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Pattaya News Article Excerpts
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Restaurant raid frees 5 sex slaves

This isn't good for the image of Pattaya , such child sex slavery is mostly a thing of the past... yet it is still happening in isolated cases, but the penalties are very servere. !  BUT note that it is NOT IN THE TOURIST AREAS, This report is from a local Thai restaurant  and again, not in the tourist area

From Pattaya Mail 8 October 1999
Girls turned over to the Women and Children Assistance Center Pattaya Police last week raided the Ban Lao Restaurant on Pattaya 3rd Road, freeing 5 young girls who were being forced into prostitution. The restaurant is located just 200 meters from city hall.

Restaurant owner Jae Phloi from Bangkok, also known as "Miss Jinda", was arrested along with her strongman, Saichon Phikulwong, age 29, from Lampang. Restaurant employees from Chiang Rai were also taken in for questioning. The arrests were made after police performed a carefully planned sting operation.

Five girls between the ages 15-17 years old were released from captivity, and after police questioning, all five were turned over to the Women and Children Assistance Center for temporary care until relatives are notified.

The five girls told police that they were contracted in Chiang Rai to work at the Ban Lao restaurant for 3,500 baht a month. Within three days after arriving, however, they were forced to engage in prostitution with tourists coming to the restaurant. This had been going on for the past four months. They said that Jae Phloi warned them that if they didn't comply at the restaurant, one of their punishments would be for Saichon to deliver them to various hotels for the purpose of prostitution, then later lock them into a house located behind the Nong Yai Temple in Nong Prue.

Police charges being brought against the owner and restaurant employees stands as forcing minor girls into prostitution against their will and operating an unregistered business in an illegal manner. Jae Phloi refused to admit to the charges and contacted her notable lawyer from Soi Post Office to bail her out.

Pattaya can proudly lay claim to the best looking katoey in the universe
Pattaya Mail October 1, 1999

The Pattaya Tiffany Show Ltd. celebrated the return of Mr. Bunleut Saechai, a.k.a. “Ms. Phatriya Siringamwong” on 18 September after he won the title of “Miss Queen of the Universe” on 5 September at the Wiltshire Grand Hotel in Los Angeles. The contestants were all “women of the second category” at the five-star hotel’s enormous convention hall.

“Miss Queen of the Universe” received a grand parade along Pattaya Beach Road.

The Tiffany’s Show in Pattaya sponsored Bunleut to the Miss Queen of the Universe 1999 Contest to represent Thailand and compete with katoeys from over 40 countries. In addition to the Miss Queen of the Universe title, Bunleut also won the Best Evening Gown and the Best Native Costume awards.

Dr. Seri Wongmontha, one of fourteen judges in Los Angeles, also commented that it was a shame Bunleut’s shoe broke during the swimsuit finals, or he might have bagged the swimsuit award as well.

Managing Director of Tiffany’s Show, Sutham Phanthusak thanked everyone for supporting Miss Tiffany 1999 from the beginning all the way up to the final achievement of winning the “Miss Queen of the Universe” title. Mr. Bunleut thanked Mayor Pairat and the rest of the city for supporting his/her quest.

Pattaya wants to restrict entertainment !
Pattaya Mail September 24, 1999
City considering entertainment zoning laws

Want to restrict entertainment venues to designated areas

A special city council sub-committee convened on 14 September to consider zoning laws that would restrict entertainment venues to designated areas in the city. Members of the committee also want to eliminate all establishments offering lewd entertainment.

The Pattaya Business and Tourism Association (PBTA) is also submitting a zoning plan to the Pattaya Government and Private Sector Committee (G&PS) members. The G&PS members agreed to submit the plan to the Ministry of Interior requesting assistance in finalizing the zoning plan. The plan includes measures and new laws to be enacted by the city restricting such entertainment to designated zones.

As it is now, bars, karaokes and massage parlors are found throughout Pattaya, within a few minutes walk from any hotel in town.

Pattaya’s beer bars can be found throughout the city.

The sub-committee convened to discuss ways to resolve the Thai image perceived by foreign lands, partly in response to an article that appeared in the July 1999 issue of Esquire Magazine. The article raised the ire of government officials when it claimed that the cost for sex in Pattaya was equal to a couple of hamburgers. The insults against Thai women and men continued with a caption saying, in effect, that Thailand only offers good golf and sex.

The city council also said that current situation has Pattaya facing two important problem areas affecting the economy and tourism. The first issue at hand is the completion of the 1.8 billion baht water treatment facility. The second is the sex trade, including live sex shows. City administrators feel they must assume the responsibility of instituting positive change.

Coordination with the district administration will be required to insure permits issued are in accordance with the zoning regulations prescribed, and further coordination with the Thai National Police and all local police agencies will be necessary to enforce the regulations. 

