Manila Boarding Room Girls Cabbies Try To Get For You

I was very confused by whatever the "Broadway" is or perhaps it was "Boardwalk".

Three tax drivers in poor English suggested it for girls attending school. One female driver (who happens to live in Angles), highly recommended it. But  every time I ask where it is , I get an evasive answer, or at least not one I could understand.

A women cabbie tried to point one out to me on the drive...but it was just an old building. All the cabbies wanted to get me a "nice young girl" from the Broadway? But I never trusted a cabbie or his fee for service!

The best I can gather, the Broadway? refers to any female boarding house used  while going to school. But how to you directly (not via a cabbie) try and meet such a girl who might be a bit different from a bar girl?

Since my return I've had a number of people tell me they are boarding rooms or apartments.  You are never actually allowed to enter one (so driver could get his cut). He would do the negotiating and I could select from 3 or 4.  They only do long term (all night) and are very inexperienced. Rates are similar to long term from EDSA Complex (about P1000), but less then Makati (up to P3000).

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