Return To Crazy Horse Strip Club
San Francisco - June 2007

I visited CH 3 times twice at night and once during day.
Below are my posts on  forum (San Francisco Bay Area Adult Entertainment Guide)
and some replies for each of my visits which had separate posts.

Crazy Horse Sunday Night 6/24/07 & Arrival Travelogue

Arrival Travelogue

Little did I realize I'd arrive in San Francisco on the day of the gay pride parade with traffic mess getting to my hotel, but made it. Noted a lot of weird folks on the street but then remembered there are always weird looking people in downtown San Francisco which is quite colorful.

Since I am use to being in 100-110 degree heat in Phoenix I totally forgot to pack a jacket - hunted all over for a store open to get one but no luck so will get Monday.

I last reviewed the San Francisco strip club scene in March 2005 and then a huge report way back in 1998 both at

Since in the last five years or so I enjoy the Ontario clubs so much (full contact nude $20/ uncut 3.5-4 minute song with no legal issues), I wasn't planning on making this trip but Stan Dale founder of the Human Awareness Institute which I grew so much from via many workshops at Harbin (near Santa Rosa) back in the 80's and 90's, died and I decided to attend the Celebration Memorial Monday night. I hope to see folks I haven't seen in 10 years, and in fact one invited me to their home in Santa Rosa.

But decided to stay close to CH which was my favorite club on prior trips and stay 3 nights instead of a fast trip just for Monday night. I'd read reviews on the hotel (Metropolis at 25 Mason St) about 1.5 blocks from CH and while mixed it was reasonably priced (for high cost SF), and since didn't rent a car to avoid huge parking fees wanted to be in walking distance.

Actually hotel is quite nice - other than no heat in the rooms so warm it up with a hot shower. I'm on 2nd floor directly overlooking the homeless hangout. Now I recall the hotel reviews that suggested bringing ear plugs for all the street noise. During the day the favorite pastime of the winos is to put up these metal gates around where they lie and then about once an house someone knocks them over with huge clanging noise and then they start yelling and swearing at each other. Actually as I write this at about 2am it is actually quiet. The homeless must have gone home? No one there now. Has wireless Internet in all rooms which seems fast ( have 12mb download speed at home with Cox cable)

Regarding hotel - is clean and while rooms are about a quarter of size I'm use to (expected in SF) quite nicely done (other than no heat) and beautiful flat screen. wall mounted LG 32" LCD TV.

I am not a fancy food fan but tried the adjoining Farmer Brown restaurant. I don't like seafood or real fancy stuff so I had the meatloaf which was actually very good and their strawberry rhubarb pie. Would have preferred in ala mode, but no ice cream available. And I don't think I've paid this much for a meal in years! I note their are cheaper fast foods nearby!

Crazy Horse Sunday Night

Enough of my usual travelogue, on to the main topic of interest. As a review of the hotel said "scary people on the streets". Actually they don't bother me that much, just walk fast and avoid contact.

But no scary women in side CH! $20 door fee.

For a Sunday night thought they were quite busy with 20-30 guys most of the time. There was a group of about 15 young guys that came in about 10:30 who enjoyed sitting by stage and seemed to love it.

There have been reports that the quality of the dancers has declined, but despite the fact I'm use to many beautiful dancers at the Ontario cubs I found plenty of tempting morsels here although the ratio of dancers to customers seemed a bit low. However, probably not since so few guys were getting dances. Some dancers spent lots of time on the laps and arms of good customers ..or boyfriends.. on the main floor not rushing off to get laps. While frustrating if I am attracted to sit long time with a guy dancer, it is interesting to see by their interactions if they are my type or not, at least if cuddling up with the guy is a good sign they really do like the contact vs when the "have to" in the lap dance room.

Lena from Russia

After a long while Lena from Russia approaches. The usual "what a dance" opening - as I've said a lot in my Canadian review there is a huge difference often in personality between the "wanta dance" gal vs. one that sits down with your (or often in my case stands with me since I usually avoid being locked in to a fixed chair position) and starts an intelligent conversation. Maybe intelligent conversation only happens in the Canadian clubs we will see.

Instead of answering the question, I ask the basics, of name where from, and seemed to have some personality in addition to nice slender body with smaller breasts that I prefer. I also note that some of my best times in Canadian clubs have been with Russian and the many Eastern European dancers. As I've often noted on different trips, its the Europeans who seems so much more naturally intimate and responsive to what I enjoy and American women the least. To me it shows the difference of being raised in a uptight culture over body and sexual issues vs. the more relaxed no big deal attitude towards nudity and sexuality in Europe and other parts of the world.

So off we go. Because costs are so high I just can't see spending $40 for one topless dance or $100 for the VIP at least until I've test driven a gal. For those unfamiliar with my zillions of years of doing reviews, my interests not in grinding hot dances, but more slow intimate quality touch contact. I enjoy massaging a dancers body, especially back while caressing and hugging. Or in Canada enjoy doing nice breast massage which gets so many great comments by dancers (I've been professionally trained in Esalen massage, hosting massage rooms at swing conventions, taught intimate touch ideas, and massage workshops). Forget breast massages with only the $20 dances here but with the right gal can enjoy the caressing touch etc., which I enjoy as well as a dancer with some personality.

I also rate dancers in "Dave's Intimacy Scale" with 0 being no intimacy response and 5 which is rare the highest. My ideal is a combination of being sensual (but no interest in wild bouncing and gyrating) and a dancers response to my caressing her body. I often get comments how great it feels vs typical guy and how nice and soft my hands are (have no idea why they just are). I talk about this in my reviews over the years not to come across as "Gods gift to women" but to show the power of good touch intimacy and the great response I often get to encourage others to learn good touch skills that many dancers tell me they wish there boyfriends or more men would learn. My ideas I hope to someday develop into workshops and many of my ideas are at

Sorry for the long intro for new readers. Lena had great intimacy response given the limited situation for a $20 dances. Did two songs which is about my limit unless really great and a 4 (very good) on my 0-5 intimacy scale.


I turned down a few dancers being picky as I am but for a long time had noticed Cassandra cuddled up, being stroked, very friendly smile with a nice looking more mature guy for a long- long time seated together near the stage. I was attracted to her especially with her seeming so friendly and lots of physical interaction being comfortable with her body etc even when she wasn't "on the clock" making money in the dance areas. Finally she went in the back room with the nice guy and then they sat and talked and snuggled some more in the main area. Gee, I'm sort of getting jealous and as usual quite bored from just the stage dancing.

Finally she is free - well another guy she seems to know... I'm trying to make eye contact and smile at her...finically she approaches me and off we do.

So much for my favorable observations. She is the only dancer that has on a full top sweater thing not a bikini like she had on with "nice guy" I assumed she would take it off for the dances but nope. She also asked for the $20 up front which I thought was unusual. Turned out she was the only dancer I met that did that. Even if not topless I enjoy caressing a women's skin, not thru a sweater top. She was the only dancer that was that covered on top (and hadn't been earlier). She mentioned she like my massaging her but seemed a bit "ditzy" although if it wasn't for the big top I probably would have done more than one dance with. But with the limited skin contact only did 1 dance, but would rate her an average 3 on my intimacy scale as she was somewhat responsive.

