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Internet Connection Experiences & Tips

After the first great day of enjoying Bangkok women I decided to try and get my notebook computer connected to the world. I have free intro ads from all the major ISP's on my new Toshiba but none seem to have Thailand access. ATT Worldnet says they pulled out of Thailand (don't know why). AOL is supposed to have 4 Bangkok numbers but I was told at one of the zillions of cyber cafes around Nana Plaza that they have been mostly down and having problems.

Well...loxinfo saved the day. I got their 20 hr package for 600 baht this morning from IMart in the Ploenchit Center next to JM Marriott hotel. It was quite easy to set up and I got 183 E-mails from my home ISP POP server (some just mailing lists and some business related)

However, sending via my home SMTP was rejected since loxinfo sends "UNKNOWN" as their user ID which my ISP primenet rejects for spam control. A call to Loxinfo technical support in Bangkok with a nice lady who spoke great English solved the problem. She gave me their smpt server address to use. I have their Webnet package which does not include E-mail but says works with your own ISP. But since didn't work with primenet I can use their outgoing server. But this isn't discussed in the directions.

Only problem is I'm only connected at 26K on 3 different lines I tried which they say are suppose to be 56K lines. At home this notebook connects easier to my ISP at 50k, I am being dropped at times by loxinfo and at times the line is busy, but have a bunch of lines can try. The hotel charges me 6 baht every time I connect on a local call but no per minute rate.  Later in Pattaya I had much more solid 48-50k connections.  In Pattaya the phone numbers are just six digits instead of seven we are use to in the U.S.

There is only one telephone jack in my 1BR Suite and that is next to the bed. I also bought a Y adopter so I could have the phone and modem plugged into the same jack or you have to keep connecting and disconnecting the jacks to switch from hotel phone to notebook modem. I'm doing offline work from a more comfortable table in the living room. Wish I could use the modem from there but would need about a 20 foot modem extension line... doubt if they are easily available. (A few days later I did find a 10m cable so was able to use the computer from the table in the living room).

Another hint is to be sure you add a comma, after the hotel outside line access code (usually 9). Otherwise I just got a busy signal. The comma makes it pause after the 9 until it gets a 2nd dial tone on the outside line. I'm sure this is basic for most of you, but I forgot that was needed at first.

Nana Plaza was moderately crowded last night. I assume it will be more busy this weekend, although their don't seem to be that many people in the various hotels I've visited. A bargirl that I barfined last night told me its still slow season just starting to pickup.

I prefer short term "adventures" since I don't sleep that well with a sexy naked women next to me! So the two short-term hotel options at Nana Plaza worked great. Also had a very enjoyable two hour+ bath, body massage, sex, Thai massage combination at Annie's about a block from Nana Plaza.

I did a lot the first night, walked around a lot etc. Very much like Bangkok over Manila is my first impression. But will explore other areas over next few days before moving on to Pattaya.

And so rain other than a sprinkle about 2am but not much.

Hope some of these type of tidbits might be helpful for new people, especially regarding Internet services in Bangkok.

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