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Bangkok - Phoenix Travel

My flight leaves Bangkok for Taipei at 12:15pm  I get up at 9am and take a look at largest room at Majestic Suites, which I didn't think was that big.   Front desk says it should only take 30 minutes to get to airport so plan to leave at 10am which I do after nice breakfast in the lobby restaurant. 

I assume I can easily get a taxi, but the front desk says if I want a metered taxi they have to call and would take 45 minutes to get.  I know I could just walk outside a flag one down, but I have 3 bags of luggage and I have to walk over to Soi 3 to find one.  They suggest a "limo" from Nana Hotel and a guy runs over to arrange one to come pick me up. Cost 500b which at this point since I'm anxious to get on my way is fine and I'm not going to worry about a few dollars.

Hotel nice guy returns and takes my bags to the Petro station on Soi 3.  Limo meets us there in a few minutes.  I'm right on schedule at 10am, but it takes 20 minutes just to go around the block to head to the freeway to the airport.  Once on the expressway however, no traffic problems and I get to airport in plenty of time.

Go through passport control and immigration.  You have to pay a 500baht exit fee. I exchange my remaining baht back to U.S. dollars at conversion rate of 39 which is good.  It peaked a few days later at about 41. 

Bangkok airport is HUGE, modern and very nice.  Far better than Manila.  Luggage carts are free unlike in Manila where have to stand in a line to pay for them.

Many duty free shops but couldn't find any place that sold newspapers to get my USA Today and Wall Street Journal. But I have my carry on full, as usual, with tons of reading for the flight.

Have the usual long layover in Taipei and then on to San Francisco, where I go through US immigration and arrive back in Phoenix, uneventfully.  

Then I hear about the earthquake in Taipei and realize Left Taipei 6 hours before big earthquake!  The earth was stable when Dave left! 

So concludes a very nice, wonderful adventure.  I definitely have fallen in love with the women in the Land of Smiles!

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