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Reactions To My Daily Report
 Posting From My Laptop in Hotels

As I posted my daily reports to various mailing lists (primarily asfo and TSM) I had many great comments as well as lots of flames, particularly on asfo by those that were fed up reading about my intimacy crap etc. It was suggested many times, using the delete key for my posts might be easier on the blood pressure than reading them for some. Sometimes the flames also brought out the many lurkers who did enjoy my type of reports.

The following is just a very brief example of some of the E-mail and posted responses, I received when in Thailand posting my reports.

From a man on our private Phoenix E-mail list:  
Dave, I want a souvenir, so to speak.
how do you smuggle a sex slave by the dude you say "I have nothing to 

Hi Dave,
I have always enjoyed your reports, but I have been following your current trip very closely as I too made my first and only trip to Asia in 1997. I really appreciate the detail you go into and I'm sure many other members do also. I am very interested in your comments and "research" re: intimacy.
Dave, Reading your reports is like the stuff from my newspaper in the morning: glimpsing through, whether anything of interest and then forget it again. Good entertaining by very personal impressions and preferences. 
I like you, and I thought I was the only one, love to cuddle, feel, massage, just show lots and lots of affection. If I had to and this might sounds sick but I would give up fucking and a good BJ for creasing.
I am so glad you had a wonderful time in Thailand. I know you e-mailed a lot of people but you and I share the cuddling part. I love to touch and cuddle. I would take that over the big act anyway. Where in BKK did you like best for the type of relaxing light kissing and some hugging we both love.
I think a lot of people have been pleasantly surprised by Dave's Thai posts, they are probably the brightest thing on the list at the moment,
Dave isn't new blood, but he is trying to offer a new perspective on the scene here. I am sure that a lot of people do respond to him privately who are too intimidated to post their comments and questions here
I'm glad that Dave from Bkk, whatever his predelictions, has kept on writing his thoughts whilst in the Holy Land.
Dave, don't pay attention to all these flamers because they are the ones that can't write in the first place or are too lazy to write a comrehensive report like yours. I thought this list was supposed to be tamed by the webmaster to talk about just the subject that Dave is addressing - not raw sex, but what Pattaya is all about including the encounters with the residents, geography, etc. or am I wrong?
I did enjoy your continous ongoing reports and was looking forward to them daily. Your attention to detail was quite something in particular regarding the hotels, something most posters don't seem to get across but you did. Keep up the good work.
I also subscribe to the ASFO list where Dave has been practically crucified in the past. At first I somewhat agreed with his flamers,finding his posts and attitude irritating and a bit disingenuous. The idea of a "liberated Christian" was most repulsive to a crusty old atheist like me,but eventually I began to change my opinion toward Dave. I'll excuse a lot of things if the person is sincere and Dave,by all indications is sincere and seems to be a nice guy. He is definitely an unusual bird but I hope our paths cross in Thailand sometime so I can buy him a Diet Coke. There are far too few "nice guys" wandering around the Kingdom and Dave seems to treat the girls with kindness and respect so that puts him head and shoulders above some of the drunken,perverted sadists I noticed during my first two trips. Dave you have brought us a lot of enjoyment.THANKS.
Wouw, Dave - three extreemly good posts! Good work. Hope some of your flamers will read them, but doubt if they can. Keep 'm coming.
Enjoying your posts re: SEAsia. Keep up the good work. I also am a walker in new locations, and had some experiences similar to yours on "wandering and misdirection" on my first visit to the Kingdom over 20 years ago. Your accounts bring back those memories, which I can laugh at now.
>Two questions remain:
>Why did you come to Thailand ?
>Why are'nt the female population of Phoenix queuing up at your doorstep?

My reply:
I came to Thailand to experience a wealth of experinces with open minded attractive women and to see if Thai sexworkers respond to the type of intimacy I enjoy sharing as well as women I've shared with and written prior reports on in Manila, Angeles City, Vancouver, Los Angeles Hostess Clubs, San Francisco strip clubs and of course in Phoenix.

I found Thai women probably responded the best of any others, once I got them out of the "performance" mode and shared more intimacy which every one responded very positively to. But as women all over tell me it is so rare for them to meet a man that likes the intimacy so they especially enjoy it with someone who does.

Part of my purpose on which gets over 500 different visitors a day with no sexy pictures it to share intimacy not just sex ideas and show the zillions of men that write saying how much they do enjoy it that they aren't alone. 

It's macho to talk about your sex abilities but I say, men don't have to just fit the macho expected image and for those of us who are more interested in warm, tender, caring, intimacy - along with sex not in place of it. I will take the ridicule and flames to expose this other side and the result has been so many men who relate to it but few will be brave enough to support it in public posts, although some do.

>Why are'nt the female population of Phoenix queuing up at your doorstep?

Actually I don't have much problem finding women in Phoneix - older, fat women that I have no physical attraction to. I am 52 years old. American women prefer men more their own age and 90% of "normal" women are seeking as many have said "someone who values monogamy as much as I do." I have given up on normal American women especially a younger, attractive women I might be attracted to. 

I also enjoy sharing with different women which is why I also have a huge website relating to swinging and polyamory which consistently gets over 1500 different visitors a day, with no sexy pictures, just information.

For Asian women, they respect older men and don't have the same sexual hangups and garbage as most American women since sexuality isn't such a big sin in Buddism as it is in traditions of Christianity - traditions only there is no biblical basis for the repression. Sexwork is a part of Thai culture which I can post much more about from much research. It is far far more a long part of Thai culture than in the U.S., Europe or most of the rest of the world. That is why the relatively recent anti prostitution laws simply are not enforced in Thailand to any significant extent, except relating to child prostitution which sadly is a big problem since that is also so much of Thai traditions, especially in Northern Thailand.

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