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  Differences in Values - U.S. vs. Canada:
 Rigid religious control in the U.S. vs. individual rights in Canada

On a recent news/talk show (O'Reilly I believe) the point was made that while something like 85% in a U.S. poll said religion was very important in their belief structure only about 18% of Canadians said religion was very important. The comment was made that the U.S. is a very religious based culture vs. Canada based on individual rights, freedoms and diversity instead of laws and morality based on religious views.

June 19ths NPR 'Talk of the Nation' discussed Canada, starting off with the gay marriage thing and then it became a discussion of Canada/USA differences generally. One of the guests was Michael Adams, who is the head of a Canadian polling firm and has written several books. The latest is about the cultural/social/political differences between the US and Canada. Apparently it's not out in the US yet, but I did find it on Amazon Canada. It's called "Fire and Ice: The U.S., Canada, and the Myth of Inevitability.

A national Canadian newspaper reported on the book and quoted Michael Adams' conclusion which included:

Neil Nevitte, the University of Toronto political scientist who for 20 years has tracked values in Western Europe, the United States and Canada, credits Canada's egalitarian family structures with helping to create young Canadians' ideology of tolerance, social justice and ecological concern.

Today's 20s are indeed the children of those who voted for successive 1960s' and 1970s' governments that enacted multiculturalism, decided the state had no place in the nation's bedrooms, crafted the Charter to elevate individual rights into Canada's supreme law and balance them against the rights of the collective, created the social programs that have allowed the great majority to grow up secure, healthy and well-educated, and wove tolerance and respect for diversity into the schools, courts and law books.

If Canadians in their 20s overwhelmingly say yes to homosexuals being allowed to marry in law, it is because they were raised in Canadian families and educated in Canadian schools that assigned premium value to tolerance and social inclusiveness and independent thinking.


Dave adds, "independent thinking" is the key vs. following religious traditions as in the U.S. Also regarding sexwork, the legal status is not new, its always been legal and was part of Canada adopting much of English law where sexwork is legal. Later modifications were made to make aggressive public street solicitation illegal and the bawdy (incall) law from the 1850's again similar to English law.

Posts on a Canadian sexwork board - the clear difference in massage types both legal

I'm new to the "hobby" and a little apprehensive about just walking into an MP. I definitely don't want to walk into an RMT's office expecting something other than a therapeutic massage.
If you see attractive young women in lingerie, that would be a good sign, while people wearing lab coats would not.
Most adult spas will come right out and ask you "Will that be topless, nude or nude reverse?" From there you have other options such as shower massages and body slides.
if you're just picking places out of the yellow pages, MPs that only offer RMT's are listed under a different heading then the MPs who don't.
Of course, the best way to tell is by how much (i.e. little) the 'receptionist' is wearing.
I found Now & Eye Magazine helpful, just look under Adult Classifieds.
Dave's comments if it were only so easy in the U.S. There is a clear difference in Canada where adult and RMT massage is licensed and legal. So much easier to tell them apart vs the U.S.

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