Dancers Don't Really Dance

Unlike in American & Canadian Strip Clubs, where often the dancers are quite talented and do good choreographed routines, "dancing" by bargirls on stage in the bars of the Philippines is quite different.

In the Philippines and also in Thailand dancers don't dance for tips like in the U.S.  They also may be on stage most of the night instead of short 3 song routines.  And you have a large number of dancers on the stage at once, not just one at a time, as in the U.S. You would get tired too after such long periods of just standing.  They meet customers, get lady drinks and get barfined to make their money above the salary they are paid.

For the most part, Philippine dancers, sort of sway and wiggle a little.  Mostly they are just sex objects for you to gawk at and lust over to barfine. That isn't meant to be a judgment but a fact.

In some bars the "dancers" are much more "lively" then others.   At some, the dancers sort of play with each other in happy kid ways which is more interesting than just watching very bored looking dancers sway and wiggle a bit.

I understand there are some real shows, especially in Makati, but I didn't see any while I was there.

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