Phoenix Charity Fundraiser - $4000+ Raised at Party and Raffle

We had a wonderful private provider /customer party in Phoenix Dec 13th. About 25 providers and 75-100 guys attended. Providers were both massage therapists and escorts both incall and outcall.

Many providers donated their "service" time which was raffled off raising money for a selected charity which is related to children at Christmas.

A great time was had by all and we plan to have more parties in the future. This is the third Phoenix party held in 2001 but was by far the largest and most successful.

A few providers were hesitant about coming at first, but came and called afterwards very excited about how wonderful it was to meet such great guys, enjoy the party and contribute to a good cause.

I encourage groups in other cities to consider this. However for everyone's security I suggest only known "safe" people be invited and the location not be made public since it could attract undesirables. With the security we did in Phoenix, there were no problems, just a wonderfully friendly group of gals and guys at a non-sexual party and raffle of provider time for charity.

We now have about 700 folks on the Phoenix Private E-mail list sharing reviews and information ideas as well as a Phoenix provider private E-mail list.

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