Makati City Bar Adventures

After reading many reviews of the high cost of the Makati Bars and barfines, I was going to avoid these bars at first. Barfines are typically 10 lady drinks which are more expensive (about P250- P295) and since the bargirls donít get a share of the barfine they expect P3000 the next morning. However I had some great experiences and am very glad I did go. I didnít barfine anyone, but had enjoyable times in some of the bars.

My hotel was also quite a ways away, but for the sake of research I decided to visit the bars on a rainy night.

Taking Cab To Jools
Internet reports said not to let cabbies rip you off by charging more than P100 (US$2.60). The reports said to tell the cab driver to go to Jools, the largest club since they would all know where it was. I go to the line of cabs at the Holiday Inn, which is across from my hotel (Corporate Hotel). The lead cabbie doesnít seem to know where Jools is. He would have to charge P200 to Makati because traffic would be so slow this time of night (about 8pm). The 2nd in line cabbie, a woman knows Jools and says maybe Iíd like a women driver. The other male cab drive doesnít object and off we go.

The ride was very long and slow in congested traffic, as usual in Manila. I had a good discussion with the woman cab driver whose English was quite good. I admitted my interest in women and she tried to convince me to let her get me a boarding house college student, but I declined. She also had lived in Angeles City and was going there the next day. So was I, but I already had the Vegas Hotel driver going to pick me up and didnít want to change. The cost via cab was slightly more than the Hotel driver, which was P1500. She confirmed that color-coding also applied to taxis so she had to always take Friday off since she couldnít drive her cab on Fridays. She also was trying to set me up with a friend of hers daughter from Angeles City. She also confirmed that Manila bargirls (Guest Relations Officers) are also required to have weekly medical checkups just like in Angeles City.

This is a very nice large club with lots of good seating options. I arrived just before the stage area opened and sat at first in the outer bar area and ordered my diet coke. A girl joined me, who I wasnít very attracted to. When the girls came on stage I moved more to the stage area to "escape".

After moving to the stage area I was joined by a girl and her "friend". Both were very nice but I was much more attracted to "friend" who was a bit more mature at 23, spoke very good English and it was her first night at Jools, although she had been a hostess/waitress at another club. I explained that I wasnít going to barfine anyone in Makati, but bought them each one lady drink. For about an hour I enjoyed a great intimacy connection with "friend". We massaged each other, cuddled and kissed. If the cost wasnít so high and my hotel so far, I would have definitely been interested in barfining her.

While the reviews I had read about the dancers being so attractive, I found the ones on stage mostly to be mostly too young for my tastes and too giggly and immature. But I had a great time with "Friend".

I understand the dancers do put on a floorshow, which is more then just swaying, but I must have not stayed long enough to see it.

It was raining harder when I left Jools. I started walking the wrong direction for most of the bars, and was quite soaked by the time I got to Ivoryís.

The mob scene after I came in was hilarious! I sat at a booth near the door and was surrounded by girls trying to dry me off. One gal took off my glasses and ran off with them to dry and clean them. More and more girls joined the fray. The most aggressive were in front of me rubbing my inner leg etc. I was surrounded by a line of girls 3 deep (maybe 15 girls) all trying to touch me and reach out to me. I gave a sort of "gee what do I do now" look to the hostess who was laughing about my "dilemma" But I loved it. The hostess, I think half jokingÖsuggested a round of drinks for all of them!

Hoping to discourage some I made it clear that I only wanted to buy one lady drink for one lady at a time and I wasnít going to barfine anyone. It didnít work. They still all seemed to want me! With the rain it was obviously a slow night!

The hostess would occasionally asked "which one?" but I felt no time pressure to make a choice. The hostess seemed to be enjoying the "old man being mauled by women" scene as much as I was. Somehow the story of Jesus who so many wanted to touch on the road to Damascus came to mind!

I had my eyes on a less aggressive, attractive, taller more mature woman in the 3rd row back. She had a nice inviting smile and was trying to reach my arm through the mass of female flesh in front of her. In line with the Filipino custom of cooperation, when I tried to talk to her and return her touch the girls in front of her nicely made room for her to come up front. No big competition fights but respecting my interest in her was a very nice trait of the other girls. I told two other girls that later when I was available to come see me if they were free, but that I only wanted to be with one gal at a time.

I bought her a lady drink and I had my diet coke. I asked her if we could go to a quieter booth, away from the mob. She took me by the hand up a stairs to what turned out to be an adjacent Karaoke bar, which didnít have any customers (not many Japanese in town I guess). We sat in a nice booth and had a really great conversation and non-sexual good touch intimacy. She came from a province and explained how she could earn in one night more than she could in a month at a factory job.

During about 45 minutes in the Karaoke bar the hostess would stop by to see if we needed any more drinks. But there was no pressure to buy more lady drinks and I wondered how long she could stay on one lady drink, which was my one drink per lady new rule. Apparently it was up to the dancer, since she stayed a long time with me and we enjoyed a good time. The delightful about 45 minutes cost me only P45 for my diet coke and P250 for the lady drink for a total tab of P295 or only $US7.76.

