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Pattaya: The City & Geography

Thirty years ago Pattaya was a small fishing village before becoming a R&R stop for the military in the Vietnam war.  "Pattaya" is the word for the wind when it blows from the southwest to northeast at the beginning of the rainy season.

It is  now most known for inexpensive sex with so many different options with well over 1000 bars, gogo’s, massage parlors etc.

Pattaya also has many non-sexual attractions such as fine seafood and a huge variety of other good restaurants with many different types of food, cabaret shows, discos, water sports, fishing, Thai boxing, bowling, American movies, shopping, golfing, beaches, spectacular scenery, elephant shows, beautiful temples, Buddhist shrines, etc.

Although the beautiful beach at Pattaya has been spoiled by unfettered growth and pollution, just a few kilometers to the south, Jomtien Beach remains relatively clean and unspoiled. The island of Larn (Koh Larn) is a 30-minute boat trip away from the center of Pattaya and has miles of virgin beaches and is virtually undeveloped. Some effort is now being made to clean up the main beach at Pattaya and with the installation of proper sewage and storm water facilities, rapid progress is being made.

But Pattaya’s biggest attraction is sex both for Asians (many Chinese tours) and farangs (foreign Caucasians). It has been estimated that about 50% of the tourists coming to Bangkok are American farangs. But in Pattaya there are fewer Americans (except when the U.S. Navy comes in for R&R) Most farangs in Pattaya are from the U.K, or Germany. Most of the rest are Western Europeans, Australians, and Arabs, I’ve been told.

The U.S. navy comes in about twice a year with up to 10,000 sailors and marines on R&R to relieve themselves of pent up sexual needs after a long time at sea! However Pattaya is so huge, it easily seems to absorb all the military with no problem those that have been here say. It seems they don’t have much money to spend, they mostly drink and have to be back on their ships by midnight (when nightlife is just getting into full swing). Even if a lot of them barfine girls there is still a huge excess ratio of women to men. The peak time of the Navy in town seems to be mid-May to early June when the U.S. Navy & Marines does joint exercises with the Thai military. The exact date is kept somewhat confidential for security reasons (don’t tell any potential terrorists) but it seems the bargirls know (via cell phone with military supporters) and I’ve been told the bars may be filled with welcome signs a few days before.

Another time you may want to avoid is in April around the "Songkran" festival, when passerbys may be soaked with buckets of water dropped on them by over active tourists that take the traditional being sprinkled with water to the extreme. This is even more a problem I understand in Bangkok and many escape Bangkok to escape some of this there. The result is many places raise their prices as much as a week before the festival since I guess you are less liked to get soaked in Pattaya vs. Bangkok.

The City of Pattaya is built on Pattaya Bay with Beach Road running North-South along the Bay. Second Road is parallel with Beach Road and small lanes (sois) lined with bars connect the two. But it is very hard to find street signs in English except at a few of the sois. On the South end there is the "Strip" or it’s called the "Golden Mile" which includes "Walking Street" since it is closed to traffic at night. This south end is where the concentration of adult entertainment is the highest.

There must be more sex workers per mile in Pattaya than anywhere else in Thailand, possibly the world, all competing for the sex tourist's dollar.

Pattaya’s adult entertainment area covers a huge area. While Bangkok’s main areas are small and condensed (Nana Plaza a very tightly backed small area, Soi Cowboy a concentrated one-block area, etc.) Pattaya’s is far larger geographically. Yet it is also very dense in many areas with bars etc. For example, around the Eastiny Inn on Soi 8 there are like 100 beer bars in about a 2-block area piled next to each other.

Getting around is quite easy by Baht buses which are sort of like the Jeepney’s of the Philippines, although not as colorful. They only cost 5B (have lots of 5B coins to use). The "buses" are actually small pick up trucks, painted blue, modified with seats in the back with a step to get you up and in. Baht busses cruise the main tourist routes going South on Beach Street and North on Second Road and a few other streets. They honk at you as they go, wanting you to get on. You tell the driver what street you are doing to and pay after you get off.

MAPS That Are Very Helpful !

The best map for finding streets I’ve seen is at Pattaya Pete’s Freelancer Bar website at His overall website is one of the best for overall information on Pattaya and you might also enjoy his freelancer bar with hostesses as I did.

There are also very detailed maps showing each business on each street at

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