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Dave's Picture Gallery of Eastiny 
This was the first time I had used my new Sony DSC-F55 digital camera.  Not use to composing pictures looking in screen instead of a view finder!  Photos have been degraded and compressed about 20times for faster loading!




Entrance from Soi 8 main door in shadow.








View from my bedroom balcony looking  at building with Paradise bar which is red painted area.  I could see in the upper floor windows where the girls slept it looked like just on mats at night.  Once one caught me looking and waived at me.  At night can easily see into rooms as most don't have curtains.









On Right side is the Eastiny Inn Travel office which is in front of the hotel at the street.  Note narrow Soi's which are common in both Pattaya and Bangkok









Eastiny end units have large balconies and view from balcony





Some more views outside window:



Fishing Boats I assume that were off the shore
Each morning.







Inside Shots of Room (sorry didn't take after bed made).  They key older thingy is shown on the wall which you have to leave the strip in or it turns off all the electrical (including air conditioning) to the room after about a 10 second delay.  You can defeat it by taking the key off the stick and carrying it in your walled!


This is living room table where I brought over a light and spend each day writing reports and being in E-mail discussions on TSM, asfo, etc.  

To the right is an alarm system that if moved wails at 100db.  I prefer a mouse over the pointing stick, so have external mouse.  The laptop is a Toshiba 2590CDT, which I got just a few days before Thailand trip.  I really like it!








The Bath was quite simply with just a shower area in both baths.  In Bangkok Omni and Majestic Suites had a tub and nicer shower area.

Once I got use to the hand held shower head which all three hotels had, I sort of thought it was a good idea compared to being fixed in the wall here in the U.S.





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