Angeles City Bar Girl Adventures – Day 1 Details
April 10, 1999 Mostly Tahitian Queen & Roadhouse

I briefly visited Rumour's near my hotel, Voodoo, Private Dancer, Ziggy’s and Vahalla. In most cases I only stayed briefly maybe for one diet coke or bottled water. In most cases the seating was either just bar stools, or booth seating wasn’t available, or I didn’t see any women that I was attracted to.

Tahitian Queen
I almost wasn’t going to try this club because of a bad review I had read saying the dancers were mostly unattractive and the Mamasan was a "bitch" and cruel to dancers. But I realize all the reviews are based on one person’s perspective often after one a single visit or only a few visits to a specific bar. What is great for one person might be terrible for another and dancers change all the time. Other than having the type of booth seating I like to make my nest, its more your luck in finding a compatible dancer for your interests than whether a particular bar is good or bad.

The Mamasan
From the review, from a reliable source, I was skeptical of the Mamasan. Amazingly she seemed to be one of the most friendly. She was the only Mamasan who kept coming over to me, when surrounded by bargirls and dancers, not to sell me a barfine, but to joke with me and other dancers, even stroked my leg. She just seemed jolly and friendly not only with the customers but also the dancers. I did see her get stern at one point from afar with a dancer correcting some problem, but that is her job. The dancers seemed to respect and like her. Just to be sure the Mamasan wasn’t new, I asked one gal how long the Mamasan had been there. At least four years she thought

The Many Bargirls
I met scads of nice bargirls here, mostly following my one lady drink rule. While I enjoy so much attention and all girls and their friends and more friends joining me after a while, got frustrated wanting to make some of my own choices. One was a bit older, good English, I wasn’t particularly attracted to her but she was a "wanting to help" type even if I wasn’t going to barfine her or buy her more than one lady drink. All the girls were nice, I was enjoying some good intimacy interaction but for me to barfine one, she would have to be really "special". If I didn’t find who I thought might be "Miss Special" for the night that was OK.

One girl in particular was almost overly clingy, seemingly to liking my touch and wanted me to take her home for the night. She was 18, very bubbly (I prefer a bit more refined), outgoing, tiny but spoke almost no English (common problem). She was just too much a "child" for my tastes to barfine.

Dragging Dancer To Me
After a few hours of good company with various girls I had my eyes on a particular dancer who was taller, nice body and seemed very bored swaying on stage or a bit down. But I also saw her interact very nicely with other dancers so I got vibes that she might have some personality also.

About the same time the original older women "helper type" who seemed to really want to be helpful came back. She was trying to have me tell her what type of girl I might be looking for etc. She seemed to understand my wanting to make my own choice instead of all the friends of friends etc. However I am always skeptical of choosing someone just based on looks. Usually the most attractive are often have the least personality or often are less non-sexually intimate since most men just want to grope them vs. good touch intimacy.

I mentioned at the end of one song that the end dancer. In all the clubs I had never seen a customer select a dancer from the state. When dancers leave the stage they usually seem to disappear into the back. The only place I recall the dancers going directly from the stage to customers and back was I believe at Roadhouse.

Well, "helper type women" dashes over to the stage and almost drags the poor dancer off to come over and meet me! Her English was very good, I bought her a lady drink and we had a good intellectual connection but not much chemistry on the intimacy side. It is so hard to find the combination I seek!

OK I give up, time to start over to another club! I’ve been here for over 2 hours. How do I escape? I’ve now got about 10 gals around me. Some I’ve bought lady drinks for, but after long "expired" they still stick to me like glue even though they realize I’m not going to be barfing them or buying more lady drinks. So it’s not because of money, and I’m a fat old guy, so it’s not my looks and it’s not that slow a night there are many others customers in the club. My escape is to the comfort room, and when I return I say how nice it was but that I have to go now, but might be back another night. Bar tab was about P1200 ($US31.50), which I thought was very reasonable.

After a few brief stops at a few other bars (I don’t recall which and didn’t include them in my journal), I would up at Roadhouse for the rest of the night.

Unlike some of the reviews, I found the dancers quite uniformly attractive and dancers would come off stage as they rotated groups and mingle directly with customers. In many other clubs it seemed the most attractive gals were the dancers and the least attractive were often the ones working the customers. Some dancers would also be with customers but it seemed many of them only danced.

I also thought the dancers were more energetic doing more than just sway and wiggle like in most of the clubs.

I found a nice nesting booth behind were the dancers seemed to come when they rotated offstage. All of a sudden about 8 dancers wanted to sit with me. As usual the most aggressive get spots on either side of me…in my nest. I bought lady drinks one by one over the next couple of hours and enjoyed the company. I was even physically attracted to most. English skills varied widely as at most clubs. But I didn’t sense a real strong intimacy connection with any of them. The closest which I almost barfined was a more Chinese looking women who was taller, attractive but spoke virtually no English. She seemed to be trying to have an intelligent discussion but felt as bad as I did about the language problem.

