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Old Dave gets lost again…in Pattaya!
Cats A Go-Go, Siam Bayshore Adventure & Black Out Go-Go

While for the first few nights I sort of roamed around to get my bearings and the feel of the city by sort of randomly checking out gogo’s, tonight I thought I would be more focused. I have been reading many reviews I had saved from earlier in the year, especially from folks like Sarasin and others who say they like me, prefer the gogos over the beer bars. It’s sort of like I want to search more to see if there are more of the good gogo experiences I had in Bangkok and much more so in Manila and Angeles City.

I start out going to my favorite dinner spot – you won’t believe this – at Royal Garden Plaza – just South of Soi Post Office. Yep, I prefer American food and the very cool ultramodern Royal Garden Plaza. It’s an easy baht bus ride from the Eastiny Inn and from there Walking Street and all the South sois are in easy walking range.

I don’t get very hungry when traveling often just having a late breakfast and a late dinner. The breakfast is very good at Eastiny and free with Pattaya Pete’s Eastiny Inn deal. But since I didn’t get to bed until almost 6am, I slept in till noon and missed it. So for my only meal of the day, I enjoyed the dining at believe it or not Pizza Hut just before they closed. I almost never have Pizza at home, but love it when I travel.

I had an organized walking plan of places I wanted to visit. This includes Blue Hawaii, Carousal, Lipstick, Bubbles, Black Out, Anne’s Party Bar and then later Marine Bar and Freelancer since they are open the latest.

But first on the list was to check out Penthouse Hotel and Cats A gogo, since they have such a good website. The reviews of the hotel have not been very good, but I hadn’t seen many reviews of Cats. I didn’t mind that it was near the boystown end of Soi Pattayland 2. I just felt like wearing a sign saying, "sorry I’m just walking by, you’re the wrong sex" as the boys tried to get me in. Fortunately none were as aggressive as some of the Hello Girls at girls gogo’s. No one grabbed me to drag me in.

Cats A Go-Go (Link)
I walk into Cats and before I can do my fast scan of the seating arrangements I’m almost forced to sit on a barstool at the bar just as you enter. This is probably the last place I’d choose to sit. And this is so far the only time I’ve had to sit on a bar stool instead of my preferred bench seating to at least have the opportunity to do my nesting game with a bargirl, if any comes into my "nest" that was so fun in the Philippines, and in the U.S.

But once I order my coke and look around, the place doesn’t have that much bench seating from what I can see, and girls (kittens) occupied most just sitting. I don’t like the masks, since I enjoy looking at a women’s face. I thought most of the dancers were quite attractive. But the dancers seemed very bored, sad, and not very with it. There were quite a few guys drinking beers on the stools and bouncing their heads to the music, so Cats seems to have an attraction for some. But clearly not for me so I left after finishing my coke. One of the welcome girls outside was certainly into it and greeted me with "Come back soon" as I left.

Others like Cats better and the Penthouse Hotel adjacent that some say is quite run down.  Here is a response to my comments about Cats A Go-Go:
The Penthouse and Cats are my home from home in Pattaya and have been for 2 years so I am always interested in comments on them. Re the hotel many of the criticisms I have read have been clearly unfounded. I find it quite delightful and one of my possibilities is to live there permanently. I met my present Thai gf at Cats so perhaps I am biased but I find the atmosphere unique - for example the pool table (not mentioned by Dave) allows the girls and clients to socialise for a game; I also favour the way the dance floor space is broken up into several separate podia instead of thr usual single 'cattle market cage'. The atmosphere is relaxed (eg. clients are allowed to dance with the girls and I have availed myself of this opportunity several times though I regret to say no one has bar-fined me yet!) and there is a first class bar manager (young Steve) and Thai DJ (Duc). As for the gently SM style (masks, boots etc) it serves to add a touch of originality to Cats maybe reminiscent of the masked balls of the past. The girls are consistently beautiful and I have my own photo album to prove it. The are all organic and none are genetically modified (save maybe one!) As for the proximity to Boys' Town have no fear it is not contagious and the comedy show at 'Boys Boys Boys' is quite hilarious. Mr Jim

Re: Penthouse and
Cats", to which I would like to add the following:
>I agree with Mr. Jim ( CG Barlow ). Cats is more relaxed than other
>similar bars and is more like a hostess bar than a go-go. Some of the
>girls are excellent pool players so be forwarned. :-)

It'd be nice if someone would say 'hi' to you though. Hell, even 'miow' or a soft 'purrrr' would do.

Dave gets lost walking again!
Siam Bayshore Adventure
It was quite a nice cool night and I proceeded to walk over to Second Road and down to my next selected place on Soi Diamond.

Easy I thought…was I mistaken! OK…dumb Dave just thinks it’s easy to walk down Second Road and find the sois as you go south. I had notes with me showing it goes, Pattayland 2, Pattayland 1, PJ Soi, a couple no name sois and Soi Diamond.

But as I now realize looking at Pattaya Pete’s good map, is that sois don’t come off at a 90 degree angle from Second Row and they are much closer than I realized. I walked by the angled streets that looked more like small alleys with no bars to see near Second Road. I walked far too far and went way beyond Soi Diamond. I figured that if I just kept veering right I would have to wild up back to Beach Road or Walking Street. What I didn’t realize was that I was far too far South and already beyond the end of Walking Street. Now, looking at Pete’s map, which I sure wish I would have printed at home and brought with me, I actually wasn’t as lost as I thought. I think I made the big circle on Arthachinda Rd and was heading North again on Beach Road and would have been fine if I just kept going.

