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 Those WONDERFUL Thai Massages !
Annie's Massage

Those WONDERFUL Thai Massages !
While the body to body part is very nice, it is more the entire experience I have fallen in love with.

The Fishbowl Experience

I have mixed feelings about picking a body from the "fishbowl" but it does has its pros and cons.  I prefer to meet a women first, and barfine someone based on good "chemistry" from short interaction first, even if we can't verbally communicate.   At least you know there is some mutual interest vs. just picking a women from the fishbowl.   Also in the bar you may have the problem of getting rid of a lap mate, your really not that interested in when you spot someone else your more attracted to.

In a massage parlor you sit and can have a drink looking into a large glass window where there are 10-50 girls all wanting you to choose them.  You can take as long as you wish in most cases to make the selection and the mama may offer to help you with your choice based on your "special services" interests. 

Self Contained Intimate Experience
The self contained experience has advantages. It offers privacy and efficiency.  You don't have to worry about the barfine, girl fee, room fee, or the trip to your hotel.  You don't have to worry about them having ID's left at a hotel front desk.  You don't have to worry if the temptress in the bar turns into a modest shy girl at your hotel.  The massage girls, can't be shy since nudity is a major required part of the experience. 

 The fee is all inclusive, other than a expected modest tip only done at the end based on what you wish to give. The rooms are often very nice with large tub, area for an air mattress for the body/body massage, and a nearby bed for "special services" .  The 1.5-2+  hour sessions are usually perfect for a very sensual experience and "mini-relationship" between you and the massage girl.  The total cost is seldom much more than $US50 or less. If you like a particular girl you can return and be with her again.  Sometimes they are also available to be taken out.

The intimacy that I enjoy is built into the experience.  You start by lying in a big tub with the girls body caressing you with her legs under you so she can push your body up out of the water to play with (ok and often give blow job) to your penis.   You are thoroughly bathed and after about 30 minutes of pleasure, moved to the inflatable bed (air mattress) which is covered with soapy suds and she massages your body with her body slithering all over you.  Some of the sensual moves they have learned are really great!

Best Time May Be Afternoons
While most of the bar and gogo clubs are only active at night, the massage parlors are a good place to go in the afternoon.  The girls may be more fresh, not already having seen a lot of customers and if you want to barfine a girl for the entire night, you can enjoy a more mini-experience during the day.

The Super Stars not always the best intimacy experience
At some parlors, there are regular girls and the "super stars" who are the most gorgeous.  While I didn't have enough experience to say this first hand, many regulars report that the most often picked super stars may be a bit more jaded in sore in their erogenous areas from so much use!   The less stunning yet still quite attractive ladies may be more genuinely happy to be chosen and may give a bit more of themselves to the intimate experience.  I always tend to avoid them most attractive women, in other situation, finding often the more ordinary women are more appreciative and enjoy my type of intimacy perhaps more than the knock out stunning super star. 

My Annie's Massage - First Thai Massage Experience
On Soi 2 across from Nana Plaza and part of the Rajah hotel.
From Sukhumvit road.........turn down soi 4 and walk past the money exchange and the entrance to Nana Plaza....about 50-100 meters past NEP (still on soi 4). On you right hand side there will be the entrance to a parking lot - for the Ra-Jah Hotel. The hotel is about 7-10 stories tall and is your best landmark - as the name is on top and can easily be seen from the soi 4 as you walk. Enter the parking lot and Annie's, is on the right hand side of the hotel. Separate entrance and up a flight of stairs to a small bar with mini-fishbowl containing about 6-12 women

I had a very nice experience with an attractive gal in a session that lasted more than 2 hours for 1000 baht ($25 US).

To old Dave there were quite a number of attractive women in the "fish bowl" from which you select. 

I selected one, but asked if she knew any English and the Mama (is that what they are called in massage places like they are in PI bars?) highly recommended another girl who "has no stretch marks from babies" and spoke good English. She was close to my ideal body type (taller and slender – I know what I’m I doing in Asia – but at least there are more taller Thai’s it seems than Filipino’s). Her English wasn’t that good but she was attractive (just slightly more heavy than I prefer but OK) and very friendly personality. Her number was 99 – not sure if that meant she was new or not with a high number. She was very skilled at both "special services"  and massage.