I later noted when I was with others in the back room she kept on the top with other guys so at least it wasn't just me. She may be prime example of your mileage may vary and maybe she just takes off the sweater top (still has bra in addition under it since not topless) for guys she knows better and likes.


Blonde gal who I noted most of the night in mostly one guys lap who I hoped to try. Or when she wasn't with him, quickly taken back by other guys she approached. At one point she was on stage and now instead of feeling trapped in a seat am standing in back by the DJ booth, I can't understand what the DJ said her name was. I must be getting old but have hard time understanding some of what the DJ is saying. So I stick my head in the booth and ask the larger nice man her name saying I must be hard of hearing. He joked that they intentionally sort of slur it since the mystery makes her more alluring. I think he was joking but very creative response. Never did get dancers with her but got her name from the nice DJ guy.


I had been noticing how nice and friendly Romance was with the guys both on stage and while talking to various guys in the chairs. I'm standing now and she approaches saying "What are you doing just standing back here". I reply something about not being trapped in a fixed position and she says its even better to be on a bench in back. I ask and what happens on the bench. She says, I grind and bounce on you a lot (or something like that). I say I prefer more slow sensual and like to nicely caress you. She says something like that is even better.. and back we go.

Did 2 dancers a 4 (very good) on my intimacy scale. Nice conversation cuddled up and says how much she enjoys my massaging her - almost so relaxed in my arms she may go to sleep. I prefer a balance between absorbing my touch and a bit more interaction sensually. I enjoy the fact she enjoys just being so relaxed with me and I enjoy massaging, caressing her body, but this often happens that I get the dancer almost too relaxed for my ideal interactive encounter. But she was very nice and enjoyable to be with.

Mr. Nice Guy

Mr Nice guy with Alina obviously knows most of the dancers since others cuddle up with him and he has dances with quite a few. He is also standing in the rear now having escaped the chairs. Earlier I saw him leave, but he must have returned. I'm standing near him so being a bit friendly myself I think it would be nice to talk to him briefly. So I say to him something like "Hi, I note you know many of the dancers and must be a regular. I sort of report on clubs and heard this place has been in the decline recently but it seems very nice to me." I quickly got the feeling he really didn't want to talk to another guy so I quickly moved on. Maybe he is even reading this.

Taking a short break - It's 3:45 am writing this report now and its getting cold - OK turned on the hot shower to try and warm up the room. I asked the front desk if the room had heat - no- but can give me an extra blanket. That doesn't help when I'm on my computer not in bed (actually sitting on the bed the chair at desk is odd and not that sturdy) and don't have much in clothes on. I don't own PJ's and sleep nude. Back to reports ...


Approached my "stand" and had noticed she also has seemed quite friendly with guys. Has a bit of a Mexican look and accent from parents although lived in Calf all her life. Off we go. She was the more typical bounce and grind dancer. With Romance I told her what I preferred which I often do with Canadian dancers. On the other hand, if a dancer is like minded I can often guide her by my touch into the more caressing, intimacy if she is what I call intimacy responsive. But it is a bit unfair perhaps to expect dancers to "read my mind" and they do what most guys want them to do. Reminder to myself be sure and tell my interests to dancers up front like I often do. Just did 1 dance and a barely 1 on my intimacy meter.

What's with this token thing. OK the dancers exchange the $20s for tokens I suppose makes sense to harder to steal? I think it was Gloria who had me get a token ahead of time which seemed odd since how do I know how many dances will do until try one. Of course I had trouble getting it to take my $20 she had to help But other dancers just cashed in the money after the dance/s.

Mystery gals Milan and

Two other gals I had my eye on but for most of the time they were in the laps of guys talking to them in main area. Both tall and slender (my ideal), both I think were blonde (I don't care much what hair color is), one had red bikini with a red bottom with a white anchor on it. The 2nd was even taller and more slender nicely cuddled with a guy a long time with more of a pink bikini outfit. I did ask another nice DJ (or smaller guy in the DJ booth) who the 2nd dancer was and it was Milan.

The two guys in the DJ booth seemed very happy to answer my questions about dancers and seemed nice and friendly. A big difference in a smaller club like this vs some of the Ontario clubs where they may be 70-100 dancers working at the same time and waitresses often don't know names.

Now 4 am and the garbage truck came by outside - getting warmer so can turn off hot shower and crawl into bed.....

Will enjoy meeting some dancers on the day shift and probably returning one more night while I'm in town.

Comments posted in response at where I posted reviews and is a good source for San Francisco information

Others Comments in GREEN
My Replies in Black

 >the rules are supposed to be that all transactions are
>handled in tokens.

>Did you see Jackie last night?

Dave replies: Tokens
I also forget that the house takes part of the room fees so using the tokens is probably best to keep the dancers honest about dances and not have to pay the house in cash and figure it all out, easier for the club to compute and pay out the dancers I would assume.

In the Ontario clubs the dancer pays a stage fee which varies about $40-$60 a night and they keep ALL the dance fees ($20 full contact nude). The clubs make money of course selling drinks but not hard liquor.

Some nights have hundreds more dancers trying to work than the clubs can take especially on weekends. At one popular club in Niagara Falls sometimes you have to wait 30 minutes for a free private room, which are numerous and very nice and private with a curtain, place to set stuff and comfortable seat.

Some dancers are on a schedule and others just free lance taking their chance their is enough room for them on a particular night.

She was probably one of the two that I turned down - no real reason not quite as slim as others or face not as attractive to me, depending which of the two it maybe was. Unfair and may turn down some that I would have the best time with but tend to be selective based on first looks and how they approach me.

great tr on the metro !

if u r still in town n u want 2 eat a dog for cheap, walk across market 2 7-11 whaere u can get a hot dog 4 under 2 bucks plus all da catchup u want. on top of da dog
is farmer brown a fusion restaurant? is there a dress code to eat in farmer brown?

I didn't see any sign of a dress code but it struck me as more a professional type clientele especially since prices are so high but maybe not for SF. Was a good mix of Asians, Blacks (including attractive tall slender black hostess) and whites. Some guys looked like they were there on dates. A few women eating alone and in groups. Mostly guys with gals including sitting at the bar.

I am culturally ignorant. I had no idea what "fusion" is.

The menu discussed the history of the restaurant briefly and mentioned local foods. It had weird things on the menu like eel!

I did a Google search trying to find what fusion means which wasn't easy. But found:
American chefs from New York to California are referring to as "fusion cuisine", literally a fusion of cultural, ethnic and culinary styles that are either native to or eventually immigrated to America. As if they have all attended the same seminar and memorized the key words of the lectures given, American chefs can all tell you that fusion cuisine describes a style in which chefs, no matter from where they come, draw heavily on the culinary traditions of their cultural and ethnic roots as well as on the abundance of high quality meat, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables that are available in America.

I'm not sure how local my meatloaf was but rest of menu seemed to meet above description lots of sea food etc.

Actually the main reason I mentioned the restaurant I forgot to mention. This must be part of the fusion which is confusion for old uncultured Dave. The coffee. Big pot with long metal stick/plunger going up maybe a foot. The server may have noted my odd look seeing it. He told me to wait two minutes and push the plunger all the way down. OK. Followed directions and have no clue what it did. Coffee was ok, a bit strong.

