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Reviews Of Phoenix Strip And Nude Dance Clubs
Submitted By Other More "Normal" Men

The previous section about Clubs for Intimacy Not Just Bodies, was the view of Dave who enjoys the clubs for intimacy opportunities and has no interest in the tease of nude dancing or stripping.  However, I also welcome reviews from other men who may be more typical customers.  This is a sample of the reviews on Phoenix Clubs received by others.  We invite you to continue sending in your reports to dave@davephx.com

Unless otherwise indicated none of the following are my reviews, but those from you the club customer

Blue Moon
Here is an excellent example of why we promote good touch dancers:

"Dave, My experience was at the Blue Moon. On your suggestion from the newsgroups, I went there. At first I was a little uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure what to expect as my previous experience with strip clubs had been limited to places like Bourbon Street.

After I got used to the surroundings and inquired with the night hostess and a few of the dancers as to how the set up worked, I became more comfortable. I found most of the dancers willing to share with me how the operation worked and what sort of tipping etc. was expected. They couldn’t come right out and tell me (they said something about rules prohibiting it), but they were able to let me know what was standard. I probably could have tried to negotiate for lower tips, but I don’t think that you get the best "product" (for lack of a better phrase) when you try to shop for a bargain in that type of a situation.

On your advice, I hooked up with Nora. I must say that I was very satisfied with the experience. I had separated with my wife (unfortunately, and divorce is imminent), and needed some "good touch". Nora was very understanding and provided me with the reassurance that I needed to feel good about myself and women (as expected in the situation that I was in at the time, I was very unsure of myself and relations with women). The "product" (I still can’t think of a better word) that I received that evening enabled me to act with more confidence around women (instead of a babbling desperate idiot) for quite some time after the initial experience.

I feel that places like this can help men feel better about themselves and actually give them confidence in social situations. It’s a good jump start for the ego (just keep in mind that these women do this for a living, and there are not going to throw it all away to run off with a customer), basically, it is their job to like you for the period of time that you spend with them. That is not intended to demean them or what they do, it is just the truth. Like all people, some seem to enjoy their jobs more than others and consequently are better at them."

Dream Palace 815 No Scottsdale Road Scottsdale
"I just read your article in alt.sex.prostitution about your "game" in nude clubs in Phoenix - it really struck home with me because I too have had it with the tease factor in dance clubs, but simply crave cuddling, mildly erotic touching with women. I had an experience with a dancer in a nude club on Scottsdale Rd a couple of weeks ago, which was wonderful. The girl I met there was "Sarah" who impressed me by her cheerfulness and the fact that she squeezed me in the trapezes muscles first thing. She also made it clear some customers were disappointed by her private show because it wasn’t nasty enough. That’s fine with me, I have worked in healthcare and the gynecological aspects of the experience are not what I am looking for. We had a truly fine time, with plenty of hand holding, chatting, and I gave her a back and neck massage, which she enjoyed and seemed grateful for. I did tip her generously, though! I’ve had some training in massage and love giving them to women. I’d love to hear more about opportunities to touch - I’ll keep looking for your writing. And I’m moving to Phoenix in a month or so... you may have some competition in your "game"! Thanks for your refreshing outlook and perspective." Dave’s Note: I checked and there is a Sara R. who works weekends only.

About Tipping Pressure

"There are several strip clubs in Phoenix that provide some contact with the customer (but not much). Three of the ‘some contact’ clubs I’ve tried are Eve’s Tease, Dream Palace and Class Act (roughly in the order in which I liked them). Of the three Class Act offers the most privacy, but in my experience this does not seem to result in a better time and in fact the opposite seemed to be the case. My main complaint about all these places is that they hit you up hard for large tips. This practice really burns me and makes me not want to go back. The prices are high as they are, and if the management doesn’t give the girls a sufficient cut, then the management sucks and both the girls and the customers are the losers. Class Act seemed the most mercenary in this regard, and Eve’s Tease the least. At Class Act you might think that the extra privacy might make the extra tipping worthwhile, but I didn’t find that tipping made any difference at all in how hot the show was."

New Strip Club Experiences
After seeing my review of strip clubs a single man sent me a very interesting letter. He describes himself as "lonely and horny" who was "overly dominated by my father until his death and have struggled ever since." He is an older student at ASU where gorgeous younger women in short-shorts and tiny little sundresses surround him. He says, "I really don’t know how to meet women, get dates, form relationships etc. very well. So when I got frustrated with all the sexy collage girls, I go do adult clubs. When I came to ASU, I had mostly lived in isolated rural areas so seeing real live nude & topless women was a major experience for me."