DAVE NOTES:  I think this has more to do with "saving face" than any real attempt to make any changes since the area is so economically dependent on male tourists.  They may crack down more to enforce laws against "lewd behavior" in the clubs since this is more of a "dirty" issue in the culture than the long traditions of prostitution.

Police are quick to solve purse-snatcher case
Pattaya Mail September 24, 1999

Find culprit outside their front door

Ken Patchett points to the man who snatched his wife's purse. The audacious perpetrator was caught outside the tourist police station.

Ken Patchett, 62, notified the police that an unidentified man had snatched his wife’s purse in the area of Soi 4 on Beach Road.

After receiving a good description, it didn’t take police long to find and apprehended the thief, as he was walking in front of the tourist police station.

The petty thief, Jean Bunsung from Chiang Rai Province, was taken to the Pattaya police station for interrogation.

The British tourists were able to provide a positive identification of the man as the assailant.

Thai Blind Massage Institute opens  
Pattaya Mail September 24, 1999

The newest charity project in Pattaya, the Thai Blind Massage Institute was opened on August 28th on the ground floor of the Jomtien Complex Condotel. Just 200 meters from the beach, blind men and women provide excellent, professional massage at the low price of 120 baht per hour. While enjoying their massage, customers will also be helping the blind masseurs/ses and their families. Customers are also invited to enjoy free coffee or tea in the institute’s “cozy corner”.

The Thai Blind Massage Institute has three air-conditioned rooms and one big fan room. Privacy is secured by beautiful, hand-woven cotton curtains, made by handicapped women. The buttons are “home made” out of coconut shells.

The idea to take care of the blind originated from 30-year-old Khun Sayan. Khun Sayan spent 4 years in the monkhood (from 13 to 17 years of age), which instilled within him kindness and social awareness. With this idea in mind, he approached his friend, Mr. Henri, to sponsor the institute, and within 2 months of hard work, 6 units in the Jomtien Complex Condotel were transformed into the institute.

The founder and sponsor of the Thai Blind Massage Institute shown here surrounded by the institute’s blind staff.

The blind have all received thorough training in the North of Thailand (Chiang Mai) and all have certificates showing they have successfully completed at least 300 hours of training. Many also have years of professional experience.

The institute hopes that Pattaya’s residents and tourists will help support this initiative to help the blind.

Massaging” the economy
Pattaya Mail September 17, 1999

The Chonburi Employment Office has begun traditional Thai massage training at the Town in Town Hotel in Pattaya. The training is being directed towards laid off workers, as well as for people seeking different or new employment.

Learning the ancient art of traditional Thai massage is helping many people cope with the hard economic times.

The employment office arranged the training sessions after noticing a demand for qualified personnel trained in the ancient art of Thai Massage. The officials see the profession as an additional method of providing an independent income for people seeking employment during this economic depression.

The training is being provided through the combined efforts of the Thai Traditional Medicine Association and the Thai Traditional Massage School from the Phothi Temple. The training program is being supported by funds from the Chonburi Employment Office. Director of the Wad Pho Traditional Thai Massage and Medicine, Mr. Phesachakornpreeda Tangtrongjit is supervising the program.

Of the 87 people applying for and completing the first training course, 60 have already been gainfully employed throughout the provincial area.

Baht Bus Mafia  Pattaya Mail September 1999
Baht Buses park in prohibited areas, double park, park erratically, park where the driver feels like it in a restricted area or not, and take advantage of tourists for transportation fees.  The whole time, Baht Bus Co-op Manager is unable to control the 700-800 Baht Buses operating in Pattaya.  This has caused the traffic police to ignore the problem was well, because ticketing the violators would take "too much time."

Baht Bus Blues Letter to editor Pattaya Mail September 1999
Baht Bus Bashing has been reaching new heights recently, but I must say that I have not had too many bad experiences with our local taxis.

When you think about it, we probably have the best public transport system in the world.  There's certainly no waiting half an hour for the next bus as you would have to in other cities.  And they are cheap.  

One area the city fathers (and mothers) should consider is the paint scheme.  Pattaya is a holiday resort, bright, happy and fun city in the sun, yet we have the drabbest, dullest Baht Bus colour scheme.  The private Baht bus belonging to Top Class Entertainment in Soi Pattayland 2 is the way we should present our public transport in my opinion.  Bright colours, flowers, psychedelic designs or whatever, just  make them brighter.  Might brighten up the disposition of some of the problem drivers too, as a bit of a spin-off.

Tourism figures show first half increase - Asian arrivals show largest increase Pattaya Mail September 1999
The number of tourists to Pattaya from Taiwan, Korea, and Japan showed the most increase.  The reasons given were that the economies in those countries have started to improve, as well as the baht being depressed, giving a relative increase in spending power.    Problems in neighboring countries have made Thailand a more favorable option for tourists.

