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Cialis Levitra or Viagra - which is better?
Or, Caverject or Muse?
By Dave in Phoenix

While without any help I usually do fine, now in my 50s, I often get less hard erections as will most men as they age. I often use Viagra as insurance I won't be embarrassed. Once up - I seldom have a problem "losing it" unless activity is interrupted or unless I'm not that attracted to the women.

I recall a wonderful 40th birthday with a girlfriend who made it a very romantic time with music, candles etc. Unfortunately this was my first experience of "losing it" when I had to get up to switch some music and then went limp. Now I usually use Viagra for security. However I recall when in Thailand I hadn't taken any before bar fining a dancer going to a short term hotel. I was worried about performance, but all worked well.

Fortunately I have no medical issues, no meds other than vitamins so no issues with drug interactions or medical conditions. Obviously all men need to be checked by a Doctor who if you have medical issues, Levitra and Cialis may be a better choice than Viagra.

For my situation I prefer Viagra. For sexwork enjoyment or with a girlfriend, I don't need 24-36 hour stimulation and sometimes do not want an effect that long. If I was back in Thailand or the Philippines for "long term" overnight with a gal for about $US30-60 Cialis may be a better option. However, I like to actually sleep at night and prefer short term (1-2 hours in Asia). For the usual hour pleasure sessions with a U.S./Canadian escort Viagra/Levitra lasts 3-6 hours which is long enough.

I very much enjoy the full contact nude lap dances in Ontario since I enjoy giving quality touch, caring massage, including breasts, to dancers. I usually get a great reaction from dancers who wish more guys had better touch and massage skills (see  and I hope to share ideas in workshops some day if I find the right partner either in Phoenix or Ontario). For this I do not want an easy erection which can be embarrassing walking around for a few minutes afterwards. If I have had Viagra too soon before I can have this effect. I have no interest in anything sexual at strip clubs, I enjoy more with escorts (in Canada of course with no legal issues like most of the world except the U.S.) I also very much enjoy nude-reverse massage in Ontario (again legal vs not in the U.S.) which is sort of neutral regarding Viagra. With a skilled slender, sexy women's direct stimulation I usually don't need Viagra, but I may combine some massage and escorts during the same afternoon or evening I use Viagra but avoid strip clubs.

Both drugs work essentially the same way and both have similar side effects. Levitra may work a little faster in some people and may be less sensitive to food or alcohol intake. However each drug company has their own studies that shows basically the same time factors. With a sexworker 1 hour before isn't a problem and studies have shown for many men both are effective in about 15 minutes. Very fatty meals within 1-2 hours before seems to have the same effect for all options, making it take longer to be effective. Some studies indicate Levitra may not be as much effected by a full stomach.

Viagra Pill Splitting Advantage
Since the cost of Viagra and Levitra are similar, I prefer Viagra since it is far easily to split than Levitra. I always split 100mg to 50mg with a pill splitter since that is all I need making the per pill cost only half as much as using full pill.

Viagra bluish tint to vision / whites look brighter
This is the only side effect I have with Viagra which is common. It was much more pronounced the first few times I used it - now I hardly notice it. Actually I see it as an advantage since it shows that it is kicking in.

Other Side Effects
Other men may have other side effects such as a headache but often only for first few times used. If you experience other side effects, switching to Levitra may help. If you have medical conditions of course consult with your doctor. Viagra seems to have more potential bad interaction results than the other two options.

There have been some reports that Viagra may result in inability to have orgasm or making it harder. I am not a good test subject since once up...and not interrupted.. I have always been long lasting.

As I am open about in my reviews, I almost never orgasm from intercourse and have very low interest in oral either way. But I have always been that way, with or without Viagra, although lack of orgasm has increased somewhat with age. This can be positive if the gal can just relax and enjoys the longer more intimate/sensual sexuality I enjoy vs wild and performance related seeking the big O. With non English speaking escorts its been a problem trying to convince them it isn't because of them "me bad?" No, your wonderful I never orgasm, it isn't you!!!! I am open about this with English speaking escorts and is great with those that enjoy the intimacy/sensual vs focus on the O.

I do wish I did orgasm more easily but it has nothing to do with using Viagra or not. For those curious, yes I can orgasm fine taking matters into my own hands if stimulated visually at the same time. As with most men as they age the intensity and amount of cum had substantially decreased especially in the last maybe 5 years in my 50's. Fortunately I have always enjoyed more the intimacy, sensual quality touch side of sexuality more than just orgasms and what the new meanings of GFE often means focusing on often unhealthy sex acts. When I was among the first to use the term GFE back in the packet reader days of the Usenet before there were websites, it had a very different meaning, more about the connection and intimacy side vs more risky sex acts.

Be in good overall health can make sexuality better especially for good blood flow to sexual organs
Exercise stay in shape.
Eat good foods, and take a multivitamin.
Drink lots of water for good hydration especially after air travel or if drink a lot of caffeine drinks.
Go real easy on the alcohol.
Manage stress find a way to decrease that anxiety. Walk, meditate, massage
Get good rest before a date. Perhaps wait a day after cross-country travel.
Relax and enjoy you are spending quality time with a fine woman. Enjoy the moment.

For more serious erections issues
The Caverject and Muse are prescription only, and the doc has to show you how to use it. A simple web search will give you info, but here are a few links.
The injection part has another side-affect to consider, particularly with this lifestyle - you are producing a wound in your penis.

There are also blowup balloon type artificial penis for more serious problems. I was in a well known swinging couples private room at a swingers convention in Florida years ago. The man had a penis that I forget was either blow up type or used Caverject due to a medical condition. He was VERY popular with the women. A gal I enjoyed sex with told me he was the only man she has had an orgasm with.

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