place of course you should not have paid for it specifically only for her time.

I reserve the right to accept or reject reviews for free subscriptions

AZ Legal Issues & Links for Companions and Customers

Jury says Money for Time is not prostitution even if sex intended

AZ Mandatory 15 Days in Prison Update & AZ Prostitution Statute may be Unconstitutionally Vague
Lawrence vs. Texas U.S. Supreme Court decision where laws can not be based on morality and the law has no place in the private bedroom of consenting adults.

Know your rights! What to do if you are visited or stopped by the police.

Warning For Escorts/Companions
In Phoenix escorts are being arrested and convicted with the AZ 15 day mandatory first offense penalty for solicitation of prostitution ONLY based on offering sex acts on their web site - such as Greek, etc. It is illegal to solicit for sex acts. It is not illegal to solicit for time as a companion.

If your website or any info you post that is seen by police offers sex acts or you discuss sex acts by e-mail or phone with an undercover cop you will probably wind up with at least the minimum 15 days in Tent City. Police are busting without even taking off clothes or any discussion of sex when meet. Your website or e-mail mentions sex that is all they need to bust and convict - it has happened to many escorts in the Phoenix Area.

Providers of time, companionship and massage services are welcome on the forum and the Private List

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