"Inside The Bunny Ranch" Hookers on Dr Keith Ablow

Another great positive show. Could hardly believe it. Well spoken women, many with college degrees, articulate love what they do, had some parents on who were supportive and a husband. No, they were not abused as children they have strong relationship with father etc. They even had a n 18 year old and a women who is blind after being shot in the head, who works at the Bunny Ranch. Owner Dennis Huf was quite good. Most say not just for the money they enjoy it!

To my surprise the audience was as supportive overall vs some prior shows.

Lots of great points made by the gals, nothing really negative. Dr. Keith asks good questions wasn't making it out as bad or anything. Dr, Keith made it light and fun and totally non judgmental which is refreshing!

I would never pay the costs involved but many private independent providers have the same positive experiences and attitudes.

The public needs to see more shows like this of happy sex positive people.

Dr. Keith's final comments were even good - I've listened to enough stores in 15 years as a psychologist to know not to judge people for their choices. only to help them live the truth of those choices. When someone is overly focused on sexuality would I judge them? it is just not my place. Here is the truth., If there were a predictor here today which I could say was clearly a victim of anyone else you would hear it from me first. Trust me, I don't have the evidence I want to thank my quests today for having the courage to be here. And here is my guarantee to you - every time you watch us you get the whole truth and as much of truth as you can stand.

Dave notes i think he means while some folks may not like the truth about happy emotionally secure hookers, that was the truth of today's show.

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