The hotdog idea was interesting and I did see the place across the street and the infamous donut shop where the drug murder happened recently.

Actually felt more at home early afternoon today going to the big huge Burger King a few blocks away. At first was concerned since no hot coffee shown on menu just there new fancy ice coffee. Fortunately they had hot coffee and their Oreo Shake thing was good.

I recall being here before on prior trip and the eclectic mix of people. Including the loud pan handler asking for money before the polite security guard gently kicked him out. One guy gave him a $1 which in my view only encourages them to come in and panhandle.

during ur visit to the crazy horse, how many dancers let u massage their breasts as depicted in the picture below?

do not name names (just tell us how many, if u don't mind telling), i do not want the dancers bombarded by patrons coming in and insisting on rubbing their breasts like that all day long.

That is not how I massage breasts I do it in a way dancers prefer not groping and grabbing like the picture shows - better to work from the pectoral muscles (which many like massaged since they do all the work of holding up the breasts) and then nice strokes working from the top of the breast. Is far easier to show than describe. But not on your breasts :( Assuming you are male

would you say most dancers prefer the "breast kneeding" method or the "spokes stroke" method?



credit to the proper authority: Kenneth Ray Stubbs, PH.D., with Louise-Andree Saulnier, in a book titled "Erotic Massage. The Tantric Touch of Love." More than 275,000 copies sold.

Very good extra credit research work!

Actually Dave's method isn't either of these either although when I'm doing massage on a table the massage kneading is closer.

I have developed my own techniques or modifications over the years to pure Esalen which as I recall Stubbs is based on but then goes too far.

Regarding breast massage-
I wrote this on my Toronto site in response to questions there with reports enjoying nude-reverse massage places:

Long title:
The Medical Benefits of Breast Massage
Which I enjoyed giving to both some lap dancers and most body rub/massage gals Beyond Poking and Groping
Breasts: A Handling Guide
A view from the other side of the mountains

Regarding Ray Stubbs books
His classic book has been around for decades and I recall having some good e-mail exchanges with him many years ago.

The book is fairly classic Esalen as I recall. However he than takes it into the sexual area which has nothing to do with Esalen without making that clear. Nothing wrong with his sexual techniques which are good but it falsely makes readers think its related to Esalen which scares normal people that are not as comfortable with their sexuality and might enjoy non sexual Esalen without the concerns that it is sexual.

While Esalen is very sensual and caring quality touch based on more traditional Swedish massage it is not directly sexual.

Great TR (travel report) Dave

YES, I definitely agree that the Europeans; RUSSIAN dancers especially, have a more intimate and relaxed persona than their American counterparts from what I've experienced. The ones who stand out the most are former Russian CH dancers - MARGO and LANA.

I might have to disagree with you on that one Dave. At CH, EVERY dancer is the "right girl" when it comes to breast massages on the $20 dances; at least that seems to be the case with me and the others who post here. Maybe YMMV applies to the $20 dances as well...

I've been fascinated with the BIG-BOOTY-GIRL CASSANDRA for quite some time now but haven't had the opportunity for a test drive as of yet. Hopefully, she's a "5" on the intimacy scale when it finally happens. Hope to hear more of your adventures in the future.

Thanks, Eddie

>EVERY dancer is the "right girl" when it comes to breast
>massages on the $20 dances; at least that seems to be the
>case with me and the others who post here. Maybe YMMV
>applies to the $20 dances as well...

I don't try and go where I'm supposedly not suppose to on $20 dances but for the type of breast massage I enjoy really have to have access to the flesh not thru a bra or top. I enjoy the soft natural breast feeling and most dancers (in Canada) enjoy how I massage their breasts.

>I've been fascinated with the BIG-BOOTY-GIRL CASSANDRA for
>quite some time now but haven't had the opportunity for a
>test drive as of yet.

Hopefully she will take off the big sweater top!

Lena is a very special girl. I love her petite, tight body and her playful demeanor.

I hope you are not heating your room by letting the hot shower run for extended periods of time. That is a very inefficient way to heat a room and there's a bit of a water shortage in CA this year (we didn't get much precipitation last winter). I'll loan you a sweater if you need one.

No its not very efficient but at 3am sitting on bed writing reports and freezing its the only option. I don't like to have many clothes on when I'm relaxing in room.

I'm just not use to hotels that don't have controls for heating and air conditioning.

Maybe should have borrowed Cassandra's sweater thing!

very detailed and unbiased report Dave.

As an objective outsider, I am not at all surprised by your opinion about the coldness of American woman (I completely concur)compared to women from cultures which do not villfy sex and sensuality. I AM surprised to see FastEddie state agreement publicly as he is a CH regular and may hear about it later.

About you being cold, I hate to break it to you but this has been the nicest June in memory , sunny and warm. Sunday was gorgeous! You heard the phrase "June gloom"? Coined here. Of course you know Mark Twain's comment about the coldest winter he ever spent. All that said, wouldn't you prefer a little chill at night to lows in the low 90s (like in Phoenix?)

Come back in September or October and you won't need heat.

All good points. And of course about in general American vs Foreign women. I should have mentioned I have found some wonderful exceptions from some American intimate women, but in general there is a huge difference.

Actually Sunday night didn't seem as cold outside when the wind died down a bit but the hotel room was cold late at night when most folks are cuddled up under blankets and I'm up on computer doing reports.

Yes nice and cool is nice vs. Phoenix heat but in Phoenix we never go where there isn't air conditioning, car, home, shopping.

I look forward to the fall in my new home in Phoenix near the Mountains and nice views overlooking the Valley. Will be nice to enjoy cool breezes. Had a few nice nights like that in new house before the heat hit! I am a bit cooler than down in the Valley or "flatlands" but only maybe 5 degrees cooler and not cool enough in the Summer to enjoy being outside or without air conditioning.

I totally agree. Lena is a genuine sweetheart. Also, Lena speaks impeccable English, but whenever she returns from an extended vacation in Russia, as she did recently, her Russian accent becomes more pronounced for awhile.

Alina, Lena's older sister, spoke hardly any English when she first started to dance at CH. Within months of dancing at CH, Alina went from speaking just a few phrases to whole sentences. Alina, like her sister, is also another one of CH's sweethearts.

For those of you who may be interested, Lena is now 20 y/o and Alina is 22 y/o. As a matter of fact, it was Alina's birthday last Saturday.


If u ever down in LA area u ought to visit Spearmint Rhino in City of Industry off the 60 at intersexion of Hacienda and E Valley Rd..topless is .2 with lots of R&T and a much nicer ambiance and decor than eith CH or MBOT...entrance also .2...Good hunting bro.

Actually been there and done reports but long ago in 2000 and 2001. Are in my LA hostess club reports ...

Or... it seems the Spearmint Rhino I was in was in LA, but if I recall correctly one of the other strip clubs I reviewed in City of Industry is now Spearmint Rhino...?

I believe the Hostess club scene had gone downhill and unless I have another reason to go to LA I'm spoiled by all the cheaper options in Ontario - minor disadvantage is 4 hour flight but airfare was less my last trip a few weeks ago than what it cost me to fly to SFO this trip.