A photographer came by offering to take a picture of me and the Chinese looking girl and another one that I had my other arm around. I paid P200 for 2 copies but he never returned with the pictures. I wondered if this was a scam but the Roadhouse staff seemed to know him also, so I thought he was legitimate.  I had some good responses by bar owners when I raised this question on the Angeles City Message Board.  I'm convinced it was no  scam - the bar owners would never allow it since it would hurt their reputation.  I didn't realized (never asked and was never told) that the photo guy returns with the pictures the next night or you make arrangement for them to be held for your pickup the next night.  Some clubs, like I discuss on return to Manila had instant pictures taken which is more convenient but the quality may not be as good.

After meeting a few more girls, I almost decided to call it a night and not worry about finding a special person to barfine.

But I had my eyes of an attractive, taller a bit older (which I often prefer) attractive women who was a dancer (I thought) who was on a stool in an area just in front of me. She was outside the "flock" giving me all the attention but I was curious about her.

Barfined Girl - I choose and she leaped!
I went to the comfort room and on the way back went over to her and asked if I could buy her a drink and meet her.  She seemed to almost choke with excitement – have no idea why.  She “leaped” from her stool to join me at my booth.  OK maybe I exaggerate a little.

She even spoke very good English!  We seemed to immediately connect on all levels, especially with good intimacy sharing.  After awhile I asked if she was interested in being barfined. She seemed surprised to be asked (I later learn why). She seemed excited and the intimacy connection she seemed to share with me grew stronger.  

I get the attention of the hostess who gets the Mamasan who chats at length with the girl in Filipino.  Whatever they talked about the result was the barfine was P950 ($US25).  One reason Angeles is such a good deal is unlike in Manila, the girl gets half the barfine so they don’t expect as high of tips in morning. 

While I’m settling up the tab she goes to change into her street clothes.  The total tab for the many lady drinks I bought different girls including the P950 barfine only came to about P1800 ($US47).  That includes all night with her in my hotel.  Such a deal for P950…so I thought…

In a few minutes a very friendly house manager tells me my girl is ready outside and she will escort me to her.  Interesting way they do it.  Instead of girl coming back to get you, she meets you outside.  We take a trike to the Vegas Hotel and had some nice small talk at first.  She seemed a bit shyer now but not terribly at this point.  I suggest I’d like to nicely massage her nude body.  She wants to take a shower first, which is fine.  She takes forever in the shower and does normal women stuff putting cream on her face for the night..etc…etc..etc…

Finally she is done and jumps into bed snuggling up warmly with me (I’m nude) but she keeps her bra and panties on.  I have her lie on her stomach and I enjoy stroking, massaging and caressing a women’s back and legs.  Especially a women with such a slender somewhat muscular nice body like hers. I do some slow erotic stroking and she seems to be absorbing my touch like a sponge.  After awhile I undo her bra and slowly slip her panties off which didn’t seem to be any problem.  I also enjoy massaging buts, which many women enjoy but seldom experience.  All in a non-sexual way but it can be very sensual

Primordial tail Massage…what?
I also enjoy the usually very favorable reaction to slowly massaging the primordial tail area. This is very sensual for the women whether she has clothes on or not. It is where the sexual nerve endings from the vaginal area connect to the lower spine and can be very sensual/sexually stimulating. Since few women have experienced it before, I often get interesting reactions. Men get a similar sensation. I also enjoy doing it in a stand up hug and the women usually melts into my arms.

Turns Giddy
All was going perfect…until I suggested she turn over on her back and I start helping her. All of a sudden she gets giddy and not wanting me to explore her front and gets very modest not wanting to expose her breasts!

After failed attempts to discus her feelings (Its part of culture not to be open about intimate feelings), the bottom line I find out is that she doesn’t interact much with customers, and either never or seldom is barfined. But she liked my touch so much she wanted to go home with me. I have helped many women in the U.S. work through emotional barriers to sexuality (I have a large article on "Breaking your Barriers To Intimacy", but the women has to want to be open to discussing her feelings which she clearly wasn’t. From what I could get from her, she has no boyfriend so that wasn’t the issue but apparently just doesn’t have any sexual desire. Not sure if that is from modesty, guilt over sexual issues or what. I’m use to being very supportive of women with these types of issues, but not when I think I’m paying them to have sex!

Although barfining is not a payment for sex, I had hoped to find a companion that also wanted and enjoyed good intimate sexuality.  Having good intimacy but not sex can be very frustrating. I’m very turned on by her body; I’m having a very strong Viagra erection, yet she turned out to be a totally non-sexual. But since barfines aren't for sex, I’m also gentle and understanding with her.

What was almost worse, was she seemed to appreciate how understanding I was and spent the light cuddled up with me with her naked body, yet I couldn’t directly "interact" with the front of her body, only with her cuddled against me. The problem was, I enjoy the cuddling so much, her stroking me, etc., but was frustrated not being able to share sexually, that I had a terrible time getting any sleep! She was a wonderfully intimate loving person…except for the sex part of "intimate sexuality" which I also sought.

In the morning she seems to very sincerely thank me. It was an interesting experience!

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