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News  Articles Of Interest - Bangkok and the rest of Thailand
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August 7, 1999 Bangkok Post
[Night sites] 
The public health ministry announced there are approximately 66,001 ladies of the evening in Thailand _ 26,145 of them working in 1,350 Bangkok sex centres. They have 3,138 male counterparts. The nationwide survey showed the number of entertainment places is steadily rising, but the number of Thais in the industry has remained stable for five years.

August 7, 1999 Bangkok Post
[Sitting still]
Bangkok is losing _ and may already have lost both its ranking and reputation as the world's worst city for traffic. A new Asian study showed our traffic jams are no longer the worst, let alone our monopoly. Even Singaporeans rank traffic as their worst social problem. Traffic jams throughout Asia are catching up to ours. The only good news for defenders and lovers of the Thai traffic jam: Thais still spend the longest average time travelling to work and back of all Asians: 82 minutes a day.

Chips Track Rogue Elephants

Elephants brought illegally into Bangkok's city limits will get microchip implants so authorities can track their movements to prevent them re-entering and further cluttering the capital's already congested streets.

Dozens of elephants wander the streets of Bangkok in violation of city regulations with their mahouts, or keepers, who make a fast buck by charging people to feed or take pictures with the beasts.

An official of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration said authorities were acting after animal lovers raised an outcry over exploitation of the animals and motorists complained about traffic snarls.

"We can no longer tolerate owners of elephants who exploit these poor animals and will take tough action against them," said Thirachai Wutthitham, a deputy Bangkok governor.

Offending mahouts will have their elephants rounded up, implanted with the chip, and trucked out of the city to their home provinces.

Authorities will then track the elephants to make sure they do not re-enter city limits.

Thailand has nearly 3,000 elephants, which are revered as national symbols.

But the elephants and their owners are in dire straits now because many of the beasts formerly employed in the logging business became jobless after the government revoked all logging concessions in 1989.

Someone said:
Soon we would expect some elephants in Thailand with stickers "Intel Inside"on them.

More on elephants from Bangkok Post
Lampang -- On the mend and looking healthier than the economy was Motala, the elephant that stepped on a landmine. Veterinarians said she would need require a jumbo version of physiotherapy to help her walk again. They removed the foot and a tiny bit of the lower leg of the 38-year-old logging elephant. The Elephant Hospital stopped the bleeding, prevented infection and gave Motala an oversized amount of TLC and bananas.

From The Bangkok Post 25 July 1999
[To dye for]
Policewomen are dyeing to look good in their jobs. And in addition to colouring their hair, they are cutting their skirts shorter and putting on the makeup and jewellery. Now, their superiors have ordered the policewomen to stop looking so good. Hair should be black, skirts should be knee length or longer _ and wash off the makeup, say the regulations. The policewomen were unamused. ``Imagine yourself in a long skirt with a pale face and no hairdo,'' said one. ``I'm almost 30,'' lamented another. ``Who'll lay eyes on me if I don't make an effort to look my best?''

Tourist advice from Bangkok Post June 26, 1999
Signs went up around Bangkok International Airport, warning tourists of the dangers of free-lance, unlicenced taxi drivers. They are part of a public relations campaign following the murders of six foreign tourists, apparently by a rogue tourist guide. The new, improved and larger signs urge visitors to take only licenced taxis from designated areas. An Egyptian man is under arrest on suspicion he lured the murdered tourists into an unmarked taxi, and then stabbed them to death and robbed them.

From Bangkok Post June 26,1999
[Child abuse]
Bangkok was disgusted by the sad tale of a 14-year-old Amerasian girl. She was drugged and gang-raped in a disco, and dumped at the side of the road. When she awoke, she hailed a taxi -- but the driver tried to molest her. She jumped out of the cab and ran to two policemen. They planted a drug on her, and demanded either 50,000 baht or sex as the price for getting off. She was rescued from the police by a news photographer who just happened onto the scene.

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