The new SR in COI is a totally different club now...the decor is extremely plush, plusher by a factor of 10 compared to MBOT but with less $$ and more contact than either CH and MBOT...U guys need to experience it to believe it!! I spent 7 yrs in CH and MBOT and I know NOW what a difference is SR!!

Thanks for info.

I think its a lot cheaper for me to fly from Phx to LAX than SFO. Could make a fast trip sometime to check it out.

Is there a LA board that is best for Strip club discussion/reviews like here for SF. I know of zbone ... what is this about the $120 VIP room fee on top of dance fees. I assume its like CH private room which includes dances. I assume can just get topless laps for $20 but for the nude $40 you have to buy the VIP room?

The problem with the reviews on zbone, everyone is a regular and talking about specific gals, have to search hard for overview for new folks. The detail club reviews are good but most many years old.

Need to get updated on hostess clubs also - maybe I should update my LA report from years ago and should be cheaper and faster to get to from Phoenix.

Crazy Horse Monday Afternoon
Wow what a difference - night vs. day.
Instead of thinking I need a sign at times that says "pick me" to get some dancers to meet you, it was the opposite during the day and at the end was a bit dancered out (and broke) and stood in back not so much to been seen and be free to approach dancers but to escape from any more! The dancer/customer ratio was far more in the customers favor with often more dancers than customers in the main area. I arrived about 4pm and left at 6pm. For the first 1.5 hours or so any 3-4 guys in the club and towards the time I left were a few more. Were about 9-10 dancers working. In the lap dance room other than maybe once, it was like private with only us. Of course it was like that Sunday night also but with a lot more customers, just not that many getting lap dances.

I had a very enjoyable time and met some nice dancers.

Before my eyes fully adjusted from the sunshine out side, and as my butt hit a seat, Hailey approached after exchanging a nice smile as I walked in.

I am convinced virtually none of the gals here normal procedure isn't to even introduce themselves, most just approach and immediately as if you want a dance. So I adjust and ask her name and try and engage in a conversation to judge if some personality vs just a body. Also a plus if she sits down and can have some physical contact to she how she reacts to my type of touch. If they sit down, I start doing a little light massage on their upper backs - often with great response but I am anxious to sort of get my hands on them and judge reaction before I commit to a dance.

Nice body friendly so back we go. I am a bit concerned about what happens when your starting in a middle of a song. In Canada they usually just sit and often cuddle with you or have conversation before "our song" starts. Here they just go into it so hard to judge what a "song" is. However to my pleasant surprise with Hailey and a few last night, when we start in a mid song she continued for next full song. The concern in Canada sometimes is short songing you by starting half way thru and counting it as a song. I seldom had that issue and most gals make it clear waiting for next song but the issue has come up on review boards. So far not a problem fro my experience at CH. Hailey sort of was a test of that since started in mid song but it wasn't a "real song" that counted.

She started the usual grind but did react to my "taming" slowing down and becoming more sensual slow like I like reacting to me even when I filed to tell her ahead that I prefer slow sensual vs wild grind. Because lots of gals and I enjoy meeting a variety and not spend too much money decided to just do one song with each unless really great (which two were later). Don't recall my intimacy rating but probably would have gotten better with more dances adjusting to my preferred more slow sensual style.

Bad start - wonderful ending.
Big breasts fast approach wanta dance... and when asked name said she uses lots but today call her ....? Hard to keep track of dancers that keep changing there names and usually not for a good reason. Often big breasts come with an attitude and I don't like big artificial hard breasts prefer smaller easy to caress. However if the big breasts are connected to right person (with a personality and intimacy response) its not that important they be smaller.

But then she sits down, and starts a conversation after I do my usual asking name, where from etc. When I say I'm from Phoenix after my usual trademark response to where are you from and I say "my mother..." she says she has a home rented in Phoenix area and start getting into nice conversation about areas etc.

Now sitting next to me and doing a bit of upper back massage as usual with my arm around her, she immediately responds about my nice massage and how badly she needs to be kneaded due to a certain condition and she works out and is a professional trainer.

Then she asks me sort of the wrong right question..."Do you like big breasts". As always I'm open and honest and tell her how I like to massage them and smaller are easier, like soft etc ..with no offense to hers. This opens up into lots of common interest intimacy discussion. Also her breasts are natural not artificial which is far better than the usual artificial enhancements.

She is one of those people that seems sincerely interested in you and asks more questions other than the just surface idol chat. I also open up easily with that type of person.

She has been in the business 8 years, being more mature is a plus in my view and has very nice body. I mention by prior trips and New Century experiences where she worked in about 1999 (I was there in 1998). Personality plus and after awhile I suggest a LD (she isn't even mentioning it - nice low pressure). Off we go.

Now I'm interested in test driving her breasts if they are really real and do my usual breast massaging thru her cover since not topless. She responds both vocally and physically how nice it is and I can tell she is sincere (vs. some that just want you to think they enjoy to keep you going). Her breasts are very nice and soft so not any issue with the typical big DDs that are manmade.

Very good response to other intimacy things I enjoy doing. Talk about how men need to learn good touch skills and I even tell her I have website about workshops I hope to do and she wants to write down the url.  Do 2 songs and a 4+ on my 0-5 intimacy scale. A very enjoyable encounter both intimately and in discussion.

Got her to sit, originally from Manila and I share my experience of hard to understand gals in Manila and Angeles City since their English had heavy tagalog accents. She seemed surprised I had been there and new the name of the local dialect. Of the 170 languages spoken in \the Philippines tagalog is the most common and the official national language. However English is also taught in early skills. But many of the bar girls drop out of school early to work and make money for often impoverished families. I ask if she worked in any of the Manila clubs - no she came to the U.S. when she was age 6!

Started commenting on great my massage was feeling while just my arms over her shoulder in the chair, asked about a dance and off we went.

Soon like some others just collapses in my arms enjoying my massage and caressing - receptor as I call it. This isn't my ideal since I enjoy combining it with her doing sensual body movements etc but I also do enjoy just massaging/caressing a nice body.

Not giving away all my secrets but there is also a spot most folks don't know about on the body very rich in sexual nerve endings that I stimulate usually with very positive response. I will eventually teach all this in workshops I hope to do. In fact I'm meeting with a beautiful escort when I return to Phoenix who seems very interested in my ideas on and is anxious to meet at my home. If I saw local escorts she is definitely one I would meet by her pictures and her more sensual vs. just sexual ad discussion. But I'd never pay the high $350/hr fee for that. She wants to move more away from escorting and to more holistic loving touch work and will be interesting what happens after we meet. We've exchanged some very positive e-mails.

Anyway - Pebbles ask me to massage her butt more which I include in my usual routine. Lots of folks don't realize how nice good butt massage is. So I am happy to oblige.

While I enjoyed all this I didn't want to spend too much time paying to most massage one gal vs meeting some of the others so only did 1 song - hard to judge intimacy since was mostly a very willing receiver but not doing much back since enjoying the massaging/caressing so much.

But she didn't want me to leave......

Off the clock she wanted to lay down on the bench (no one else in the lap dance room) and just massage her some more with her laying down. OK off the clock I am happy to do this. Geese your dancers need you guys to learn good massage skills...or hire me to give them massages A dancer can really get up tight in her work as many people do. If I was doing it on a massage table I'd also do foot massage which can be especially good for dancers but awkward to do in a chair or on a bench so I don't include in my routine - and want her to interact more than just receiving.

