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When to visit Thailand
The Pros and Cons of Different Seasons

Tourist Season Tied to the Weather (Hot & Rainy Seasons)

The most crowded times are December through April which is the dry and cool season. For many it is nicer to come between May and September when as I am observing in September 1999, there are a huge number of girls everywhere but not that many customers. Sometimes there is lots of rain, but it tends to last only a few hours or days at the worst. I'm here in September and its quite hot and humid, but not nearly as bad as in May.  October and November is the peak of the rainy season where you may have continuous rains.

With the increasing number of tourists, the high season now runs October - April. Basically, if you are coming to Thailand for the pursuit of sexual pleasure and want a greater selection of girls at better prices, avoid this period. At other times the weather may not be so good, but you're probably not here just for good weather unless you golf also!

Pattaya can get very busy on the weekends when many Thai's living in Bangkok come to enjoy the ocean and get away from the big city.

Although the busy season here in Thailand is October to April the airline busy season in the U.S. is in the summer when many are traveling also the holiday seasons and spring break. I have waited until September for airline fares to come down a lot. 

Christmas and New Years are packed and the only time it is often hard to get a hotel room.

You may want to avoid  April around the "Songkran" festival, when passerbys may be soaked with buckets of water dropped on them by over active tourists that take the traditional being sprinkled with water to the extreme. 

In May the weather is very HOT!  100 degrees+ every day by noon and humid. It will rain often in short cloud bursts that can dump many inches of rain in a short time and cause street flooding. But the bulk of the storms come later in the summer and early Fall.  Anytime between May and October can be wet, but with enough dry times between showers to enjoy Thailand. 

During the rainy season which usually peaks in October and November, parts of Bangkok start to flood including the Nana area and Patpong.

But with the rain and heat, there are less tourists in town. You see it when you visit Nana, Patpong, etc. Some girls go up country, and some of the 9's 10's who often demanded and got premium prices during the high season, are gladly willing to accept more reasonable prices for more extended services in low season.  This is a good time to visit Thailand if you do not mind getting your feet wet.  This, of course, will all change in late November and December when  the tourists return.

I was in Thailand mid to late September and only had a few days with some rain.  However just after I returned: 
Void wrote on 10/3/99:  Thailand in October 

There was a "small" flood on Sukumvitt yesterday, as the heavens opened up and drenched the downtown area of BKK. It took me 2 hours to get from the World Trade Center to the Grand President. And then it took me over 2 hours to get from the Grand President to the airport.

Its been years since I've seen this much water.

But its not a big deal. The water is warm. I just took off my socks and shoes, and rolled up my pant legs, and waded in the water as required. I had to purchase an umbrella on the spot.

The buses seem to move best in this weather, so I ended up taking a bus for the first time. Quite an adventure.

The Grand President staff were very helpful in this weather. I had previously arranged a late checkout (thank God!). Since Soi-11 was flooded, they waded across the street (from Tower-2 to Tower-3) thru the flood, and met me in my room, where I did my checkout. I've never done a checkout like that before (from my room), and it was first class treatment.

The hotel sent up a bell boy, who carried our luggage to the limousine the hotel had waiting. We then took the taxi to the airport (it took 2 hours). Over 90 minutes were spent on the flooded Sukumvitt street, trying to get to the over-pass expressway to the airport. That portion normally only takes 5 to 10 minutes!!

I was amazed the motor on the limousine did not stall, as the water was so deep. I've never seen anything like this before (although I have heard about it). It was a first for my Thai girlfriend as well, and she used to live in BKK.

But everyone in Thailand takes this in good humour. It was actually one of the memorable parts of my latest visit to BKK.

Don't let the rain detour you from visiting. The Thai's are used to it, and life in BKK goes on.

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