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The Thermae Coffee House

An unoficial web site:

Thermae address:
199 Sukhumvit Road,
Between Soi 13 and Soi 15,
Beneath Ruamchit Hotel

Or just Thermae as its usually called is one of the most famous and popular places to pick up off duty or local girls that want some extra money but aren’t working in the bars. 

Often it’s a budget place for locals who can’t afford the other bars with their barfines plus companion fees. Often the girls aren’t attractive enough to be hired by the bars, but on the other hand some bargirls and attractive women come here for some fast money or after the bar they work in closes at 2am. 

In response to reading this, someone "Thermae is where all the stunning students, office ladies and department store girls go after work for a drink and to unwind! ;-) or evening obligations of some sort."

As Ken writes: "Thermae is one of several freelancer places. Freelancers are a very mixed group. Among the freelancers are some girls who have tested positive for HIV at a bar and been fired. However not all bars do testing or are vigilant about it."

The Thermae opened in 1968 and was made popular by the troops on R&R from Vietnam. The original Thermae closed briefly in 1995 and the new, much larger Thermae reopened just down the road near Soi 15 just beneath the Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel. It is very packed especially after 2am when the bars close.

 It is smoke filled and everyone is there for one reason – to pick up a girl or be picked up. Like as I described in my Grace Hotel review, all the girls eyes follow you, trying to make eye contact and then hopefully get you to join them.

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