OK hope me saying this doesn't get her in trouble... the large guy at the LD door notices and warns her not to do it too long. But he will watch out and warn her if the manager comes by. Now realize there are only 2 or 3 other guys in the whole club and lots of dancers so its not the usual problem of dancers taking too long in back and not being available on the floor that management is concerned about with their new policies such as 30 minute limit in the private rooms. I never experienced this since not really interest in paying $100 for 2-3 songs and having the dancers want tips on top of that etc. Again I'm too spoiled by Ontario (Canada) clubs.

She has me massaging her for 2 more songs. I do not mind at all, enjoy doing as long as off the clock and don't want to get her in trouble. It is kind of hard to do sitting on narrow bench with her body next to mine but was workable and she obviously enjoyed.

Now I have to get more of you guys to learn some massage skills and motivate you to try it you may like it with the kind of response I report on from dancers.

Actually this came up a bit in discussion with Sterling. I suggested that being in San Fran where there is a lot of interest in more holistic touch/medicine etc., that men here are probably better than in many other American cities and she agreed. Of course in most other cities what you can do here is not allowed. So while Canada is far better since prostitution like in most of the world is legal and the Supreme Court of Canada has specifically ruled that full body nude laps including breast touching is not a bawdy house issue (incall is technically illegal under rarely enforced 1800s bawdy house law), most other U.S. cities have outlawed good touch intimacy other than in San Francisco which seems usually more interested in real crime with actual victims than consenting adult interactions.

Instead of the usual bend over wanta dance or sit next to you approach she approaches me sitting in chair behind I can't really evaluate her body since don't see but was nice. She also had good hand contact on my shoulder while talking so I did get the idea she did like good touch. Almost have to in order to be a dancer at a contact place but I've met some dancers that just doing it because its part of the job and can usual tell if its fake enjoyment or real. Off we go.

Do token thing. This is getting confusing like last night. Some gals have you buy a token, others just take your $20's when done and get tokens from the man at the LD door or put the money in the machine. It makes it with doing so many dancers sometimes not sure if remember if already did the token thing for a dance or still need to pay her at the end...but not if already did the token thing. This was brought out because one dancer (not Sky) long after the dance came back to where I was sitting and said I had forgotten to pay her and she had forgotten to get it. I think she was right - not trying to scam me - so paid her and was embarrassed that I hadn't before. The dancer would have had hard time finding me in seat because unlike last night about as soon as I sat down again, another dancer was at my side asking for a dance!

Back to Sky in back - do 1 dance and average 3 on my intimacy scale. Don't remember any other memorial details.

Tall, slender black dancer - my ideal body type, friendly. So even though didn't get into much conversation after the "wanta dance" I fell for her body and off we went doing token thing.

Now Diamond is a bit different actually nicely so. No gaga reaction to my massage/caressing her actually no obvious physical or vocal response at all. But very intimate sensual dance that I like and is hard to describe how different than the un liked usual bump and grind. Nice body movement over yours, close contact, good eye contact, our bodies sort of being sensual nicely together including some of the she facing front leaning back position I like and can do different things in. Her technique is more like what is typical in Canada which I enjoy. Some of the other dancers did similar also but she is one of best in sensual while a non responder to my actions. I can't tell if she is just doing a mechanical routine which to some extent all do, or if really enjoys but she sure has the moves down well as if she enjoys and is interacting with you more than just mechanically. Also nice soft breasts! Do 2 dances and a very good 4+ on my intimacy scale.

I have learned from so many experiences in Canada often these "non responders" as I call them are very much enjoying the touch. I've met a couple who I had no idea if they enjoyed or not that on meeting another night tell me how wonderful it was. So I've learned non response doesn't mean dislike or just tolerating. From a business standpoint it shouldn't make a difference as long as I enjoy, but I am the kind that likes to find gals that really do enjoy my type of touch as I am convinced many sincerely do. Again as in my reports last night this is to encourage men to learn good touch skills not try and have me come off as "Gods gift to women" I just have had decades of experience with my interest in more caring touch and the positive sincere responses I get from not all dancers but many.

Born in US but has Philippine and some other foreign ancestry. Unlike in Canada where more exotic foreign looking women are from other countries here, many were born here but have their looks due to mother or fathers heritage so I usually ask. Told of my PI experience, problem with tagalog etc. Has nice body contact in dances 1 song and 3+ on my intimacy scale. At the end she tries to teach me "nice to meet you" in tagalog.

Old Dave getting Dancered out
OK its been a fast pace with so many dancers but very enjoyable. Now I'm standing in back not to be more seen and approachable like last night but almost to hide or can move away and avoid more since getting a bit dancered out and even though only doing 1 dance with most its getting expensive.

I'm now answering the usual question when they find out I'm from Phoenix and when some asked if I am here on business or vacation, I say "neither. actually for a funeral which takes them back like what to say.. Oh I'm sorry to something. For those that read prior thread know I am here for a Celebration Memorial for Stand Dale founder of Human Awareness Institute but decided to also while here spend some time at CH and update my older reports.

Brazil - OK one more
I am back at my "stand" kind of wanting to say goodbye to Sterling who is when not in back or with a customer is sitting in her usual spot? We have smiled at each other and sort of laughed from afar as we are going in and out with different people. I wanted to acknowledge she was a bit special by saying goodbye but she is doing stuff on her cell phone and I'm waiting for her to be free.

Than Brazil approaches. She asks for a dance and notices my eye roll as I'm thinking to my self I want to hide from more dancers I'm a bit dancered out. But Old Dave cannot ignore a nice looking friendly gal. She looks foreign, yes Singapore ancestry give her exotic look. Reminds me that I was drooling over the tall great looking flight attendants in uniform from Singapore Airlines I often saw together in groups in my stopovers in Taipei on my way to the Philippines and Thailand years ago (before I discovered Canada was a lot more practical and had similar offerings without legal issues of the U.S.

Did 1 dance was quite nicely sensual a very good 4 on my intimacy scale.

Now I have to escape- caught Sterling briefly to just say goodbye and she replied again how she enjoyed my touch.

Great time with day crew at CH

Now writing this at 1am having returned from the Stan Dale memorial celebration at another hotel. I was wanting to meet a guy who wrote some great stuff years ago for my libchrist website - HOW TO BE AN EDENIST by Bert Clanton at . We've exchanged many e-mails years ago and he is active with Stan's workshops. He even invited me to stay at his home in Santa Rosa but decided to stay near CH and visit CH instead. Hoped to meet him at memorial. But have no idea what he looks like and the service filled the large ballroom to overflowing at a major hotel. No way we could find each other without prearranging a specific place etc., especially since I don't think we have met in person before or don't remember if we did!

I will be in SF one more day Tuesday and fly back to Phoenix on Wednesday. Have other things to get caught up on and even enjoy the nice LCD TV at the hotel. Maybe will visit CH again tomorrow night not sure. I have very much enjoyed updating old reports and certainly CH continues to be a great place at least for what old Dave in Phoenix enjoys for more intimate caring touch interactions. But still favor Canada since far lower cost and many more options such as great nude-reverse massage gals and escorts without the legal issues we uniquely face in the U.S. denying consenting adult freedoms that most of the rest of the world has the legal right to enjoy. At least within the U.S. SF is the most liberal regarding these repressive laws in our supposedly "free" country.

great report and SO true what you said about daytime ratio of dancers to PLs. I almost never go at night. Also, during the daytime Market Street is MUCH safer and less of the groups of drunken adolescents that come on weekend nights.

