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Montreal Strip/Nude Clubs - Overview

The Montreal escort scene is so good, it is hard for me to understand why strip clubs are such a big deal.  For not much more instead of being in a small little booth in a strip club you can get a full hour with a sweet French gal in your hotel room for as little as US$60 an hour for some of the French escort services.    Even the most expensive escorts are only CAN $200 which is about US $135/hr no tips expected.  But some men like to look at a larger number and variety of beautiful women and sometimes can have some non-sexual interactions. 

I visited Downtown (that's its name) and Teazers and  report in detail in another article.  It was interesting, but not nearly as fulfilling as escorts for me.  But it is great there are so many options in Montreal for whatever you enjoy.

When it comes to strip clubs, it depends on your tastes. Downtown Montreal has some incredible eye candy (but no touch) at places like Chez Paree and Supersexe. You can also go a few miles off the island to more high touch clubs that take more advantage of the more liberal laws upheld by the Canadian Supreme Court that lap dancing with full touching and contact is perfectly legal in Canada.  It is reported clubs like Grand Prix or Chez Diane are quite liberal.   But having limited time and no car I only checked out two downtown clubs.

Before sharing my experiences, let me summarize the reports on some of the other downtown clubs that have lots of attractive women, but I had no interest in them since they are "no touch" clubs.  I realize lots of readers may have more of an interest in just looking, than I do.  So let me report on these clubs first, based on reading many reports, but not personal experience.

Club SuperSexe 696 Rue de St. Catherine West Website: Many have said that Club Super Sexe has the best women in town,  they don't do a very good dance (no touching), but many guys like to watch. 

Club Wandas 1310 De Maisonneuve West Corner of De La Montagne & De Maisonneuve
Reported similar to SuperSexe but  it has three levels. The top level is called the French Kiss which is a lounge for men that want to spend some time with a women not interested in just taking her clothes off.  This provides a better spot to interact with women when she isn't pressured to find the next dance. Instead of paying for $20 air dances, the girls drinks (mostly juice) are $20CAN.  I may try this my next trip.  The other two floors have about 4-6 stages. About 20-30 girls. Very cozy atmosphere. 

Solid Gold 8840 St. Laurent Blvd St. Laurent & 40 is another popular club.

Clubs that have been reported as being more open to touch and sometimes much more include:

Grand Prix in Richelieu
Directions: Take Champlain bridge and head down to highway 10. Once on highway 10, go down to exit 29 (it's the small exit right after a small bridge.) At the end of the exit, turn right at the light and keep going all the way to Richelieu Bldv. (all the way down). Turn left at the light and GP is on your left at the first light. (Can't miss the neon lights) 

Clairenceville Bar chez Diane is reported to have beautiful girls with the same extras as GP. 

Candi's at 1830 Ste-Catherine is a newer club that runs ads in the Mirror that seems to be quite aggressive to please new customers. Miss Nude Russia has been a featured performer.

This is just a sample of the hundreds of clubs I didn't visit (before a detailed report on the two I did visit!) 

Sources for much more information:

Canada's Best Entertainment Super Site You can read reviews for free but this is one of the few sites I find its worth paying their small fee for many more great features to help monitor the activities on one of the most active discussion sites in Canada

The Ultimate Strip Club List But fewer reviews than canbest and often older.

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