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Pattaya Beer Bars, Freelancers, Gogo’s, Massage,
Scams & Crime Reports

While Bangkok has lots of Gogo bars, as well as many beer bars, Pattaya has fewer gogo bars and many more beer bars. In Pattaya there are freelancers all over the streets, along the beach and walking the sois. Also there are zillions of massage places both for traditional Thai massage and the erotic/sexual body massages meaning her whole body is massaging you not just her hands!.

Beer Bars
Beer bars are usually open-air bars with scads of hostesses who can be barfined short term which is usually for 2 hours. Some of the bars have their own rooms to use. As in Bangkok the girl doesn’t get any of the barfine, but gets a small commission from lady drinks and all of her own fee, typically 1000B or less for short-term. This 1000B is a huge amount for the girl, compared to her salary and drink commissions. That is why they are often quite aggressive and keep saying "bar fine?" In Pattaya however, they bar girls seem less aggressive than in many of the Bangkok bars. I don’t personally care much for the beer bars, since I’d prefer to be inside in air conditioning and have a more structured experience mainly because of the language barrier. However if you speak some Thai, and don’t mind the heat/humidity, the beer gardens are more relaxed and often more laid back with less barfine pressure than the gogos.

Go-Go Bars
There are many gogos in Pattaya with many of them along the "Golden mile" on the south side. As in Bangkok, some of shows of various kinds, while in others the girls just stand and twist, shake and giggle on stage. I saw quite a few nude dancers but I understand that is technically illegal but enforcement isn’t very strict.

At one of the gogo’s near the Eastiny I even say a nude dancer in the lap of a customer who was carressing her breasts etc. I wish I had been so lucky! Reminds me of how it use to be at the Alaskan Bush Company in Phoenix, but not any more with new, very restrictive laws where hugging a dancer even with clothes on is illegal because those dirty sexy breasts even if clothed can’t touch a man even clothed body. This is somehow supposed to make neighborhoods safer and protect the children. That is the stupid mentality over sexuality in the U.S.! It is much better to have lots of sexually frustrated men than happy, sexually satisfied men in the U.S. And the religious right and politicians want to be sure to control morality since they know what is best – their repressive sexuality teachings.

Often a "freelancer" on the street will run up to be and hug me and almost beg for me to sit with her and talk (which is hard with the language barrier) or may be direct and say ""I want to go make boom-boom in my loom for 400 baht." Sometime I had a hard time getting rid of them by just saying no! Since they are not associated with a bar, there is no barfine so the package for short-term may cost much less since there is no barfine to pay.

HOWEVER, it is very risky to pick up a freelancer since these are the girls most likely to scam you, rob you or give you a drink to make you pass out to rob you, or even have knock out drugs on their tits that they ask you to suck.

If you are in a hotel that requires registration and the ID for any guest’s guest, this can help. All legitimate girls have ID’s that every person in Thailand has. Many men think it is a hassle and don’t like the idea of hotels requiring ID’s of guests. But this requirement is for your protection because of the scams and thefts that do occur. Most of the nicer hotels require ID’s. Most don’t charge you any more for a guest, even if overnight, but most do require her to register and the security guard won’t let her in to the hotel with you unless she does.

This ID policy is partially the result of lawsuits against hotels. At one higher class hotel, Khun Somsak the manager is reported to have said they had a rash of druggings and passed out customers who awoke to find stuff missing. Some sued the hotel causing all sorts of legal problems. Some were GI’s visiting for Cobra Gold exercises, and this created major problems for the hotels. Since the new requirement to provide ID’s there have not been any incidents.

Massage Parlors

Traditional Thai massage for a complete massage typically takes 2 hours. It is non-sexual. You may even have to wear pajamas and its is done on a mat.. The costs is typically only 100-200B/hour.