Biggest drawback to daytime is parking meters, but not an issue for you since you walked.

Dave which are your very favorite places in Canada? I know BC and Montreal quite well, but only stopped in Ontario for one night (Windsor). Now my friend moved to London, an hour from Toronto, and I want to go visit him AND hit the best clubs.

Also, while Roland may come off as a schill for MBOT, you really SHOULD go hit MBOT before leaving town just to compare it with CH. GET THE COUPON before going as it makes your entrance free (by giving you a lapdance chip for your admission fee).

If you had gone to MBOT and postyed about it, and not to CH, the CH schills would surely have chimed in but they are pleased. Being a true independent, I see advantages and disadvantages to both. YEARS AGO MSC had its advantages too but, sadly, no longer. Ditto New Century. RIP
Yeah Dave, nice report. It's cool that you go for what you know you like and you get it done. That's the way it should be, regardless of others' personal preferences.
Sorry not enough time or money to go to MBOT - I was turned off last trip there by high pressure for VERY expensive services.

Regarding Canada
Montreal - Great especially the French-Canadians escorts. When I was there in 2001 I was in a downtown hotel without a car and not much contact allowed at the downtown strip clubs. And while the escorts were great I prefer English speaking which is same reason I prefer more English speaking Canada (outside of Quebec) over Thailand and Philippines (although long long flight another issue to Asia). There are English speaking escorts but far more expensive and the French Canadians are known for their intimacy I like just like the Russians and Eastern Europeans are in Toronto.

Today many of the off Island strip clubs are more liberal and from the many more recent trip reports and escort reviews of Robin tempt me back, but I can basically enjoy the same thing with lots of gals and options in Ontario and everyone speaks English.

Does not have the same strip club options because the Alcohol and Beverage commission of B.C. does not allow full contact nude interaction. While legal under Canadian Criminal Code and not bawdy (incall) violation the Courts have held the ABC can make more restrictive licensing (not criminal) bylaws. One nice thing about Canada is the law is all Federal. Prostitution is legal and no city or province can restrict they only have the power to have licensing bylaws.

Vancouver - too much like the U.S. although lots of escorts but typical U.S. very high prices, massage options very pricy and no high contact strip clubs.

Victoria - Some of the most wonderful intimate escorts at incalls. Many are students going to one of the many Universities in Victoria. The police visit the incalls regularly but only to be sure all are licensed. No concern with bawdy (prostitution is legal but not incall due to rarely enforced bawdy house law from the 1800's. But no full contact strip clubs and limited massage options.

Some of best strip clubs are in Mississauga - really need to read my reports to get a taste at  . Similar to SF but as I've often mentioned full contact nude at $20 long song. Ontario ABC does not have a more restrictive bylaw like B.C. has. Some of best nude-reverse body rubs such as Allure and SRM, zillions of great escorts mostly via agencies at $200 or so. But most charge higher for Mississauga area where I stay (where Toronto airport is) vs downtown so gets more expensive.

Niagara Falls Ontario
Great huge strip clubs may have 70 dancers at a time. Much nicer clubs that Toronto with more private dance areas, newer, great. Favorite clubs Sundowner and Penthouse although avoid Sundowner on weekend nights since often have to wait for private booths. I avoid Sensations next door to Sundowner since high pressure for high cost extras. For sex I'd rather have an escort in a bed for an hour often far less costly than what is offered in the back room quickie. Extras are not legal since would be considered incall/bawdy house violation. Outcall 100% legal in all of Canada as in most of the world except the U.S.

Not very many good nude-reverse options most massage is a rip-off.
Escorts many great and typically $160-180/hr so less expensive than in Toronto.

I stay on Lundy outside of the biggest tourist area around the Falls.

Many reports on my  board.

Better nude-reverse massage some about as good as the best in Toronto (Allure and SRM in Mississauga)

Escort options more limited but same prices as the Falls.

Hamilton Strip great strip club but only club. Many great times here but back rooms are not private, wide open like the LD benches at CH vs far more private nice in the Falls. But have met many great intimate dancers at Hamilton Strip.

I have not been to Windsor

Was in London a few years ago and have reports on my Niagara Falls site. No good strip club options, not much massage, a few good escorts but just worth the trip compared to the Falls especially.

Instead of new cities all the time I like to settle in to cities I know with the most economic options. I had to try different cities but most of my recent trips and probably future will be spitting my typical 10 day trips between Hamilton and Niagara Falls, although will still do Toronto once in awhile



Dave, i hope u will stay just a litte bit longer until u had a dance with our favorite day shift dancer, Tiffany, write a trip report on her, and file it in your web site archive. won't u stay near the horse just a little bit longer until u get a chance to dance with this afternoon delight n tell us ur unbaised opinion on her?


Very creative picture work!

Sorry can't stay longer - non refundable airline tickets, have lots else to do back in Phoenix where it was 112 today.... and spent much more than I planned on. But did enjoy the encounters I had even if limited to CH and while couldn't see all the favorite dancers of folks I think I had a nice sample and enjoyed for the type of dances I enjoy the most.




Thanks alot for your detailed trip reports Dave. But I'm a little confused, are you from Phoenix or Canada?

And I agree with the guy who says Skye has the best natural tits in the club. She's pretty sensual too. Always make it a point to see her during the day shift.

Dave in Phoenix has lived in Phoenix for 18 years, previously in Minneapolis since birth before Phoenix.

I love Phoenix in Winter, Spring and Fall. I have virtually no intimacy activities other than a few friends in Phoenix since far too expensive and frequent LE stings, mandatory 15 days in jail on first conviction for prostitution or solicitation etc.

I frequently escape the summer heat by going mostly to Canada to enjoy the sexual freedoms we do not have in the U.S., especially the full contact nude laps without legal issues at certain strip clubs.

I am only in San Fran due to the death and memorial service last night for Stan Dale, founder Human Awareness Institute, Love, Sex and Intimacy workshops at Harbon (Santa Rosa area). I attended many in the 80s and early 90s and you can blame them for my "intimacy fetish"!

But before I fell so much in love with Canada I had enjoyed San Fran on prior trips especially CH which is why I decided to stay 3 nights here at at hotel near CH and enjoy CH.

Hi DaveIP!
I'm glad you had another successful journey to CH and visiting our fine city. Did you frequent the stripclubs in MN? Have you ever heard of a little club called Jake's down Highway 52 heading towards Rochester? It's about 20 minutes outside of the Twin Cities.
Have a safe trip home!
-- Spider

Thanks for your and other nice comments.

My strip club experience with one club is sort of a very long but meaningful story of how I started questioning my traditional anti-sex conservative Christian views - was even a Billy Graham counselor when they were headquartered in Mpls. Hope this doesn't turn into a long sermon - ask a question I tend to give a complete...sometimes long..answer.