Topless Club Experiences
"Unlike you, I enjoy the visual aspects of undressed women dancing before me. I enjoy seeing different shapes and sizes of women and prefer natural breasts of whatever size to the hard round implant look. I never seem to have much fun at the upscale fancier places like Bourbon Street & Tiffany’s. I prefer more laid back places where the dancers will sit and talk with me for a song or so before or after 1-2 dances. I usually spend $20-$30 when I visit a club and this will get me 4-5 dances. I usually get all from dancers that ask me nicely or ones that I see giving sensuous dances to other customers. Laid-back neighborhood places like Teasers and SqueezeBox (now Heartbreakers) are nice, but I usually like Band-Aids, Hi-Liter & Cheetah the best. I routinely get the sexist table dances at Hi-Liter." He also wishes that the dancers were allowed to massage and squeeze their breasts and likes to see pelvic hair that grows out so it can be seen beyond the G-string.

Dream Palace
"Recently I found a girl who appealed to me at Dream Palace. Her name is Gina and she works Tuesday through Saturday 12 to 7. Her breasts are literally outstanding: large, upright, and all natural. I decided to try a $25 show with her and she hit me up with a hard sell for tips before she even started the show. I reluctantly gave her an additional $10. When the first thing she did was stuff those luscious breasts of hers right in my face, I thought I was really onto something. However, she only did this briefly about three times during the ten minutes. I told her that was my favorite thing and extended the show to a half hour plus gave her an additional $20 tip, telling her it was for my favorite thing and hoping she would just keep doing that continuously for the next 20 minutes. Well, she didn’t, and didn’t even increase the frequency, so I ended up spending $80 for the half hour with only an occasional breast in the face.

Dream Palace

"A pretty standard nude club. Definitely on the more expensive side. All of the dancers gave good stage dances. Didn’t seem to be much in the way of table dances - the emphasis was on "private" dances in the back. The only time I went I had a private half-hour dance with Courtney, which cost me about $80 total, but was completely worth it. She was nude for the dance, but it was not the usual wiggle and grind. She gave a very nice shoulder massage, seemed to like the massage I gave in return, and was genuinely friendly. I guess the best way to describe it is that while I never got particularly turned on, I left far happier than I have before from a club. And yes, she’s very cute. Petite brunette. I went in March 96, and she said that she would be leaving Phoenix some time this summer."

Dave’s Note: I revisited Dream Palace and asked about when the above-mentioned dancers worked. I was approached by many dancers with the same line about their sexy show for $50-$100. Very high pressure and of course "they work mostly for the extra tips". I finally figured out how to easily get rid of them. I just kept saying to each that I didn’t think they’d like me since I didn’t tip. That worked. They retreated fast. I did like the popcorn on the tables.

French Fantasies
"After reading the review of Kindra at French Fantasies, I decided to do a little snooping of my own. I found French Fantasies web page where they give great descriptions of the girls and show great pictures, as well. I thought this may be helpful. The pictures of Kindra is mind-blowing as well as the pictures of Randi." Dave‘s Note: French Fantasies is a no touch studio where you can masturbate yourself while watching the dancer if that is your interest. The review the writer refers to is on their web site at: http://www.frenchfant.com/

Nude Clubs
He also enjoys the nude clubs, the conversation and quality intimate touch I describe and says, "I also agree that Kym (from Body Shop & Eves Tease) is really nice." DAVE NOTE: Kym sadly has left, she was one of my favorite down to earth nice person also.

"The two nude clubs I like the best are the two you did not mention. Le Girls and Great Alaska Bush. (Dave: this was the letter that got me first going to Great Alaska Bush and very much enjoy until the change in rules I discuss in my review). My favorite place is Great Alaska Bush. The couch or booth dances are the best though I never know what to expect. I usually expect to spend around $60 a visit there... The dancers seem to set their own prices, but I refuse to pay anyone more than $30 for one song. Much more explicit contact occurs here then at any other club I’ve visited.

Star was an older lady in her 40’s. She was very nice and I would often talk to her for 2-3 songs before or after a dance. She did not dance on stage but only did table dances. Last fall or maybe early this year I learned that she died from cervical cancer. She told me that she had an accounting degree yet made more money doing table dances.