There are also many body/body massage places where the women's naked body massages you and where "special massage" (i.e. sex which usually includes oral, hand and vaginal "massage" of your most erotic body parts!) is easily available from very willing beautiful women who have none of the hang-ups about nudity that American massage women have. Cost is often 1000-2000B for everything, quite similar to lower cost but good places such as Annie’s in Bangkok.

In the picture, the girls in yellow are "superstars" which cost a little more than just "normal" massage girls.


Marine Disco
The Marine Disco is most like the Thermae or Nana Disco in Bangkok. It is the place to go after 2:00 am when all of the bars close.. Drinks are expensive here even for my diet cokes! Like the two places in Bangkok there is a great variety of girls and customers here. And like in Bangkok, sometimes it’s the girls with STD’s or AIDS that can’t work in the bars that may also be here along with bargirls coming back from a short-term, or those that didn’t get bought out when their bar was open.

Pattaya overall History, trends and warnings of scams

Recent Trends
In 1999 the general trend that has been reported is ever increasing numbers of bars. I understand in the usually slow season of Jun-Aug, 1999 business has not been as bad as in other years. Because of the economic problems in Thailand, more girls than ever seem to pour into Pattaya and more and more new bars open. This seems really amazing to me, since in September while still in low season, I think business is supposed to be picking up the bars and streets are swamped with girls, all competing for the few customers. The baht buses (they only cost 5 baht) are mostly empty and scads of empty ones like the streets waiting for customers.

Beer bar prices, I understand are stable and remain low compared to Bangkok. Short-term bar fines run about 200B and 500 for the women. Gogo bars are higher and comparable to the low end in Bangkok with bar fines of 400-500 and short time (about 2 hours I assume) 1000 ($US26) for the girl. Short-time is much more common here, as in Bangkok than long-time (all night).

Drugs & Violence
It has been reported that drug use is quite high by girls in their early 20’s. Older women don’t seem to use nearly as much, nor approve of its use. The drug of choice seems to be Yaa Baa (an amphetamine). The result often is increasing thefts from customers and violence.

As I discuss related to the Nana Plaza incident at Rainbow bar, all of Thailand is relatively safe compared to the U.S. Bar fights are rare compare again to in the U.S. But it seems to be the increase in violence is mostly caused by the Thai’s fighting more not the foreigners, even drunken foreigners.

How the Girls Scam many Men from afar
It is quite common for a farang (Foreign Caucasian tourist) who is lonely and "falls in love" with a Thail bargirl try to have the bargirl stop working due to his jealousy and he offers to pay her support.

Many bargirls get lots of farang’s at a time to provide her support and they all think they are her only boyfriend. Often the farang buys her a cell phone so he can keep in touch with her (and check up on her) sometimes daily. It is common to see a bargirl have to jump off a customers lap when her cell phone light goes on and run out of the bar to talk to one of her supporters where it is quiet so she can say she no longer works in a bar, thanks to his support.

A good exempla (from BKK but it is also common in Pattaya) of this is a post on 9/16/99 from "Mel"
Last time I was in the nana hotel lobby I saw a girl receive such a call in the lobby where she set looking for customers-she asked the caller where the 10000 baht she needed was-she said she had checked her atm and it was not there yet-she then told the caller she needed a big house and a car to become his full time tilac-after the call was over her and her girl friend-an older woman at the pre mamasan stage had an intense rehash of the conversation in which thye were obviously pondering how best to play the farang .

In Pattaya it is reported that many of these supporters are U.S. military men who fall in love with the girl on their R&R leave in Pattaya.

Pattaya Scams
& Some Very Unhappy Customers !!!
Well this WAS a good site until I got this message:
We took down our SCAM Board due to "Advice" from those in the know here. Seems we upset a few (wealthy) people here by making things so Public. 
Pattaya like all tourist resorts has its share of problems. We are a growing country. Law enforcement can at times be slow and backwards. Some people will take full advantage of this. Please submit your story and we will contact the business or person for their version. Both sides will be allowed to speak. We hope this public forum does some good.  That was the message before they took the site down.

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