This goes back to the 70's. I was very lonely and needy of female companionship and touch. There was this terrible den of sin - a strip club about a block from the "Jesus People Church" which was popular in those days in the inner city.

I went to the Jesus People Church lonely and needing contact. Lots of good looking young women and of course I was much younger than. The site of these lovelies made me even more lonely. So much praise and reaching "Up to God' but not reaching out to people was my view, other than in words not hugs and contact.

Many years later I found a Unity Church that was what a Christian Church in my view should be. I don't believe in their beliefs but wonderful hugging, great singles group where I was first introduced to Esalen massage by a couple that did a demonstration and talked about it in the singles group. That got me interested and eventually because trained myself.

After leaving the Jesus People Church, with horrid fear and trepidation, out of extreme lonely for female contact I after an agonizing time to decide went into the den of sin - the strip club. I was very nervous not knowing what to expect.

I found out something amazing. Even then I must have had the gift of good touch - women... wonderful gals cuddled with me. I don't recall the specifics of the dances but found more human caring interaction in the strip club than at all the Church's I had been to (other than much later Unity) so concerned about the sin of the flesh and any sensual physical contact.

One gal even met me outside and ... this is absolutely true...she was having sex with the minister of the Jesus People Church! I never had sex with her, but lots of cuddling and great conversation, since I thought it was such a terrible sin outside of marriage. But this experience sort of edged me into the exploration that resulted in my conversion away from the traditions of Christianity that I later after years of study was convinced had no biblical basis.

That club is long gone. Torn down by city redevelopment. The clubs when I left Mpls (many years later and after being married for about 10 years and then divorced...long story...) were basically no contact like they are in Phoenix now.

I had heard of Jakes - more liberal but my info is years ago but I do recall the name. When left Mpls 18 yrs ago, was more into massage especially after being trained in Esalen. So.. don't know anything up to date about Jakes.

Your short question - my long answer!

Another Great TR Dave
You should have stuck around for the night shift. You definitely would have encountered my old friend TAJ, whom I'm not sure how she'd fare on your intimacy scale, but you would have for sure had fun with the Breast Massage...
Thanks, Eddie

Guess what. I just met TAJ tonight on my final night. Big report as usual to come

Crazy Horse Tuesday Night 6/26/07
I can't believe I did this - I must be addicted to my "intimacy fetish" But its like my last night in San Francisco I probably won't get to be intimate with more gals for a few months next trip to Canada, although I may have some good times with friends in Phoenix (not paid but as friends) so I can't resist this nice place 1.5 blocks from my hotel. So instead of relaxing a bit last night - I'm back "working" reviewing and writing about the gals at CH.

Arrived about 11pm - 21 gals on the board and only 10-12 guys there most of the night. I left about 1:45am before closing and gals gradually thinned out during the night going home. Never was more than 10-12 guys in the club when I counted at various times. No matter how good stuck to just 1 dance since was interested in meeting more gals. Also would be interesting if gals I had met earlier remembered me. My problem is with so many gals reviewed I can recognize names but not the experience other than a few that stood out like Lena. I wish I could have reviewed my notes but it was like a fresh start not having them and then compare. Actually met mostly new gals hadn't met either Sunday night or Monday day shift.

More typical American bred gal - nice but low on intimacy. Didn't seem to like breast touching (my infamous breast massage not doing well so avoid). Later I asked another dancer and as I expected its up the dancer if she "give it up" for breast touching unless topless or in private rooms. Since doing some breast massage and usually good response I enjoy but back off with any hesitation from the dancer, like Kayla gently moving my hand to other parts of her body. Also she had a big top on so not as much skin contact vs bikini that I prefer for more skin contact.

Lots of clothing on - more dark formal for night which looks nice but its a big negative for me since only doing $20 laps and like maximum skin contact on a nice smooth body. Passed on her but see later report when did do a dance. In Canada its not an issue since she takes all her clothing off for $20 dances, but here not willing to do $100 VIP for that. BTW that $20 is Canadian which use to be about $US13. But now with the decline in the US$ its about $US18 so not the exchange advantage of the past.

My seating & routine
Unless I am standing by the DJ booth I always sit the 2nd seat from the aisle with my arm out around the back of the aisle seat. In Canada when do this often its inviting to the dancer who sometimes says something like "that looks like a seat for me" with me sort of inviting her in with open arms. Doesn't work as well at CH - most dancers just bend over across seat and "wanta dance" I may say something like well maybe, what is your name... try and start some conversation to check if there is any intelligence or personality along with the body. Some gals are real friendly and sit down and talk a bit. Others just stand there and solicit me which I often reject unless just too tempted by their nice body. Now I am also judging by how much clothing they have on top vs bikini top I prefer.

The Nice Massage Guy
Hey, when in prior report I mentioned how need more guys to massage gals they need it so much. Well there he is! He sits in back and saw him with at least 3 gals over about an hour doing good more shiatsu massage on them. One gal I was especially attracted too turned out to be Milan - see later report. I did mention him to a couple dancers and yes he comes in often and is a real massage therapist! Great. I even stood in back at times watching his technique. More pressure point Shiatsu than my more deep stroking Esalen but he was good. I almost wanted him to give ME a massage!!

Kaylezz? May have name wrong
Too much clothing although was friendly and pretty but turned down being picky with lots of clothing on top.

Looks Chinese but didn't ask a little hard to understand her English or accent. Nice body in bikini. Average 3 on my intimacy scale.

Not as slim as my ideal but pretty face and friendly. She actually guides my hands to her breasts and mentions how likes my touch. Very nice almost thought of breaking my 1 song rule for tonight - were going into 2nd song I thought but no she didn't treat it as 2 (all have been very honest and liberal with song counting). Nice friendly goodbye hug even though I only did one dance. Average 3 on intimacy scale but very nice.

Am thinking I remember the name but can't remember if good or bad. I passed, think she had too much clothing on but may should have tried her.

Mexican very nice body, smooth tan, not too slender but not fat just nice feeling body even with bigger breasts than my ideal but in nice bikini.

I liked dance although more into doing a "show" like her hands on breasts bouncing them. Seems uncomfortable with close intimacy contact so backed off - although seemed to relax and be more comfortable near the end. However end was fast thank you and walk off not asking for more dances which is an indicator not comfortable with my kind of intimacy. Reminds me attitude to save intimacy for boyfriends rather than share it with others. On the way out asks if I left anything. I reply, no not even my virginity. She laughs and says mine either. Nice friendly great body but sort of like she hasn't had men be my kind of intimate just use to men adoring her body and not comfortable with more - or at least with me :(

From India and Hong Kong. Tall nice body in Bikini. But like Olivia not into intimacy just being sexy. Lots of attempts to up sell and at end "now ready for private room baby". Zero on my intimacy scale.

I'm at my stand by the DJ in back and she this tall attractive gal coming. Do my best to smile and make eye contact sort of nod head this way. It works over she comes.

Seems a bit young but start up what turns into a very long conversation my sharing my interest and experiences and she asking more questions and sharing about how she tells father what she is doing etc. After very good conversation I suggest a dance vs she trying to get me to back as soon as possible like some, she was interested in talking not just seducing!)

After having talked to her for so long felt I should break my agreement with myself and did 2 dances. Enjoyed my massage and nice body but seemed like typical American gal not experienced in intimacy like lots of the foreign women are. Continued some talk and very nice gal so enjoyed but only about a 2 on my intimacy scale.

