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From Pattaya back to Bangkok
Eastiny Inn checkout 
Cabby lost again but Dave isn't

Checking Out Fun!
First the scene at my checking out of Eastiny was quite a comedy. Earlier in the morning when I checked at the front desk to get my free breakfast coupon the desk person either thought I was asking about my bill or was being nice to let me know who much the extra's were early. I had arranged for (and easily got) a late checkout for 2pm Sunday. The breakfast coupon procedure was confusing since the day before I went to the front desk they told me they had in the restaurant. So today, dumb me thinking it would be the same go to restaurant and they don't seem to have a clue what I'm talking about "don't have". So back to front desk which has it today…

Thus I digress, when getting the breakfast coupon she tells me incidentals on my bill is about 1600B. This sound reasonable since it includes 1000B for taxi back to Majestic Suites in Bangkok, plus a few waters from frig, a couple long-distance calls and lots of 6B charges every time I connect to loxinfo on my modem.

When I check out the extra's are 17xx and she mentions the water I just had as been added. But the water is only 15B? She notices I was on the phone a lot and I mention that I've been saying many nice things about them. Then I think she says they won't charge me for all the 6 B's for the local calls to connect. Then she quotes the final tab for extras and it's up to 1877baht.
  But the credit card slip is for 1934 baht!  There is a German guy standing at the checkout desk joking with me about it. My 15B drink makes bill go up 100B, them not charging local calls makes it go up again, it seems the longer I am at the desk the higher the bill gets. I'm asking for a printed receipt to take and worry that by the time it's printed that it will be a few hundred baht more.

The nice lady was laughing with us, but I don't think she quite understood what we were laughing about. Part of the rising cost as I stand there I think was because the earlier figures hadn't included the VAT and since I paid by credit card they charge another 3%. It was just humorous how fast it kept going up. They did charge me for the local calls, but I expected that.

I thought the clerk was quite nice and had always been friendly. She joked that she would always remember be when I came again. I was curious what her name was. So I was looking at her badge and she joked "you want to know who I am to come kill me?" It was all in good humor. And I very much liked the Eastiny, more than the other 3 hotels on this trip.

The cab to Bangkok had come early so had been waiting all this time. Young guy who spoke no English. Before leaving I did make sure he realized I had already paid the fare. Gave him receipt and seemed to understand.

The ride to Bangkok was uneventful other than his stop at a gas station half way where he got out and kept feeling the left tire and comparing it to the right tire. Oh great, he is getting a flat! The roadway was quite bumpy at times, but I think it was potholes not his tires.

Cabby Lost in Front of Majestic Suites
After the taxi coming to Pattaya got so lost, I was hoping this guy could find Majestic Suites, in Bangkok. I had their brochure with address and map but it was all in English not Thai. At first I think no problem, as I start to recognize where we are as we come down Soi 4 by the Grace Hotel. He is looking all over frantically and I try and gesture to turn left on Sukhumvit Road but then have to make a U turn further down or get turned around since it's on the other side of the street. He seems to get that part. So as we go by (on other side of the street) I'm pointing at it and saying have to go around. He gets that, although it's a long long way to turn around. The next street where you can turn has a no U turn sign and have to go down a long ways to backtrack.

I think all is fine, and we start coming up to the Hotel on Sukhumvit. As we approach I am saying "there that is it" but there is no place to stop. He turns on Soi 3 and I assume he will pull over there. He doesn't.  Apparently he had no clue that was the Majestic Suites with its big sign we just passed,  but he thought I meant to turn on Soi 3. He is looking intensely for the hotel and I'm having a very hard time gesturing trying to explain we just went past it. Finally I think he sort of got it. He pulls into the turn in at Omni Tower (where I just spend a week before my week in Pattaya). He spots the Omni taxi's and gets out to talk to them. Gee, Omni trying to get this guy to a competing hotel.

The Omni taxi guys are pointing where he can cut back to Sukhumvit and seem to obviously know where we are trying to go.

So, off we go… as we pass it again and I'm frantically pointing to it trying to here or whatever he might understand. Now he gets it! He seems to now understand what I've been trying to communicate laughs a bit and keeps saying "sorry". But there is still no place to let me out and get my 3 bags of luggage from the trunk. He pulls into the Nana entrance and we unload but obviously he can't leave the cab so I am packed like a pack horse with all my bags heading back to Majestic Suites.

Oh yes, back in Bangkok's much more hectic pace, more traffic to run you over on busy streets and elephants to watch out for to not back into you on the streets.

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