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Friday Night's Many Happy Pattaya Adventures
Soi 8 Beer Bars-Bubbles Gogo - Carousel Gogo 
Freelancer Bar - Paradise Gogo

Picking up from where I left off previous night before I got lost in South Pattaya….I continued following some of the advice of Sarasin from an old post from early 1999 proved very helpful. Since he likes gogo's over beer bars like I seem to I hit pay dirt following a couple of his recommendations.

Soi 8 Beer Bars
First I did hang out a bit at the nearby beer bars on Soi 8, met some nice girls, sort of talked (greatly limited by language barrier) but didn't want to bring any to my room.

On to South Pattaya and Walking Street 
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Then took the baht bus to Bubbles on Soi Pattayland 2. Now this is more my kind of gogo! Filled with men with very attractive (to me) gals in their laps etc. Found a nice booth area and soon joined by a taller attractive Thai gal. She did all the right things; responded wonderfully to the non-sexual touch I like to do at clubs to see how they respond. Seemed very warm, melted into my arms etc. I knew from the review that they had rooms upstairs. The staircase was also obvious with lots of dancers and an occasional man going up. After awhile of lots of great non-sexual intimacy and her wanting me to take her to hotel long-term, I suggested short-term upstairs, which she was very happy with. Barfine is 600B but that includes the room plus 1000B for her. 

Up we go to room that was far nicer than any other short-time room I've been in. Large shower, large bed looks like recently remodeled, not at all dungy like most short-term hotels.  We nicely showered and hit the bed. I easily got her out of the "perform as soon as you hit the bed" routine. I had said earlier how much I wanted to massage her etc. first. She really did seem to enjoy it as much as I did. In fact ask me to do more later. Did the girlfriend sex thing, and for the rest of the hour I really enjoyed the sensual cuddling, stroking and all those things I enjoy along with sex.

She seemed to be absorbing my touch like a sponge. Kept saying (I'm sure she does to all men) but lots of "like you, nice gentleman, wish you take home with you"…. all the usual stuff I am sure. Actually I had some decent conversation and of course the usual "come again and be sure to see me"!

In fact I'd love to meet more women here as I am a butterfly and like to meet new similar gals. I do enjoy the variety of relating this way to different women. I never understood her name but was #39.

Only minor negative is while I don't like huge breasted women, I like women that at least have bigger breasts than I do! Hers were very small, but that is common with Asians it seems. In the Philippines, it seemed to be even more common. But I was much more satisfied from the intimacy sharing than disappointed in her breasts. She did joke about them up front warning me they were only an "A". 

Then baht bused back to the hotel wanting to pick up more $ since I don't like to carry too much with me.

Then had desert at Swenson's Ice Cream in Royal Plaza just before they closed at midnight. Had dined again at…Pizza Hut earlier.

Carousel Gogo
On to Carousel gogo which Sarasin likes. I can see why. Attractive dancers who looked like they enjoyed themselves are smiling looking happy and having friendly interactions with lots of customers. It was a very relaxed atmosphere.

When I first walked in I was led directly to my usual worst seat in the house for me - a stool by the bar. But this time I simply ignored the "seater" and walked past, scanning the scene fast and doubled back to sit in the area to the left of the entrance. They didn't have much of my favorite bench seating but the area I found allowed someone to sit in front of you instead of just side-by-side and they seemed like lower bar stools than at most gogo's. Actually I found a nice cozy area with a table coming out from the wall and if a girl wanted to join me the seating arrangement allowed for my nice touch thingI.

The stage revolves and they did all sorts of different routines. So much more interesting than the stand, sway and wiggle a bit of some dancers at other gogo's. They have fluorescent lighting and in one routine a body painter painted the nude dancers body with paint that glowed under the lights. There was also a fire show where the girls played with fire and dripped wax on themselves, which was quite well done. 

Even though I wasn't approached by anyone, I felt quite at home here and on future trips would consider it a prime place to "women hunt".  While like most of the gogo's (except Bubbles) the women didn't aggressively solicit you, they were very responsive whenever some guy approached them. I saw more such approaches than at any other club. 

