"Tyra Undercover: My Night As a Stripper"
I happened to catch the show in Canada - a rerun of original March 1 2006 show.

Sadly spin was negative about how it has ruined marriages and questioning why married men see strippers - what aren't they getting from their wives. The guests including strippers had a more balanced view but mostly it was about creating a fantasy and getting guys to pay big bucks for the fantasy they don't have in real life.

In the end when Tyra had to dance she felt so bad about it she couldn't, feeling so sad for the women who do something so "icky" being just a sex object.

The biggest response and applause from the audience was when an ex stripper said she found God and know goes to Church instead of stripping.

A summary of the show contents is at http://tyrashow.warnerbros.com/show_recaps/show_recap_wed25.html

While I very much enjoy Canadian strip clubs I sort of agree with some of the negative attitudes in most U.S. clubs like Pleasures where it was filmed with hidden cameras. I have no interest in U.S. clubs since it is simply gawking and being teased by a sex object fantasy.

There is a huge difference in my view between this and most Canadian clubs (except in B.C.) where you have a real human interaction with full contact nude laps where I so much enjoy caressing, quality touch interactions, nicely massaging breasts in ways so many say they enjoy, soft caring sensual yet non sexual quality touch that I believe is so wonderful to share.

To me this is very different than the no or little contact fantasy of just a body to gawk at in most U.S. clubs due to the religious right's success at limiting contact in most U.S. cities. Heaven forbid we have good touch real human interaction. Just fantasy and make guys frustrated without human contact somehow in the religious rights mind is better than real human touch interactions or even worse any sexual gratification.

As to the question what married men are missing at home, to me the answer is very simple: variety. I enjoy interacting with different wonderful attractive women for the moment - different body types,- different personalities - often interesting talk.

Yes its a business to get as many men as they can into the private rooms for private dances. But just because its a business doesn't mean it can't be fulfilling to me as a customer. And the many positive responses I get from dancers regarding my type of touch, including so often, "I wish my boyfriend had such good touch" etc. Or like the cute Russian dancer with her accent said a few days ago, "schools should teach guys to touch like you do". I try by sharing my experiences to encourage guys to learn good touch skills and someday would like to offer workshops with ideas I share at www.lovetouch.info  if I can find the right female partners that share my desire to encourage good touch intimacy.

Contact lap dancers in Canada is similar to many escorts I've known not just as a customer but in honest friendships. Unlike the view that no women enjoys being a "prostitute" I am 100% convinced there are many wonderful women that even though escorting is a business they sincerely enjoy the sex with a variety of men, just as I enjoy intimacy and sensual sexuality with a wide variety of women in a sincere for the moment wonderful interaction even if in a commercial sex relationship and nothing more.

This positive attitude of an escort (Belle) which I believe also applies to many strippers at least in good human contact clubs in most of Canada I have mentioned before. (An Escort's Transformation Experiences
Honest Wisdom that can benefit Providers and our Culture I've excerpted from at http://www.sexwork.com/escorts/transformation.html  ).

Instead of the typical negative attitudes, we need shows that show the positive side of high touch intimacy and sexuality. But sex positive shows often are not allowed to air due to the potential backlash of the religious right the sponsors don't want to deal with.