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The Last Barfine in Thailand was the Best !
Beverly Hills At Nana Plaza

On my last night decided to go to a few Nana spots I hadn't caught when here a week ago and then perhaps go again to Soi Cowboy. But I never made it past Beverly Hills in Nana.

I got to Nana about 9:30pm Sunday night. It was not very busy. I decided to check out Beverly Hills which is a favorite asfo hangout. Fairly small bar but attractive dancers. They could have skipped the porn moves, rugby TV game, and some race car thing on the various screens but others might find those interesting.  There was very nice booth seating to make my nest. Wonder what is upstairs, couple gals sort of dragging a young guy up there. But looks like just the sound and lighting equipment from what I can tell from below, not short term rooms.. I would like to see the dancers better but the stage lighting is too dark for my tastes.

Doesn't look like there is much socializing going on between dancers and customers. After my diet Pepsi, I think I'll move on. Since I might want to find someone to barfine, this last night in Thailand I slip myself a Viagra with my Pepsi. I'm not sure if I really need it or not but want to be sure. I've been with  about a dozen gals in Thailand in last 12 days. Only used Viagra once before but no barfine. Of the 12 encounters there was only one where I could have used a bit of a boost, but I  hadn't taken it. Most of the time I don't need it to last all night but just to be sure…. My usual of a pill …gulp.

The dancers are rotating. One is literally crawling over on bench towards me! I'm sitting by the left entry to bench seat and she is crawling over from far right side and ends up in my lap. 

Ok, some socializing which I like. Hmmm nice gentle touch l like, not just grabbing for my pants. Responding very nicely to my touch, cuddling in my arms, seems to like my face caress. Wow, what a cute face. What I consider typical young girl very attractive Thai look with long hair on sides and cute bangs. Sort of looks like the cute friend of Long Gun who joined us at the German Beer Bar.

So soft a touch, such a smile. A gentle kiss. Obviously speaks no English but what is this…I'm getting slight erection from just her touch. Way too soon for Viagra to be taking effect so I guess I didn't need it. I buy her a lady drink. She keeps smiling and stroking me and cuddling so nicely. Hesitantly is trying to ask me something, I can't understand a word, but assume its now barfine decision time.

At just the right time, a waitress who speaks quite good English seems to sense she is needed. I ask about barfine for short term (500b) and I indicate my interest and how much she would want and if willing to go with me and use Taboo short-term hotel just down the hall at Nana.  Waitress talks to cute girl who seems to get very excited and obviously wants to go with me.  Hostess says has to be 1000B ($US25) for the girl, which is fine with me if she agrees to 2 hours. More discussion and enthusiastic agreement. Cute girl goes to change into street clothes and I have good discussion with hostess. I ask if cute girl is new…yes very new. Why does it seem that it is the brand new girls that seem to do more socializing with the customers? I've noticed this at other clubs. Probably part of their training! Hostess tries to explain to girl that I'm going to take her to Taboo, which is to the left as you go out door. 

We go and cute girl is confused -  wants to go right.  I think she only knows of the Nana GuestHouse, which is to the right at Nana. But from a week ago's experience I think it is only 1 hour for 250B. I prefer Taboo for 2 hours at is it 300 or 350. She asks a Thai guy who probably is with the club and he points in the direction I am trying to lead her.

At Taboo she is just slightly shy but a few hugs get her relaxed. I adjust the lights and air conditioning, which is too cold. Seems you can only close the vent thing not adjust the temperature. Does the usual bath very detailed with lots of soap on every part of me. . She is starting to giggle and have some fun. I do my King Kong routine which she enjoys and jumps on my back as I cart her to the bed. 

Next follows an absolutely fabulous 2 hours of the most sensitive, quality touching lovemaking I've experienced in a long time. As normal routine she thinks she needs to perform as soon as we hit the sheets. But I'm learning how to almost force a girl into relaxing with me first, letting me massage and caress her back first slowly for a long time and then her front without being directly sexual yet. I find it sets a whole different tone to the sharing. Once she relaxes and realize I want to do this to her, she is purring like a  pussycat.

While holding her tight body to body she sounds like she is almost in tears. I think maybe I'm holding too tight and loosen up, but she immediately holds me tighter and doesn't want me to back off. I have had women literally in tears in my arms before, simply because they so seldom feel such warmth from men, so I am not surprised at it, just wanted to be sure it wasn't out of hurt! 

After a wonderfully long intro experience of the intimacy I enjoy her very talented sexuality. She is obviously very good at oral (bare) and does lots of it…if only I could explain that really doesn't do much for me, but she seems to be enjoying it. Then for a long time we shared some really nice intimate sexual positions, spoon etc. Usually when a provider is making noises etc I assume she is faking her enjoyment or orgasm. But with her it was obvious from the body convulsions not just her vocal expressions that she was having many great orgasms. 

After lots of great intimate sex and after hugs and caressing she gave me a very good traditional Thai massage. Even did a good job on my neck besides all the legwork that is typical in Thai massage. She even sings to me!  Truely a "girlfriend" type experience, even if for only 2 hours.

She is so cute with her great Thai smile, well-toned body and soft features. It's so nice to be again with a woman with no sexual hang-ups sharing nude together with none of the attitudes and repression of most American women. 

At the end she again baths me just as completely as when we started, joking a lot but haven't a clue what she is saying!   I so much enjoy the physical intimacy but verbal intimacy/communications would also be nice!

It is well beyond the 2 hours, but no one is knocking on the door, but we know we need to end such a nice interaction. I want to find out her name. I ask her to write her name in my notebook. She does, in Thai (duh of course) so I haven't a clue what it is and gives me a phone number which I assume in Beverly Hills - starts 433 and is in good English numerals.

If only she could speak some good English she is the first gal I've found in either PI or now Thailand that I'd enjoy doing non-sexual things with and doing long-term. But that is difficult with the language barrier of me not knowing Thai. 

In summary, Thailand saved the best experience for last. And with all the other good interactions I have had in the almost 2 weeks here, I definitely am hooked on Thailand and hope to return often.

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