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Nana Plaza  MAP OF BARS Link


I found most of the bars in Nana, quite nice with attractive dancers. There are about 30 different bars and I only sampled a few of them.   I wasn’t swarmed by women like I was at the Soi Cowboy bars which has both pros and cons since I’ve learned how to deal effectively with the masses. At the Nana bars usually some nice gal will sit with you or you can invite someone over.









My first night I had my diet cokes and did one barfine. The G Spot was a bit too dark for my taste. I like to see a dancers body, not have it so dark. I barfined near closing one bargirl but don’t recall which bar she was from. We went to Nana Guest House, one of the two short time hotels in the Nana Complex. The hotel cost was 300B. So total cost was 500b barfine, 1000b for the girl and 300 for the room for a total of 1800B or about $46 US.






Fan Asia 
Another night I returned to Nana (in the rain) and only went to Fan Asia on the 2nd floor. Many attractive dancers and one young one with my preferred body type (slim and tall) joined me. She knew very little English but was cute trying to communicate. She seemed a bit more timid than some, but nice. Later I learned that she had just started working in the bar. I did barfine her and the mama was giving her all sorts of instructions. Wish I knew Thai to know what they were saying! This time went to the other short time hotel (Taboo) on 3rd floor, which was 325baht for 2 hours. I paid 500b barfine, 1000b for the girl, and 325b for the hotel. I much preferred using the short time hotels instead of taking her all the way back to my much nicer hotel. Total about $48 US.













Rosemary Bar
This small first floor bar on your right is known for its blow jobs. I stopped in briefly but that isn't my interest.

Most reports agree that Nana is one of the best places for quality of girls and honesty.  However, there seems to be a couple very bad apples in the bunch that are giving Nana a bad name.  The problems seem isolated however, at only a couple of the 30 Nana Plaza bars.

Rainbow Bar I & II  WARNINGS
There has been some very disturbing reports on TSM regarding bargirl scams at this bar and customers being beaten if they complain. Based on this I would totally avoid these two bars.

The reports are the scam is often done by one of the most beautiful bargirls. But when the customer barfines her, she never returns to him to go with him but moves on to other customers. One report from someone who says he saw this happen said when she walked by him much later the customer grabbed her arm and asked "where have you been". Immediately thugs at the bar attacked him, kicking him and dragged him out of the bar all bloody. In addition one of the other bargirls stole his wallet when he was lying on the floor.

Another person who lives in Bangkok says: "It happens more often than we all might want to believe." And that he has had the barfine scam pulled on him also at the Rainbow bar, which has a bad reputation. 

It seems that the Tourist Police, will help recover the money stolen if they are notified, but they often won’t charge any Thai with assault if the customer made any physical move to try and get back his stolen money. 

If you are scammed, go directly to the Tourist Police which have a station at the corner a block from Nana Plaza and complain, but don’t even "grab the arm" of the person that scammed you or you could wind up on the wrong end of a kick boxing demonstration. 

Many reports say that the Tourist Police are actually very helpful if they believe you are truthful about being cheated in a bar or have other problems.

Another more typical scam is being reported by different people at Rainbow II. They agree to long term (all night) barfine and 1500b for the girl.  Reports say: "The girls consistently are coming up with the same story as why they could not stay long time even though they liked us sooo much. Standard story was that they had a sister that just arrived that night and didn't have any food or money so they had to get back home in a 2 hours to feed them. Sorry for the misunderstanding, thought we only wanted short time. The both demanded the full amount agreed to as well (1500baht)."

Overall, Thailand is a very safe place. Crime is at a relatively low levels (considering the poverty there is). I keep remembering all the armed security guards in and police in military type uniforms most everywhere I went in Manila. Eating at a McDonalds with heavily armed police guarding you was a new experience! I saw none of that in Bangkok, since crime is much lower from all the reports I’ve read. But you still should be careful of pickpockets etc just like in any major city in the world.

There has been a lot of follow-up discussion of this incident and the conclusion seems to be that it is very rare in Thailand where your more at risk of being smiled to death than attacked physically. 

Thai men can get very jealous of their women, but the culture normally avoids physical violence. But occasionally such incidents do occur and have been reported at times in the Bangkok Post. However, compare this to the U.S. where such assaults are so common they never get reported by the press unless someone is killed since non lethal physical violence happens all the time and isn’t newsworthy.

There have been other negative comments about the Rainbow group of bars (RB1 & RB2). It that most of the ladies in these bars have LOTS of attitude. The management also is very pushy with the drinks, LDs and BFs. Someone said they were kicked out of the bar  for nursing only 1 drink over a half-hour period. They wanted him to order another drink, buy lady drinks or pay-up and get out.  Also, the bars (especially RB2) attracts lots of Japanese tourists so the ladies are now very used to big wallets.

I fortunately never had any bad experiences at any bar or go go.  I never felt pressured for lady drinks, only had my diet coke and only bought one lady drink at a time for one lady.  The cost of lady drinks varied from about 50B to 95B ($1.25-$2.40US).

There are also reports that at some Nana bars if you go to the men's room when you return you may find a bunch of added bar tabs in your bowl (where they drop off the bills for each drink).  A report on TSM says when one person left money for just the drinks he ordered and walked out he was attacked by many Thai men. He just kept walking fast into a more public area and eventually the Thais stopped hitting him. Fortunately these experiences are rare but they do happen which gives all the bars a bad reputation if it becomes known.

Nana Disco
This is a after-hours pickup place somewhat similar to the Thermae (I discuss later). It is located inside the Nana Hotel. After the Nana complex closes at 2am the girls who have not been barfined out, or those that come back to make more money may hang out here. The drinks are quite expensive at 100B and are aggressively pushed on you. It is easier to just hang out or observe people at the Thermae without the drink pressure.

Outside Nana Plaza Entrance seems to be popular gathering spot for .... ELEPHANTS
Elephant Pictures from:

Left Picture: Tail Lights Elephants have to obey all traffic laws.

Right Picture says:Walk under the elephant for good luck - 24 baht"

Link to More Street Pictures Dave took on Soi 3 and nearby area
Sorry I took pictures early morning - no sexy girls that might be offended if had pictures taken and no pictures allowed in the bars.  So its just interesting street scenes.  You have to go there to meet all the attractive women that want to be with you!


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