Sexworkers United in Europe Insisting on being a Public Nuisance


5/20/06 -  Private consenting adult outcall sexwork is legal in almost all of Europe just like most of the world.  Incalls are legal with restrictions such as only 3 gals can be working from a flat in the U.K, and incall laws vary in other parts of Europe. But sexworker push in Europe just like the failed agenda in the U.S. is to force street hookers to have the right to be a public nuisance.


As the Intenational Comittee on the Rights of Sexworkers in Europe says, "Policies that aim to make sex work invisible and that exclude sex workers from public places, add to the stigma, the social exclusion and the vulnerability of sex workers. We reject the double morals that allow prostitution only when it is hidden. All laws and measures that undermine the dignity and self determination of sex workers should be abolished. Sex workers have the right to represent themselves. They should be part of any debate on laws, policies and measures that affect their lives. Self organization of sex workers should be supported."  More info at


It is incredible to me these groups demanding their "rights" to be a public nuisance and damn the people living in street hooker /John infested neighborhoods who don't like being solicited by Johns when walking to the corner store or having drug needles in their yards.


There have been many attempts in Europe to have "zones" which I have always supported out of residential areas, but they have been a huge failure wherever they have been tried. 


So now its back to the rights of the street hooker to be a public nuisance, just like in the U.S.   As I often "preach", in the U.S. we will never gain support for private consenting legal sexwork, not even outcall which is legal almost everywhere in the world without significant problems, if those that supposedly represent sexworkers insist on their "right" to be a public nuisance as street hookers.

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