Pattaya can expect more tourists in the second half of the year from Eastern Europe, Australia and New Zealand, especially the two "Down Under" countries, as a result of the recent Pattaya Road Show there.

Laying down the law for elephants  Pattaya Mail September 17, 1999
City has to deal with the increase in elephant population. Local veterinarians at a conference agreed with the city manager and emphasised the need for elephants to be in a clean, healthy environment.  the concern is not only for the welfare of the elephant, but the people involved must recognize the fact that if visiting tourists observe mistreatment or uncalled for behavior, these incidents could have a detrimental effect on the reputation of Pattaya and Thailand.  

The conference established that a 5000 baht fine would be applied for elephants caught out after dark.  Other small changes to ensure the community's safety were also implemented. 

An agreement was reached to increase the cost for 30 minute elephant rides to 200 baht ($US5).  Portions of the increased rates will go towards the elephant's welfare which is viewed as a "jumbo" sized step forward for everyone.

Night mistress 
Pattaya Mail Newspaper July 30, 1999
A badly bruised farang punter has complained after dating two sauna hospitality girls nicknamed Dominant Donna and Ruthless Ruth. 

Marco Paralta, a Spanish tourist, had to become a hospital outpatient after receiving several abdomen blows from the duo whilst under restraint from a rubber mask which stifled his cries.

A spokesman for the Naklua bath house offered Marco a free return visit, but advised him next time to be entertained by Submissive Sandy or Gentle Geraldine

From 1998 as an example of while such crime is rare, it does occur.  And to the credit of Pattaya Mail they do publish these reports which warn tourists to be careful while enjoying Amazing Thailand

British drugged and robbed by bar girls

Mr. Gavin Hamilton, a 59 year old British citizen, was drugged and robbed in his room by two bar-girls he met on Soi 8.

Ca. 23:00 on 24 May 98, Pol. Capt. Thanvit Jindavech received a call from the guard of Centre Condotel in S. Pattaya, saying that a foreigner has been drugged and robbed by a couple of girls.

When the officer went then to the condo he found Hamilton still in a "drunk and sleepy" state.

Mr. Hamilton, after recovering from the nightmare, told the officer that he had gone to a beer bar in Soi 8. While he was having good time drinking his beers, 2 girls, aged around 18 and 19, came and sat beside him.

"One of the girls started to talk to me," said Gavin. "So we had a few drinks and made conversation. In the end, the girls asked me to follow them to their apartment, but I offered them to continue to mine instead."

"When we got to my apartment, one of the girls ordered more beer and coffee. After I began to drink my beer, I started to feel very dizzy and the next thing I remember was when I woke up. The girls were not in the room, and when I went to look in the safe, I found that it had been completely destroyed," continued Mr. Hamilton.

"In the safe, I had 80,000 Baht in cash, a gold ring worth 4,000 Baht, a bracelet worth 20,000 Baht and finally 170 English pounds (11,050 Baht).

"One of the girls I could remember was approx. 165cm high, white skin, with short hair, and the other one was quite dark with long hair. Both of them are approx. between 18 and 19 years old," concluded Mr. Hamilton.

From 1997 Pattaya Mail:  Thirteen famous predictions   by Barrie Kenyon

1. Computers in the future may weigh more than 1.5 tons. (Popular Mechanics 1949)

2. We don't like their sound and guitar music is on the way out. (Decca Recording Company rejecting the Beatles 1962)

3. The abdomen, the chest and brain will always be off limits to surgeons. (Surgeon General to Queen Victoria 1873)

4. Stocks have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau. (Professor of Economics Yale University 1929)

5. The advent of water tight compartments has all but removed the threat from mid ocean collisions. (White Star Line 1911)

6. The telephone has too many shortcomings and is unnecessary for companies with a full complement of messenger boys. (Western Union Internal Memo 1876)

7. Data processing is a fad that won't last a year. (Editor of Business Books Prentice Hall Publishing 1957)

8. I can assure you that our naval signals are immune to code breakers. (Admiral Donitz to the Japanese ambassador 1942)

9. But what is a microchip good for? (IBM Engineer 1968)

10. Seriously to suggest salt and vinegar or beef flavored potato chips is like maintaining that bingo is here to stay. (Marketing Adviser to Smith's Crisps 1969)

11. Everything that can be invented has been invented. (Commissioner of US Office of Patents 1899)

12. 640K ought to be enough for anybody. (Bill Gates 1981)

13. The threat of AIDS will have wiped out prostitution as we know it by the end of the century. (Public Health Professor on Larry King Live 1986).

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