You could also easily tell the players. The mama's were very friendly, one came over and welcomed me shaking my hand, wore green professional looking outfits with name tags that glowed in lights with name and "Guest Relations". The servers were in yellow outfits whose glowing name tags said "Server".

In gogo's where I hardly ever see any dancer/customer interaction other than just sitting and talking I wonder if the hugging, cuddling and caressing that I enjoy so much is allowed. Here it obviously was. There was one guy in particular that seemed to be just like me in what he liked to do non-sexually at a club and his gal was responding very well. I also saw a few other similar situations so I knew it was my type of place where I would be comfortable choosing someone to meet and doing my thing with them.

The interaction I enjoy is exactly the opposite of what I saw a young guy doing which seemed annoying to the girls. He had his hands on them all as he passed.  He would pat their butts, and in general do what some women in our Liberated Christians Fellowship Group described as irritating touch vs. the more sincere caring for one as a person touch, that most women enjoy,  which is very different from a teasing or sexually touch. Later I saw one of the Guest Relations gals leading the guy out the door - sort of jokingly dragging him out. I am not sure if he was barfining her or if she was nicely kicking him out!

Even though I didn't meet or choose anyone to meet here, after my good experience at Bubbles, it is definitely a place I want to return to on a later trip and probably spend more time here. I enjoy the people watching and seeing the interactions that occur as well as feeling comfortable here trying to meet dancers. I wonder if there are any cheap short-term hotels nearby since it's a bit far from Eastiny and I tend to prefer not to use my hotel for short-term. There is a larger hotel (forget name) at the end of the Soi in the middle of everything, but they may not have short-term rates. Sign on wall says barfine 500B ($US13) which seems quite standard, although the Bubbles 600 was good because it also included the room, which otherwise is usually about another 300-400B.

Freelancer Bar  
Pattaya Pete's Bar who has been very active and helpful on TSM.  He also has lots of very good information about Pattaya on his site at


Picture on Right is the Staff of Freelancer

Pictures used with permission of Pattaya Pete



Ok lets go down Walking Street to Pete's place. May have surprised the "Welcome come in" girl by actually turning and going in as she was trying to direct people to do! 

At Freelancer it appears the welcome girl also comes in with you to be your hostess. Naturally she was the shortest girl in the place (I tend to prefer taller). BUT, I soon discovered that sometimes the best presents come in small packages.

She invited me to a bar stool area, but I spotted some very comfy looking coaches and had no problem diverting to them. She was delightful, we mutually massaged each other, she seemed to enjoy my type of intimacy and responded back so well with lots of nice kissing (not tear your tongue out type which  I don't like) and enjoyed the cuddling and caressing. She didn't speak as good of English as the Bubbles girl but the non-verbal touch communication is the same in any language when two people are both good at it and enjoy it. She kept saying how nice I was (as again I'm sure they to do everyone) but no big pressure for more drinks or to barfine. Her nametag said her real name was Rachael? or something like that and her nickname was Faa.

The only negative is they have more clothes on than I am use to from the gogo's but it was still a great intimacy experience and they look more like professional hostesses than hookers!  All the girls looked happy, friendly and also interacted well with each other being helpful etc. Not many stunners but not that bad and a good variety of different women and certainly many that I could enjoy being with. Especially if others are as good with intimacy interactions as Faa.

I didn't show my TSM discount coupon (part of Eastiny Inn Deal) until the end since I didn't want them to treat me any different than anyone else just off the street. But after I did, on the way out, Faa introduced me to Lee? the manager who was also very nice. I tip Faa 100B, which I hope is a good tip as I enjoyed being with her.  At this point I really wasn't interested in barfining anyone.

This is another place I definitely would return to on future trips to Pattaya.

Back to Eastiny Hotel - The Walk and Katoey's
Then I go back to the hotel to relax, answer and scan my E-mails. I'm doing a good job keeping up but it does take time since I get 200+/day. Some are from mailing lists but also lots are from people asking questions etc that visit with about 1500 people/day and with 500/day visiting - different IP addresses per clog logs. 

On the way back I walk up Beach Street to Soi Post office and then to Second Road and a baht bus. But this time I walk on the Beach side to avoid all the "me suck you good" katoey's that are working the other side so aggressively. Even so, I must be like a magnet that attracts them, as they call at me from the other side of the street. Wow, that is a stunner standing in front of the closed McDonalds who is trying to get my attention. If only she was what it seems!