Le Girls is the only nude club with the same atmosphere as the topless bars. It is a bit glitzy for my taste and you have to spend $16 for the cover charge and drinks before you even think about tipping or couch dances, but it has advantages 1) Unlike other Phoenix Clubs they still allow direct tipping...2) the only place in town where I can get a totally nude couch dance for $10. Usually these give a trifle more contact than the $5 table dances at the topless bars. Le Girls seems to have more turnover but Marie is at nice lady who has worked there for awhile. Deidre is also a nice sexy black girl. The couch dances at Le Girls are totally nude and allow no touching." He likes breasts but says "Breasts are very important, but breast size is not!"

Note: See Dave's Adventure which a short story of my finding many of the women this reviewer recommended. The information is now out of date, but some have found it an interesting humorous adventure.

SW Corner, 59th Ave & Olive Glendale, AZ
"After a long night of inventory, I felt the need of some company. The place is very large. It occupies about 20% of the strip mall. The stage area, though, fills half the establishment. Walls separate the other half that forms several room with "mini" stages for private shows. Here's the run-down:

Depending on the time and/or the night, the cover is $3.00 or $5.00 with a one-drink minimum ($3.00). They have a large bar area that serves nonalcoholic beverages. There is only one stage where the ladies dance two songs. Usually the first is topless and the next is nude. They also offer topless table dances for $10.00/song and also private dances, which are located in the back (as I previously mentioned). The rates are $35.00/15min, $50/30min, and $100/60min. I met several lovely ladies there that, I must rate, falls between the 8-9 scale. I spoke with "Shea" for about an hour and discussed many things including the Private Dances. She says that most girls vary but usually perform the dances, give shoulder massages, face massages, applies lotion or oils on you, and let you apply some on their back.

All the dances are full nude. This puts you in a close position for some good viewing. The dances are very intimate but generally, no "touching" in the areas of the breasts, buttocks, vagina, and between the hips to their knees. I was a little discouraged since I do enjoy casual/sensual touching. After an hour of watching the stage dances I was ready for a private dance. The way I see it is, if you are going to spend $50 on five table dances that last a total of 20 minutes, it would be a better value to spend the little extra in tip money and do a $50 private dance that lasts 30 minutes. I chose "Shea" since we had a good time talking and I feel that she knows that I am a gentleman and am very sincere.

I paid the $50 and we proceeded to one of the back rooms. In the room was a small stage about 24 inches off the ground with a single chair in the front. I tipped her an extra $20 in hopes of getting a more sensual dance. It worked. She stood on stage while I sat in front watching and striped down to nothing. She then reached for some lotion and asked me to take my shirt off and sit on the stage with my back to her. She proceeded to rub some on my back and on my neck. The next several minutes, she gave me a soothing rub. She then allowed me to rub some on her back and didn't stop me when I reached her buttocks and down the back of her legs. Being one of the art of massages, I put her in a state of calm. Minutes later, she sat me back down and climbed on my lap and softly grinded me to the "near-point" of explosion. All the while giving me a face massage with her hands, breasts, and stomach. I kissed every part of her and touched her vagina lightly but didn't take her nipples in my mouth because I didn't want to seem like "too much" of a horn-dog. Before I knew it, my 30 minutes were up. She told me that she doesn't usually give such an intimate dance but she felt very comfortable with me."

Le Girls
"The club I went to was LE Girls. I went there with my girlfriend. The dancers were all about average with one or two being above average. Kind of expensive, 7 dollar cover plus two-drink min. 20 dollars for just walking in the door. Don’t go to the clubs to get my rocks off. I don’t like the way the girls just bounce up and down, they grab their chest and just shake or they just move into different positions. Would prefer more sensual dances not just watching a girl bounce. Would love to see a club were the girls come and talk to you first, not just ask for money and leave. This club left me with that impression, and I probably won’t go back."

Dream Palace
"I recently visited the Dream Palace on Scottsdale Road. I used a coupon from Playtime magazine to avoid paying the cover charge. That was the only thing that was inexpensive. The hustle began right away to get me into one of the back rooms for a private show. No sooner did I sit down until the waitress came over and asked me if I wanted a private show with one of the girl who just left the stage. Having just arrived I wanted to watch the dancers on the stage a little before I spent a lot of money, so I declined. The waitress was very aggressive, pushy, and persistent. When I ordered a drink, it cost about $3 for a small glass of soda with lots of ice. It became readily apparent that the dance floor was secondary too. The dancers really did not seem to be all that into the dancing on stage. The dancing was simply something for the dancer to do while she was not in the back room. Consequently, several times no one was on the dance floor at all for a good song or two. This was really disappointing. Obviously, I didn’t go there to listen to loud music. Every time a girl left the stage, the waitress would harass me again. Finally, I relented and went to the back. It cost me about $35 dollars for 15 minutes and I was heavily pressured to give a large tip. They told me that many people tipped $80 or more and that the more the tip the better the dance. I tipped her only $40, and I thought that that was too much for only 15 minutes. The girl I went to the back with (whose name I unfortunately have forgotten) was a beautiful blonde with a very fit body. She let me massage her except in areas prohibited by law. She also rubbed her breasts in my face. It was enjoyable but not the best private show I have had, and certainly not worth $75. Right on the money, the waitress showed up at exactly 15 minutes and asked if I wanted another show. Both she and the girl acted very disappointed when I said that I had to leave. Overall, this club like so many others seems to want to divorce you from as much money as possible with as little effort as possible."