No Nudity or "lewd" Activity Allowed at Most Clubs
Other than in Jungle Room, my next stop, there was no overt sexual activity allowed in any bars in either Manila or Angeles City. This was fine with me, since I enjoy nonsexual good touch but non-sexual intimacy so much. There is no nudity or "lewd" activity allowed at the clubs. Police do close clubs that donít follow these rules. I have no idea how the Jungle Room got away with much more, but that was their problem not mine!

At Ivoryís I then enjoyed a few other girls, buying them one lady drink one at a time. Had very good time.

Jungle Room (Corner of Kalayaan & Ebro)
When I entered and sat in a booth area just off the entrance I was "attacked" by some very aggressive girls, even much more so than at Ivoryís. After the standard questions they started rubbing my penis and after awhile they took it out of my pants and one was giving me a hand job. This was even before I agreed to any lady drinks! So here I am exposed with the waitress asking about drinks. Being comfortable with nudity I really didnít mind if they werenít concerned about the legal issues. After all I was sort of the "happy victim" of the sexual activity! We werenít at all in a private area; in fact we were just off the main entrance. But the hostess and other girls seemed to gather around even those not participating to sort of block the view from the main area in front of us.

I did break my new rule and wound up ordering a series of lady drinks for two of the girls at a time. For the sake of research of course I was interested in how far it would go. Each round seemed to increase the sex. The next offer was for a blowjob, but I declined since Iím one of the few men in the world that doesnít really like oral sex that much.

Then they got really excited and suggested a "body drink", whatever that is. Ok, for research sake, lets see what that is! They scooted me over into a more private corner. A couple hostesses held up a sheet sort of thing to give us a bit more privacy but we were still somewhat exposed to the main bar area. The body drink consists of putting some drink on each of the girlís tits and having me suck them. Of course I recalled this is also the way hookers give clients knock out drugs before the rob them, but I didnít think that was a risk here in such a public place. Someoneís hand was still giving me a hand job at the same time. OK, that was interesting.

At this point I was getting a bit concerned about how much this was all costing me. I didnít know if the more sexual drinks were also costing more than just normal lady drinks (they werenít they were all P250 which was regular lady drink price). I wanted to peek at the tab bowl. I thought I had about P3000 on me but wasnít sure. I decided to stop the research at this point.

But there was this tiny girl to my right that was just going crazy touch my arm, holding my hand and cuddling up to me. I got the others to leave and did lots of good touch intimacy with her, which she seemed to just absorb like a sponge. I never even bought her a lady drink as it was getting late, close to closing time and I wanted to leave soon.

She was 18, and knew very little English. I did understand from her that she had to drop out of school after 8th grade to help her family in the fields I think. She very much wanted to go back to school and finish her education. The English she learned in school she never spoke until she came to Manila to earn more money in the bars.

Already knowing I wasnít going to barfine anyone, and when I finally wanted to leave, she ran over to another counter, got a Jungle Room business card and wrote her real name and home phone on the back. She tried to tell me she didnít care about any money but wanted me to call her outside the club and spend a night of sex and touch together. I had already explained to all that I was leaving for Angeles City the next day, but might return to Manila a few days earlier than I needed to for my return flight to America. I told her in a non-committed way that I would see what my schedule was like regarding calling her. Other than her extreme enjoyment of good touch I wasnít that attracted to her so didnít follow-up but still have her card.

My total tab with all the drinks for 2 ladies at once and my one diet coke was P2000. This was less than what I had feared it could be!

Cab Back to Hotel
Outside I easily found a cab. A nice younger male cabbie who to my surprise accepted my P100 fare offer. Traffic at about 2am was much less then at 8pm. I sat in front and we had a good discussion. He is the cabbie I mention in my Filipino English article who talked about the different foreigners speaking different English to learn to understand etc.

It has been a very interesting night in Makati. Iím glad I decided to go.

Makati Conclusion and Reflection
Looking back now, if I return to Manila I may consider getting a Makati hotel and spend more time there and consider barfining even at the higher cost. Especially with women like I met in Jools and at Ivoryís. Of all the bar areas of Manila and Angeles I met a few in Makati who seemed the sharpest, with the best English and some of the best more mature intimacy connections that I would have liked to have barfined. They werenít more beautiful looking but more mature for the most part. Even at the Jungle, where if I returned I would pass all the sexual stuff, but try and meet some of the other women I say, who seemed more mature and not as much into public sex! Plus there are many other bars I didnít visit. Most bars also were well set up for my creating a nest for some intimacy not just bar stools.

Or, when I go to Bangkok I may allow 2 weeks again but with the possibility, depending on how well I like Thailand, of making a short round trip back to Manila and return to Makati.

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