Bar Intimacy
My Approach & Techniques

I Don't Like Bars but that's where the bar girls are in the Philippines!
The registered,  health tested "Guest Relations Officers" who you know are at least 18 years old with their required heath checkups work in the bars.  Freelancers have no such health requirements, operate illegally and most travelers should avoid them.

In the U.S. I have no interest in bars.  I don't even like the taste of liquor, never have and being smashed is not my idea of a good time.  I'd rather interact with women based on intelligence and  good intimacy sharing. I also have no interested in being teased by sexy dancers.  So my approach in the Philippine bars may be quite different than more normal men who are more comfortable with the bar scene and enjoy it.  I always ordered either bottled water or diet cokes.  That was never a problem and it seems more and more men are enjoying non-alcoholic drinks in the bars.

My interest in Intimacy not just sex and how that effected my selection of bars.
One of my prime requirements I leaned in meeting bargirls, is to be sure to establish some physical intimacy (non-sexual) with them before ever considering barfining them. From many years of such intimacy sharing with women, I think I can perceive when a women does enjoy some good touch intimacy vs. just trying to shake the money tree. That is why just choosing a girl from viewing her dancing or from the fishbowls in Bangkok massage parlors isn't very exciting to me.

In fact I only selected one girl from a dance line up...actually another gal virtually dragged her off the stage to meet me (I share that experience in my Manila Pasay Bargirl Review). But we didn't have much of an intimacy connection once we were in a booth. We did have a good intellectual connection however.

So choosing just on looks often doesn't work for me. I do however want to be somewhat physically attracted to her and I often had the problem getting rid of gals I wasn't attracted to. They would stay with me for an hour or more only buying them one lady drink. Being too much of a nice guy, I couldn't bring myself to tell them, "please move on so I can meet someone I'm more attracted to physically! "

If Bar only Has Stools I Leave
For me, to establish this "test" of intimacy response one of my biggest requirements in bars was to avoid those that only had bar stools. Between the loud music, the lack of good English of many (or at least my inability to easily understand their English), a bar stool setting or those seats right by the stage, was worthless to me.

I also enjoy making an attractive warm "nest" for a girl to join me in.  I discuss this in great depth in my Strip Club reports and how my nesting has resulted in such good experiences. Basically in a booth I simply sit with my arm out over the back, making a nice nest for a girl to come into and snuggle up with me.  It worked just as well in the Philippines as it does in the Phoenix strip clubs, San Francisco clubs, and LA Hostess clubs as I discussed in those prior reports at

Therefore in the reviews of many clubs I visited, the presence or absence of booths or seating where you can more easily establish some physical intimacy and establish a warm nest, was very important to me.

Most Filipino Women are Naturally Warm and Intimate It Seems
Fortunately it seems most Philippine women seem to be naturally very warm and enjoy good touch. I found good touch is an international language without having to verbally communicate. I enjoyed many girls for intimate nice touch, non-sexual interactions in bars with lady drinks even of I didn't barfine them to take them home to my hotel for the evening.

I also quickly learned a good intimacy connection doesn't always mean the same as a good sexual experience. It is so nice when they do go together, but that was not always the case. Fortunately even with a few of the girls I barfined, that turned out to be not very sexual, I enjoyed the continuation of the intimacy experience in bed.

I did also seek good sexual experiences and it happened that the first two barfines were great on intimacy but not sexually. So I was frustrated at first wanting to also have good sex! But later that solved itself!

With the first "dud in sex" gal I had, I felt the "cheated" feeling at first, but it turned out to be a good intimacy experience anyway. I just hoped at the time that all the bar girls weren't sexual duds - and they weren't!

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