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Dave's Great Victoria B.C. Canada Trip September 2005

Extensive reviews and details at  including details how I research trips to new Canadian (without legal issues and far less costly vs. U.S.) cities, and other articles.

My 9 days in Victoria went very fast. While I miss some of the other activities I enjoy in Ontario (full contact nude laps and nude-reverse massage), I must say I very much enjoyed the sampling I had of many great escorts at the very nice full price of $US135-140/hr. And of course the favorable legal situation in Canada.

While outcall is 100% legal in all of Canada, while rarely enforced, incall is technically a bawdy house 1850s law violation. Unlike other Canadian cities where there aren't many incalls, all the agencies in Victoria had incalls and a great relationship with LE. LE visits them regularly to check for their escort licenses, but as long properly licensed and of course no one under aged, they don't bother than incalls. In B.C. where there have been a lot of terrible attacks on street hookers, they realize its far better to have incalls than the problems of the streets. Public street solicitation is illegal - the solicitation in a public place is illegal - not prostitution.

I have often said that in my experience for the physical intimacy I enjoy far more than just sex, most American and Anglo Canadian women are no match for the French Canadians in Quebec or the great Eastern Europeans I've enjoyed in Toronto. But I can no longer say that. From my sampling and from my pre-trip research based on reviews of many other gals that I didn't get a chance to "sample" this trip, there must be something good in the B.C. water or something, since most of the women I met were just as beautiful and intimate as the French Canadian/Eastern European women I've met in Ontario.

I did have a bit of a slow start - Interrogated for 1.5 hours by Canadian Customs. Quite a story at
My posting brought a huge response and sharing of experiences when I shared it on (Toronto) as well as (for Pacific Coast)

And there was the escort that I was so boring with....she fell asleep on top of me... yes....although it wasn't really boredom of Old Dave! Story at:

But other than that I have reviews of 8 other wonderful, beautiful gals included at:

As usual I had a large following on the Canadian boards I posted reports on daily. As one said in my "Concluding Thoughts on Victoria" post (at  ) said:
kudo's to dave
FAREWAELL DAVE ! loved your postings...and we all learned alot about our own Victoria SP's who in
my....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...... (dreams)

While in Victoria I was also following the mess in New Orleans. While there was no resources on scene from the U.S. the Vancouver Urban Search and Rescue Team of 45 volunteers were in New Orleans rescuing people when otherwise, "There was no rescue effort. He was struck by that," said Vancouver deputy fire chief John McKearney. "We are the first and only Urban Search And Rescue team so far deployed in this area and are in operations mode now," Armstrong reported.

Knowing the U.S. has so many resources in Iraq, the CANADIAN armed forces tracked Hurricane Katrina and started preparing plans to deal with a potential devastation. "We're not going to sit around and have a request come in and say, "Oh, we'll need four or five more days to get ready", said General Hillier, Chief of Canadian Defence. The Canadian mission, dubbed Operation Union had to wait, ready to go, until the U.S. Government allowed them to send in their military relief ships full of emergency aid.

One Canadian official said, "the U.S. has been unable to co-ordinate its own resources, let alone accept an influx of foreign assistance...They can't even get their own people in there,." noting it took at least five days before food, water and other relief supplies started to get to those that needed it. It seems the U.S. military had such supplies to the Asian Tsamani victims in 12 hours but took 5 days for a homeland disaster.

Details about the huge Canadian response which has not had the credit it deserves in the U.S. media "Canada Quickly Responds to U.S. Disaster Far more organized and rapid response than U.S. Resources
Disaster Occurring Why I'm in Victoria" is at

While in Victoria I also wrote:
3 College Students Did What the U.S. Could Not Do
We need to modify the Posse Comitatus Act at:

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