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When the Navy (U.S.) Stops In Pattaya

U.S./ Thai joint military exercises have been held every May/June since the early 80's.  This is what mostly started the adult activities in Pattaya, which previously was a quiet fishing village.   Sailors after being at sea for many months get shore leave in Pattaya.  Sometimes just a carrier like the Kitty Hawk comes to port, and at other times the entire aircraft battle group of 7-10 ships with up to 10,000 sailors comes in.

For security reasons (against terrorists etc) the Navy doesn't announce when it will arrive.  However every bargirl seems to know when the fleet is on the way in.  They get letters from their sailor boyfriends, and some may be in cell phone contact with them.  I understand many bars have huge welcome U.S. Navy signs out.

Here are some newsgroup comments from "eye witnesses":

At 4 PM when I am writing this, Every bar on the beach is packed with hungry and horny youthful sailors and marines. It is like Dodge City! women have arived from BKK. All Hotels on the strip areas are turning away sailors full. Ill try and find out when they will be leaving, But they just arived from 4 months out at sea so expect at least a week.

I am a big supporter of US Forces and a vet also so I wont slam them at all. Just wanted you to know that it is now very very busy here and these guys have 4 months worth of paychecks to throw around town. 
The bars here were already in swing at 9 AM this morning and busy. Unbelieveable!!! You have to see the lines at all the ATM's they go out to the street with Military.. Pattaya is making a mint on the US fellas.
I found out that some of the Go-Go's really shaft the Navy dudes. I was told there that barfine was 1000B (up from 500!) and some of the fine women ask for 3000-5000b for them.
I am in Pattaya too!!!.. GREAT TIME!... the girls are horny and sweet, having been here almost 2 weeks now and never had any bad experience. Great attitude and everyone very willing to please. The NAVY Guys are fun to be with and i think we'll have a great time here during the next few days!!!
There seem to be mixed comments about the situation in Pattaya when the Navy is in town. In general, I don't think it's a problem and it's funny to see them strolling around the place. Unfortunately, when an aircraft carrier with support ships show up, that amounts to something like 10,000 people strolling around. No matter how you cut it, the place gets damned crowded. The day before the Kitty Hawk arrived Beach road was relatively quiet and serene. The next day it was jammed with traffic and as crowded as it could get. Also, many of the hotels get booked when the big ships are in. It's not possible to have much advance notice as the Navy policy is to keep this information as confidential as possible. It usually becomes known a week or so in advance. But for me, I would always skip the place when the carriers are there.
I have found 'it' to be both positive and negative. The positive is a lot more girls are around due to the slobs penchant for throwing money around. The negative is a lot of quality girls are bought out for days on end. Also, nasty bar fights make for an 'ugly American' scene that I can do without.
Yup, the navy is coming. So what. Pattaya is like a vagina, it can pretty much stretch to fit. Pattaya will not run out of girls.

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