But I had no clue of this since there was no ocean, beach or street signs. I thought I wasn’t too far off track since I kept seeing baht buses, but I thought they must have been on the other route since I didn’t think I was back on Beach Road. About six blocks beyond the Siam Bayshore Hotel I decided wrongly I was not going to find anything I knew if I kept going. The street had less and less people on it as I kept going and was getting to look a bit more unsavory. I also sort of recalled reading that the Siam Bayshore does front at last one side on Beach Road which I was trying to find, not realizing I was actually on it heading the right way to "known civilization."

I backtrack to the Siam Bayshore gated entrance with 3 security guards. I try to say want to get to other entrance to hotel on Beach street, can I walk through? They don’t know any English, just smile and let motion for me to go ahead. I had no clue I was actually at the Beech Street entrance, which is at the back end of the hotel.

Next I wind up more lost on the huge grounds of the Siam Bayshore than I was on the street! The driveway leads to what looks like just a back service area not a hotel entrance but there is sort of a pathway with blanks I follow for a long, long ways. It has lights along it so I figure it must lead to civilization. Wrong. After winding all over it winds up at a channel of water with lots of junk in it (hope no dead bodies of farangs lost on the Bayshore grounds). If you walk along the water channel it looks like it just winds up by some green nets that might be a tennis court I figure. It looks too narrow, dark and scary to me so I backtrack again. ALL THE WAY back to the service entrance I first saw. As I get up to it, sort of hidden there is an Entrance sign with two security guards. It was so good to see humans again, after walking the ground so much with only a few frogs croaking at me and other assorted reptiles scattering out of my way as I walked on their grounds.

I again try and explain to guards I’m trying to find the Walking Street entrance but again they speak no English but smile and wave me on. To where I have no idea. OK, lots of big buildings, hotel rooms, no people, and I don’t see anything like an entrance. Finally I see a lobby sign with an arrow! I keep following each lobby arrow, which results in a long walk among gardens, pools, outdoor patio areas, but no people anywhere. I finally find the lobby - not a soul there except for 3 security guards at a table. I jokingly tell them I got lost and have been looking for the Beach Road entrance or getting back towards Walking Street. I think one of the guards understood me as a laughed with me and pointed to the entrance. We exchanged bows and I’m on my way. Naturally I follow the road which seems to lead to the main entrance, thinking it will lead me to Beach Street, Unknown to me I am really on the other side. Then I hear a Yoh! ? Behind me and I look back and the guard is coming after me pointing me in another direction. I thank him and to in the direction he is waving me towards.

AH … some things I recognize. I am now coming up the South end of Walking Street! When I get to Freelancer Bar I know I finally know where I am! I want to visit Freelancer very much. The hello girls seem nice and attractive tying to get men in (but not attacking us like in front of some bars as I discussed from first two days experience post earlier. But even though it’s a nice cool evening I am dripping with sweat from my walk and my shirt looks like I’ve been walking in the rain since I perspire so much. I’m not tired, just hot and want to go sit in a cool gogo for awhile. It is only a bit after midnight and I want to go to Freelancer when I am more refreshed and presentable. And I realize they are open very late so have plenty of time to see them. Like to cool off in a gogo, and then baht bus back to Eastiny to shower, change to dry shirt and refresh!

Black Out Go-Go
I find Black Out gogo to cool down in a few minutes. The bar is very nice, roomy and great bench seating with the low backs I like, perfect for my nesting thing. Girls are attractive but no one approaches me, other than the hostess for my diet coke. Place is fairly busy with customers but only a few have girls with them, and there is no cuddling or any of the high touch stuff I enjoy at some gogos. I read in one review (Sarasins I think) that I guess even being topless violates the law (almost all gogo’s I’ve been at are at last topless and some nude some of the time). The police send in undercover cops to issue tickets and charge fines. But it seems that the gogo’s may have a deal with the police, to not have dancers act like prostitutes going after the men in the bar and in exchange the police don’t look for the topless violations. That certainly may explain why so few girls in gogo’s approach me vs. on the street or from beer bars.

To new folks, yes believe it or not, Thailand is quite a conservative culture. Prostitution is illegal but tolerated due to the huge economic benefit it brings in. Most non-pro Thais are quite prudish about nudity etc. The laws represent these values even if not always enforced.

Still wet but a bit cooler I walk back up Walking Street a ways. Geeze the katoey’s just North of the Walking Street entrance are aggressive. One hangs on me begging me to take her to my hotel for a whole block. Then she wants a kiss for her to go. Ahead of me I see another just letting her catch go on. I sort of joke gesturing and saying, no not me! She laughed and got the message. Wow, to me some of them are really attractive. Especially the taller light skinned round-faced Chinese looking ones. A assume they are not what I wished they were…. but so attractive and sexy looking. I love that face…if only….

Then I cut over to Second Road and easily catch a baht bus back to Eastiny. But decide to relax, do these notes and answer a bunch of E-mails instead of going back out tonight. I don’t feel any big need for sex or more bargirls since I had quite a bit in Bangkok. I enjoy Pattaya even if I’m not connecting much yet with women. I have two nights left in Pattaya and one night in BKK before leaving. So far I’ve been in Thailand about 10 days, I’ve decided I like it and will return. Future trips will be less hectic perhaps as I get to know my way around more. This trip I am trying lots of things and visiting many places to find those that I may want to spend more time at in future trips. Also reading others reviews will now be more meaningful since I will be able to better relate to them having been here. I even have some thoughts of ads or using some of the matching service to perhaps meet a non pro Thai women, but that may not be a reasonable expectation, especially with my high interest in sensual intimacy.

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