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Tourist Police  

Thailand is a very safe country, but realizing the importance of tourism and to help with any criminal problems tourists may face, there is a separate Tourist Police division with officers and stations strategically placed in the tourist and entertainment areas to help tourists. For example, there is a tourist police booth just half a block from Nana Plaza.

This is so refreshing compared to Manila for example, where the biggest concern of the police seemed to be getting bribes from tourists who they could catch on some small infraction.

Bar scams do occur in the entertainment areas. I have read many reports however, where a tourist has been cheated and if they complain to the Tourist Police, they actually confront the bar owner and usually get restitution for you if you were wronged. Other reports say just threatening to get the Tourist Police often resolves the dispute.

Thailand realizes how much revenue is generated by Tourism and is very sensitive to having bad tourist experiences reported in the 2 English daily newspapers in Bangkok, the Nation for all of Thailand and the Pattaya Mail which  often reports on any crimes against tourists.

Violent crime is extremely rare and hardly ever directed toward tourists.  But if a tourist does commit a crime, justice can also be swift and you do not want to have an extended stay at a Thailand jail!  

For a history and other information see the Tourist Police Website at

Functions and responsibilities of the Tourist Police Division are as followings:

1 To suppress and to protect the criminal problems happened to the international tourists.

2.To facilitate and to provide both Thai and international tourists with the security and the protection of their interest.

3.To promote the Thai tourism industry

4. To join with or to support any activities of the authorities concerned

Amazing Pattaya Tourist Police from Pattaya Mail

It took the "Amazing Pattaya Tourist Police" just one day to track down and arrest a local "working" woman who had stolen a large amount of cash last week from a Swedish tourist.

On 21 May, 52 year old Swedish citizen Pertti Makinen, a regular visitor to Thailand, arrived in Pattaya to spend his holidays.

During his first evening in town, Pertti went out to have some drinks and to meet with some of his old friends. He returned home late in the night, but "forgot" to bring along a partner, so he called for a motorcycle taxi and asked him if he could find someone nice for him. Half an hour later the driver returned with a lady. Finding her irresistible, they made an agreement to return to his hotel for a lesson in body language.

But the next day, when Mr. Pertti woke up, he found that he was alone in the house, as the girl had already left. He went to check in his bag, and was shocked to find out that the girl took all the cash he had with him (a total of 20,000 Swedish Kroner or about 80,000 Baht).

The dejected yet sated Pertti immediately contacted the Pattaya Tourist Police for assistance, telling the officers that the alluring Ornanong Sariwong had relived him of his money. ‘And she seemed so nice.’ repined the sad Swede.

Pol. Lt. Col. Suphaset Chokechai, after receiving the complaint, took action immediately, ordering Lt. Thanomsak Indhrabutr to investigate the case. Pattaya’s ever-resourceful Tourist Police put feelers out to their various ‘street’ contacts. Within minutes, officers learned that Ornanong had hopped a bus for her home province of faraway Ubon Rachathani, a province in the North East of Thailand.

Lt. Thanomsak then sent a description of the girl to Ubon Rachathani Tourist Police to assist him in the case.

When Ornanong alighted blithely from the bus in Ubon, she was welcomed by three officers of the Ubon police department. Checking her ID, officers searched her and found the currency reported by the wronged Swede.

They arrested her, brought her to the police station and contacted Lt. Thanomsak to come and bring her back to Pattaya City. Pertti and 3 tourist police officers went up to fetch the lady.

Ornanong confessed to all charges, ruefully telling officers that she was subject to an all-night onslaught of erotic attention. The Swede had apparently been taking huge doses of Viagra.

Feeling ‘used’, she became miffed and decided to teach the Swede a lesson by stealing his money.

Officers, impressed by the Swede’s prowess, were unimpressed with Ornanong and charged her with theft. The young women, who did not know the amount of money she had heisted, became very depressed, telling police if she had known it was that much money, she would have been more careful and evaded capture.

"It’s unbelievable that the officers could do the job within 1 day," Pertti told our reporter. "I am very impressed with the officers’ job. I have read so much about them, but never ever needed them before. This is the first time that things (like this) have happened to me and I am very impressed," concluded Pertti.

If Bargirl Steals From You  BUT 1998 False Report to Tourist Police
If you have your money stolen by a bargirl, complain immediately to the bar owner.  He will not like it since it could hurt the reputation of his business. But don't false accuse a bargirl as in this authentic incident where a patron accused a girl of stealing his wallet:

He went to the bar owner who went with him to the Tourist Police.  Everybody, including the girl, went to his hotel room, where she supposedly had stolen his wallet.  The wallet was found in the freezer compartment of the fridge. He had put it there himself for safety and forgotten about it.

The bar owner rightfully made him apologize to the girl in front of the police officer and pay her 5,000 baht on the spot for the embarrassment and false report.  

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