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I didn't go to Patpong, since from reading other reviews I really didn't think it would interest me that much.

Here is a typical review (sorry I forget from who do give credit):

This is the original adult area of Bangkok for farang men going back to the 1950’s. It tends to be the most expensive area with some girls wanting 5000B short-term. It is famous for its upstairs sex shows were you can watch girls putting all sorts of things in their vagina’s if that turns you on. Lots of touts yelling at you as you come by: "you want fucking show, you want cheap beers, hello handsome man, welcome please" etc.

There seems to be a high ratio of katoey’s (lady boys) especially in the Kings Group bars which are numerous. However the King’s chain also runs a tight ship and doesn’t allow customers to be ripped off in their bars.

There are many reports of tourists being presented with bills for ridiculous amounts of money as show fees in the upstairs bars. Your drinks may be 100B (which is higher than other areas) but you might also be billed a 10,000B show fee without any idea of this charge when you come in. If you try and leave just paying for the drinks you may be gang attacked by a bunch of Thai men. Your only choice is to pay the huge bill and complain to the Tourist Police who usually have a van in the area. Often they are very helpful in getting your money back, I understand, but many tourists won’t bother to involve the police.

Also don’t pay for drinks with large bills like 1000B for a less than 500B tab. They may only give you change for 500B and insist that is all you gave them. You don’t have much recourse for that.

The area is also known for its many pickpockets. When you reach for your wallet you don’t want to feel someone else’s hand in your pocket also.

It is a very touristy area with families going to all the outdoor shops and trinket traps. It is more a carnival atmosphere which can be interesting to see.  Often married couples will go into a bar out of curiosity, not realizing what is going on and it is fun to watch their reactions - the husband trying not to look too interested.

This is my least favorite area of Bangkok and I would avoid it in the future.  But for those that enjoy such sex shows, it might be more your thing.

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