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Majestic Suites Hotel in Bangkok

Other than the obvious logistics problem how to be left off by a taxi since there is no parking just a busy street outside, I haven't decided if I like Majestic Suites or not. The rooms seem much smaller than Eastiny, although I only have the Superior Studio not the much more expensive suite like at Omni and Eastiny.

The room charge is less however, at 1200 baht, plus 10% service fee, plus 7% VAT.  I paid the VAT of course (Thailand's Value Added Tax) at all hotels, but neither Omni or Eastiny had the 10% service fee.

Surprisingly not much noise even though room overlooks Nana (but no good view). It has big  doors that close over the windows that seem to block the noise quite well.

Everything is done in granite and marble. The rooms are very new and modern and they have quite elaborate electronics with everything controlled by a control box by the bed. A manual would be helpful, but I figured everything out by trail and error other than how to set the clock which was only off a little.  Has a microchip transponder key locking system.

In room safe but not large enough for my laptop computer.   But studio did have counter space next to TV for using computer, although I had been more use to a large table in living room of other two hotels.

Large Queen or King size beds with Down comforter Duvees, much like a European hotel.

Nice TV but only a few channels.

The location is great just half a block from Nana Plaza.  It has 55 rooms all studios, ranging in price from 1000 baht to 1500 baht.  Included nice American breakfast in lobby restaurant, although I prefer the huge buffet at Nana Hotel a half block away.

The 4-leaf-clover bathtubs with shower are interesting.

Very friendly staff.

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