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Checking ID's of Guest Issues &
Why Thai Ladies Like Foreign Men

The issue of hotels checking gust ID's has been hotly debated on TSM recently.  Some folks will not stay in a hotel where guests have to be "bothered" by having their National ID's checked.

But I like the usual policy of requiring ID info at front desk for guests for security.  Most hotel don't charge any guest fee but require them to either register or leave their ID card with a guard or at the front desk to protect both the registered guest and the hotel.   Other hotels, especially some of the upscale ones do charge a "joiner fee" for a guest.  None of the hotels I stayed in charged any fee for guests, even if overnight.

The following report shows why I prefer the security of requiring ID for guests which some tourist complain about as a nuisance:

The ID policy of many hotels is partially the result of lawsuits against hotels.

At one higher class hotel, Khun Somsak the manager is reported to have said they had a rash of druggings and passed out customers who awoke to find stuff missing. Some sued the hotel causing all sorts of legal problems. Some were GI’s visiting for Cobra Gold exercises, and this created major problems for the hotels. Since the new requirement to provide ID’s there have not been any incidents.

When I check into a hotel, they ask for my id and I have to fill out a form. It doesn't seem illogical (or any more embarrassing) that they would want some sort of registration for another guest.

Especially with freelancers this extra security can be important.  If they work at a bear bar, or gogo, you can at least most likely track them down or know their true identity which may prevent them from robbing you.  But a freelancer you meet on the street may not even have an id, which may be an indication of trouble. She may be underage, a criminal or in Thailand illegally. There are very severe legal penalties if you are caught with a girl under 15, even worse if under 13. 

The ID card is worth it's weight in gold. True name, age, place of birth, height, gender.  As for the gender part, you could learn to read the difference between 'naai' (Mr.) and 'naang (saow)' Mrs. (Ms.)

And when you know that 18 years ago we had the year 2524 then it's easy to tell if your lady friend is old enough too. The ID date of birth is based on the Buddhist calendar, which dates from the year in which Buddha attained Enlightenment, I think.

Here is another report on reasons for checking ID's:

Last time I stayed at the Nova Lodge in Pattaya, I noticed that both the security guys at the main gate and the girls at reception were being very scrupulous in asking girls for ID. I mentioned this to one of the owners and he said that their main concern was guys bringing underage girls back to the hotel with them. It seems the Tourist Police have issued a warning to all hotels in the city about this, and there was an implied threat that the hotel could face closure if it was found that underage persons were being allowed back to guest's rooms. Obviously, a check for that purpose is in your own interest also!

Why Thai Ladies Like Foreign Men
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