High Court quashes prostitution by-law since too restrictive on incalls

07/29/2005 New Zealand

The High Court has quashed sections of a Christchurch by-law restricting brothels to the inner city. Justice Panckhurst has released his reserved decision in the case against the Christchurch City Council's brothel by-law. The Willowford Family Trust and Terry Brown took the action against the City Council for its inner city zoning for brothels, arguing it is too restrictive on sex workers.

Justice Panckhurst quashed the two clauses of the bylaw which govern the location of brothels. However, a challenge against clauses in regards to signage was not upheld. The architect of legalised prostitution, Labour's Tim Barnett, has welcomed the decision, saying he believes the by-law was against the spirit of the Prostitution Law Reform Act. Tim Barnett says those who will benefit from this ruling are those who do not want to work in big brothels or on the street, but prefer the safety of their own homes.


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