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An Escorts  Positive View of Escorting

Comments by Amanda Brooks I found most interesting

A common misconception is that the only way to do this work is to turn off all emotion. An emotionally-dead escort won’t be popular and will cause emotional problems in herself. It’s quite natural to feel connections with and emotions for clients – it’s a human relationship, after all.

I found myself falling in love with a number of my clients – during our time together. Once our time was over, I went about my life and they went about theirs. Obviously I was not seriously considering starting a relationship with them, but it was fun to allow myself to get swept away for short periods of time. I always regained my perspective.

I’ve discovered since retirement how much I miss the constant social interaction with new people. I think a lot of escorts enjoy the same thing. Others love the ego boost they get from being adored. Some openly enjoy the opportunity to travel and live an adventurous life. Some look forward to favorite clients with whom they’ve built a small relationship. Some escorts have had clients for years (long before the Internet boom). One cannot be intimate with another person for a long time without developing genuine feelings and a real relationship. Some probably enjoy the sexual variety the most.

Escort work affected me very positively. I was much less stressed and I had a better income, all of which made me happier. Even my mother thought I seemed happier as an escort. And I only spent time with people who accepted all of me, which meant the quality of my friends went up.

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Her background

Amanda Brooks is a little older than she looks, a Libra circa 1975. A native Texan who grew up in a small town, she’s a self-described country girl who also enjoys the city life. After graduating from high school with honors, she started college immediately and earned a double-major in photography and English. She graduated in 1999 with a very respectable GPA.

Amanda held a variety of part-time jobs through high school and college. Open-minded (and needing steady employment), she started working as a cocktail waitress at a top Dallas gentleman’s club. During summer break, six months later, she began dancing at a small club in Dallas. During the next four years, she worked at a number of major clubs in Dallas and Las Vegas.

Curious about a job she hadn’t tried, she put an escort ad online for a weekend. The experiment was a success so she put away her heels and built her business as an independent escort.

Amanda had wanted to work in the adult industry since she was very young. Satisfied with her experiences, she officially retired from the adult industry on June 30, 2004 to focus on two new projects: writing (yet another thing she’s always wanted to do) and starting a nonprofit organization. The nonprofit is finally underway and she has a number of written projects she is working on: the blog, erotic fiction and her book(s).

Her first book, The Internet Escort's Handbook Book 1: The Foundation, is now on sale.

Her tag line on her message is:
Happy escorts make happy clients.
Happy clients make a happy business.
A happy business makes a happy life.
A happy life is a good life. 

A Review of her book on
The Internet Escort's Handbook is truly a well thought out book written n in a holistic matter by an ex escort for all girls who are currently working in the industry, keen or curious about entering the industry. It gives an insight of what it is and what goes on in this industry; asks a lot of provocative questions; provides useful tips. I would strongly recommend this as the ONE resource you should read. I can't wait for the other books in this series to be out.

Her blog is at

She says about my write up:

I appreciate that you enjoyed what I said in my interview with Gwen Masters.
And thank you very much for putting this out on your own list. As you know yourself, escort work can be a very positive force in the lives of those who approach it with the right mindset. It can be hugely destructive with the wrong mindset. Hopefully both of us can continue encouraging escorts and clients to take the positive approach.

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