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Grace Hotel Great People Watching

I went  to the Grace Hotel  and check out the Russian women I had heard were there. I come to Asia to meet Russian women… but they are often the body types I enjoy and often are well educated. Russian women in Russia are just too expensive with the Mafia controlling the sex trade. Hotels are also very expensive in Russia (at least for mid class hotels I prefer)

The Grace Hotel once served as officers' quarters for American servicemen on R&R from Vietnam, but now it is popular with Arabs and other Middle Eastern folks.  Don't be scared off by those who look like they are about to hijack a 747! 

The Grace coffee shop is infamous and open 24 hours a day. Late one night I hadn't yet had dinner and had the dumb idea that I might get a sandwich and coffee here. 

Carlisle of Erotic Traveler said: "That "seedy place in the basement" of the Grace Hotel has not changed a whole lot in over 20 years since I first stayed there in 1981. The Coffee Shop there was considered better than Thermae in those days.  It was a well known hang-out for Arab playboys from the Gulf States with there big petro-dollars at the time. Over the years the quality of the girls at Grace (not to mention the condition of the hotel rooms) has declined."

The walk up Soi 4 (going North from Sukhumvit Road Soi 3 where Nana is turns into Soi 4) is interesting.  Many Arabs on the street and quite a few African both men and women.  Grace Hotel lower level has a feet massage place (and maybe more) that seems popular.

Going into the Grace Coffee shop, there wasn't an empty seat in the house.  Almost all taken by women just sitting a looking at every man that walked in hoping to have one join them.  Some women were quite attractive.  I didn't see anyone actually eating anything or having coffee.  Was huge imbalance of women vs. a few men.  All eyes follow you as you walk around!

I then sat for awhile in the hotel lobby upstairs.  Great for people watching.  Girls usually with an Arab on their arm, would check in with the security guard who had a sort of stand before you get to the elevators.  I noticed the big massage sign and the stairs going downstairs so decided to check it out.

Quite a nice massage place with some attractive women in the fishbowl.  Wasn't nearly as expensive as I thought it might be considering it was a "rich Arab" hotel.   The house fee was about 600b as I recall.  I picked a girl and had a great session.  She didn't know any English but was quite nice and VERY sensual. Full "special services" was I believe 1500b for her.

All and all, a very good experience...but no food and McDonalds had already closed.  I think I got something briefly at Nana Hotel on the way back to the Omni.

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