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Bargirls Using Inhaler Discussion &
Why Bargirls Take So Many Showers !

Bargirls Using Inhalers
DarkKnight wrote:
"So does anybody know what's up with all these little nasal inhaler type devices that a lot of these bargirls are using? A couple of the girls told me it was to 'give them more power' but when I took a whiff it smelled like plain old Vicks Vaporub to me. Maybe Vicks has hit on a brand new formula or something."

Vicks nasal inhalers contain a small amount of a stimulant drug that is related to methamphetamine (l-desoxyephedrine) as their active ingredient. Presumably, the nasal inhalers that the Thai bargirls are using may contain a small amount of the same drug or a similar drug. Thus, the bargirls could believe that the nasal inhalers "give them more power."

Interestingly, methamphetamine itself is sometimes illegally produced in America from Vicks nasal inhalers. The following is an excerpt from a Mississippi Supreme Court case, Crosswhite v. State, 732 So.2d 856 (Miss. 1998):

"As [Sheriff] Huffman looked around the kitchen, he noticed approximately fifty empty Vicks Inhaler containers lying on the stove, counter top, and in the garbage can next to the stove ... During trial, Sheriff Huffman testified that the combination of heat and water cause the inert ingredients in the Vicks Inhaler to bond with water. The cotton swabs found within the inhaler are then placed in the liquid mixture. When the water eventually evaporates, a concentrated form of methamphetamine is squeezed from the cotton swabs using pliers. The result of this process is the formation of a narcotic substance commonly referred to as 'kitchen crank,' 'bathtub meth,' or 'stove-top meth.'"

"Grady Downy, a forensic scientist employed by the Mississippi Crime Lab, testified concerning the results reached by the lab ... Methamphetamine was found in both the seized liquid and the cotton swabs. Downy explained that the active ingredient contained in the Vicks Inhaler, l-desoxyephedrine, is a form of methamphetamine. Each inhaler contains fifty milligrams of l-desoxyephedrine combined with other ingredients. He further explained that the amount of l-desoxyephedrine found in the Vicks Inhaler is not changed by the process of boiling the contents in water. Rather, the amount of methamphetamine is simply concentrated when the other ingredients contained in the inhaler evaporate along with the water. The fifty milligrams of l-desoxyephedrine found in each inhaler remains in the cotton swabs and may then be extracted in a condensed form."

All Those Showers Bargirls Take
You will notice how clean Thai people are.  Most have two or three showers a day. It's 90-100 degrees almost every day of the year and quite humid.   Most Thai women smell fresh, healthy, and delicious from a diet without much diary products and scant body hair. 

In contrast, we smell like barbarians to them!  Working girls have  gotten use to farang smell, but every Thai girl you barfine or take to a hotel will immediately go and have a shower and usually modestly return in a towel.  Or often they will invite you to join them in the shower (without the towel)  They get over their modesty very fast however, in my experience, far more easily than in the Philippines.

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