El Hefe Comments seeing my report says::
As I always stay at the Siam Bayshore Hotel at the north end of Walking Street, I end up dealing with the Katoey contingency there quite frequently. Seems to me that you are responding to them in the wrong way, and thus attracting them over to you.
Afgter having been to Thailand so many times, I have become accustomed to Katoeys. Don't get me wrong, I am still quite heterosexual as anyone who knows me will readily confirm, and I have not (knowingly) taken home a Katoey. But whereas a first time visitor from the US might have an initial homophobic reaction--finding them hirrific or disgusting--I actually find them amusing. Sort of like watching a clown at the circus--you see the with their makeup, and the more like a woman they appear the more I have to laugh.

However, this is not the reaction you want to have. Even a small friendly smile will have these agressive ladyboys giving chase. Second looks have the same effect. As you approach, you must quicken your pace, put on a stern "don't mess with me" look, and if you do make eye contact, give them the impression that you find them disgusting and would rather beat them up than have them touch you. Don't get the wrong idea--I am not saying to beat them up or in any way attack them. Assault on any person is wrong! But, unfortunately, this is the look I give them which keeps them at bay. (You don't know how hard it is for me to hold back a smile as I am inwardly laughing but outwardly, looking like I am headed to war).

BTW, I also put a hand on my wallet pocket whenever any katoey comes near--I think this is good policy.

Paradise Bar Soi 8 - Across from Eastiny Hotel 
Then I decide if its not too late to see what is in the door of "Welcome To Paradise" which I keep watching from my hotel window.  Also someone on TSM suggested this might be my type of place. So I go over at 2:20am. I ask what time they close and a girl says 4am, which matches what I've observed from my hotel window. 

The person on TSM was right about the club. Gee, its much nicer inside than it looks like it might be from the outside. It has my perfect kind of lounge seating. It has a live band that is very enthusiastic. A small stage, but friendly, no pressure, relaxing type atmosphere. But it seems they don't have cokes. Instead hostess brings me some sort of watered down drink which I don't drink. That is fine I really have no need for more, I've already almost drowned in all the cokes tonight. See apologizes for "no coke" and I try to communicate that is fine. 

The small dance stage has a few house dancers, but occasionally a man will dance. A farang (German I'd guess) couple comes in and the women seems to know most of the dancers and hostesses. She winds up sitting on their laps, hugging and dancing in the aisle with most of the dancers. Then a bunch of to me very attractive taller, looking girls come in with street clothes on. A couple tall Chinese looking girls and then a very tall attractive Thai pair of women. They seem to know everyone and start dancing on the stage. 

What seems a newer girl without much experience is seated close to me. The hostess is trying to get her to move closer to me and is talking to her trying to help her get the hang of it it seems. I'm not that attracted to her so politely answer the usual bargirl questions but don't start any of my touch moves. 

I try and make a lot of eye contact with one of the nice tall off the street dancers and she smiles. She tries to get me to join her on stage. I'm not much of a fan of me dancing but enjoy watching others. Then she comes off stage and sits with me for almost 30 minutes.  We do good touch sharing but not quite the intimacy response of some of the others tonight, but she is attractive with an especially exotic face. I seem to be getting better at communicating with Thai's that know just a little English. She owns a bar (boss lady) in Bangkok with her other attractive friend that came in with her. I tried to get the name of her bar, which she said was "My bar" but I don't think that's the actual name…language problem here. She comes to Pattaya on weekends where they both work at Happy Massage? in North Pattaya.

She keeps trying to have me go with her to Disco's. Not my interest and don't want to be out that much longer. Asks hotel and tell her Eastiny across the street, but she doesn't recognize it. I decide not to invite her "home" but did enjoy her and tipped her 100B, which she seemed to appreciate. I wonder if the Paradise girls don't resent someone off the street meeting "their" customers. But they seemed all one big happy group where that wasn't an issue. Again this is another place I'd hang out in more on future trips to Pattaya.

Quite an interesting Friday night as I finish writing this at 5:30am.

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