Say getting long massage by "nice massage guy" and had admired Sunday night but never met. Ideal tall slender body. I recalled name but without my notes or good memory thought I had met her but didn't remember for sure (but remembered name). She said she was Scandinavian which I knew wasn't someone I met before. Although now I note on the handy listing on myredbook it says Asian: Korean. See looks more Scandinavian to me than Asian! And she certainly isn't 5-2 to 5-4, is much taller. Maybe it is a different Milan since only review is back in 2002.

When I asked if we had met, she said didn't think so or when we met did she have too much to drink. When I told her I was from "Phoenix Arizona" she asked, "is that in California" She was obviously smashed with some slurred speech She had me smell her body - vanilla smell.

A great body in a bikini. So forget intelligent conversation off to the back we go After I turn down her invitation to private room "where you can take my panties down and I take yours down".

Nice body only a 2 on my intimacy scale. When she says goodbye says "have nice trip back to Caliazona or wherever you going"

Being confused if I had seen her - remembered name but certainly not the experience I checked the board out front to be sure I had the name right. But there was no Milan on the board (21 names including "New Dancer". I asked the front door guy how well he knew all his "kids" and was wondering about Milan not being on the board. Oh yes she is, right...right.... he can't find her name. Oops I forgot her as he pulls out the name tags and finds Milan and adds her the board thanking me for bringing it to his attention.

I also like CH on redbook that has the schedule of dancers and the reviews. I don't pay to get the whole reviews since just short trip but the one line summaries are interesting and confirms my name spelling etc.

Approached me remembering our meeting Sunday night. I wish I had my reviews to recall how well liked but lets go again.

Sort of like Sunday review, slowly opening up to my type of intimacy following my style and seems to enjoy conforming. 4 on my intimacy scale and nice body.

Don't recall much except 0 on my intimacy scale.

Wanta Party Gal
Didn't get name. I said not really a party guy and she walked off.

Had turned down earlier but now had less top on with nice open cut so better access to breasts even if not topless. Knew I had danced with her Sunday but no clue how Iiked. Oops now back at hotel I don't see that I did review her. I must have not seen her but thought I recognized name.

Nice body and quite intimate a 4 on my intimacy scale. She is hard to read however if she is just going thru the motions as she has done thousands of times or if really enjoying. As I said in another review doesn't make a difference if I enjoy it but I especially enjoy if its genuine not just doing it mechanically. But it didn't feel mechanical like some are.

Saying goodbye at end while standing had two very nice long hugs which seemed very sincere. Did 2nd she wanted me to "pop" her back by my firm massage which can be done with some people as it did with her with my deeper pressure massage in the right place. Seemed so warm and sincere in hug mode, almost wanted to do another dance but refrained.

Had turned down before but now she had less of a top on and approached me nicely again. Said she liked my massage but low on my intimacy scale and doesn't want breasts touched unless you pay for topless. OK didn't try (I asked her about when she seemed to move away when I moved that way). Seemed glad to get rid of me at the end walking off without a goodbye or asking for another dance. My technique is enjoyed by some but not all as this shows.

Now looking at the dancer list it looks like she was just being cute saying that was her name, since no "mystery" listed. With other dancers named passion and other odd names, thought that was her name. Too bad don't know real name so could avoid in the future wasting our time if I had returned.

It is now almost closing and I can't believe how much I spent and met almost all the gals on this shift! But enjoyed it even though am more broke that I had hoped to be at the end of the trip!

I still much prefer Canada but was fun and interesting to update my reports and CH certainly is a good choice and other than the high costs I would spend more time at and future trips if I didn't have the better options other places. If I was a local I would probably go too often but enjoy getting to know some of the gals more. Clearly the day shift seems a better option than night for my "intimacy fetish" but found a few gems at night also.

Great Final TR Dave

So I noticed there was no detailed description pertaining to Breast Massages being that she's pretty liberal about that sort of thing. Even though I haven't seen TAJ for nearly a year, I still would rank her very HIGH on the intimacy scale; but different strokes for different folks as they say. Oh, another thing; Hong Kong??? Did she tell you that? She told me and everyone else that she's PURE Indian. Based of her looks alone, I would say that would be the case.

In the case of MYSTERY, what you said about Breast Massages with the $20 dance being YMMV would be correct, at least with old-timers like MYSTERY anyway. Hope you come back soon...

Thanks, Eddie

I think breast massage was fine, but despite all the discussion of it here, its not what I spend that much time trying to do so I don't always mention or remember it. So many gals to recall!

When I asked her heritage she said Indian but then added something about Hong Kong, she may have just lived there.

Thanks for the nice comments.

"Taj...Lots of attempts to up sell and at end 'now ready for private room baby'. Zero on my intimacy scale."

What a shock - Taj being blatant about upselling and putting people off with her behavior and/or inability to connect. Some people that go to CH are so stupid or self-delusional, they can't see past her periodically weighty ass and off-putting behavior to glimpse her obvious shortcomings.

FWIW, you didn't miss much with Taj. You could have flushed your money down the toilet (if it was working) to get the same experience.
Great TR. Nice to hear Passion is still providing quality LD's. My PS's with have been great.
Nice report DaveinPhoenix! I've always enjoyed reading your reports, it's interesting to compare your intimacy levels with my experiences with the same dancer.

MILA is a Korean-American dancer at the horse so your notes are correct. MILAN is a tall, blonde dancer at the horse. I got their names confused as well when I first met them since the club is loud and my hearing is not as good as it used to be (I also believe someone on RB mentioned that when MILA worked at the horse a few years ago, she went by MILAN, but when she came back recently MILAN had been taken so she went with MILA instead)

Mystery is a very attractive and nice lady, but as you said, very low on the intimacy scale. Even during a topless dance, she very rarely will let you touch her breasts.
The Other One
Thanks for your TR's! An unbiased and fresh perspective is always appreciated.

"Now looking at the dancer list it looks like she was just being cute saying that was her name, since no "mystery" listed."

Her name is indeed "Mystery". Mystery has/had a stalker so whenever she's working, she's either not listed or listed as "New Dancer".

Thanks for the clarifications on mystery - I guess I wasn't going insane yet. I joked with the front desk guy about finding "new dancer" and he said have new one that don't have plaques made up yet.

Too bad about the stalking issue. Interesting that you guys that know the gals are for the most part confirming my experiences. Obviously being a stranger vs a known local is a big disadvantage and dancers may be not as comfortable with unknown old men like Ol Dave :( On the other hand some dancers get very comfortable very fast often they are the ones that enjoy different men the most.

OOps I forgot the last great dancer!
Lena from Sunday night who has many great comments about how sweet she is and I agree. As I was about to leave and I think she was she recognized me from Sunday night, greeted and asked for dance. She had more on her top than last time but remembered how nice she was so off we go.

Same very good 4 on my intimacy scale although not quite as nice as when she was in a bikini with less clothing topside.

Now back in Hot Phoenix - at SFO tried to post had strong connection to "free public WiFi" access point but couldn't get on the web from it.

Nice TR ! (Travel Report)

bye bye Dave. come back soon. the crazy horse awaits you.


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