The Bar Mamasan

The Bar Mamasan is often also referred to as “mama”.  She is the women that approves and makes barfine arrangement for “take-out” to take the girl of your choice to your hotel for all night.

The Mama is usually easy to spot.  She is usually the oldest woman in the club and it seems one requirement for such position is to also be the heaviest!  Some clubs may have papasans (male) but I didn’t see any in the many clubs I visited.   The Mama might be very helpful in matching you with a girl that may best meet your sexual interests. 

You may want to avoid getting lady drinks for Cherry Girls, who are virgins and won’t have sex with you…or if so for a very high price.  I didn’t run into any that I know of at least.

My experiences with mamas were all very good.  Many were very friendly, one even played with me a lot  (at Tahitian Queen) as I discuss in my bargirl reports.   Only one actually wrote down my name and hotel, which I thought was good for better security for the girls.

Barfining a girl for the night is no guarantee of sex.  That is up to the girl. 

It is frequently reported that most Filipino girls don’t like to give oral sex.  Since I’m one of the few men that don’t really like oral sex that much, I don’t know from experience.  None of the six bargirls I took out  suggested it.

Kabayo, who has been one of the best resources on various newsgroups and e-mail lists, also warns that some bargirls are “runners” wanting to leave before the night is over.  That is their right.

As Kabayo points out, “I just flat out ask them if they have either; 1) sick baby; 2) sick grandma, 3) baptismal to go to at 6:00 am; 4) sick _____ (brother, sister, auntie, dog, cat, hamster, goldfish, etc).  Sort of a form of Kabayo’s ‘Bar Girl Contract.’”

I had no problems like this, all the girls I barfined stayed the night.

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