Hi-Liter Review Nov 30 1996
"My girlfriend and I visited the Hilighter (sp?) a few nights ago, at 12th St. and Highland. We had both heard good things about the place--that it was fairly classy and with attractive dancers. It was both, and reminded me somewhat of Ten's in Tucson. There was no problem with my being accompanied by a female, and several other couples or groups with women were also in attendance. At one point a bouncer had us move from a close table to the back to make room for a large party, but he promised us he would get us another table up close as soon as he could. We let him off the hook later, but our move caused a waitress to lose a drink order.

Most of the dancers, while quite attractive, were nothing great on stage and several looked rather bored, but with a few notable exceptions. One was Caitlin, a tall blonde who was obviously very into what she was doing and made excellent use of the poles onstage--e.g., hanging upside-down by her legs--and doing the splits. At least one other dancer was equally as acrobatic, and at one point was standing on one hand as her only support on the "back stage" in the corner. My girlfriend got a table dance from a dancer named Simone who has good taste in alternative music (assuming the dancers get to select music when they are on the main stage, as I know they do at other some clubs). I had been watching her give girlfriend much more attention than the men she had been dancing for. Our theory is that she knew she had to work harder to impress a woman--and she did."

Centerfolds & Playmates
"I’m just back from a business trip (Spring 97) to Phoenix and to avoid reporting on the trip to my boss I’m reporting to the group on the two clubs I sampled. One good. One bad.

The Good: Centerfolds is a topless club in a strip mall. I was there from about 3pm to 7pm on a Friday. Mostly natural girls in the 6-8 range. One large stage with bunch of tables. The dancers rotate constantly. One song on the stage and they are out getting table dances. The table dances ranged from no contact at all, to light contact, depending on dancer. What, being from NYC, impressed me most was the cost of everything. Inexpensive, inexpensive, inexpensive. I’m used paying $5 for a soda. Here I got a beer, and 2 cranberry’s for $5. I’m used to paying $20 for a dance. Here $20 got me 4 dances.

The Bad:
Playmates Cabaret;  I went on a Friday between 8pm and 10pm. $6 cover and $4 for fake beer. It’s nude. Dancers were 5-6. In NYC we have the Harmony Principle (AKA - Inverse Nastiness Square Law). The better the atmosphere of the club, the more expensive it is with minimal interaction (i.e. Scores). The worse the atmosphere of the club, the less expensive it is with maximum interaction i.e. Harmony). If Playmates were in NYC dancers would be having sex with you on stage for the dollar. Imagine a high school cafeteria with small round tables. There was one small stage that looked like some folding tables clamped to each other. Over the stage was a fan. I would tip a dancer. She would toss the dollar behind her (not one dancer had a garter). The breeze from the fan would catch it and blow it back to me. This got very annoying, very quickly. The dancer worked three songs, clothed, topless, and nude. I saw all the ones who were working and decided to leave when I was approached by a dancer for a "private dance". I asked how much. She said $50 for 1/2 hour. Knowing that I would be reporting and in the interest of being thorough (not to mention the fact that this stuff costs $200 in NY) I agreed. Mistake, Mistake, Mistake. Imagine a row of telemarketing cubicles with a naked girl on each desk. No contact of any kind was allowed. The dancer was nice, but I saw no reason to stay when my time was up."

I invite feedback and other experiences with dancers at the various Phoenix clubs. I’ve found that the other nude clubs are just for tease but am always looking for other clubs more like those I’ve reviewed. I always enjoy meeting women who enjoy good nonsexual touch. I hope this review might help some men who might enjoy sharing good healthy, wholesome touch. I encourage and wish to support clubs that are interested in offering legal good touch and hope this review might be of interest to club owners as well as potential customers.

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