We started with "2 in the tub" with my legs on top of hers. Did very good bath including lots of attention to best parts. Did oral, breast massage etc for long nice time in tub.

Next comes the body/body massage on an air mattress on the floor next to the tub.  Lots of water. Lots of body rubs in very nice ways. Then dries off and sex on the bed is next. Again lots of oral although I’m not that stimulated by oral, more hand, nice caressing etc. I  though this was the end and I was very satisfied but no, next comes the Thai massage.

This is not from Anne's but the best I could find (with credit) of a typical massage girl with the air mattress to the left and water pail she uses to make up lots of suds for the slip and slide body/body massage. The Tub would be to the right like in other picture where she sits under you and very completely and tenderly  washes every inch of skin! With some of the body/body massages I received, especially in Pattaya, I wish I could have seen exactly what she was doing.  Very sensual!  Sorry I had to get pictures with the girls also not just tub:)

Very enjoyable as I like all kinds of massage. She very much knew what she was doing in non-sexual massage just like she was so good with sexual. Very relaxed, not hurried at all. I was wondering for 1000 B is this really suppose to be this long, but I wasn’t complaining.

She was a quite good conversationalist despite quite a language barrier. She knew very basic English but had fun trying to converse intelligently. Kept asking if I had dinner yet, I think she wanted to have me take her to dinner but I already had eaten. I was more interested in being a butterfly at this point the go out socially with anyone.

I tipped her 500 B and she seemed very happy and kept asking, "come back tomorrow?" For a total of 1500 baht ($US38) for 2+ hours, this experience simply can't be beat in the U.S.!

Other reports seem to agree this is one of the most relaxed, no time pressure massage parlors at the most  reasonable cost.  However, some reports reflect disappointment in the physical quality of the girls here at times.  I thought many were attractive when I selected from the "fish bowl" but I guess compared to the "stunners" at some of the other places like Darlings they may not be as attractive.  But it was half the price of some of the other popular places and I really enjoyed all the levels of intimacy and relaxed, non rushed, sensuality with her.   

I also experienced more of this in Pattaya and on my next trip I definitely am going to do many more massages.  There is absolutely nothing like this available in the U.S. or most any other place in the world.  It helps explain why Thailand is  The land of smiles!

After a brief rest…went back to Nana and did another ST barfine which was also very nice.

Many Other Massage Parlors in Bangkok
There are zillions of other massage parlors all over Bangkok.  Darling, Atami, Mona Lisa and Angara are perhaps the most famous, but quite a bit more expensive.  

Atami and Angara are on new Petchaburi Road near the Sukumvit and Soi 3 junction.  Mona Lisa is near the Asoke junction next to the Siam Hotel and across from the Japanese Embassy. 

The cost to the parlor I hear at Atami can vary at different times.  The girls are in four sections, traditional massage for 500b, body massage for 2000b or superstars at 2500b (vs. 1000b for full services at Annie's but often they are more gorgeous).  At these parlors never let a taxi driver take you, since your fee will be higher to pay the cabbies commission.

Angara is on the soi just before Atami, and the girls here are traditional 500b, body 1500 and superstar 2000b with perhaps slightly lower quality and pricing than Atami.

Mona Lisa is a bit nicer similar to Darling and the cost is reported to be only 1700b for full services.

Darling is a favorite of many and is on Sukhumvit and Soi 12. They don't pay commissions so taxi drivers may try and tell you they are closed. The cost is a straight 2500 baht for a 90 minute session (plus a tip to the girl afterwards 500-1000b has been reported to make happy massage girl). It has been suggested that you negotiate for a large, or VIP room as some regular rooms are quite small.

As is customary in Thailand any tip is "up to you" and give after the session is over.

If you see  tour buses parked outside, you might want to go to another place.  The Japanese, Chinese and Russians have been coming in huge charter bus loads, I understand.


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