Angeles City Bar Girl Adventures – Night 2 Details
April 10-11, 1999
Mostly Illusions & Margarita Station Wave

There was a big thunderstorm in the afternoon and in the evening it was still raining lightly.  I was a bit undecided whether I’d make the Trek to Fields Ave bars again.  But the Trike driver is more in the rain then you are since they have rain gear, screens etc, but still have open exposure in their motorcycle since they have to see where they are going!

I decided to go and the trike too me the back way on a route I hadn’t been before.  I sure hope it would up at Fields Ave instead of being kidnapped!  Yep got to Fields fine although lots of big puddles to go through – but not that bad for the passenger.

I stopped in at Ziggy’s again but just for one diet coke.  It’s a smaller bar with mostly stools directly in front of 3-section stage.  There were only a few other customers in out of the rain. The dancers were quite attractive but my interest was in meeting them not just staring at their bodies on stage.

Based on an Internet review I had planned to skip this bar because the review said it was for local Filipinos and that they didn’t cater to foreigners.  But this was another case of don’t believe all you read, or things change since reviews are written.

It had a girl tout in front inviting everyone in.  The club was very busy with mostly us foreigners, mostly American and Australian it seemed. Had nice booths and lots of girls both on stage and others happily interacting with the customers.  Seemed friendlier than most bars.

I asked if they had bottled water and waitress said yet.  But it came in a glass with ice. Due to my concerns about bacterial didn’t drink it.

After a while the usual girl with all her friends came and sat with me.  None spoke much English so the Internet report of being mostly for locals made some sense.   Except that I couldn’t find a Filipino man in the large crowd. 

Most of the dancers were the young giggly type.  The two girls on my right were probably the youngest allowed to work in the bars – 18.  They were all over me beig affectionate. The girl on my left, Rosa was probably early 20s, more Chinese looking, slender but not too thin like some. She was nicely holding my hand and I started doing my massage and nice touch with the hand I had over her shoulder.  I was politely trying to ignore the girls clawing me from the other side and wanted to focus on Rosa.

Her English was poor but I felt a strong intimacy connection with her. As usual wanting to be sure a girl likes my back massage I ask her if OK and get a very nice “OK, nice, like”.  A little later she asks, “me massage you?”  She does a good neck massage on me (my neck is always tight). I also got a very favorable response to the nice face caresses I like to do as long as the girl seems to like it.

We Interrupt this Program for a Power Outage
We have one of the common power failures of the Philippines. The emergency battery powered lights on and provide adequate light I the customer area, although the stage is dark.  I’m in a slightly elevated booth area with a good view of the main area just beneath me with mostly just bar stools.  The area becomes very crowed since all the dancers come into it since it’s the only area that has lights. Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun in the darker bar, as I am with Rose, non-verbally.

In about 30 minutes the power returns.  I decide even with the language problem to try and barfine Rosa. To avoid the risk of being stuck all night with someone non-sexual like the night before I’m wondering if they do short-terms, like in Thailand of 2 hours with you.

In fact during the power outage girls were joking about “short-term”.  But I’m not getting any response I could understand trying to suggest this from Rosa or later from the Mamasan.  Rosa understood well “barfine” and replied “yes, yes, good,” but the short-term part didn’t seem to communicate.  OK, I’ll take the sexual dud risk again.  She also didn’t seem to know where the Vegas Hotel was, but wherever it was, she wanting to go with me.

My Attempt at Social Custom Acceptable “Fetch the Mamasan”
The “mama” is on the other side of the bar chatting with people.   How do I get her attention? I can’t wave, raise my hand or do the American come here finger motion since I’ve read those are offensive gestures in Asia.  The proper sign is to move the fingers with the palms down.  I had seen the gesture once on the street.

Taking the risk of looking like a fool, at an instant when the mama looks sort of my way I raise my arm just high enough to I think be seen and do my attempt at the hand signal.  Well, what do you know it worked!  She saw me, nodded her head and came right over!  Mama was very friendly and the barfine was P950 ($US25).

While Rosa is changing into street clothes mama sits next to me and is very friendly, touching me nicely and writes in her book that I’m Dave, an American at Vegas Hotel.  For the girls safety concerns I thought this was a good idea, but none of the other mama’s asked anything about me, just arranged the barfine!

Off we go by trike in the light rain to my hotel. To my joy, the night is full of wonderful intimate sexuality unlike the prior night.  We had some nice long sessions before going to sleep and I awoke to her intimate touch and cuddling next to me and had good sexual sharing in the morning.  Sex is a universal language and our inability to communicate verbally didn’t at all limit our great intimate sexuality.  I tipped her P500 ($US13), which seemed to make her very happy bargirl.

 “Me Lucky Girl”
The funniest verbal exchange and the most clear English she spoke was when she asked if I was married.  I said “no, not married” and her eyes lit up saying “single?” responding to my reply of yes, she replied in very clear excited English “me lucky girl!”  Her response and expression was far more hilarious than can be described in words!

Ah, There is Good Sex In Angeles
So now I know at least some bargirls actually seem to like good sex.  Again I point out this isn't want your paying the girl for by the barfine or tip, but if you like each other sex certainly is an option which virtually all men enjoy!  But finding good English, someone who enjoys mature discussion, a great intimacy connection with good sex all in one person proves difficult in all my experiences in Angeles.   The finding attractive women is the easiest part. 

Now that I’m less desperate for good sex, I may spend the next few nights meeting many more women to see if I can find someone that has all the attributes I seek.  Although I am feeling the odds are slim, especially finding someone whose English I can easily understand.

But knowing I can have a great time even with the language barrier encourages me to make my next research adventure to Bangkok.  My expectation from years of reading newsgroup postings and web sites, is that Thailand will be much more sexual, more variety and I love the idea of their soapy body massages as well as great traditional non-sexual massage.

Margarita Station
I had lunch Sunday at Margarita Station, which was my favorite Fields Avenue eating spot.  Kokomos’ was also good but I seemed to spend more time at Margarita’s.

The Wave Confuses Old Dave – Nice man at Margarita
Remembering my reading on socially proper ways of getting attention I Asia, here I am trying to be so respectful of Asian culture and I notice this very friendly Margarita worker joking and waving at two girls eating in the balcony area above the restaurant main floor.  Now old Dave is confused.  Maybe a friendly waive is proper just not a come here gesture.

I’m also curious who this really nice friendly guy is.  Maybe the owner JC?  He was obviously “in charge” as he talked to all sorts of workers from the waitresses to the guys unloading something from a truck in back.   Lots of workers came to him with questions and he was playing and joking very nicely with many of the workers.  Gee, this guy is nice and seems to have a wonderful working relationship with staff.   He played and joked with a small child.  Said if he wanted to be a worker for a moment and go get something he would pay him with ice cream or something like that.  Don’t think any child labor laws were being violated!  He jokingly startled a worker sitting at table sneaking up swatting a fly on the table with a fly swatter.  There were a few flies, not many and this guy was trying to be sure that “any fly was a dead fly” it seemed. 

When I returned I was very curious who this was.  I looked at all the pictures on the site but didn’t find him.   Thinking it might be JC I asked on the asfo list and a few other places.  Kabayo was nice enough to send me a picture of JC.  Nope, this mystery man is much older, about 6’ tall, medium build, gray hair, mustache and a gray beard around his chin.  Then JC himself replied.  It was “Doc” the day manager.  Doc never imagined he was being observed so much by me!   I assume his nice friendly waive is OK in Asian/Philippine culture?

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