Angeles City Bar Girl Adventures Ė Night 3 Details

April 11-12, 1999 Mostly Papillion & Champagne Girls

Nice place with attractive dancers but all the booth seats were full. The hostess kept inviting me to sit next to the stage bar seats but I ignored them.  I did a walk-around and left.  I would definitely return if booth seats were available.

Oh yes, my type of place!  Lots of nice booths back far from the main stage with lots of girls in that area. Lively fun place and even has popcorn, which I love! 

Oh dear, here comes an older a bit overweight girl.  Sheís about the ONLY one in the whole place that Iím not attracted to.  She is 34 from Cebu with fairly good English.  She flies into my nest. I am polite but avoid doing any of my touch techniques. I say Iím just visiting different bars to see what they are like.  I decline a lady drink for her in hopes she would get the hint and move on.  No such luck.   Oh no, she is starting to do the same nice touch things on me that I usually start doing to women Iím attracted to.  She is nice and almost begging me to return her good touch. She seems to seek an intimacy connection with me like I usually seek with those Iím more attracted to.   It is obvious she isnít going to leave and Iím noting other attractive available girls nearby that Iíd invite over if I werenít ďtakenĒ. How do you nicely without hurting her feelings get rid of a bargirl your not attracted to?

I guess you canít so Iíll make the most of it.  I start responding to her ongoing good touch and buy her a lady drink.  A ďfriendĒ joins us but surprisingly Iím not even asked about a lady drink for her.   Friend speaks almost no English but somehow we all have a good time.  Friend asks if I speak O_______?  This seems like a dumb question even to the Cebu girl.  She has to tell friend Iím American and only speak English.  Cebu girl climbs in my lap and we share some good non-sexual intimacy positions.

It is also fun to watch the lively crowd and interactions, especially from this back booth view.  Some of the customers are obviously drunk and one falls over from his bar stool. Other customers dance with the customers.  Iím quite sober from my one diet coke, which is how I like to be!

After an hour or so on one lady drink for Cebu girl that is still in my arms, I see no hope of escaping her and meeting others.  She was nice, but just not my type looks wise.  I would like to return another night and hope she doesnít welcome me again.   I make an excuse that I have to leave and move on to another club.

Very attractive lively dancers plus lots of fun going on with customers.  I donít mean sexual fun, just good flirting, dancing and lots of giggly girl stuff.

The bar is small but with one string of booths behind the bar stools in front of the stage. But it looks like no booths are available.  I ignore all the hostesses trying to offer me a bar stool by the stage and do a walk around scanning the booths.  Just as I am about to give up and leave a group of dancers in a booth without a customer seem to read my mind Ė or see my scanning eyes.  One girl leaves and the other two invite me to join them.

The girl next to me is very nice, asks the usual questions.  She is nice but not really ďspecialĒ. I do eye a very attractive dancer and smile at her to show my interest but donít get any reaction from her. Iíve tried this many times in other bars but it has never worked.  

I order bottled water and the girl next to me has to leave since it is her turn to join the stage dancers.  I like the fact this club, like the Roadhouse has dancers that directly also mingle with customers vs. just the extras that meet customers.  

To my amazement the dancer I tried to smile at is getting off the stage and heads straight for me, sits with me and asks the usual question.  Gee, this is how itís supposed to work!   Other than the usual questions she knows little English.  Very quickly she very wet kisses me and says, ďgive you great blow job.Ē   Well, Iím about the only male in the world that isnít that much into oral sex, preferring more intimate full body skin contact with caressing body etc.  I decline invitation and her next seduction is ďI give you lots of bam bamÖbarfine?Ē   OK, she has the body type I really like; very tall, slender but not just skin and bones...Iíll be seduced by her!

One of the nice things about the Philippines is the very wide variety of body types, looks, face shapes and skin coloration from different ethnic backgrounds and mixtures.  Her father was Muslim and mother Christian. That fact she did say well in English but most other communications was difficult.  I wasnít sensing a strong intimacy connection just her sexual seduction.  But ok, Iím game so I barfined her for P900.

Remembering my first night with the non-sexual girl, I should really be careful what I wish for! This gal was the opposite extreme.  All the other barfined girls took showers once back at my hotel. This gal just wanted to jump into bed and get naked with me.

She had the body I would love to gently stroke and massage before sex.  But she soon took my hand and wanted me to just stimulate her clit.  We then had sex in many positions and she had me too a great deal of long oral sex sessions on her.  She seemed highly stimulated but having a very hard time getting over the hump to climax.  Iíve experienced many such women that have such a hard time with orgasm in the U.S.  It was like she hadnít had sex for a long time (probably since last night) and desperately wanted to orgasm.

Fortunately for her, I had slipped myself some Viagra while in the bar.  My Viagra erection could go on all night but old Dave gets exhausted from so much sex, long before erection dies. I enjoyed her being on top of me at times, doing more of the ďworkĒ, but her violent moves at times make me think...donít break penis!

The most interesting sexual aspect was my trying to test her for G spot stimulation.  In the early ďroundsĒ Iíd try some G spot work but she would move my hand down (or out) more to her clit. But she had a very hidden small clit, which was hard to find, either using hand or mouth.  As time went on Iíd alternate more from clit work to sneaking into the G spot area. Sure enough over time she started to like the G spot stimulation more and more. It was like she hadnít experienced it before and liked it once she realized how good it felt.  In fact, the only time I could tell for sure she did actually orgasm was from very hard G spot stimulation.  Her contractions were so strong I feared breaking my hand!

It was a good very sexual but not very intimate night. She left at 11am.  I had started visiting the bars at about 8pm and we had left her bar about midnight.  I would have liked to share more intimacy with her instead of just lots and lots and lots of sex.  But the sex part was good, even if it was mostly me working so hard to help her orgasm.

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