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Buckskin Joes, Beergarden &
Massage At Omni Hotel

Long Gun, who I had encountered on a mailing list and corresponded with off list invited me to meet him. Long Gun has lived in Bangkok six years and is married to a Thai. Very friendly British chap!

I hadn't been to any of the beer bars yet so he came to the Omni, met me and introduced me to those fun motorbike rides. We scooted to Buckskin Joe's Village (also called Bangkok Night Bazaar) on Sukhumvit, at Soi 1, under the expressway, next to the railroad line. It consists of about twenty small beer bars; good place to shoot pool and mingle with some friendly girls in the afternoon or evening. Can barfine the girls for 200 baht, although sometimes you have to wait until midnight before they can leave. Atmosphere is very relaxed and the girls are not pushy.  It has been reported that often this is the first place new girls from upcountry often come to work and get familiar with Bangkok and being a bargirl.

Long Gun knows some of the girls, and we stopped at 'Love You' bar where he knew Oy well. We had a long, interesting discussion.  Then we walked to the German Beergarden bar off Sukhumvit and Soi 7. There are a number of both outdoor and indoor bars near each other. It was a  busy laid back place with many attractive women stopping in. A few stopped by and said hi to Long Gun. Quite a nice place and wonderful for people watching which I enjoy.

Later I was pleasantly surprised to see this message on asfo:

"During our date the other night, Dave and I were sitting talking in 'Love 
You' bar. Oy, who was serving, reached over and took hold of his hand while 
we carried on talking. I have no idea what he was doing down there but 
after a few minutes she caught my attention, raised her eyebrows, looked 
down, smiled and said "Chohp, chohp" or however one would transliterate."

I, Dave, replied:

Being so touch sensitive I found this interesting but I just thought Oy did that with everyone. It actually went on for a long time, even though I was totally ignoring her otherwise, concentrating on talking with you over the loud music.

Our hands were on top of the counter since she was behind the bar. I was surprised when she started playing with my hand and arm since obviously we were there to talk with each other after you greeted her etc. I didn't at all start it but did respond somewhat hesitantly at first but she kept doing it more and more.

Probably she just enjoys good touch like I do. We exchanged many nice hand caresses, squeezes and she just kept on "playing touch" with my hand and arm for a long time as you and I were totally concentrating on each other in the discussion.

At home I find girls often like various touch games, even when I'm not tipping them and they have no financial interest in getting me to like them. Here, I guess I just assume its trying to lure me into a barfine. But it should have been obvious to Oy that wasn't why I was there so maybe she just was enjoying it like I do...

BTW, I'm dying to know what Chohp, chohp means..or maybe I don't want to:) Oh yes I brought with me... Thai phrase book... No, not easily found since its arrange by categories. I have Robertson's PRACTICAL English-Thai Dictionary but that fails to help since it goes from English first and of course Chohp isn't really the Thai spelling (not the odd to us characters) . Lastly "Making Out in Thai" is just as useless! Oh well .. you will have to tell me!

Note: I was told it means "I like" or "I enjoy"

Massage At Omni Hotel
I have a chronically tight neck for which I need a lot of very deep muscle massage work.  It was getting very tense and I noted the card in the bathroom of Omni for Traditional Thai massage for about 300b an hour.  I was hoping to find just a good therapeutic massage, not being concerned about sensual or sexual for a change.  

The gal came to the room and did traditional Thai massage with me on the bed.  At least she didn't mind me being nude, unlike the hotel massage girl in Angeles City who wanted me to wear my shorts.   She was dressed sort of professionally, attractive and quite good.  She didn't know much English, but I was used to the language problem.

She did a very good traditional Thai massage which does lots of work on the legs some on the back, but not very much on the neck (where I needed it the most).  Before the massage started I tried to explain and gesture about my tight neck.   Again the massage was good, just not the deep muscle neck massage I needed but really doesn't seem to be available in Thailand.   I had a few more Thai massages later and they were all quite uniform in their technique.

After about 30 minutes of good massage, sure enough....she started asking about "special services".  Being that she was attractive I was weak and we did the full service special services just like in the massage parlors except for no soapy suds body massage.

It was a  good experience - but didn't help my tight neck! 

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